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Animation basics for your presentation

Animation can help make a PowerPoint presentation more dynamic, and help make information more memorable. The most common types of animation effects include entrances and exits. You can also add sound to increase the intensity of your animation effects.

Presentation experts recommend using animations and sound effects sparingly. Animation can be useful in making a presentation more dynamic, and help to emphasize points, but too much animation can be distracting. Do not let animation and sound take the focus away from what you are saying.

Select a heading below to open it and see the detailed instructions.

Apply entrance and exit animation effects

Select the text or object that you want to animate.

On the Animations tab, in the Animation group, click an animation effect from the gallery. Click the More arrow to see more options.

Note:  In the gallery, entrance effects icons are colored green, emphasis effects icons are colored yellow, and exit effects icons are colored red.

To alter how your selected text animates, click Effect Options , and then click what you want the animation to do.

Note:  Not all animation effects offer the same Effect Options choices.

To specify the timing of the effects, on the Animations tab, use the commands in the Timing group. For more information, see Set the animation timing or effect options .

Video demonstration: entrance and exit effects

Watch this short video demo on adding entrance and exit animation effects. The animations applied are examples; you can use the same procedure to apply any animation available to text or to objects.

Your browser does not support video. Install Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, or Internet Explorer 9.

Apply sound effects to animated text and objects

To add sound to animated text or an object, do the following:

On the Animations tab, in the Advanced Animation group, click Animation Pane . The Animation Pane opens on the side of the workspace pane, showing the order, type, and duration of animation effects applied to text or objects on a slide.

Locate the effect to which you want to add sound, click the down arrow, and then click Effect Options.

Animation Pane, adding Effect Options to an effect

Note:  The Effect Options dialog box displays different options, according to the type of animation selected.

On the Effect tab, under Enhancements , in the Sound box, click the arrow to open the list and then do one of the following:

Click a sound from the list, and then click OK .

To add a sound from a file, click Other Sound from the list, locate the sound file that you want to use, and then click Open .

Click a sound from the list on the Effects tab

Repeat for each bullet of text to which you want to add a sound effect.

To preview all the animation and sound applied to a slide, in the Animation Pane , click Play From .

Apply a motion path to text or an object

Click the object or text to which you want to add a motion path. The path that you apply is followed by the center of the object or text bullet.

On the Animations tab, in the Animations group, under Motion Paths , do one of the following:

Click Lines , Arcs , Turns , Shapes , or Loops . The path chosen appears as a dotted line on the selected object or text object. The green arrow indicates the path’s beginning and the red arrow indicates its end.

Click Custom Path . Click where you want the motion path to start. To draw a path of connected straight lines , move the pointer and click where you want the line to end. Draw the next connected line by clicking where you want it to end. Double-click at the motion’s final end point. To draw an irregular path , hold down the left mouse button and move the pointer on the path that you want the motion path to follow. Double-click at the motion’s final end point.

To see the complete animation and sound for the slide, on the Animations tab, in the Preview group, click Preview .

The Shapes and Loops paths are closed, meaning the object returns to its starting point. To return to the starting point with an open path, such as Lines , Arcs , Turns , or Custom Path , right-click the path and then click Close Path . A linear path is added from the previous end point to the starting point.

To change the shape of a motion path, right-click the path and then click Edit Points . Square black handles appear on the path. Drag one of the handles to move that portion of the path.

Any part of the path, including the beginning or ending point, can operate off the slide.

Video demonstration: motion-path effects

You can add more complex or custom animation motions to text or an object. Watch this short demo to see some examples.

Animation for SmartArt graphics

To apply an animation effect to a SmartArt graphic, see Animate your SmartArt graphic .


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10 Simple PowerPoint PPT Animation Tips and Tricks for 2021 (+Video)

Sven Lenaerts

When you first start working with animations in PowerPoint, it's easy to overdo animating your slides. This makes your presentations slow and often not enjoyable for the viewing audience.

Despite that, animations in a PowerPoint presentation can be a great tool for many purposes as you'll discover in this tutorial. 

Here we give you a number of PowerPoint animation tips and tricks, so you can learn how to control your transitions better and enhance your presentation message with powerful effects. 

You'll also get helpful tips on how to match your presentation goals to the animations you work with and learn how subtle, simple approaches to PowerPoint animations are often more effective.

