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PowerPoint Themes & Templates that give you an Animated Wow Factor!

Thousands of Animated template slides to spark life in all your presentations. Read more ...

If you need to share your ideas clearly and engage with an audience, our animated pre-designed PowerPoint templates will help you save time to achieve both needs. You can sign up with the Unlimited plan to download as many templates as you need, or choose the basic plan and get access to a select number of free PowerPoint template downloads . Our editable PowerPoint templates and presentation themes are straightforward to customize. You can easily change the PowerPoint template's colors, fonts, or layout to match your style or company's corporate colors. Get creative by downloading these slide designs that cover many different styles and start combining multiple template slides to create a new presentation. From business presentations down to educational slideshows - they're highly customizable, so they're easy for anyone in any field or profession to tailor to fit their needs. Template download are in .PPTX format for PowerPoint. But, if you prefer, you can download the .PPTX and open them as a Google Slides theme. Either way, you'll have a beautiful and professional presentation in no time. So, start downloading unlimited PowerPoint templates and give your viewers that presentation wow factor they are wanting.

Want to speed up your workflow in PowerPoint?

Install our free PowerPoint add-in and try out some free PowerPoint templates and designs. Learn More Here

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Featured PowerPoint Templates

Slides from Square Diamonds PowerPoint Design Template

I've been using PresenterMedia for 6 years now. I absolutely love all of their creative PowerPoint templates and animations. It really makes my PowerPoint presentations unique, attractive, and memorable. I HIGHLY suggest buying a membership...it's seriously totally worth it! Thank You for everything that you do!

a bust of a presenter woman character

PresenterMedia has amazing graphics and PowerPoint templates to select from. Helping to make all presentations more interesting and fun.

I have been using PM for several years now across different companies. Great PowerPoint templates and awesome images/graphics/videos. Such a useful (and highly professional) site. There is nothing else like it out there. I highly recommend a subscription.

A widescreen presentation slide from PESTLE-toolkit-pid-19519 preview one.

Great for business professionals to use for business meetings, seminars, and business pitches.

A widescreen presentation slide from teaching-waves-pid-23677 preview one.

A fantastic way for teachers and trainers to engage their audience and make learning even more exciting.

More Great PowerPoint Template Designs

Keep your team on task and display your presentation data and slide information in a powerful animated way.

It's Time to Let Your Presentations Shine, Get Started Now!

Powerpoint add-in.

Install the PresenterMedia Add-in to access thousands of template slides and designs without leaving PowerPoint.

An preview of the PresenterMedia PowerPoint add-in app with the template slides window open.

More Great Presentation Themes

Let our engaging animated templates and PowerPoint themes help you change that. Select from a vast range of animated presentation template styles and topics, including professional presentations for business and education.

Your Presentation Success is our mission!

a golden seal with the words satisfaction Guaranteed

We will always provide you with the best PowerPoint templates , presentation designs, and powerful customization tools to empower you to create outstanding presentations every time.

Templates For PowerPoint and Beyond!

Our Microsoft PowerPoint templates work great in PowerPoint 365 , 2019, and older. But, you can use them for much more!

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Your Voice Matters!

Thoughts, questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We can help you get on your way to creating dynamic and impactful presentations. Many of our presentation template designs have come right from our customers' suggestions. We love that because we know our customers are getting what they need to create successful presentations.

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PowerPoint Template Styles Comparision

Get in style! With a wide range of designs, our templates will fit all your presentation needs.


Our animated video templates offer a unique and engaging experience for your audience. In addition, they allow for a striking visual design that is otherwise not possible to produce directly inside of PowerPoint.

a preview image of a blue powerpoint template business slide at a slanted angle


We design our flat templates to feature a clean, simplistic, modern design look. However, the designs are very engaging in how we animate the graphic elements in PowerPoint to draw attention to your message.

a preview image of an abstract cheveron ppt template slide at a slanted angle


Our abstract design templates give our customers clean, unique neutral design layouts to add to their message. We design these PPT templates to be simplistic yet bold enough to stand out to your audience..

animation powerpoint templates free download


Our diagram design toolkit templates provide a perfect way to showcase your data. These PowerPoint diagrams include processes, timelines, charts, matrix, categories, points, funnels, pyramids.

a preview image showing a ppt template slide which contains a swooping design around a photo image.


