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A Study on Customer Satisfaction Towards Services Offered by Akshaya Centres with Special Reference to Mala Panchayath, Thrissur District, Kerala

Akshaya is an innovative project implemented in the state of kerala aimed at bridging the digital divide, addresses the issues of ICT access, basic skills sets and availability of relevant content. As the population continues to grow in developing countries like India, more and more people will get isolated to the group of digital 'have-nots' unless Government work together to dramatically expand access to information and knowledge. In order for egovernment to be more inclusive, it must reach out to all segments of the population with eservices that meet the needs of the digitally disadvantaged by bridging the digital divide. In this study an attempt has been made to study the customer's opinion of Akshaya centres and services offered by them. The various factors influencing customers to avail services from Akshaya centres and their level of satisfaction is also analysed. The sample size is 50. Both descriptive and analytical research is used for the study. The primary data has been collected through questionnaire and secondary data from journals and websites. The project deals with the customer satisfaction towards the services provided by Akshaya centres with special reference to Mala panchayat. It begins with the introduction about Akshaya centre and then states three objectives. The main objective is to know the satisfaction level toward the various services offered by Akshaya centres. The tools used for the analysis are simple percentage analysis, Ranking and likert scale. The available literature can be divide in to two empirical literature and conceptual literature. Simple percentage method is used to represent raw streams of data as a percentage. Table and figures are used for getting a better understanding of collected data. The ranking method is used to ascertaining the factors influenced for availing services from Akshaya centres. The likert scale is used to ascertaining the users satisfaction level toward the services offered by Akshaya centres.

1. Introduction


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