Now, before you can actually use animations, it helps to have a solid presentation ready to work from. To help you with that, there are a number of ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">quality presentation templates made to save you time, such as this curated selection of easy to use designs: 

ppt on animation

Need Help? Download Our eBook on Making Great Presentations (Free)

We also have a useful compliment to this tutorial. Quickly grab it before you read on. Download our FREE eBook:  The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations , which will help you write, design, and deliver the perfect presentation. 

Free eBook PDF Download Make a Great Presentation

Why Use PowerPoint Animations?

First, let's understand why we would use animations in a PowerPoint presentation. There are two common reasons: 

The above is typically achieved by transitioning either full slides, or a number of elements on a slide.

The best animations have an aesthetic use that matches your message, as well as help you control the pace of your presentation. Typically, animations  just for enhancing the appearance of your slides tend to become frustrating for your audience. 

Getting Started With PowerPoint Animations

Let's start with introducing the different types of animations in PowerPoint. In essence, the types of animations can be summarized by the following:

Transitions are a type of animations in between slides. You can view the Transitions pane to view all possible transition effects you can use. These are ideal when you want to have a noticeable transition between two slides, as you'll find in some examples later in this tutorial.

transition pane in PowerPoint

Animations  are animations  on  your slide. You can view your options in the Animations pane. These are often used as action effects while you're presenting your slide. For example, an animation can be used to highlight a particular element on your slide.

animation pane in PowerPoint

Your animations are controlled by using the animation pane. If you'd like to learn a little bit more about the animation pane in PowerPoint, I'd recommend to check out the following tutorials. During the tutorial, I'll also cover some basics of the animation pane as used in the below examples:

ppt on animation

How to Control PowerPoint Animation With the Animation Pane

ppt on animation

Creating Motion Paths in PowerPoint

Discover how and when to add animation to PowerPoint. Without further ado, let's dive into these helpful PowerPoint animation tips and tricks. 

10 Easy PowerPoint PPT Animation Tips, Effects, & Tricks for Beginners in 2021 (Video)

Do you want to add the best PowerPoint animations to your next presentation? Watch this quick screencast for some powerful PPT animation tips, effects and tricks.

ppt on animation

Or study the complete written tutorial below for PPT animation tips and tricks:

1.  Animation 101: Master Your Context

The key lesson in effective animations is to understand  when to use an animation. An easy-to-remember guideline is the 80/20-rule. What 20% of your content in your presentation is the most important? That is the content that might be worthwhile for you to add animation to.

For example, announcing a new product line could be the most exciting element of your presentation. In this context, it makes sense to highlight this by adding a  build in animation for example.

PowerPoint assists you by labeling their animations in different strength categories, such as subtle , moderate and exciting .

PowerPoint animation strengths

These different animation strengths can help you use the right animation in the right context. For example:

In summary: Define what is your most important content in the presentation. Next, when you choose an animation, make sure it's strength correlates to the excitement of the content that you are presenting.

2.  Animation 101: Control Your Timing and Duration

Once you've mastered  where to add animation, next up is to understand  when to animate. 

As described in the beginning of the tutorial, you can use  transitions and  animations . I'd recommend that you only choose one of either per slide that you'd like to add some animation to. Combining both often becomes a visual overload for your audience.

Here again, the context of the slide matters. If you'd like to surprise the audience with the whole slide, a transition could be ideal. If you'd only like to have a few elements appear dynamically, using animations will make more sense.

The duration of your animation matters as well and has a big impact on how your animation is experienced.

Have you watched a presentation with slow transitions between each slide? At first, an impressive visual effect (albeit slow) might be interesting, but afterwards it becomes a source of frustration as you see it over and over again. It's tedious.

The general rule is to have  fast animations , unless you're animating something in which a slow animation makes more sense (such as presenting something brand new for example). I typically choose a timing of 0.5 seconds .

PowerPoint animation pan setting the timing

Animation Quality Control Tip

The best way to quality control your animations is to go through the presentation after you're done and only pay attention to your animations. 

Ask yourself: How does the pacing feel? Are there sections in your presentation where there is too much animation? Too little? How's the timing feel?

Reviewing your presentation as a whole makes it much easier to estimate whether your choice of animation makes sense or not.