Our photo design templates provide a modern look with abstract elements designed around the photos included in the Presentation template. Photos in these templates can easily be switched out. Our customers can do this by adding their picture in place of the existing images used.

a preview image showing a simplistic powerpoint template slide which has a simplistic blue design around the word business.


Our modern design templates give a sleek look with clean lines and a simplistic feel. These clean design templates are great for business and corporate presentations. Find diagrams slides that can easily combine with other modern template slides.

This is a company logo for PresenterMedia which is a world class provider of PowerPoint templates and presentation designs.

Your Creativity Will Be Endless!

Download as many PPT templates and slide designs as you would like. With your subscription, there are no limits.

PowerPoint Tutorials

Here are some helpful tips for taking advantage of PresenterMedia content, allowing you to create even more powerful PowerPoint presentations.

A laptop with screen showing the text PowerPoint tutorials with a video play symbol next to it.

PowerPoint Questions & Answers (Q&A):

How can presentermedia help presenters.

PresenterMedia templates are a set of visually designed slides to help presentation creators leap right over the design process, allowing more time to craft a powerful message to impact an audience. Many of PresenterMedia's templates are themed; this inspires presenters and makes assembling their presentation slides around a specific topic easier.

Why is PresenterMedia a Better Choice for Presententation Design?

Two words, animation and customization! We live in a world of constant stimulation, and it's no wonder audiences are getting bored with the same old static templates they've seen a thousand times. PresenterMedia provides animated templates and customizable designs that remedy an audiences' boredness with exciting and engaging animated slides that hold an audience's attention.

Where can I download PowerPoint Templates?

There are many presentation websites on the internet that provide PowerPoint templates to download. However, PresenterMedia is a top world-class provider of animated templates to download for PowerPoint. In addition, PresenterMedia offers the choice of thousands of PowerPoint template designs to choose from at a special discounted price up to 50% off .

Where can I find high-quality PowerPoint templates?

There are many websites someone can find and download a slides template for PowerPoint. But, finding high-quality PPT templates to impress any audience can take valuable time out of someone's life. PresenterMedia is a top presentation resource to find high-quality PowerPoint themes and templates to save time tracking down PowerPoint designs. PresenterMedia's primary mission is to constantly create fresh, pre-designed, high-quality animated templates for their customers every month.

Where can I buy professional PowerPoint slides?

Although many websites sell individual templates and slides for PowerPoint, here at PresenterMedia, we believe in unlimited possibilities. As a result, customers get access to thousands templates, design assets, and access to our powerful online customization tools. With unlimited downloads at one low subscription price, PresenterMedia is the best presentation resource to buy professional PowerPoint slides and customizable assets to create outstanding presentations every time.

Where can I get free PowerPoint Templates?

PresenterMedia offers a Free Basic plan that allows the user to download from a selection of free PowerPoint templates . These free animated templates will give the user a taste of how animated PowerPoint templates can transform their presentations with better engaging, eye-catching designs.

You can find basic free templates for PowerPoint at websites like fppt.com and brainybetty.com. However, these free PowerPoint websites are limited and offer pretty basic template downloads. See what the big difference is between a free template website and a powerful professional PowerPoint resource website like PresenterMedia.com.

Way more than PowerPoint Presentation slides.

When signed up, you also get full access to our powerful professional presentation tools, engaging video slides, PowerPoint resources, and graphics customizers.

You get everything below with our PresenterMedia Unlimited Plan.

Your presentations are going to be amazing! See Plans and Pricing

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Home PowerPoint Templates Animated PowerPoint Templates

Animated PowerPoint Templates

Download awesome animated PowerPoint templates and slide designs to prepare presentations with awesome effects. Most of the slides and templates you can find under this category uses PowerPoint animations to show subtle animations and transition effects while presenting your slides.

