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animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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animated ppt templates free download for project presentation


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Animated Presentation templates

Enjoy our wonderful animated presentation templates for google slides and powerpoint and customize them to your liking to give an entertaining pitch..

Simple Animated Birthday presentation template

Simple Animated Birthday

Want to hype up your birthday some days before? What you'll get here is a funny template with hand-drawn elements, such as illustrations and the typography. Wait, there's animations too, making it even more entertaining and cool to watch. Furthermore, if you like to use many colors, we've already granted...

Animated Healthcare Center

Just like how at Slidesgo we work with the best professional designers to create great templates, you can use this one to show how your healthcare center has the best doctors to treat patients. The design is simple and elegant, and makes use of animated illustrations from Storyset, one of...

Immunity Case Report presentation template

Immunity Case Report

Looking for a stunning template to create your immunity case report? Look no further! This simple yet professional case report template is just the one you need if you're looking for an effective way to gather essential information. With a sleek gradient color design, it includes sections to list down...

Lettering Design Agency

Wavy, flat, bold, thin, squiggly… Letters can have any shape and style, do you master them all? If you’re running a creative and innovative agency that specializes in creating custom lettering designs, you must know how letterings work best! With years of experience, a team of experts is ready to...

Korean Style Typeface Animations Campaign presentation template

Korean Style Typeface Animations Campaign

Those who know how to step outside the norm will be the ones the audience remembers. And indeed, this statement is true. To be able to stand out from the rest, a groundbreaking design will be the key complement. As we at Slidesgo want your marketing campaign to stand out...

Premium template

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Meeting with Animated Icons

If you want to look professional and at the same time not bore your colleagues with your meeting presentation, we have the perfect template for you. Explore this black and white design with animated icons with which you can easily structure your meeting and make it very productive. You just...

Orange Animated Multi-MK

Marketing comes in different ways. No matter what method you follow, you'll need a presentation for your next meeting, right? Use our template and wow everyone thanks to the animated illustrations we've included. They are from Storyset, our sister project, so the quality is guaranteed! The color palette revolves around...

Animated Presentation MK Plan

When we finished designing this template, we thought this would be even cooler if we added some animations. So we did exactly that! This design full of doodles, random brushstrokes and editable elements stands out because, yeah, many icons are animated. Imagine giving a presentation about your latest marketing plan...

Bipolar Disorder Medical Center presentation template

Bipolar Disorder Medical Center

Are you looking for a way to help those suffering from bipolar disorder, and get more new patients to your medical center? With our new template, you can make sure that your information is easily accessible, clear and visually appealing. We've integrated soft pastel colors to give a warm, welcoming...

Digital Marketing to Reach Millennials presentation template

Digital Marketing to Reach Millennials

Reach the cool and tech-savvy generation of millennials with this digital marketing template! Cool and colorful, this design is full of geometric shapes, WordArt text, pictures, and an icon pack perfect to help you create an informative presentation that will stand out. Use this layout to explain how to use...

Creative Animated Book presentation template

Creative Animated Book

Imagine being in charge of your own book, designing it, telling a story, drawing its characters… now take all of that creativity and unload it on this template for Google Slides and PowerPoint! Its colorful, funny slides attract everyone’s attention and will be the perfect background for your story. But...

Self Storage Company Profile presentation template

Self Storage Company Profile

There aren’t a lot of things that can go wrong with an investment in self-storage to begin with, but nevertheless, it always pays to have a well-thought out company profile presentation at hand, just in case! And here’s just the design for you: obviously storage-themed, it’s full of boxes and...

Animated Mind Maps for Education

Are ideas always flowing in your mind? Representing them in mind maps is a great way of keeping track of them all and organize your thoughts. But just like minds, minds maps must also be interactive and animated! With this template designed specifically for PowerPoint you can put some order...

Animated Raven Literature Lesson presentation template

Animated Raven Literature Lesson

Prepare an original literature class with this template for high school teachers. It is based on the work The Raven, by the American writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe. It is interactive and has animated elements. You can include exercises to test your pupils' knowledge after explaining the lesson. It...

Necessary Leadership Skills Consulting presentation template

Necessary Leadership Skills Consulting

Let's lead our company to glory! Follow me and you'll know success and riches! But, boss, do you have what it takes to be a true leader? The necessary skills? Better call Timmy Jimmy, our expert consultant... Yup, our beloved Timmy has more work today, and he'll probably need this...

3D Animated Newsletter presentation template

3D Animated Newsletter

A new dimension is being unfolded in front of your eyes! That's the magic of this new template for newsletters, as it contains 3D shapes, but not only your typical cone or cylinder, but also clouds, rainbows and safety pins. This colorful template has also one more ace up the...

Animated MK Newsletter

A newsletter is a great way of building trust with your subscribers and, at the same time, they get to know the latest news from you. We've created a new template so that your newsletter is in the form of a slideshow, but what a slideshow! The geometric design is...

Animated Solar System Infographics presentation template

Animated Solar System Infographics

Slidesgo and planets, what a delicious coincidence! These infographics are animated—there's no excuse to start teaching students about the solar system, the planets, their mass, composition, etc. The backgrounds are dark (well, space is dark!) and the different illustrations and elements that give life to the infographic designs are colorful....

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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11 Animated PowerPoint Templates With Interactive Features [To Edit and Download]

11 Animated PowerPoint Templates With Interactive Features [To Edit and Download]

Written by: Orana Velarde

animated powerpoint - header

Animated presentations help grab the attention of viewers more than static ones can. And they can be especially helpful when you're giving a virtual or Zoom presentation and need to keep an online audience engaged.

To help you make the most of your time on stage or a screen, use animated PowerPoint templates in your content to add a new angle to your visuals. Slide decks with animated features work well for webinars, step-by-step video tutorials or a trends report full of charts and graphs.

Even if you created a presentation in PowerPoint previously, make your animated PowerPoints better by editing them right inside Visme. Upload existing PowerPoints into your Visme account, then add animated and interactive features like hotspots, links to other slides in the same deck, plus plenty of creative animations.

Visme also offers hundreds of animated presentation templates right inside our tool so that you can say goodbye to PowerPoint once and for all.

In this post, we’ve gathered our favorite animated slide deck templates for you to edit and download. There are templates for all types of projects, from business proposals to pitch decks. 

Keep scrolling to find your favorite. If you don’t, you can always use the Visme Brand Wizard to create ideal presentation slides for your brand.

But before you begin, check out our quick 5-minute tutorial video to learn how to create your next presentation in Visme.

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

Step 1: Upload Your Animated PowerPoint to Visme

Your first step is to upload your ppt with animation to Visme. You can easily do so with a business account in Visme. Then when you create a new presentation , you'll instead hit the upload button to bring your old presentations back to life with Visme animations, templates, interactivity and design elements.

