25 Best Online Creative Writing MFAs for 2021

An online MFA in creative writing serves multiple purposes. MFA stands for a Master of Fine Arts and is a type of degree geared toward creative professions such as writing, graphic arts, and fashion design. For MFA in creative writing online programs, interested students typically have a background in literature, creative writing, professional writing, or journalism. However, an online MFA in creative writing major may permit applications from those who have a bachelor’s degree in a non-related discipline.

Due to the nature of the career, professionals should choose creative writing MFA online programs. With an online option, there’s no need to attend classes in person. Notably, many students might have a hard time finding local colleges that offer the major. Moreover, an MFA in creative writing online can be done on a person’s timeframe. Online programs provide more flexibility with class scheduling and how many courses must be taken per semester. Students enrolled in online creative writing MFA programs can continue working while still attending classes. Many individuals from creative writing MFA online programs still have full-time jobs. Additionally, any type of familial obligations won’t be disrupted while courses are completed.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Creative Writing MFA Programs

To rank the best online MFA Creative Writing programs, the editors of Best Masters Programs compiled fully online, hybrid, and low-residency programs from across the nation. Programs are ranked according to cost, potential salary, and student satisfaction, using data from IPEDS and Niche.

1. Northwestern University

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Founded as a private school in the early 1850s, Northwestern University is one of the founding member schools in the Big Ten Conference. Northwestern’s urban campus is home to nearly 22,000 students studying for academic degrees from eleven colleges/schools. Northwestern University is located only minutes from downtown Chicago and sits along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Degree : MFA – Prose and Poetry

2. University of Georgia

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Established in 1785, the University of Georgia is considered among the oldest public higher learning institutions in the nation, which makes it one of the colonial colleges. Additionally, this public ivy is a four designation school with a student enrollment of approximately 38,650 students. Highlight –UGA owns more than 40,000 acres in the state but also several international centers in England, Italy, and Costa Rica.

Degree : MFA – Narrative Media Writing

3. Fairfield University

Established by the Jesuits in the early 1940s, Fairfield University is now organized into five colleges/schools that serve more than 5,050 students online and from its suburban campus in Fairfield, Connecticut. The school offers more than four majors and other 19 minors through its programming.

Degree : MFA – Creative Writing

4. Seton Hall University

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Established in the mid-1880s as an all-women’s school, Seton Hill University is a private university that is now coeducation and serves approximately 1,550 students on its suburban campus and online. Seton Hall University is home to the National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education. Famous alumni include a state Supreme Court justice, a first lady of Pennsylvania, several CEOs include the CEO of Denver health.

Degree : MFA – Writing Popular Fiction

5. Oregon State University – Cascades

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Oregon State University – Cascades campus was established in 2001 in Bend, Oregon. OSU Cascades is home to approximately 1,150 students. The Cascades campus of Oregon State University is the only higher learning institution in the central area of the state that offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

6. Drexel University

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Established in the 1890s by financier Anthony Drexel, Drexel University is now a full-fledged institution of higher education with a student enrollment of approximately 24,050 students. Drexel University is well-known globally for its cooperative education, which allows for students to earn while they learn.

7. University of Nebraska Omaha

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Established in 1908 as a private school by seminary faculty, the University of Nebraska in Omaha now operates as a space-grant institution of higher education with a student enrollment of approximately 15,350 students. Highlight –The school became a public university in 1930 when it moved campuses across town.

Degree : MFA – Writing

8. National University

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Established in the early to mid-1970s by a retired United States Navy Captain, National University was developed to provide affordable education to working adults throughout the country. The university serves more than 23,850 students on its campuses and online. National University is considered a pioneer in distance learning, has been offering programs for more than two decades.

9. University of Texas at El Paso

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Established in 1914, the University of Texas (Texas -El Paso) is a member school of the state’s university system and home to the Sun Bowl every year. the University of Texas – El Paso holds the distinction of being the second largest of schools with a student enrollment that is a majority of Mexican American.

10. Concordia University St Paul

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Established in the mid-1890s, Concordia University St Paul (CSP) is a member school of the Concordia system with a student enrollment of approximately 5,350 students. The school maintains an urban campus in St Paul that covers more than 40 acres. Concordia University St Paul holds the distinction of having the largest student enrollment of any Lutheran church body in the nation.