3.  Animation 101: The Basics Work

Even when working to make your animations subtle and effective, it can still be easy to overdo it. The reasoning for this is that PowerPoint offers many different types of animations, which is a bit overwhelming.

There's a simple rule that helps make your presentation feel less heavy: 

There's no point in adding many different transitional animations for the sake of variety. In fact, the variety will often distract from what you're actually trying to communicate.

Below are the types of animations which I personally use the most.

Use of Fade PowerPoint animation

Now that you understand the basic concepts of animation, let's dive into a few real-world examples and how animations can enhance your presentation. 

4.  Enhance Your Message With Simple Animations

One of the most common ways to use animations is to enhance a message. Let's look at how to add a simple animation to PowerPoint to enhance a message.

In a line-up of data, it might be there's interesting information but the audience is oblivious to it. Using an  emphasis effect could help solve this. Take the below slide as example:

Simple results slide for the year

Notice how the result in Q3 was much higher. Imagine that a year ago, that quarter was actually the worst quarter. This is something you could mention verbally while giving the presentation, hence you want to highlight the result of Q3 as it went from the worst quarter to the best quarter in just a year of time.

This is an example of an interesting bit of information which can be emphasized by using an animation effect, instead of just putting the information on the slide itself. Here's the plan:

In PowerPoint, you can accomplish this by selecting "Q3: 6% increase" and adding the following emphasis effect:  Underline . Underline is a simple yet subtle way to add emphasis to text.

Open the  Animation Pane . Select the animation you've just added. In the Timing options, make sure that it starts  On Click . This way, you can run over the facts and figures while presenting your slide and then have the animation be displayed on the moment you want it. For example:

Now you understand how pacing animations can be a much better way to deliver information than just presenting all the information on your slide directly.

Simple underline animation effect in PowerPoint

5.  Use Transitions Between Your Sections

A PowerPoint presentation, much like a story, typically has a beginning, middle and ending. To mark those points during your presentation, you could use an animation in the form of a  Transition .

For example, you'd like to jump to your conclusion slide. In order to grab everyone's attention again, we'll be using a transition animation which packs a little bit more punch.

When you open the Transition Pane in PowerPoint, you'll notice that there are many different options and variations to choose from:

PowerPoint animation options

What will help you to make a decision of which transition to use is to think about the content of the slide that you're transitioning to. For example, if you're presenting a solution to a number of problems you've presented, the Fracture animation could be a strong metaphor.

fracture PowerPoint animation

A final tip for using a transition animation is to look into the Dynamic Content category. These are animations which will use your current designed slides as a basis and animate between that. For example, the animation will do something with the elements on the slide, or the background color of your slide. This is ideal if you'd like to do something more subtle. 

6.  Build Step-by-Step Animations into Your Slides

If you'd like to make an explanatory slide, that often means that there are multiple elements of information that you'd like to present. The easiest way to do this is to reveal a numbered (or bullet) list:

A simple recipe slide

Instead of displaying all five steps at the same time, we'll display each step one by one. Imagine you're giving a cooking class. Showing one step at a time will help your audience to keep their focus on the next action and not run ahead.

Open the  Animation Pane . Select the first step and let's pick  Fade as our entrance effect. Next, select the second step and also pick Fade again. Repeat this process for the remaining steps. 

Tip : By careful to select each step individually, instead of all the steps at once. Otherwise, they will appear all at the same time.

PowerPoint Animation steps

Now open the  Animation Pane . You can see the five animations you've just added. When you click on the animation, you can open the  Timing tab once again.

Now, in the context of cooking, instead of having it start on click, you might want to start the animation  After Previous and choose a  Delay.

You're basically building a timer in this sense. For example, imagine that in the class, everybody has five minutes to grate the zucchini. Select the third animation (sauté zucchini). Choose the After Previous timing and pick a delay of 300 seconds .

PowerPoint animation timing

This is what will happen:

This is an example of a more creative way to use animations to build the pace of your presentation.

7.  Use Animations to Present Your Data Dynamically

By now, it should be easy to make a whole chart appear using an animation, but the true capacity of using animations with data is to pace how the chart is presented. We can do this by choosing the build order of our animation.

PowerPoint data slide example

Click on the chart you would like to animate. Next, add an animation. When you see the animation pane, you'll notice a new option is added:  Chart Animations . 