Better yet, you can access some of Visme's creative slide transitions. Every single animated presentation template in Visme includes an attractive staggered transition effect from slide to slide. 

More than 900 slides in our template library are designed especially for your presentations to look impressive and unforgettable. Plus, our design panel is loaded with free animations for PowerPoint slides.

When you import a PowerPoint template to Visme, you can easily add slide transitions to one slide at a time or all at once. However, it's best to stick with a single transition from slide to slide so that your presentation doesn't look too cluttered.

Spice up your boring PowerPoints

Sign up. It’s free.

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

Step 2: Add Engaging Transitions to Your Animated PowerPoint

After importing a PowerPoint template into Visme, it’s easy to convert it into a ppt with animation by adding animated transitions to the slides. Here’s how to do it:

These are the slide transition options to make your animated PPT template that much better:

Transitions can be added with different options: based on time, when clicked, or when a video ends.

animated powerpoint - creative transitions in visme

We’re sure you’re happy to hear that all PowerPoint templates can be imported and animated with Visme. 

But that isn’t the best part!

The Visme presentation library is full of animated templates and free animations for PowerPoint in many different industry styles and content types.

But wait, there’s more. Did you know you can also create animated infographics? In the video below, Mike will show you how to design interactive infographics that will elevate your content strategy.

Hey marketers! Need to create scroll-stopping visual content fast?

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

Below are some of our most versatile animated slide decks read for you to edit, animate and download or share online.

1. Animated Market Trends Report Presentation Template

This animated market trends report has creative transitions to navigate from slide to slide. Each transition is different but they don’t feel overwhelming. The data widgets enter the slide seamlessly in a visually interesting way.

2. Simple But Animated Architecture Presentation Template

Even simple designs will look great with creative transitions and animations as PPT presentations. This Architecture Presentation template has slide transitions all coming down from the top, making it look interesting and attractive.

3. Fashion Design Animated Presentation Template

The fashion design presentation has a different combination of slide transitions. They are all zoom-in and zoom-out transitions, perfect for the design style of the slides in this template.

Add more slides from the template or duplicate the ones you have and they will all have the same transition.

Step 3: Add Custom Animations to Your Animated PowerPoint

Your animated PowerPoint templates and all Visme presentation templates have plenty of different styles of animation possibilities. 

With Visme, add all these types of animations to any element in a slide.

Enter Animations

Exit Animations

animated powerpoint template - creative animations in visme

Furthermore, control the timing of the animations to create interesting and unforgettable compositions. Use these animation features to create your own in and out slide transitions. Control the movements on click, hover or just by navigating to the next slide.

When designing your slides, take advantage of our selection of moving backgrounds for PowerPoint. Choose between animated and video backgrounds to create even more attractive animated PPTs.

Below are some animated templates for different industries.

4. Technology Trends Animated Slide

Use enter and exit animated effects for the elements on each slide. Use a two-directional approach with the elements coming in from two sides in a staggered effect. Time the animation so that it comes in slowly as a creative visual.

This template has this style of animation and you can duplicate the slides then switch the elements to create more slides.

5. Social Media Posting Times Animated Slide

This animated slide has up and down movements for different elements. The effect created is a rotating scenery from day to night with a gradient background quality.

Share this presentation with a live link or as a .html file. Alternatively, embed it on your site as part of a blog post or call to action.

6. Step-by-Step Information Animated Slide

This type of animated presentation is called building the story. The entire presentation seems like it's created on one slide as pieces of the puzzle enter the scene one by one. Use an animated slide like this to create an unforgettable presentation.

7. Animated Venn Diagram Presentation Slide

Similar to the above template, this animated Venn diagram has a staggered effect with pieces that come into the scene one by one. A Venn diagram has lots of possibilities for different topics and industries.

Step 4: Add Interactive Features To Your Animated PowerPoint

Moving on from animated slide transitions and animation effects for slide elements. Your animated PowerPoint templates also have the opportunity of becoming interactive.

Visme offers a number of interactive features like pop-up boxes, links to other slides and links to external websites.

Mix it up with transitions and animations and you have yourself an interactive animated PowerPoint presentation.

Below are some of the best Visme animated presentation templates and PowerPoint video templates that uses interactive features.

8. Graffiti Style Interactive Animated PowerPoint Template

This presentation template has seamless transitions from slide to slide plus a number of creative pop-ups. Each pop-up includes additional information for its respective slide. The design follows the style of the presentation and adds an extra dose of creativity.

9. Navigable Menu Interactive Animated Presentation Template

Create an interactive navigable slide deck with a main menu that links to different slides with Visme’s interactive link features. This style of presentation is like a website you can look through. The best way to share an interactive presentation like this, share a live link.

The video below shows you how it all works.

Step 5: Add Animated Charts, Graphs and Data Widgets To Your Animated Powerpoint

Visme turns your animated PowerPoint templates into amazing data visualization presentations. All charts and graphs created with the Graph Engine can not only be animated, but they can also have interactivity. 

Apart from that, there are also plenty of data widgets to visualize other types of information like maps and percentages.

10. Financial Report Presentation Template With Animated Charts And Graphs

Financial reports are full of analytics and data visualizations. Make yours even better by using animated charts and graphs. The bars, lines, and curves have animation features to fit any presentation.

This template is perfect for all the financial reports you create for your business.

11. Animated Statistical Report Presentation Template

Statistics is a classic source for data visualization in a business setting. Stats presentations are used in meetings day in and day out, sent to team members and stakeholders. Make all your stats reports better than they’ve ever been by adding animation to charts and graphs .

Even better, use this presentation template and save yourself some time.

Step 6: Export Your Visme Presentations as a PowerPoint

Just like we imported your PowerPoint presentation into Visme, all Visme presentations can be exported as PPTx presentations for offline presentation. All you have to do is click on PPTx in the download options.

The catch is that PowerPoint doesn't support all of Visme's unique animation and interactivity features , so it will always be best to stick with Visme for sharing and presenting. With Visme, you can share an animated presentation as a live link or a .html file to present offline.

And before you present, watch the video below to review the ways to structure your presentations . There are 7 main presentation structures to help you set up amazing stories throughout your presentation.

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

Create Your Own Animated PowerPoints and Visme Presentations

There are many options for creating animated presentations with Visme. From uploading PowerPoint templates to using Visme’s PowerPoint video templates.

Animate any presentation in our library, edit the slide transitions, add animated compositions to your slide decks and create visually rich presentations. Share them with your audience and use our integrated analytics to track views and reads.

Create the best animated and interactive presentations with Visme today!

Create beautiful presentations faster with Visme.

