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How to Embed a Web Page in a PowerPoint Presentation

website in powerpoint 2019 einbinden

Imagine you’re in the middle of your webinar or your presentation at a live event. You’ve intrigued your audience with some details, have their undivided attention, your story is about to reach its climax – a demo of your product, a proof of your concept, or any other valuable knowledge – and you click on the link to go to the website and… here comes an awkward moment: you switch off show mode, change from the Microsoft PowerPoint window to Chrome, then turn on slideshow mode again. When you look back at the audience, they’ve already lost interest.

To avoid such situations, you might want to embed a web page in your presentation. The iframe tag will help you display an HTML document in your slides.

What Is an iframe?

An iframe (inline frame) is an HTML element that loads another HTML page within the document. In other words, it puts another web page within the parent page. It is commonly used for embedded videos, advertisements, and interactive content, and can be a great enhancement for your presentation. 

Four Simple Steps to Insert a Web Page

Questions about iframe and HTML can intimidate some people, but, frankly, there’s nothing to worry about. You don’t need to make any operations with an embed code or do any other tech things.

With the right PowerPoint add-in, you’ll manage to add an object in a couple of minutes. You’re just required to take 4 easy steps. Let us guide you through them.

web object

Paste the copied URL in the open window. Now, check to see if the address that you entered is correct by clicking on the Preview button.

insert web object

By the way, you can show web pages even when an internet connection is not available. To do this, you need to download the desired web object to your computer, and then add the file by choosing Local path instead of Web address .

Local path

Note: if you want to put additional web pages on your PowerPoint slide, or if you want to combine the webpage with other content objects, you should choose the Custom size option.

Custom size

Publish presentation

View course

Congrats! You’ve successfully embedded a web page in your PowerPoint presentation. Moreover, you can now share your presentation online easily. Viewers can open it right in a web browser on their computers, tablets, and smartphones without any special tools, even if PowerPoint isn’t installed on their device. 

By moving presentations online, you can also be sure that your content is protected from being copied or modified. iSpring Cam Pro provides an entire range of security settings, including watermark protection, password protection, and domain restriction.

Also read : →  How To Record PowerPoint Slides with Audio

Why Not a Screenshot?

We’ve already described an awkward real-life situation that you might find yourself in when using links in your presentation, but what about screenshots of websites? Sure, you can just make one and insert it into your presentation as an image with text and other elements displayed on the webpage. But this “technology” has some limitations.

So, yes, you can use screenshots of websites, but they will not help you enhance your presentation, and they might even become a burden if you show your presentation regularly and thus have to constantly update screenshots in order to stay up to date.

Embedding a web page in a presentation is fairly simple if you have the right app. iSpring Converter Pro is a perfect solution that helps its users enrich their presentations and keep them relevant and interactive. In this way, you can save time and effort that is otherwise spent with regular manual updating. You won’t have to disrupt the flow of your presentation in order to change from the PowerPoint tab to Google Chrome. You only need to follow our guide, and you’ll get a constantly up-to-date presentation that you can convert to online formats that display perfectly on any device. Start with the  iSpring Converter Pro free trial and see how handy and engaging it is to have live web pages in your presentations.

Useful Resources on Using PowerPoint

Fast PowerPoint to HTML5 Converter

Convert presentations to HTML5 with all effects and transitions preserved

website in powerpoint 2019 einbinden

Content creator:

Helen Colman

She enjoys combining in-depth research with expert knowledge of the industry. If you have eLearning insights that you’d like to share, please get in touch .

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Educational Technology & Design in the School of Nursing

The University of Texas at Austin

Serving the instructional design & educational technology needs of faculty in UT's School of Nursing

Educational Technology & Design in the School of Nursing

Posted on May 2, 2017 | By Sean White | Filed Under: Media & A/V , Software & Apps , Teaching & Learning | Tagged With: Interactivity , Media , PowerPoint , Website

How to Embed Live Websites into Your PowerPoint Slideshow

website in powerpoint 2019 einbinden

Do you get tired of having to switch back and forth between websites and your PowerPoint slideshow during a lecture? Do you wish it were possible to add that website right to your slideshow?