Featured Templates

animation powerpoint templates free download

Animated General Purpose PowerPoint Template

3D Animated Funnel Design

3D Animated 4 Step Funnel PowerPoint Template

animation powerpoint templates free download

Animated Stylish Global Template for PowerPoint

animation powerpoint templates free download

Animated 3D Stepped Diagram for PowerPoint with 4 Steps

Latest templates.

animation powerpoint templates free download

6-Item Mind Map PowerPoint Template

animation powerpoint templates free download

Animated Spin the Wheel PowerPoint Template

animation powerpoint templates free download

6-Phase Hexagonal Revealing Diagram PowerPoint Template

animation powerpoint templates free download

Job Search PowerPoint Template

animation powerpoint templates free download

Product Launch Timeline Template for PowerPoint

animation powerpoint templates free download

Animated Curved Timeline PowerPoint Template

animation powerpoint templates free download

5-Item Revealing Columns PowerPoint Template

animation powerpoint templates free download

Animated Wave Roadmap Template

animation powerpoint templates free download

6 Item Animated List PowerPoint Template

animation powerpoint templates free download

15-Petal Flower Diagram Template for PowerPoint

animation powerpoint templates free download

5-Step Test Tubes PowerPoint Infographic Template

animation powerpoint templates free download

5-Phase Revealing Diagram PowerPoint Template

Animations are a powerful tool to enhance certain messages. For situations where the visual aid is important (a conference, an online presentation or even a lecture) animated PowerPoint templates can help highlight and reinforce the message. With animated ppr templates, the user can provide a cinematic storytelling style to their presentation. With PowerPoint animation templates effects images and shapes can enter the slide moving through the canvas, following a pattern or a predefined path. Charts and graphs acquire moving effects, helping the audience to focus attention. Common use cases of Animated Presentations are applied in e-learning, for creating educational or instructional videos. Also marketing areas apply animation effects to create promotional videos, animated ads and marketing collateral that can be shared by social networks and streaming applications. The Animated ppt  templates of SlideModel are designed for ease of use. The user with low technical skills will find it easy to edit the animations with their own content, achieving a professional effects in little time. Our support team is trained and ready to help our users edit the animated ppt templates to reach their presentation needs.

What is Animation in PowerPoint?

Animation is a technique in which shapes and images are manipulated in a way that they appear as moving. Animations in a presentations can make them interesting and attractive.

The PowerPoint presentations engine provides three different kind of animation effects:

What is an Animated PowerPoint template?

An Animated PowerPoint template is a presentation which provides animated placeholders. The animation effects are already configured in the template so the user can just change texts, apply colors and/or duplicate slides to replicate the desired effect. These templates incorporate text placeholders and vibrant illustrations that you can edit as per your presentation requirements.

How can Animated PowerPoint templates be used in a presentation?

The animated PowerPoint templates that SlideModel provides are easy to edit. You can use the templates “as it is”, or you can use just sections or parts of the animation that you want to include in your presentation. If the purpose is to highlight your message or generate a pause in your speech, while going over a list, animations of text placeholders should be your choice. If you want to navigate or move through the presentation, complex animations are ideal. Or if you just want to create a loop presentation with a cinematic effect, image transitions and 3d objects animations should fit your need. For more information we recommend you to read our tutorial on how to make a good presentation .

Download Unlimited Content

Our annual unlimited plan let you download unlimited content from slidemodel. save hours of manual work and use awesome slide designs in your next presentation..

animation powerpoint templates free download

12 Sites for Free Animated PowerPoint Presentation Templates

PowerPoint remains a popular presentation app today. So, if you're looking to jazz up your slides, here are twelve sites for free animated templates.

A single animated PowerPoint template will create a more engaging presentation. But soon, you'll need another. You can save a lot of time by bookmarking a template resource that offers animated slide decks. And wouldn't it be nice if they were free, too?

Luckily, we've got you covered. Check out these ten free sites for animated PowerPoint templates and slide decks.

1. PowerPoint School

Besides a huge selection of animated PowerPoint templates, PowerPoint School offers infographics and timelines. You'll also find easy-to-follow tutorials on adding your own animations.

Many of the templates are generic, but stylish. You'll find both colorful and minimalist, monochrome charts, graphs, and explainers. Perfect for your next quarterly report or Zoom meeting.

Canva offers several animated presentation templates. You can even edit, record, and share them right in the browser! You can also download them as .pptx files. To edit them in PowerPoint instead of Canva's browser software, follow these steps:

You may be able to get free Canva Premium as a student . This opens up all of Canva's premium animated assets for you to use.