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

About the Author

Orana is a multi-faceted creative. She is a content writer, artist, and designer. She travels the world with her family and is currently in Istanbul. Find out more about her work at

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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Thousands of Animated template slides to spark life in all your presentations. Read more ...

If you need to share your ideas clearly and engage with an audience, our animated pre-designed PowerPoint templates will help you save time to achieve both needs. You can sign up with the Unlimited plan to download as many templates as you need, or choose the basic plan and get access to a select number of free PowerPoint template downloads . Our editable PowerPoint templates and presentation themes are straightforward to customize. You can easily change the PowerPoint template's colors, fonts, or layout to match your style or company's corporate colors. Get creative by downloading these slide designs that cover many different styles and start combining multiple template slides to create a new presentation. From business presentations down to educational slideshows - they're highly customizable, so they're easy for anyone in any field or profession to tailor to fit their needs. Template download are in .PPTX format for PowerPoint. But, if you prefer, you can download the .PPTX and open them as a Google Slides theme. Either way, you'll have a beautiful and professional presentation in no time. So, start downloading unlimited PowerPoint templates and give your viewers that presentation wow factor they are wanting.

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Featured PowerPoint Templates

Slides from Square Diamonds PowerPoint Design Template

I've been using PresenterMedia for 6 years now. I absolutely love all of their creative PowerPoint templates and animations. It really makes my PowerPoint presentations unique, attractive, and memorable. I HIGHLY suggest buying a's seriously totally worth it! Thank You for everything that you do!

a bust of a presenter woman character

PresenterMedia has amazing graphics and PowerPoint templates to select from. Helping to make all presentations more interesting and fun.

I have been using PM for several years now across different companies. Great PowerPoint templates and awesome images/graphics/videos. Such a useful (and highly professional) site. There is nothing else like it out there. I highly recommend a subscription.

A widescreen presentation slide from PESTLE-toolkit-pid-19519 preview one.

Great for business professionals to use for business meetings, seminars, and business pitches.

A widescreen presentation slide from teaching-waves-pid-23677 preview one.

A fantastic way for teachers and trainers to engage their audience and make learning even more exciting.

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Keep your team on task and display your presentation data and slide information in a powerful animated way.

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More Great Presentation Themes

Let our engaging animated templates and PowerPoint themes help you change that. Select from a vast range of animated presentation template styles and topics, including professional presentations for business and education.

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We will always provide you with the best PowerPoint templates , presentation designs, and powerful customization tools to empower you to create outstanding presentations every time.

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Thoughts, questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We can help you get on your way to creating dynamic and impactful presentations. Many of our presentation template designs have come right from our customers' suggestions. We love that because we know our customers are getting what they need to create successful presentations.

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PowerPoint Template Styles Comparision

Get in style! With a wide range of designs, our templates will fit all your presentation needs.


Our animated video templates offer a unique and engaging experience for your audience. In addition, they allow for a striking visual design that is otherwise not possible to produce directly inside of PowerPoint.

a preview image of a blue powerpoint template business slide at a slanted angle


We design our flat templates to feature a clean, simplistic, modern design look. However, the designs are very engaging in how we animate the graphic elements in PowerPoint to draw attention to your message.

a preview image of an abstract cheveron ppt template slide at a slanted angle


Our abstract design templates give our customers clean, unique neutral design layouts to add to their message. We design these PPT templates to be simplistic yet bold enough to stand out to your audience..

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation


Our diagram design toolkit templates provide a perfect way to showcase your data. These PowerPoint diagrams include processes, timelines, charts, matrix, categories, points, funnels, pyramids.

a preview image showing a ppt template slide which contains a swooping design around a photo image.


Our photo design templates provide a modern look with abstract elements designed around the photos included in the Presentation template. Photos in these templates can easily be switched out. Our customers can do this by adding their picture in place of the existing images used.

a preview image showing a simplistic powerpoint template slide which has a simplistic blue design around the word business.


Our modern design templates give a sleek look with clean lines and a simplistic feel. These clean design templates are great for business and corporate presentations. Find diagrams slides that can easily combine with other modern template slides.

This is a company logo for PresenterMedia which is a world class provider of PowerPoint templates and presentation designs.

Your Creativity Will Be Endless!

Download as many PPT templates and slide designs as you would like. With your subscription, there are no limits.

PowerPoint Tutorials

Here are some helpful tips for taking advantage of PresenterMedia content, allowing you to create even more powerful PowerPoint presentations.

A laptop with screen showing the text PowerPoint tutorials with a video play symbol next to it.

PowerPoint Questions & Answers (Q&A):

How can presentermedia help presenters.

PresenterMedia templates are a set of visually designed slides to help presentation creators leap right over the design process, allowing more time to craft a powerful message to impact an audience. Many of PresenterMedia's templates are themed; this inspires presenters and makes assembling their presentation slides around a specific topic easier.

Why is PresenterMedia a Better Choice for Presententation Design?

Two words, animation and customization! We live in a world of constant stimulation, and it's no wonder audiences are getting bored with the same old static templates they've seen a thousand times. PresenterMedia provides animated templates and customizable designs that remedy an audiences' boredness with exciting and engaging animated slides that hold an audience's attention.

Where can I download PowerPoint Templates?

There are many presentation websites on the internet that provide PowerPoint templates to download. However, PresenterMedia is a top world-class provider of animated templates to download for PowerPoint. In addition, PresenterMedia offers the choice of thousands of PowerPoint template designs to choose from at a special discounted price up to 50% off .

Where can I find high-quality PowerPoint templates?

There are many websites someone can find and download a slides template for PowerPoint. But, finding high-quality PPT templates to impress any audience can take valuable time out of someone's life. PresenterMedia is a top presentation resource to find high-quality PowerPoint themes and templates to save time tracking down PowerPoint designs. PresenterMedia's primary mission is to constantly create fresh, pre-designed, high-quality animated templates for their customers every month.

Where can I buy professional PowerPoint slides?

Although many websites sell individual templates and slides for PowerPoint, here at PresenterMedia, we believe in unlimited possibilities. As a result, customers get access to thousands templates, design assets, and access to our powerful online customization tools. With unlimited downloads at one low subscription price, PresenterMedia is the best presentation resource to buy professional PowerPoint slides and customizable assets to create outstanding presentations every time.

Where can I get free PowerPoint Templates?

PresenterMedia offers a Free Basic plan that allows the user to download from a selection of free PowerPoint templates . These free animated templates will give the user a taste of how animated PowerPoint templates can transform their presentations with better engaging, eye-catching designs.

You can find basic free templates for PowerPoint at websites like and However, these free PowerPoint websites are limited and offer pretty basic template downloads. See what the big difference is between a free template website and a powerful professional PowerPoint resource website like

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Home PowerPoint Templates Animated PowerPoint Templates

Animated PowerPoint Templates

Download awesome animated PowerPoint templates and slide designs to prepare presentations with awesome effects. Most of the slides and templates you can find under this category uses PowerPoint animations to show subtle animations and transition effects while presenting your slides.