Degree : MFA in Creative Writing

11. University of New Orleans

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Established in the mid-1950s as a research school, the University of New Orleans is now a member of the Louisiana state university system. As a space grant institution of higher education, The University of New Orleans serves approximately 7,750 students. The University of New Orleans is home to more than 100 clubs, which includes more than two dozen sororities and fraternities.

12. University of Houston-Victoria

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Established in the mid-1970s as a public school, the University of Houston-Victoria is a multiple campus school that serves approximately 4,350 students. The University of Houston is organized into three colleges/schools in education, business, and arts/sciences.

13. Wilkes University

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Established as a private junior college in the early 1930s, Wilkes University received its university states about six decades later. More than 2,050 students attend classes online or on-campus from the University’s seven colleges/schools. Wilkes University offers its students an impressive fourteen to one student to faculty ratio.

14. Eastern Kentucky University

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Founded in the mid-1870s as Central University, Eastern Kentucky University is a multiple campus school with branch facilities in Manchester, Lancaster, Corbin, and Hazard. Eastern Kentucky University‘s student enrollment (both on-campus and online) is approximately 15,650 students.

15. Albertus Magnus College

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Established in the mid-1920s by the Dominican Sisters of Peace, Albertus Magnus College is now home to more than 1,000 students studying online and on the school’s fifty-acre campus near Yale University. Alumni of Albertus Magnus College include a state representative and a federal judge.

16. Bay Path University

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Established in the late 189s, Bay Path University offers all-women’s undergraduate programs and coeducational programs to its approximate student body of 3,100 students. Bay Path University is also a member school of the eight college consortium in the Greater Springfield area. Bay Path University maintains several campuses in the area and has been honored to have women speakers that include Cokie Roberts and Maya Angelou.

Degree : MFA – Creative Nonfiction

17. Eastern Oregon University

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Founded as a public institution of higher learning for educating teachers, Eastern Oregon University now operates as a member school of the state of Oregon’s university system. The school’s campus in La Grande is home to approximately 3,550 students and is located in the Blue Mountain Range. The graduate degree programs allow for up to 15 credits to be transferred if eligible.

18. Mississippi University for Women

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

The Mississippi University for Women was established in 1884 but now operates as a coeducational institution. The Mississippi University for Women is a space-grant school with a rural campus that serves approximately 2,550 students. The Mississippi University for Women holds the distinction of being the first public institution of higher education that was opened exclusively for women in the country.

19. Lindenwood University

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Established as a school for girls in the mid-1820s, Lindenwood University now serves approximately 7150 students from its 500 acre urban campus about 25 miles to the north and west of St Louis. Lindenwood University’s campus is situated on an elevated ground that overlooks the Missouri River and downtown Saint Charles.

20. Queens University of Charlotte

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Established in the mid-1850s, and affiliated with the Presbyterian Church USA, Queens University of Charlotte’s urban campus is home to more than 2,050 students vying for graduate and undergraduate degree programs from the university’s five colleges/schools. Students at QU ail from more than 40 states and 42 foreign countries.

21. Arcadia University

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

The Arts & Sciences College at Arcadia University offers one of New Hampshire’s best online MFA creative writing programs with its Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree program in Creative Writing. Students enrolled in Arcadia University’s best online creative writing MFA degree program have the option of studying abroad (for instance, in Scotland) to gain a global perspective on writing. Graduates are required to complete 39 semester credits to graduate from the master’s program.

Founded as Beaver College in the mid-1850s, Arcadia University is a private higher learning institution with a student enrollment of more than 3,950 undergraduate and graduate degree students vying for degrees on the university’s 70+ acre campus in Glenside, a suburb of the greater Philadelphia area. The school’s Tower Castle is officially listed as a United States National Historic Landmark.

22. Southern New Hampshire University

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Founded as a business school in the early-1930s, Southern New Hampshire University is now considered one of the fastest-growing nonprofit schools in the nation. The school’s campus serves approximately 4,000 students, with another 85,000+ students studying online through the school’s robust distance learning program. University (Southern NH) offers one of New Hampshire’s best online MFA creative offers an honors program for those students who meet the requirements of this business degree option.