3. Slidesgo

Set the License filter to Free to see all of Slidesgo's free animated templates. These files work in both PowerPoint and Google Slides. They're available in many themes, from birthday slideshows to infographics.

The templates on Slidesgo are colorful, with a fun aesthetic. They are generally well suited to events. Grade school or high school projects would also work well on these templates.

4. SlideSalad

SlideSalad has many business and informational templates. They provide slick, animated designs for proposals, reports, portfolios, and more. Graduate students can also find attractive templates for thesis defense.

You will need a free account to download templates. SlideSalad also has premium templates, but doesn't run on a subscription plan. Instead, you pay per-order for premium templates.

5. Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a premium website, but you can grab a seven-day Free Trial and download as many templates as you like. Envato Elements has a good stock of animated PowerPoint templates for meetings , as well as webinars and reports.

Alongside the infographics, you can find colorful event templates. These are suitable for turning into social media stories. Envato Elements even has PowerPoint templates that are pre-optimized for Instagram Stories.

6. Slideegg

Slideegg limits free accounts to 5 downloads per day. Each download contains a single animated slide. On one hand, this means you might need two or more days to grab enough slides. On the other hand, mixing and matching gives you almost endless use.

You can also add templates to your Wishlist to save them for later. Most templates are geared toward infographics and other informational presentations. But you can still find fun animated slides for brand demonstrations and events, too.

7. SlideModel

SlideModel has a good selection of free animated PowerPoint templates. But, its search engine has no filters, making it tough to find them among the premium offerings.

The easiest way to find the free templates is to Google this string: site:Slidemodel.com “free” AND “animated” . This will bring up the array of free, animated PowerPoint files available from SlideModel.com.

8. Giant Template

Giant Template offers only one animated PowerPoint template. Yet, this template contains 30 different slides, all of them animated. Most of the graphics are stylish geometric shapes. You can easily customize them for re-use.

Other graphics include pictures that you can swap out for your own photos or logos. You can get lots of reuse out of these classy slides by adjusting colors and swapping out some images.

9. Abert's Shop

This private Gumroad shop has several free PowerPoint templates. It specializes in infographics and charts, so it's great for explainers and business reports. Some are editable in Excel, so you can integrate your detailed charts and graphics .

All the templates are Pay What You Want, so you can enter $0.00 and get it for free. If you like it, go back and leave a tip to support the creator.

10. SlideHunter

SlideHunter mostly in static templates, but has four excellent options available for animation. Two for medical presentations, and two for business interests.

You can get even more use out of these templates by adding your own PowerPoint animations. A simple transition effect can make PowerPoint's included slides blend seamlessly with SlideHunter's templates.

11. Slide Chef

Slide Chef is a free slide resource. Their templates are for Google Slides, but you can use the files in PowerPoint as well. The animated slide decks on this website are good for children's lessons. The animation is sure to help hold their attention.

There are also a few resources suitable for adults. You can find scientific explainers and more generic templates, too.

12. SlidesMania

Some slide decks on SlidesMania are fully animated, others only animate the cover. The style is good for children's' lessons or holiday events.

Unlike many other templates, SlidesMania templates offer more than transitions and entrance animations. The backgrounds and decorative elements are animated, too. And they keep moving the whole time.

Save Time and Money with Free Templates

With these template providers, you can prepare pitches, reports, proposals, and other in-person communications. Simply swap some colors and images, add your text, and go!

But PowerPoint isn't just for slideshows. Make the most of template resources, for both presentations and static media like posters and flyers!


Animated PowerPoint Templates

Learn how to download animated PowerPoint templates and templates with moving for Microsoft PowerPoint to make impressive animated presentations.

Get the best animated templates for presentations including moving backgrounds and animated transitions in PowerPoint & Keynote.