Featured Templates

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

Animated General Purpose PowerPoint Template

3D Animated Funnel Design

3D Animated 4 Step Funnel PowerPoint Template

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

Animated Stylish Global Template for PowerPoint

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

Animated 3D Stepped Diagram for PowerPoint with 4 Steps

Latest templates.

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

6-Item Mind Map PowerPoint Template

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

Animated Spin the Wheel PowerPoint Template

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

6-Phase Hexagonal Revealing Diagram PowerPoint Template

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

Job Search PowerPoint Template

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

Product Launch Timeline Template for PowerPoint

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

Animated Curved Timeline PowerPoint Template

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

5-Item Revealing Columns PowerPoint Template

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

Animated Wave Roadmap Template

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

6 Item Animated List PowerPoint Template

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

15-Petal Flower Diagram Template for PowerPoint

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

5-Step Test Tubes PowerPoint Infographic Template

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

5-Phase Revealing Diagram PowerPoint Template

Animations are a powerful tool to enhance certain messages. For situations where the visual aid is important (a conference, an online presentation or even a lecture) animated PowerPoint templates can help highlight and reinforce the message. With animated ppr templates, the user can provide a cinematic storytelling style to their presentation. With PowerPoint animation templates effects images and shapes can enter the slide moving through the canvas, following a pattern or a predefined path. Charts and graphs acquire moving effects, helping the audience to focus attention. Common use cases of Animated Presentations are applied in e-learning, for creating educational or instructional videos. Also marketing areas apply animation effects to create promotional videos, animated ads and marketing collateral that can be shared by social networks and streaming applications. The Animated ppt  templates of SlideModel are designed for ease of use. The user with low technical skills will find it easy to edit the animations with their own content, achieving a professional effects in little time. Our support team is trained and ready to help our users edit the animated ppt templates to reach their presentation needs.

What is Animation in PowerPoint?

Animation is a technique in which shapes and images are manipulated in a way that they appear as moving. Animations in a presentations can make them interesting and attractive.

The PowerPoint presentations engine provides three different kind of animation effects:

What is an Animated PowerPoint template?

An Animated PowerPoint template is a presentation which provides animated placeholders. The animation effects are already configured in the template so the user can just change texts, apply colors and/or duplicate slides to replicate the desired effect. These templates incorporate text placeholders and vibrant illustrations that you can edit as per your presentation requirements.

How can Animated PowerPoint templates be used in a presentation?

The animated PowerPoint templates that SlideModel provides are easy to edit. You can use the templates “as it is”, or you can use just sections or parts of the animation that you want to include in your presentation. If the purpose is to highlight your message or generate a pause in your speech, while going over a list, animations of text placeholders should be your choice. If you want to navigate or move through the presentation, complex animations are ideal. Or if you just want to create a loop presentation with a cinematic effect, image transitions and 3d objects animations should fit your need. For more information we recommend you to read our tutorial on how to make a good presentation .

Download Unlimited Content

Our annual unlimited plan let you download unlimited content from slidemodel. save hours of manual work and use awesome slide designs in your next presentation..

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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Animated PowerPoint Templates & Slides

Animation in PPT Presentations grabs viewers’ attention much more than static ones. Each part of your message needs to capture your audience’s attention and drive your points through to them. Animated PowerPoint Templates help to add a touch of motion, so your text and presentation graphics come across as modern and compelling to your viewers. Using these creatively designed PowerPoint or Google Slides templates in your content adds a new angle to your visuals. Our stunning collection of 100% editable PowerPoint animated templates can help professionals create stunning presentations. You can use animation for PowerPoint presentations to showcase your point effectively. These PPT animation templates use PowerPoint features like PowerPoint transitions, animation effects, PowerPoint text animation, etc.

30 60 90 day plan for executives detailed PowerPoint Template

30 60 90 day plan for executives detailed PowerPoint Template

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Animated 30 60 90 day plan for Sales Managers PowerPoint Template

Animated 30 60 90 day plan for Sales Managers PowerPoint Template

Animated Resume PowerPoint Template

Animated Resume PowerPoint Template

30 60 90 day for New Job Animated PowerPoint Template

30 60 90 day for New Job Animated PowerPoint Template

Animated Roadmap PowerPoint Template

Animated Roadmap PowerPoint Template

Animated Timeline PowerPoint Template

Animated Timeline PowerPoint Template

Animated 8 Step Business Process PowerPoint Template

Animated 8 Step Business Process PowerPoint Template

Animated Business Proposal PowerPoint Template

Animated Business Proposal PowerPoint Template

Animated Business Highlights PowerPoint Template

Animated Business Highlights PowerPoint Template

Project Planning Presentation 02 PowerPoint Template

Project Planning Presentation 02 PowerPoint Template

Animated Business Strategy 1 PowerPoint Template

Animated Business Strategy 1 PowerPoint Template

Animated Roadmap Presentation PowerPoint Template

Animated Roadmap Presentation PowerPoint Template

How Do I Make An Animated Presentation?

To make a presentation with a PPT animation, follow the steps in the order mentioned below:

What Is A PPT Animation Template?

A PowerPoint template with animation provides animated placeholders. The user needs to play around with the text and colors, as the template already has animation effects configured. Our collection of templates includes text placeholders and stunning attractive graphics that you can edit as per your presentation requirements.

How Can You Use Animated Templates In Presentations?

SlideUpLift has an enormous collection of animated powerpoint templates that are 100% customizable and ready to use. They are also compatible with Google Slides. You can use animations in your PowerPoint presentations for many purposes, like drawing your audience's attention while pausing between slides or highlighting the purpose of your message. Additionally, an animated template can provide a professional and polished look to your presentation, making it stand out from traditional, static presentations.

Where Can I Download A Free Animated PowerPoint template?

Look no further. SlideUpLift has a vast collection of free animated templates for PowerPoint to create outstanding presentations. You need to download and tweak the template to match your presentation. If you don’t find what you are looking for, use the customize feature to tweak any template of your liking.

How Do You Make Animated Slides On Google Slides?

To make an animation template on Google Slides, follow the steps in the order mentioned below:

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12 Sites for Free Animated PowerPoint Presentation Templates

PowerPoint remains a popular presentation app today. So, if you're looking to jazz up your slides, here are twelve sites for free animated templates.

A single animated PowerPoint template will create a more engaging presentation. But soon, you'll need another. You can save a lot of time by bookmarking a template resource that offers animated slide decks. And wouldn't it be nice if they were free, too?

Luckily, we've got you covered. Check out these ten free sites for animated PowerPoint templates and slide decks.