Well, it turns out you can!

For newer versions of PowerPoint (2013, 2016, Mac), you can download the Web Viewer add-in and place web pages right into a slide within your slideshow.

Note : this add-in only works with secure websites (those beginning with HTTPS) for security reasons.

To install the Web Viewer Add-In

This will add the Web Viewer add-in to your PowerPoint allowing you to insert web pages into any slide within your slideshows.

To Embed a Web Page into a Slide

But what if the website you want to add isn’t “secure” (doesn’t include the “s” after “http”)?

website in powerpoint 2019 einbinden

Sometimes, Web Viewer doesn’t do exactly what you want since it only works for secure web content. When you need to add a public web page, you can use another add-in called LiveSlides.

LiveSlides works the same way Web Viewer does but offers a little more flexibility.

To learn more about LiveSlides and see how to install and start using it, click here .

website in powerpoint 2019 einbinden

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How to Embed IFrame to PowerPoint Presentation Freely

For a better and more exact PowerPoint presentation, many people choose to embed live web pages (HTML) to their PowerPoint presentation. Of course, you can add the web page screenshot, but it is not satisfactory especially as time goes on. So we come back to live HTML pages, in this article, we will show you how to embed iframe code to insert HTML pages and other web objects to PowerPoint presentation.

Embed IFrame to PowerPoint

Part 1: What is IFrame

An IFrame, also named Inline Frame, is one HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website. It can be chosen by the user agent as the focus for printing, viewing its source, and more. Although an iframe looks like an inline image, it can be configured with its own scrollbar independent of the surrounding page's scrollbar.

In PowerPoint, if you want to directly check web pages from your slide show, you can embed iFrame code to this PowerPoint, and then you can keep the flow of your PowerPoint presentation and display a web object at the same time.

Part 2: How to insert iframe to PowerPoint

Now, let's see how to insert an IFrame to PPT in an easy way.

1. Go to the HTML web page that you want to add to your PowerPoint presentation and copy its web address (URL). If you only want to insert an element of the web page, find its IFrame code, and copy the URL from the embed code.

2. Download iSpring Converter Pro. Because PowerPoint doesn't support insert live web pages into PPT, so we need to take use of one PowerPoint add-in, to embed iframe to your presentation.

3. Open your PowerPoint and click the iSpring Converter Pro 8 button from the top menu. And choose "Web Object" on the toolbar.

Web Object

4. In the opening window, enter or paste the URL of the web page element that you want to insert to PPT. If you want to insert the whole web page, you can enter its address. After that, click "Preview" to check if the URL is correct.

5. Select the iFrame size from "Settings" on the the bottom-left corner, to adapt other objects on your slide show. And click "OK" to finish inserting.

Insert HTML

For playing HTML web objects, you need to convert PowerPoint to HTML5, OK, just do it with iSpring Converter Pro.

First, click "iSpring Converter Pro" > "Publish" from the top menu.

Second, choose "WEB", and enter your PowerPoint presentation name in "Presentation title" filed.

Third, click "Output Options" > "Mobile (HTML5)", and you can preview your presentation in the right window.

Fourth, click "Publish" to publish your PowerPoint to iSpring Cloud. So you can play the iFrame content on any device.


Now, you must have known how to embed IFrame to PowerPoint freely and easily. In case that your PowerPoint presentation becomes out of date, just try to insert live HTML pages to your PPT using IFrame code, so you can have a good presentation. And for better presentation, you can also add narration to PowerPoint easily .

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May 17, 2018 19:35 / Updated by Jenny Ryan to PowerPoint

How to Convert PPT to Video

How to convert PowerPoint to video? Read this article to find the answer.