Chart Animations in PowerPoint

In the Chart Animations menu, you have access to an option called ' group graphic ', followed by a dropdown. This affects the order of the animation and what data appears. You have access to the following options:

This offers unique animation options and flexibility in how to present data displayed in the chart. For example, would you like to display one piece of data for a number of years, or all pieces of data per year? It's possible with the above animation options.

Finally, you can select ' Start animation by drawing the chart background '. Including this option means your chart is hidden by default and the first animation will make the chart appear (without the data, unless you've selected ' As one object ' as an animation option).

Chart PowerPoint animation in action

8.  Pitch a New Product With Controlled Animation

One of the more exciting ways to use animations is to pitch a new product, for example, to grab your audience's attention. Animation offers the opportunity to present a product in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Tip : What you have to be careful of though, is that an emphasizing animation can quickly become overdone. For example, a 'Spiral In' or 'Curve Up' will remind your audience of poorly made television advertisements. 

Apple presentation example

Hence, ironically the best way to pitch a new product is to work in a 'less is more' fashion. Apple is a good at this for example, when you see their presentations. Typically, a simple entrance animation such as 'Faded Zoom' will do.

In order to make your animation a little bit more dramatic, play around with the timing is usually helpful. Instead of using the traditional 0,5 seconds, go for 1 or even 2 seconds already has a large impact in how the animation is perceived. This is because slower animations are uncommon in well-animated presentations.

9.  Use a Transition to Declutter and Simplify

If you have to use a particularly busy slide, it often helps to use some exit animations to literally clean up your slide and grab the attention of the audience once again if a simple slide follows.

You can remove individual elements on the slide by using exit animations. Another method is to use a strong  Transition between slides.

Morph is an interesting transition to use. It compares the elements between both slides and then figures out the ideal way to transition. Sometimes it works, but it's a more smooth transition rather than a strong exit animation.

In this context, an animation such as  Curtains ,  Crush or  Honeycomb  for example would be more suitable. Try to use this only once or twice in a presentation, as these animations tend to be visually heavy.

Honeycomb animation example in PowerPoint

10.  Grab Attention With Formatting Text Animations

You can use the formatting text animations to emphasize text in your presentation. You have a variety of options for highlighting text, such as:

Especially  Grow with Colour is an excellent way of highlighting a line of text in a busy slide for example.

The starting slide

As you see, using  Grow with Colour offers the opportunity to call attention to a piece of text. Now, you can use the audience's focus on this to continue your presentation by telling more about this particular bullet point.

Inspiration: Working With the Best Animated PowerPoint Templates (Video)

It's important to use animations the right way in your presentation. In this video, learn how to use pro templates to add powerful animated slide designs to PowerPoint quickly.  Also, see some premium animated PowerPoint templates in action. 

ppt on animation

You can find more  ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">great animated PowerPoint templates  on Envato Elements or ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">GraphicRiver . Also, browse through this curated selection for more:  

ppt on animation

Make Great Presentations (Free eBook Download)

We have the perfect compliment to this tutorial, which will walk you through the complete presentation process. The right animations help your presentation stand out, but there is a whole lot more to master. Learn how to write your presentation, design it like a pro, and prepare it to present powerfully. 

Download our new eBook:  The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations . It's available for free with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. 

Free eBook PDF Download Make a Great Presentation

As you see, it's not difficult to use animations in PowerPoint. The key takeaways are to think about the  context and  timing of your animations. Less typically works better than more when it comes to animation.

Questions or comments? Feel free to drop a comment, or get in touch on Twitter !

If you're looking for a number of ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">good PowerPoint templates to give you a headstart while creating your presentation, I recommend checking out ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">GraphicRiver  or jump into our Ultimate Guide to the Best PowerPoint Templates for more direction.

Note: This tutorial was originally published in November of 2017. It's been updated with a new video by Andrew Childress .

Sven Lenaerts

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Introduction to Animation

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How To Add Animation in PowerPoint Plus PowerPoint Animation Examples

How To Add Animation in PowerPoint Plus PowerPoint Animation Examples

This blog explains how to add animation in PowerPoint. PowerPoint Animations can add a lot of shine to your presentations. PowerPoint allows you to animate both texts as well as objects in the slide. Creative animations and visually rich slides create a more profound impact as visuals engage an audience more thoroughly than any other medium.