1. PowerPoint School

Besides a huge selection of animated PowerPoint templates, PowerPoint School offers infographics and timelines. You'll also find easy-to-follow tutorials on adding your own animations.

Many of the templates are generic, but stylish. You'll find both colorful and minimalist, monochrome charts, graphs, and explainers. Perfect for your next quarterly report or Zoom meeting.

Canva offers several animated presentation templates. You can even edit, record, and share them right in the browser! You can also download them as .pptx files. To edit them in PowerPoint instead of Canva's browser software, follow these steps:

You may be able to get free Canva Premium as a student . This opens up all of Canva's premium animated assets for you to use.

3. Slidesgo

Set the License filter to Free to see all of Slidesgo's free animated templates. These files work in both PowerPoint and Google Slides. They're available in many themes, from birthday slideshows to infographics.

The templates on Slidesgo are colorful, with a fun aesthetic. They are generally well suited to events. Grade school or high school projects would also work well on these templates.

4. SlideSalad

SlideSalad has many business and informational templates. They provide slick, animated designs for proposals, reports, portfolios, and more. Graduate students can also find attractive templates for thesis defense.

You will need a free account to download templates. SlideSalad also has premium templates, but doesn't run on a subscription plan. Instead, you pay per-order for premium templates.

5. Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a premium website, but you can grab a seven-day Free Trial and download as many templates as you like. Envato Elements has a good stock of animated PowerPoint templates for meetings , as well as webinars and reports.

Alongside the infographics, you can find colorful event templates. These are suitable for turning into social media stories. Envato Elements even has PowerPoint templates that are pre-optimized for Instagram Stories.

6. Slideegg

Slideegg limits free accounts to 5 downloads per day. Each download contains a single animated slide. On one hand, this means you might need two or more days to grab enough slides. On the other hand, mixing and matching gives you almost endless use.

You can also add templates to your Wishlist to save them for later. Most templates are geared toward infographics and other informational presentations. But you can still find fun animated slides for brand demonstrations and events, too.

7. SlideModel

SlideModel has a good selection of free animated PowerPoint templates. But, its search engine has no filters, making it tough to find them among the premium offerings.

The easiest way to find the free templates is to Google this string: “free” AND “animated” . This will bring up the array of free, animated PowerPoint files available from

8. Giant Template

Giant Template offers only one animated PowerPoint template. Yet, this template contains 30 different slides, all of them animated. Most of the graphics are stylish geometric shapes. You can easily customize them for re-use.

Other graphics include pictures that you can swap out for your own photos or logos. You can get lots of reuse out of these classy slides by adjusting colors and swapping out some images.

9. Abert's Shop

This private Gumroad shop has several free PowerPoint templates. It specializes in infographics and charts, so it's great for explainers and business reports. Some are editable in Excel, so you can integrate your detailed charts and graphics .

All the templates are Pay What You Want, so you can enter $0.00 and get it for free. If you like it, go back and leave a tip to support the creator.

10. SlideHunter

SlideHunter mostly in static templates, but has four excellent options available for animation. Two for medical presentations, and two for business interests.

You can get even more use out of these templates by adding your own PowerPoint animations. A simple transition effect can make PowerPoint's included slides blend seamlessly with SlideHunter's templates.

11. Slide Chef

Slide Chef is a free slide resource. Their templates are for Google Slides, but you can use the files in PowerPoint as well. The animated slide decks on this website are good for children's lessons. The animation is sure to help hold their attention.

There are also a few resources suitable for adults. You can find scientific explainers and more generic templates, too.

12. SlidesMania

Some slide decks on SlidesMania are fully animated, others only animate the cover. The style is good for children's' lessons or holiday events.

Unlike many other templates, SlidesMania templates offer more than transitions and entrance animations. The backgrounds and decorative elements are animated, too. And they keep moving the whole time.

Save Time and Money with Free Templates

With these template providers, you can prepare pitches, reports, proposals, and other in-person communications. Simply swap some colors and images, add your text, and go!

But PowerPoint isn't just for slideshows. Make the most of template resources, for both presentations and static media like posters and flyers!

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30 Animated PowerPoint PPT Templates (With Cool Interactive Slides for 2023)

Sean Hodge

Your interactive PowerPoint PPT must carry your points to the audience. Whether it's to a small group or a large crowd at a conference, engagement is the key. Try adding cool PowerPoint animations for even more impact.

This animated PPT Template is one of the newest interactive PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements.

Each presentation section needs to capture your audience's attention. It helps to add a touch of motion, so your text and graphics come across to your viewers.

Use the right animated PowerPoint template , such as those from Envato Elements. You'll make an amazing animated PowerPoint presentation PPT . It will feel interactive and stylish—without overdoing it.

Let's look at some animated presentation examples! 

30 Top Animated PowerPoint Slideshow Templates (New From Envato Elements - For 2023)

We made a selection of some of the best animated PowerPoint slideshow templates. All available on Envato Elements: 

1. Business Animate PowerPoint Presentation

Business Animate - Animated Slides Template

This is an exciting animated PPT template for your next office presentation. Build flat animations that look like infographic videos with no extra apps required. Build all your cool PowerPoint animations with this template. It's one of the top animated PowerPoint templates!

2. Dark Animated PowerPoint Template

Dark Animated PowerPoint Template

Check out this dynamic PPT animation presentation. It's a sample PowerPoint animation example for multipurpose professional presentations. All elements included are animated smoothly. This PowerPoint animation template features: 

3. Animatic Creative Agency Moving PowerPoint

Animatic - Creative Agency PowerPoint

Looking for dynamic PowerPoint templates? Animatic is a cool and interactive PPT. All 36 slides included come with cool PowerPoint animations. It's easy to create animated slides template in PowerPoint. You won't need Photoshop or other image editors to customize this template. 

4. Realism Animated PowerPoint Template With Infographics

Realism Animated PowerPoint Infographics

Looking for interactive PPT templates with infographics? This dynamic PowerPoint template comes with a set of vector illustrations. You'll get 36 slides to add your dynamic content and impress your audience. Animated PowerPoint templates for free download won't offer this much quality.

5. Matrid Business - Animated PowerPoint Template

Matrid Business PowerPoint Template

Matrid is one of the best animated presentation templates. This animated slides template can be used for many types of businesses.

Most dynamic PowerPoint presentations feature animations. Use this animated PPT template to animate your content in no time! Start working with a premium animated slides template like this one. 

6. Experience - Animated Slides Template

Experience Motion PPT Presentation Slide Template

Looking for animated PPT template slides? This moving PowerPoint slideshow template has a lot of pro benefits. It's got over 50+ cool slide designs, handmade infographics, and design layouts.