Want to insert PDF to PPT? Read this article to insert PDF to PPT in 3 ways.

Quicktime Export MP4

Can QuickTime directly save the screen recording as MP4? This post shares 3 ways to make QuickTime export MP4.

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Insert a Word document into PowerPoint

Insert a Word document into PowerPoint: how to

The Microsoft Office package contains popular programs for a wide range of applications suited to the office and everyday life. The Word software, for example, is ideal for creating and editing texts. However, the word processing program is not as suited for presenting what’s been written. For this purpose, Microsoft offers the presentation software PowerPoint.

If you only need to use a short section of text from Word in your presentation, the copy and paste function is usually enough. For longer texts, Microsoft offers two practical options for adding a Word document to PowerPoint. We’ll explain the two options step by step.

Step 1: Open “Insert object” window

Step 2: select word file, step 3: edit object, step 1: adjust word format, step 2: save changes and close word, step 3: insert word document into powerpoint, step 4: change text format, insert word document into powerpoint as an object: here’s how.

Inserting a Word file into PowerPoint as an object is ideal when things have to get done quickly. It allows you to insert short texts on a slide of your presentation with just a few clicks. Splitting up the text into several slides is done manually. In the following, we explain step by step how to insert your Word document as an object in PowerPoint.

The fastest way to create a new slide for a “Word object” is through a shortcut. To do this, press down the keys [Ctrl] + [M] at the same time. Find out about other PowerPoint shortcuts in our article “The best PowerPoint shortcuts” .

Open an empty or existing PowerPoint presentation. Select the “ Insert ” tab from the menu. Then, under “Text” in the menu ribbon, click on the icon for objects :

PowerPoint: object icon in the menu ribbon

The window “ Insert object ” will now open. With your left mouse, select the option “From file” and then click on “Search.” Using the file path , select your Word document and confirm by clicking on “OK.”

Make sure that the option “Display as icon” is deactivated.

Insert word document into PowerPoint: import as an object

PowerPoint inserts the Word file into the selected slide. You then have the option of moving the object or adjusting its size . To do this, select it with the left side of your mouse. Keep it pressed and drag the object to the desired position or format.

How to insert word document in PowerPoint

To make changes to the text , select the object by double clicking on it. You now have the option to adjust the text as usual in PowerPoint.

Insert word document into PowerPoint: edit object

PowerPoint and Word can be purchased at a great price with the Microsoft 365 package through IONOS. Use the popular Office programs on up to five devices per user!

Insert formatted Word document in PowerPoint: step-by-step instructions

The second way to add a Word document to PowerPoint requires that you adjust the formatting in the Word file. The advantage of this option is that PowerPoint automatically splits the content across several slides . With the appropriate formatting, you specify how the splitting is done. Follow the step-by-step instructions to insert a formatted Word file into PowerPoint.

PowerPoint with Microsoft 365 and IONOS!

Use Powepoint to create presentations that stand out using modern designs - included in all Microsoft 365 packages! 

website in powerpoint 2019 einbinden

You don’t have time to adjust the format of your Word document? Then you can start with step 3 and follow the instructions from there. In this case, PowerPoint will create a new slide in the presentation for each paragraph.

Open your Word document and go to the “Start” tab. Under the “Formatting” section you’ll find various format templates . To insert the text with formatting into your PowerPoint presentation, you only need to use two format templates:

Word format templates in the menu ribbon

Save and close the file before inserting the Word document into PowerPoint. To do this, select the path “ File ” > “ Save ” from the menu and then “ File ” > “ Close .”

Save and close Word file

Open your PowerPoint presentation . On the “Insert” tab, select “New slide” from the drop-down menu. Here, click on the “Slides from outline” option and then open the Word document using the corresponding file path .

PowerPoint: Drop-down menu “New slide”

PowerPoint inserts the Word file and splits the text over several slides . Later, you have the option to adjust the font as usual.