You don’t have to be a PowerPoint expert to make these animations. PowerPoint has some cool features and options which allow you to make the ppt slides eye-catchy and exciting.

Animated PowerPoint Templates turn your dreary presentation into an appealing one. These templates use creative infographics, bright colors, and creative presentation animations to make it attractive.

In this tutorial, we will explain how to add animation in PowerPoint and create a vibrant and dynamic animated presentation that brings elements to your presentation alive. You can also explore several pre-designed PowerPoint Animation Templates to get a detailed idea.

How to Add Animation in PowerPoint: 

To present the animation on click of the mouse-

Close the Animation Pane and select slide show to view the animation.

To present the animation automatically-

To make it appear from different directions-

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch more PowerPoint Tutorials.

Check out a few examples of animated PowerPoint templates and make your presentation or idea compelling to the audience.

30 60 90 Day Plan for Executives

Source: Animated 30 60 90 day plan Template by SlideUpLift

Animated Timeline Template

Source: Animated timeline template by SlideUpLift

Animated Roadmap Template

Source: Animated Roadmap template by SlideUpLift

Animated Roadmap Presentation

Source: Animated Roadmap Presentation by SlideUpLift

Check out our large variety of Animated PowerPoint Templates.

Tips To Create A Powerful Product Presentation Plus Examples

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11 Animated PowerPoint Templates With Interactive Features [To Edit and Download]

11 Animated PowerPoint Templates With Interactive Features [To Edit and Download]

Written by: Orana Velarde

animated powerpoint - header

Animated presentations help grab the attention of viewers more than static ones can. And they can be especially helpful when you're giving a virtual or Zoom presentation and need to keep an online audience engaged.

To help you make the most of your time on stage or a screen, use animated PowerPoint templates in your content to add a new angle to your visuals. Slide decks with animated features work well for webinars, step-by-step video tutorials or a trends report full of charts and graphs.

Even if you created a presentation in PowerPoint previously, make your animated PowerPoints better by editing them right inside Visme. Upload existing PowerPoints into your Visme account, then add animated and interactive features like hotspots, links to other slides in the same deck, plus plenty of creative animations.

Visme also offers hundreds of animated presentation templates right inside our tool so that you can say goodbye to PowerPoint once and for all.

In this post, we’ve gathered our favorite animated slide deck templates for you to edit and download. There are templates for all types of projects, from business proposals to pitch decks. 

Keep scrolling to find your favorite. If you don’t, you can always use the Visme Brand Wizard to create ideal presentation slides for your brand.

But before you begin, check out our quick 5-minute tutorial video to learn how to create your next presentation in Visme.

ppt on animation

Step 1: Upload Your Animated PowerPoint to Visme

Your first step is to upload your ppt with animation to Visme. You can easily do so with a business account in Visme. Then when you create a new presentation , you'll instead hit the upload button to bring your old presentations back to life with Visme animations, templates, interactivity and design elements.

Better yet, you can access some of Visme's creative slide transitions. Every single animated presentation template in Visme includes an attractive staggered transition effect from slide to slide. 

More than 900 slides in our template library are designed especially for your presentations to look impressive and unforgettable. Plus, our design panel is loaded with free animations for PowerPoint slides.

When you import a PowerPoint template to Visme, you can easily add slide transitions to one slide at a time or all at once. However, it's best to stick with a single transition from slide to slide so that your presentation doesn't look too cluttered.

Spice up your boring PowerPoints

Sign up. It’s free.

ppt on animation

Step 2: Add Engaging Transitions to Your Animated PowerPoint

After importing a PowerPoint template into Visme, it’s easy to convert it into a ppt with animation by adding animated transitions to the slides. Here’s how to do it:

These are the slide transition options to make your animated PPT template that much better:

Transitions can be added with different options: based on time, when clicked, or when a video ends.

animated powerpoint - creative transitions in visme

We’re sure you’re happy to hear that all PowerPoint templates can be imported and animated with Visme. 

But that isn’t the best part!

The Visme presentation library is full of animated templates and free animations for PowerPoint in many different industry styles and content types.

But wait, there’s more. Did you know you can also create animated infographics? In the video below, Mike will show you how to design interactive infographics that will elevate your content strategy.