Use the interactive slide features to add cool, custom PowerPoint animations. This template beats any PowerPoint animations for free download you might find.

7. UNIGRAPH Animated PowerPoint Slides

UNIGRAPH Animated & Creative Template

UNIGRAPH is a template with cool PowerPoint animations. This animated slides template comes with vector elements and creative infographics. Drag and drop images to this interactive PowerPoint template.

You'll also get a full user guide and video tutorial for support. It's one of the best animated PPT templates you'll find online.

8. Animated PowerPoint Infographics

Animated PowerPoint Infographics

Check out this animated PowerPoint presentation template. This animated PPT comes with a set of abstract infographic elements.

Turn your content into timelines and cycle diagrams. This animated PowerPoint presentation PPT comes with 12 fully animated slides. Choose between light or dark version. Animated PowerPoint templates for free download can't beat this one.

9. Spooz - Creative Agency PowerPoint Animated Template

Spooz - Creative Agency Powerpoint Template

Spooz is a colorful animated PowerPoint template. It's a good choice for a creative agency. All elements in this PowerPoint animation template are editable.

You won't need another software to edit this animated PPT. This interactive PowerPoint template features 30 unique slides. Also choose between dark or light background. 

10. Visiko - Animated PowerPoint Template

Visiko - Powerpoint Template

Visiko is a modern interactive PPT. It comes with five premade color variations. It's one of those interactive PowerPoint templates made for multipurpose presentations. All elements on this interactive PPT template are editable. This interactive PowerPoint template features:

An animated PowerPoint templates for free download won't offer this much quality. 

11. Organic Life Animated PowerPoint Slides

Organic Life PowerPoint Presentation Template

Trying to create an organic life interactive PPT? Check out this template with green animated PowerPoint backgrounds. Animated PowerPoint templates like this one are ideal for ecological and organic presentations.

This download features 50 unique animated slides and five color schemes. Animated PowerPoint templates for free download 2023 are tempting. But nothing beats customization options this download offers. 

12. Vibes - Art Gallery Dynamic PowerPoint Presentation

Vibes - Art Gallery Powerpoint Template

Find cool transitions for PowerPoint with this download. Dynamic PowerPoint templates like this one offer plenty of customization options. All elements are editable, from shapes to colors.

This animated PowerPoint features 30 animated slides. Choose from three premade color themes included in these PowerPoint animated slides. Start creating an interactive PPT.

13. Orange Animated PowerPoint Template

Orange Animated PowerPoint Template

Looking for interactive slides templates? Check out this orange animated business presentation. All elements in animated slideshow templates are easy to edit. You'll get 100 animated PowerPoint slides to add your content. Create the best animated presentation with this download! This dynamic PowerPoint presentation features:

You won't find this in most animated PPT templates for free download!

14. Night Animated PowerPoint Templates

Night Animated PowerPoint Template

The animated PowerPoint presentations are the ones with multipurpose designs. Work with PowerPoint templates interactive to create dynamic PowerPoint slides.

You'll get 100 animated slides to add your content and images. Plus, all graphics featured are resizable and editable. Work with cool PowerPoint transitions to create the best animated presentation. 

15. Creative Project - Interactive PowerPoint Slideshow Template

Creative Project Interactive PPT Motion Slideshow Template

The best interactive PowerPoint presentations are easy to edit. Creative Project is an interactive PowerPoint template worth checking out.

This template has plenty of professional presentation features like cool PowerPoint animations. It comes with handcrafted infographics and over 70+ unique slide designs. All to help you make a great interactive PowerPoint presentation with ease.

16. Kupat - Cool Animation PowerPoint PPT Template

Kupat Cool Animation PowerPoint Motion PPT Template

Make a great interactive slideshow presentation with this download. Use this multipurpose set of motion slide designs. Make an animated business presentation in no time.

This animated PPT works in the creative industry, technology, or finance. All the animated slides include cool animations for PowerPoint.

17. Minimal Animated PowerPoint Slides

Minimal Animated PowerPoint Infographics

These dynamic PowerPoint slides include infographics to present your content. These PowerPoint animated slides come with thin line cycle elements for infographics.

You'll get 18 animated slides with this interactive PowerPoint template. All slides come with minimal animated PowerPoint backgrounds in 50 XML colors themes.

18. Strategic Roadmap Animated PowerPoint Templates

Strategic Roadmap Timeline Animated Powerpoint

Create animated PowerPoint presentations to present your strategic roadmap. This interactive PowerPoint template is a great way to get started. The download includes 30 animated slides that you can edit and fill out with your content.

All vectors objects included are fully editable. Create a dynamic PowerPoint presentation with this easy to edit template. 

19. Neuomorphic Animated PowerPoint Presentations

Neumorphic Animated Powerpoint Presentation

Looking for minimal animated PowerPoint backgrounds? Check out these neuomorphic interactive presentation templates.

These animated PowerPoint slides come with modern infographics. You'll get 18 animated slides to create the best interactive PowerPoint presentations. Get creative with these PowerPoint animated slides! 

20. Poly Animated PowerPoint Slides

Poly Animated PowerPoint Template

Poly is one of the best animated presentation examples. It's an easy to edit animated business presentation template. All elements in this template are smoothly animated.

You'll get 60 animated slides to work with. Insert your content into this interactive PowerPoint template. Work with cool transitions for PowerPoint to create the best animated presentation! 

21. Artifex Animated PowerPoint Presentations Template

Artifex Animated PowerPoint Presentation Template

Work with one of the dynamic PowerPoint templates. Animated with help you create a cool moving PowerPoint presentation. It also works if you're looking for PowerPoint video templates.

This download includes 50 animated PowerPoint slides. You'll also find isometric illustrations and maps. You're one step away from creating the best interactive PowerPoint presentations. 

22. Marketing Plan 2.0 Interactive PowerPoint Template

Marketing Plan 2.0

Present your next marketing plan with this interactive PowerPoint template. It comes with 30+ animated PowerPoint slides. Also includes 10 premade color themes for you to choose from.

Most premium interactive slides templates offer light or dark animated PowerPoint backgrounds. This one is no exception. Make the best PowerPoint animated slides for an animated business presentation.

23. SOKA - Dynamic PowerPoint Presentation

SOKA-PowerPoint Presentation

SOKA is one of the best dynamic PowerPoint templates available. You'll get 65+ animated slides to add your content.

These moving PowerPoint animated slides are created with a fresh and modern look. Also included 100+ vectors and device mockups. It's a better choice than most animated PPT templates available for free download. Start working with these dynamic PowerPoint slides! 

24. BAZZ Interactive PowerPoint Template

BAZZ Powerpoint Template

BAZZ is one of the best animated presentation examples you'll find online. It comes with cool transitions for PowerPoint to present your content. You'll get over 100 animated PowerPoint slides with  infographics and cool photo layouts. Everything is easy to edit and ready to best interactive PowerPoint presentations.