Insert Word document into PowerPoint: format text

Using PowerPoint Macros can make frequent tasks and actions easier. In this way, you can save keystroke and mouse click sequences and use them at any time.

How to save as PDF

If you want to send a Word document or prepare it for printing, it’s recommended you know how to save it as a PDF file. This way, you can be sure that the formatting of your document won’t change and that others will not be able to edit it without permission. For simple conversion tasks, the save function in Word is often sufficient. However, there are some dedicated tools which offer a wider...

Microsoft Word: Remove a watermark

Watermarks are a handy way to label documents in Microsoft Word. You can insert a watermark so that your text or your company logo sits discreetly in the background of the page. However, sometimes you might not be happy with how the watermark looks, or you don’t need the watermark at all anymore. We’ll show you two ways to remove a watermark in Word.

PowerPoint portrait view

The standard orientation for PowerPoint slides is horizontal, as this format provides the best foundation for most presentations to portray information. There is also content, however, for which a portrait orientation would be the better choice. Find out in this article what you have to do to change your presentation or individual PowerPoint slides to portrait view.

PowerPoint Slide Master

The PowerPoint “Slide Master” view allows you to create what is known as a master slide. This master slide then acts as a template for all the other slides in the presentation. The advantage of this is that all of the items in the template are automatically transferred to all of the other slides, so you don’t need to copy images, logos, designs or font formats onto each slide one by one.

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what does .io mean and why is the top-level domain so popular among IT companies and tech start-ups...

Wait! We’ve got something for you! Have a look at our great prices for different domain extensions.

website in powerpoint 2019 einbinden


Customize How Your Map Looks in Tableau?

How to create a shape layer?

How to Create Shape Layers in Tableau

website in powerpoint 2019 einbinden

Detailed Guide to Regular Expressions

website in powerpoint 2019 einbinden

Tableau Desktop Specialist

website in powerpoint 2019 einbinden

Isometric Designing in Figma

website in powerpoint 2019 einbinden

10 Reasons why you need Tableau Public Profile

How to embed tableau dashboard in a powerpoint presentation.

How to Embed Tableau Dashboard in a powerpoint Presentation

There might be times when you want to not just display an image of a dashboard in your PowerPoint Presentation, but the actual Dashboard itself, so that you can click on links and interact with it. In case you’re looking for a simple method for embedding a Live dashboard/webpage to a PowerPoint slide, you might want to consider the method recommended by Microsoft at Office.com i.e. the use of   Web Viewer . You can include any web-based visualization in any slide deck made with a presentation tool like PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides. To embed your visualizations, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Installing Web Viewer

Web Viewer is one of those apps available at the Office Store that offer additional features for Office applications. To install Web Viewer, go to  Insert –> Store . Search for Web Viewer and click Add to add it to your Office apps. This add-in works in: PowerPoint 2013 Service Pack 1 or later on Windows, PowerPoint 2016 or later on Mac, PowerPoint 2016 or later on Windows, PowerPoint on iPad, PowerPoint on the web.

Powerpoint Desktop App - How to Install Web Viewer

In the window that opens, search for  Web Viewer  and select this result:

Microsoft App Store view

Click on “Get it now” and it will start the Web Viewer Installation.

Microsoft App Store - Webviewer Plugin for Tableau Dashboard

Step 2: Embedding a dashboard Using Web Viewer

Now, go to  Insert –> My Add-ins –> Web Viewer . In the  Add-ins for Office  box, find your add-in. If you don’t see it, verify that you’re signed in to Office. Press  Refresh  to update the list. This will provide you with a window like the one shown below, where you can insert the URL of the Dashboard that you wish to embed to your PowerPoint slide. Simply paste the URL and click Preview. The Web Viewer app allows you to insert secure web pages into your presentation.