Hey marketers! Need to create scroll-stopping visual content fast?

ppt on animation

Below are some of our most versatile animated slide decks read for you to edit, animate and download or share online.

1. Animated Market Trends Report Presentation Template

This animated market trends report has creative transitions to navigate from slide to slide. Each transition is different but they don’t feel overwhelming. The data widgets enter the slide seamlessly in a visually interesting way.

2. Simple But Animated Architecture Presentation Template

Even simple designs will look great with creative transitions and animations as PPT presentations. This Architecture Presentation template has slide transitions all coming down from the top, making it look interesting and attractive.

3. Fashion Design Animated Presentation Template

The fashion design presentation has a different combination of slide transitions. They are all zoom-in and zoom-out transitions, perfect for the design style of the slides in this template.

Add more slides from the template or duplicate the ones you have and they will all have the same transition.

Step 3: Add Custom Animations to Your Animated PowerPoint

Your animated PowerPoint templates and all Visme presentation templates have plenty of different styles of animation possibilities. 

With Visme, add all these types of animations to any element in a slide.

Enter Animations

Exit Animations

animated powerpoint template - creative animations in visme

Furthermore, control the timing of the animations to create interesting and unforgettable compositions. Use these animation features to create your own in and out slide transitions. Control the movements on click, hover or just by navigating to the next slide.

When designing your slides, take advantage of our selection of moving backgrounds for PowerPoint. Choose between animated and video backgrounds to create even more attractive animated PPTs.

Below are some animated templates for different industries.

4. Technology Trends Animated Slide

Use enter and exit animated effects for the elements on each slide. Use a two-directional approach with the elements coming in from two sides in a staggered effect. Time the animation so that it comes in slowly as a creative visual.

This template has this style of animation and you can duplicate the slides then switch the elements to create more slides.

5. Social Media Posting Times Animated Slide

This animated slide has up and down movements for different elements. The effect created is a rotating scenery from day to night with a gradient background quality.

Share this presentation with a live link or as a .html file. Alternatively, embed it on your site as part of a blog post or call to action.

6. Step-by-Step Information Animated Slide

This type of animated presentation is called building the story. The entire presentation seems like it's created on one slide as pieces of the puzzle enter the scene one by one. Use an animated slide like this to create an unforgettable presentation.

7. Animated Venn Diagram Presentation Slide

Similar to the above template, this animated Venn diagram has a staggered effect with pieces that come into the scene one by one. A Venn diagram has lots of possibilities for different topics and industries.

Step 4: Add Interactive Features To Your Animated PowerPoint

Moving on from animated slide transitions and animation effects for slide elements. Your animated PowerPoint templates also have the opportunity of becoming interactive.

Visme offers a number of interactive features like pop-up boxes, links to other slides and links to external websites.

Mix it up with transitions and animations and you have yourself an interactive animated PowerPoint presentation.

Below are some of the best Visme animated presentation templates and PowerPoint video templates that uses interactive features.

8. Graffiti Style Interactive Animated PowerPoint Template

This presentation template has seamless transitions from slide to slide plus a number of creative pop-ups. Each pop-up includes additional information for its respective slide. The design follows the style of the presentation and adds an extra dose of creativity.

9. Navigable Menu Interactive Animated Presentation Template

Create an interactive navigable slide deck with a main menu that links to different slides with Visme’s interactive link features. This style of presentation is like a website you can look through. The best way to share an interactive presentation like this, share a live link.

The video below shows you how it all works.

Step 5: Add Animated Charts, Graphs and Data Widgets To Your Animated Powerpoint

Visme turns your animated PowerPoint templates into amazing data visualization presentations. All charts and graphs created with the Graph Engine can not only be animated, but they can also have interactivity. 

Apart from that, there are also plenty of data widgets to visualize other types of information like maps and percentages.

10. Financial Report Presentation Template With Animated Charts And Graphs

Financial reports are full of analytics and data visualizations. Make yours even better by using animated charts and graphs. The bars, lines, and curves have animation features to fit any presentation.

This template is perfect for all the financial reports you create for your business.

11. Animated Statistical Report Presentation Template

Statistics is a classic source for data visualization in a business setting. Stats presentations are used in meetings day in and day out, sent to team members and stakeholders. Make all your stats reports better than they’ve ever been by adding animation to charts and graphs .