25. Zappier - Multipurpose Interactive PowerPoint Template

Zappier - Multipurpose Powerpoint Template

Get started with interactive presentation templates like this one. Add your content into these modern PowerPoint animated slides. It's an interactive PPT suitable for finance, pitch decks or business plans. All elements are editable, from shapes to colors. This download features 30 unique animated PowerPoint slides. Choose from three premade color themes and add images into placeholders. 

26. Flowcharts Animated PowerPoint Presentation

Flowcharts Animated PowerPoint Presentation

Create a business interactive PPT with cool transitions for PowerPoint. This template is a great way to get started. You'll get a moving PowerPoint with 20 animated slides. Work with one of the best interactive PowerPoint templates. Show your process with illustrations and dynamic PowerPoint slides. Plus, all objects are PowerPoint vector shapes you can edit. 

27. Arrow Diagrams Animated PowerPoint Presentations

Arrow Diagrams Animated Powerpoint Presentation

What's better than PowerPoint templates interactive arrow diagrams? Make the best animated presentation with this template. You'll get impressive charts and visuals to present marketing concepts. Work with 50 PowerPoint animated slides designed by professionals. All objects are vectors and are fully editable. Plus, you'll get an icon pack with 3000+ icons!

28. Epic Animated Business Presentation Template

Epic Animated PowerPoint Template

Epic is a cool interactive PowerPoint template. It's perfect for an animated business presentation. Animated slideshow templates like this one are easy to edit. This download includes 100 animated PowerPoint slides for you to choose from. Create modern, simple and clean PowerPoint animated slides! This is hard to find in creative animated PowerPoint templates for free download. 

29. Animated PowerPoint Infographics Set 01

Animated PowerPoint Infographics Set 01

Looking for infographic animated slideshow templates? Check out these animated PowerPoint slides. It includes cycle, timelines, pyramid and other abstract elements. Add your content into 18 animated slides to create the best animated presentation. Choose between light and dark themes. Edit all vector shapes to match your style. You won't regret choosing this over animated PowerPoint PPT templates for free download.

30. Studio Minimal Presentation PowerPoint Template

Studio Minimal Presentation PowerPoint Template

Searching for creative animated PowerPoint templates for free download? Premium PowerPoint animation templates are a better investment. For example, check out these minimal PowerPoint animated slides. This download features:

 You'll love the premium design that animated PPT templates free download lack.

The Best Animated PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Find thousands of the best animated PowerPoint presentation templates on Envato Elements. Plus, it's a great offer. Download as many as you want for one low price.  

Each interactive PowerPoint template from Envato Elements has hundreds of creative options. 

More Animated PPT Templates

There are thousands of animated PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements.

Free animated PowerPoint template download might be tempting. But remember, you get what you pay for . Premium PowerPoint animation templates offer more than any PowerPoint animation free download.

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of creative templates and graphics. All with unlimited use. Find awesome animated PowerPoint presentation templates . All for one low price !

best-selling animated PowerPoint templates: 

How to Quickly Customize Interactive PowerPoint PPT Slide Animations

We've explored some of the best animated PowerPoint templates from Envato. These powerful PPT animation designs help you look your best. But you may be wondering why you should use them. Why not use a PowerPoint animation free download?

The answer: style and time . Sure, you can build your own interactive PowerPoint from scratch. But it takes a long time. And it won't look as good as interactive PowerPoint presentations made by experts. Let's look at how, by creating three animated PowerPoint slides using a template.

Follow along! Download and open the Animated PowerPoint Template  from Envato Elements.

Animated PPT template preview

Let's get started:

1. The Intro Slide

Why not start at the beginning? Impress your audience with stunning PowerPoint animation examples.

Animated PowerPoint templates

Start by selecting a slide with an eye-catching design. Then type your text into the placeholders.

As you can see, the intro slide has a variety of text placeholders. The first step is to add in your own text. Do that by highlighting any block of existing text, and then typing over it.

With the text highlighted, find the Font section on the  Home  tab. There, you can add effects like bold and italics, while changing font sizes and styles too.

To build a PPT animation deck, check out your animation options. Find those on the Animations  tab. Keep in mind, templates like this are pre-animated. You don't have to add these effects from scratch! That's a powerful feature not found in a PowerPoint animation free download.

PPT animation

To view the pre-built animations, click on the  Animation Pane  button. A sidebar will open, listing the effects on the slide. In this case, you'll see a list of seven effects. 

The 0 beside each indicates that all effects exist as a group. With one highlighted, you'll see the start trigger set to  After Previous . These two indicators say that all seven effects will automatically play in sequence. Click Preview and watch the slide animate. 

Interactive PowerPoint

2. The Infographic Slide

These are illustrations that help explain ideas. Animation brings them to life.

PowerPoint animation examples

Infographics help explain your ideas. You won't find the best ones in animated PPT templates free download options.

Consider a slide like this. Notice the individual ideas shown in the nodes on each side of the slide. Chances are you might want to talk through these in sequence. Having them all appear on the slide at once might not be the best option.

Like the intro slide, this one is pre-animated. But remember, you don't have to use every animation exactly as included! With PPT and premium templates, you still have ultimate creative control.

Back on the  Animation Pane , look at the list of animations. One (Picture 4) is the illustration in the center of the slides. The  Group  sections are the individual nodes. 

Interactive PowerPoint presentation

Suppose you want to have the illustration appear. Then you want to trigger each node manually. To do that, click on Group 5, then on the Start dropdown. Change the setting from  After Previous to On Click . You'll see the 0 turn into a 1, indicating your new sequence. Repeat this for the other groups. 

Animated presentation templates

When you're finished, go to the  Slide Show  tab and click  Play from Current Slide . The illustration will appear first, and from there you can click once to advance to each node in sequence. This is the perfect way to control the speed and pace of your narrative.

3. The Image Slide

Last but not least is the image slide. As you can see, it's got some text, along with an image. 

Interactive PowerPoint ideas

Again, let's return to the  Animation pane. Click on the photo animation, Picture 3, and notice the effect the template uses. It's a simple  Fly In , one of the most common animations in the world. For your purposes, you might want something with a little more pizazz.

On the left side of the  Animations tab, click the dropdown right below. You'll see a menu featuring dozens of cool, flashy options.

Build animated PowerPoint templates

Browse through them, clicking each thumbnail to apply the effect. Notice that PowerPoint previews each animation on the image. This instant-preview capability helps you dial in on the perfect choice for you.

Premium animated PowerPoint templates offer the best of both worlds. You save precious time and energy by avoiding building slides from scratch. Make every slide work perfectly for you!