Note : Secure web pages are those that start with https://. Non-secure web pages are not supported for security reasons. Most popular websites allow secure access. The application provides a preview button to make it easy to test whether your Dashboard works over https .

How to insert Tableau Dashboard web Url?

To access the content you share with them, users must have permission to view that content in Tableau Server or Tableau Online. If users don’t have permission, they can request access to projects, workbooks, and views upon opening the link to the shared content. I would recommend checking this article – Share Web Content

To copy the link from Tableau Public, click on the share and copy the link (ctrl+c in Windows, command+c in Mac OS) and paste it into another application or document. I often prefer 1150*600 as my Dashboard Size so that it fits perfectly on my PPT.

Please copy the URL  without the https://   prefix as that is already included by the Web Viewer add-in automatically.

How to copy a dashboard URL from Tableau Public

Step 3: Preview Your Added Dashboard in a PowerPoint Slide

Once you have copied the URL into the URL text field in PowerPoint, click  Preview  to load your visualization.It is worth mentioning here that this app is meant for embedding secure webpages using HTTPS. Therefore, you might get a prompt , please accept and proceed.

How to enable the Prompt for  Secure connection - Https Webpages

Once you are done with the changes, the interactive visualization will appear within your presentation. Press F5 to start the presentation. When you run PowerPoint in Slide Show mode, the Tableau visualization or story will automatically load in a fully interactive or animated fashion

Tableau Dashboard View inside Powerpoint Presentation

Step 4: Limitations of Web Viewer

Some limitations with this method:

If you have any queries regarding the article or want to work together on your next data visualisation project, ping me on  linkedin .

We tried to cover as much as we could for a newbie to get started with HCI principles for visualisations. Hope you like it. As always, We welcome feedback and constructive criticism. We can be reached on Twitter  @rajvivan  and  @pallavinaik_  . If you enjoyed this blog, we’d love for you to hit the share button so others might stumble upon it. Please hit the subscribe button as well if you’d like to be added to our once-weekly email list, and don’t forget to follow  Vizartpandey  on Instagram!

Also, here are a few hand-picked articles for you to read next:

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Customize how map looks

Codewars : Top 25 SQL Interview Questions To Ace the Data Analyst Interview

website in powerpoint 2019 einbinden

Bi-Directional Rounded Bar chart in Tableau

Write to bigquery using tableau Prep

Write to Google BigQuery Using Tableau Prep

Editor picks.

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Semi Donut Chart in Tableau

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Block Bar Donut chart in Tableau

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How to build a Battery Meter in tableau

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How to plot a network Graph With Tableau

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Quick Tableau Tip -Bidirectional Rounded Bar chart

Tableau Bootcamp – Tips and Tricks Part 1

Featured Image - Customize Grand Total in Tableau

Customize Grand Totals in Bar chart

How to change bakcground In tableau


Customize how map looks



Julian Wagner

Oct 30, 2017

Webseiten in PowerPoint einbinden

Quick tipp für powerpoint 2016.

B ei Twitter kam die Frage auf, ob man Webseiten, wie zum Beispiel die hervorragende Seite ClassroomScreen , live in eine PowerPoint Folie einbinden kann.

Durch ein kleines Add-In, welches man im Office-Add-In Store herunterladen kann, ist dies möglich.

Das Add-In findet man in dem wohl eher unbekannten Office-Add-In-Store. Diesen kann man direkt in der jeweiligen Office Anwendung (Windows, Mac und Office Online) aufrufen. Dazu wählt man den Reiter Einfügen und dann im Bereich Add-Ins den Store aus.

Anschließend öffnet sich der Store und man kann hier nach den passenden Add-Ins suchen. In unserem Fall ist es das Add-In Webviewer . Nun muss man nur noch auf Hinzufügen klicken.