Animated Round Square PowerPoint Template

animation powerpoint templates free download

The use of visual aids can help you create slides that can be attention-grabbing and enable you to keep your audience awake during an important presentation. Part of avoiding death by PowerPoint is the design of your slides and the Animated Round Square PowerPoint Template can help you with just that. Create Attention Grabbing Presentation …

Animated Corporate Feel PowerPoint Template

animation powerpoint templates free download

With layouts and color tones suitable for making a business-themed slide deck, the Animated Corporate Feel PowerPoint Template gives quite the corporate feel. This is an animated PowerPoint template with a deck that can be customized according to need. Customizable Corporate PowerPoint Template The title slide gives a replaceable image. The black and white image …

Animated E-commerce Platforms PowerPoint Template

animation powerpoint templates free download

One of the biggest changes in the way people sell goods and services in recent years has been the rise of e-commerce. Electronic commerce and its variants such as mobile commerce have been gradually changing the way people buy products and services. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has given the entire concept a boost, leading to …

Animated Revel Star PowerPoint Template

animation powerpoint templates free download

In previous posts, we provided you with reviews of space themed presentation templates and video backgrounds for PowerPoint, including the Space & Exploration PowerPoint Template and Space Video Background for PowerPoint. Animated Revel Star PowerPoint Template is an animated template that comes with shapes and symbols with a dark background, accompanied by a white layout …

Animated Technology Gradient PowerPoint Template

Animated technology gradient PowerPoint template

If you’re a tech company looking to create a pitch deck, you might be looking for visuals that can stand out, while keeping your presentation cohesive and easy to grasp. Animated Technology Gradient PowerPoint Template makes use of technology theme infographics and pitch deck slides to help you design presentations for your clients.

Animated Paramount Action PowerPoint Template

Paramount action PowerPoint template

Data and trends of paramount importance are usually the hardest to interpret. Infographics and charts can help better explain complex data in the form of PowerPoint presentations. Animated Paramount Action PowerPoint Template gives a range of resources that can be useful for this very purpose.

Types of Quizzes and Best Quiz Maker Tools for PowerPoint (2023)

Quiz Maker Tools

Quizzes in PowerPoint are not used as often as they should be. This is because a quiz can go with almost any type of presentation, making it more interesting and engaging. You can incorporate quizzes in your PowerPoint based class lectures, business presentations, staff training sessions, etc. If you are looking to learn about the …

Animated Pro Travel PowerPoint Template

Animated pro travel PowerPoint template

Travel and tourism have been a major topic for discussion due to COVID-19. While there are concerns about its decline, there are also countries cautiously opening up to tourism. Furthermore, domestic travel options with major discounts are another coping mechanism being used by the tourism industry. To discuss anything related to travel and tourism, you …

Animated Modern Summer PowerPoint Template

Animated modern summer PowerPoint template

In a previous post, we covered a triangle-themed modern design PowerPoint template. If you need a modern theme for the summer with dark and vibrant colors, the Animated Modern Summer PowerPoint Template might be worth checking out.

Animated Triangle Peeks Modern Design PowerPoint Template

Triangle peeks modern design powerpoint template

Modern design was made famous by the Windows 8 Modern UI, which was renamed from ‘Metro UI’. The concept soon caught up, with a sense of using less space for showing more information with the help of tiled or small segments of design. This design format has also long been used in PowerPoint templates and …

This huge collection of animated presentation templates include subtle animations and transitions in PowerPoint. Alternatively, you can download other nice backgrounds for presentations and animate them in PowerPoint.

We will send you our curated collections to your email weekly. No spam, promise!

animation powerpoint templates free download

animation powerpoint templates free download

Animated PowerPoint Presentation Slide Template

Animated PowerPoint Presentation Slide Template

Animated PowerPoint Presentation Slide

About this powerpoint presentation slide, features of this template, watch the tutorial video, get this powerpoint template, information about this template, step 01 change the slide background, step 02 add a few shapes.

In this template, we have used a few rectangles and oval shapes that have been used to decorate the presentation slide. And also, in the beginning, we have added a shadow effect on the rectangle shape. Those shadow settings were, color: black, transparency: 65%, size: 101%, blur: 17 pt, angle: 0 degree and distance: 3 pt.

Step 03 Take seven different slide

Step 04 add the animated contents, step 05 use morph transition, rgb color values, related articles more from author, free business powerpoint presentation template, free powerpoint slide template fully animated, free animated powerpoint presentation template, 288 comments.

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