Looking for more interactive PowerPoint ideas? Check our full PPT animation tutorial:

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

Why Use Animations in Your PowerPoint Presentations?

Use animation to pace your delivery and enhance your presentations. You do this by adding transitions between slides or revealing elements.

Use animation to power the momentum of your delivery. It adds excitement as your ideas are revealed. See this basic PowerPoint animation example made with the Simplicity PowerPoint template :

Always keep this question in mind: will your use of animation interest your audience? Animations must feel seamlessly intertwined with your presentation. 

You should use PowerPoint animations when:

Animations are easy to overdo and can take some time to work with. But they're a great differentiator to make your dynamic PowerPoint presentation stand out.

Let’s look at a few tips for using animations well. You'll also find some PowerPoint animation examples.

5 Quick Tips on Using Animations Well in PowerPoint

Want to learn more on how to make interactive PowerPoints? Go over these tips:

1. Keep Your Animations Simple

Animations needed be complex. Apply your animations consistently throughout your dynamic PowerPoint presentation.

It’s not a good idea to add a whole lot of different animation to your presentation. That's more likely to distract your audience and come off as unprofessional.

Experience ANimation Slide

The Experience Animation template features simple animations and few key elements.

PowerPoint offers a ton of animation effect options. It’s best to stick with simple ones, like Appear or Fade. Even subtle animations can have a noticeable effect.

2. Apply Animations to Your Main Points

You don’t need to animate every element in your interactive PowerPoint presentation. It’s often best to apply animation to just a few limited elements in your presentation. That way they stand out.

Cull through your presentation and look for the top points you’re aiming to make. These are the best place to start adding cool PowerPoint animations.

Kupat template

This animated PPT template features slides with animations on key points.

3. Control Your Timing of Delivery

Animation is a great tool to pace the timing of your presentation with. Use slide transitions or animations on individual elements in your PowerPoint presentation.

Use quick transitions and fast effects at less than a half-second duration. Use a template like the Creative Project template . It comes with snappy slide transitions and easy animations on elements. It's designed to make quick presentations with.

Creative Project Template

Creative Project template uses effects to deliver key points. It's an animated PPT template.

Discover more helpful PowerPoint animation tips:

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

4.  Include Your PowerPoint Branding

No matter which animated PPT template you choose, don't miss this tip.  Branding matters . That might mean updating it to include your logo, brand colors, and more.

5. Focus on Animation Sequencing

Interactive PowerPoint presentations make strong use of animation. When you use PowerPoint animation templates, motion is just the start.  Sequencing  is just as important.

Setting the order of cool PowerPoint transitions helps you tell your story. Learn to put your PPT animations in order with the help of this tutorial:

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

5 Cool Animation PowerPoint Presentation Trends for 2023

Animated presentation templates puts you ahead of the pack in 2023. Discover the top trends for an interactive PowerPoint this year:

1. Make Data Move

Animated PowerPoint templates are about more than just transitions. This trend is about applying this dynamic movement to your charts and graphs. Moving infographics and pie charts can highlight the numbers even more.

Business PPT Animation

2. Color Gradients

Use text, numbers, or custom shapes as image masks for a distinct visual flair. It's one of the best ways to make your PPT animation stand out. PowerPoint ideas for extra points here.

3. Unique Image Masks

The design world as a whole is obsessed with gradients this year. So why not apply them to your PowerPoint animation examples in 2023? Choose colors that complement your brand and the tone of your interactive PowerPoint.

Massive Interactive PowerPoint Presentation

4. Relevant Icons

This is a subtle trend, but a helpful one to know. Add icons that relate to your content. It makes your PowerPoint animation examples stand out even more. It shows your audience that you pay attention to the smallest of details.

5. Minimal Design

Modern animated presentation templates in 2023 follow minimal design rules. Make sure you use them yourself. Limit the number of elements on each slide. Keep space between images and text boxes and apply your animations wisely.

Company Presentation Minimal Interactive PowerPoint Ideas

More Top Options For Premium PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint templates are the secret sauce loved by pro presenters. Building an interactive PowerPoint presentation is easier than you think. Save time and work with better PPT animations.

Check out even more options for the best PowerPoint templates. You might even find more PowerPoint animation examples!

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

Common PowerPoint Template Questions Answered (FAQ)

As you learn how to create interactive PowerPoint presentations, you might have questions. It's OK to get stuck while working with animated PowerPoint templates.

Let's answer five key questions in this section:

1. What Are the Right Dimensions for PowerPoint?

The worst-case scenario is leaving black bars on the edge of the screen. This happens when you don't size your presentation to the presentation screen.

Learn how to set your PowerPoint presentation with this tutorial:

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

2. What's The Best Way to Show Data in PowerPoint?

Whatever you do, don't overwhelm an audience with data-heavy tables on slides!

Instead, turn to PowerPoint charts and graphs. Combine the animated PowerPoint templates you saw with data to create great presentations. Learn more in our tutorial below:

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

3. Can You Use Custom Fonts in PowerPoint?

Graphic design has evolved ever since we moved beyond the built-in system fonts. Now, custom fonts give you unlimited options to create advanced presentations.

Learn more in this tutorial. Many of our favorite interactive PowerPoint templates include custom font options. Read more below.

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

4. Can You Work With Other Presentation Formats?

Maybe you're coming from another platform as you start using PowerPoint. You might be switching from macOS and using Keynote presentations. But don't worry, you can migrate your favorite presentations easily!

Learn to convert Keynote, another leading presentation software, to PowerPoint:

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

5. Is PowerPoint Free to Use?

The answer is that PowerPoint  can be  free to use. Microsoft continues to beef up its online options, making PowerPoint an affordable alternative.

Learn more about the browser-based version of PowerPoint in this tutorial:

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

Learn More About How to Use Animations in PowerPoint

Check out these helpful Envato Tuts+ PowerPoint tutorials . Learn how to how to create animation in PowerPoint. Learn how to add animations to PowerPoint slideshows and more:

animated ppt templates free download for project presentation

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You need a dynamic PowerPoint presentation design for your next presentation. It needs to showcase your ideas. Craft it with attention to detail. Include modern design elements like animated slides and interactive graphics.

Top animated PowerPoint templates have just the right amount of dynamic motion. That helps you capture your audience’s attention.

Don't fall into the trap with PPT templates for free download animation. Most animated PPT templates for free download don't offer many features. 

Try out the all-inclusive option on Envato Elements for PPT animation presentation templates. Get unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Editorial Note: This post has  been updated with contributions from Brenda Barron , Andrew Childress , Maria Villanueva , Nathan Umoh and Janila Castañeda . Brenda and Andrew are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+. Maria is Associate Editor of the Tuts+ Design channel. Nathan and Janila are staff writers with Envato Tuts+.

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