Um nun eine Webseite in die eigene Präsentation einzufügen wählt man zunächst die gewünschte Folie aus, anschließend ruft man den Reiter Einfügen auf und dort dann Meine Add-Ins . Hier wählt man das zuvor heruntergeladene Add-In aus. Auf der entsprechenden Folie wird nun ein Objekt eingefügt mit dem man die gewünschte Webseite einbinden kann.

Um die Funktion zu testen klickt man einfach auf Vorschau .


Nach einem kurzen Test mit ClassroomScreen muss ich leider sagen, dass die Nutzung in einigen Fällen nur eingeschränkt möglich ist. Einige Widgets lassen sich nur schlecht oder überhaupt nicht verschieben, andere reagieren wiederum sehr träge. Widgets wie z. B. die Lautstärkemessung funktionieren überhaupt nicht. Leider funktioniert das Einbinden auch nicht mit allen Webseiten.

Das Einbinden von z. B. Learningssnacks funktioniert jedoch tadellos.

More from techteacher

Rund um Schule, digitale Bildung & das Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Programm.

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Julian Wagner

Teacher | History, Chemistry, Social Studies, Natural Sciences | #OneNote #MicrosoftFanboy #MIEExpert #MIESurfaceExpert

Text to speech

Please turn on Javascript

Bring life back to powerpoint.

Enliven that go-to PowerPoint presentation of yours with some help from Mentimeter. Whether you want to use Mentimeter in PowerPoint or import those PP slides directly onto our platform we have you covered.

Image of Mentimeter used with powerpoint

Use Mentimeter directly in your PowerPoint presentation

Thanks to this plugin you can bring some interactivity and fun to your PowerPoint presentation. Enliven your slide deck with some interactive elements and instantly connect with your audience. The plugin is for Windows PowerPoint 2020 or later, and you need an Office 365 account to download it.

Import slides

Use PowerPoint in Mentimeter 

Want to import a PowerPoint presentation to Mentimeter? No problem. All paid plans, from Basic to Enterprise, can import presentations as static images to Mentimeter. Once uploaded, feel free to add even more slides to get the full Mentimeter experience.

Using Mentimeter and PowerPoint together

PowerPoint has for years been synonymous with presentations so learn how you can bring new life to those old and trusted presentations by using them in conjunction with Mentimeter. For a breakdown on how to import slides, how to use the Mentimeter plugin in Office 365 and even how to use them together at once, then click on the video below to get a full breakdown. 

Looking for more inspiration?

Well have no fear because we have plenty of blog posts that will teach you about importing slides and using our integrations.

The 6 Best Free PowerPoint Alternatives in 2021

woman presenting with mentimeter

Build a presentation in minutes without PowerPoint

How to make your powerpoint presentation interactive, winner of two microsoft office app awards.

Powerpoint winner best user interface

1st place - Best User Interface

Our mission was to create the most user friendly and best looking app possible. Getting this recognition from Microsoft is fantastic.

Powerpoint third place - most business value

3rd place - Most Business Value

Mentimeter was awarded for providing great business value. With the PowerPoint plugin, you ensure more efficient interactions.

Interacting has never been easier

Use the plugin to add Mentimeter questions directly into your PowerPoint presentations and let your audience vote with their phones. Engage your audience by making your presentations interactive.


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    Click Add. This will add the Web Viewer add-in to your PowerPoint allowing you to insert web pages into any slide within your slideshows. To

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    1. Go to the HTML web page that you want to add to your PowerPoint presentation and copy its web address (URL). If you only want to insert

  7. Inserting a Word document into PowerPoint: here's how

    Secure site traffic and build trust. ... Protect your domain from threats. ... Create your own website easily. ... Our experts build your website.

  8. How to Embed Tableau Dashboard in a Powerpoint Presentation

    To install Web Viewer, go to Insert –> Store. Search for Web Viewer and click Add to add it to your Office apps. This add-in works in:

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    Um nun eine Webseite in die eigene Präsentation einzufügen wählt man zunächst die gewünschte Folie aus, anschließend ruft man den Reiter

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