Even better, use this presentation template and save yourself some time.

Step 6: Export Your Visme Presentations as a PowerPoint

Just like we imported your PowerPoint presentation into Visme, all Visme presentations can be exported as PPTx presentations for offline presentation. All you have to do is click on PPTx in the download options.

The catch is that PowerPoint doesn't support all of Visme's unique animation and interactivity features , so it will always be best to stick with Visme for sharing and presenting. With Visme, you can share an animated presentation as a live link or a .html file to present offline.

And before you present, watch the video below to review the ways to structure your presentations . There are 7 main presentation structures to help you set up amazing stories throughout your presentation.

ppt on animation

Create Your Own Animated PowerPoints and Visme Presentations

There are many options for creating animated presentations with Visme. From uploading PowerPoint templates to using Visme’s PowerPoint video templates.

Animate any presentation in our library, edit the slide transitions, add animated compositions to your slide decks and create visually rich presentations. Share them with your audience and use our integrated analytics to track views and reads.

Create the best animated and interactive presentations with Visme today!

Create beautiful presentations faster with Visme.

ppt on animation

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ppt on animation

About the Author

Orana is a multi-faceted creative. She is a content writer, artist, and designer. She travels the world with her family and is currently in Istanbul. Find out more about her work at oranavelarde.com

ppt on animation

How to create animations in Microsoft PowerPoint

Making your PowerPoint presentation visually engaging is important to keep your audience interested in your slides. You can animate text, shapes, pictures, tables and more. In this blog we’ll explain how to create animations in Microsoft PowerPoint using both Windows and Mac devices.

ppt on animation

Important: Participoll uses animations to run effectively. If you’re using animations in PowerPoint as well as Participoll, please ensure you reorder your animations to put Participoll at the end of the sequence.

How to create animations in PowerPoint (Windows)

1. First, select the object that you want to animate in your presentation and click on the Animations  tab. We’ve selected the Participoll logo.

2. In the Animations tab, you’ll see a row of animations (shown as stars) you can use. Click on the down arrow next to them to see all the options available.

animations in microsoft powerpoint

Alternatively, you can also click the  Add Animation  button and choose your animation from there. Click an animation to apply it to your selected object.

animations in microsoft powerpoint

3. When you have selected your animation, click on the  Animation Pane button to customise your animation. This is next to the  Add Animation  button (see above screenshot).

4. In the Animation Pane, you’ll see a list of animations you’ve applied to your selected object. To customise them individually, click the down arrow next to the animation. If you have more than one animation applied, you can also reorder them here.

animations in microsoft powerpoint

5. Then, you can control the timing of your animation and see effect options.

ppt on animation

6. Finally, to see your animations in action, click the  Play From button in the Animation Pane.

ppt on animation

How to create animations in PowerPoint (Mac)

1. Select the object that you want to animate.

2. Next, click the  Animations  tab. This will show the animation options available for the object you’ve selected, including how you want it to appear on the slide, emphasis on the object (such as spin, transparency or teeter), and exit animations.

animations in microsoft powerpoint

3. Hover over the animations section and click the down arrow to see more effects to choose from (shown in the screenshot below).

ppt on animation

4. Click on your chosen animation to apply it to your selected object.

ppt on animation

5. When you’ve applied your animation, a reference number will then appear next to your object – click this to show the animations panel on the right-hand side of your screen. You can use this to customise your animation.

You can also click the  Animation Pane  button.

ppt on animation

6. In the Play From  tab, you can see which animation you have selected. If you have more than one animation applied to your object, you can reorder them here.

7. In the Effect Options  tab, you can change where the animation begins (top, bottom, left, right, etc), what will happen at the end of the animation and also choose a sound to play.

ppt on animation

8. The next tab is Timing,  which does exactly what it says on the tin. You can choose when you want your animation to start (on click, with previous or after previous), the duration of the animation, add a delay and choose whether you want the animation to repeat.

ppt on animation

That’s how to create animations in Microsoft PowerPoint using both Windows and Mac devices in Microsoft 365. To continue to engage your audience, you can use Participoll to find out what your audience really thinks.

Read our how to guide to find out more.

ppt on animation

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