23. Full Sail University

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Full Sail University was founded in the late 1970s as a for-profit professional school and recording studio. At present Full Sail University has a student enrollment that is approximately 19,050 students who study both online and the school’s central Florida campus. Full Sail University’s beginnings are sourced to a radio school in Ohio.

24. Converse College

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Established as a private college in the late-1880s, Converse College’s urban campus in Spartanburg (and online) is home to approximately 1,150 students. Parts of the college are listed in the US National Register of Historic Places. The first class at Converse College began with about 165 students and sixteen members of the faculty.

25. Emerson College

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Established in the 1880s as an oratory and dramatic art school, Emerson College now offers more than 35 academic degree programs and professional training options as a member of the Pro Arts School Consortium in the Boston vicinity. Emerson College has moved several times since its inception but is currently located in Boston’s theater district near the Boston Common.

Degree : MFA – Writing for Film and Television, Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing

Why Should I Get My Creative Writing MFA Online?

Online creative writing MFA programs act as workshops for those who want to pursue a professional career in the industry. Examples of courses within the major include Poetry Writing, Writing in a Second Language, Grammar and Syntax, Teaching Writing, and Framing a Story. Many programs permit students to choose a variety of seminar and workshop topics as a way to design the major to meet their career goals. Each workshop and seminar will be assigned a credit value with students earning credits throughout each semester until they have enough for graduation.

Most programs end with a capstone project that allows the student to workshop his or her novel, short story, or poetry collection. By the end of the MFA in creative writing online program, the student may be ready to submit the work for publication to agents and publishing houses.

What’s the Difference Between an Online and a Low-Residency Creative Writing MFA?

A newer program now found at colleges around the world is the low residency MFA in creative writing major. The low residency program will take a similar amount of time as a traditional MFA program, but campus requirements are reduced. To receive a low residency creative writing MFA degree, a student almost follows a hybrid schedule. On average, when a student enrolls in this type of program, he or she will have to meet on campus for a limited number of visits. Some colleges require residencies twice a year or once per semester. Other schools may only ask that residences occur on an annual basis. The residences are short-term, high-intensity sessions with fellow students, faculty members, and guest speakers. A low residency MFA in creative writing workshop will typically last from one to two weeks. During the residency, a daily schedule is provided with a selection of lectures and workshops that student can attend to fulfill degree requirements. The rest of the coursework outside the residency will be done virtually.

Both a low residency creative writing MFA and an online creative writing MFA will not require students to live on campus. However, an online MFA program doesn’t include any on-campus visits for graduation. All workshops, lectures, courses, and seminars will be done virtually. Both an online and low residency creative writing MFA will award the same Master of Fine Arts degree. The only difference is the minimal residency requirement for the latter type.

How Much Can I Make with an MFA in Creative Writing?

An MFA creative writing salary has a substantial range. Most writers and authors will have advanced degrees in the field. These writers and authors have the potential to earn more because they have taken the time to hone their crafts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage for authors and writers is $63,200 per year. However, the highest earners in the field can make more than $122,000 annually. Writers and authors have a lot of flexibility when it comes to earning a living. They can work part-time, full-time, or on a per-project basis. Those with an MFA in creative writing won’t only submit their work for book publication. They also have the skill set to work for magazines, playhouses, and film and tv production houses. In addition to writing creatively, the graduate can supplement his or her income by writing for websites, blogs, and advertisers.

An MFA creative writing salary is slightly higher if the graduate chooses to work in the field as a technical writer. Technical writers earn an average of $72,850, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many skills taught in creative writing programs such as grammar, syntax, and structure, can be applied to non-fiction pieces. Technical writing jobs are also open to those who wish to remain self-employed.

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The Masters Review Blog

A guide to low-residency mfas.

With the next MFA application season just around the corner, it’s time to start seriously thinking about programs. Writers—are you considering the low-residency option? For those of us anchored into a job, with family, or simply unable to relocate, low-res programs are proving to be a great opportunity to earn your degree.

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

It’s fair to say that a low-res program may prepare you more quickly for the true world of writing—one in which your writing time must be structured around your job, family, and other commitments. There is no bubble here. Although you’ll meet for residencies (usually held twice a year), for the most part, you’re working on your own.

That being said, one of the biggest benefits to a low-res program is close mentorship. The faculty to student ratio is 5:1 or less for most programs. Mentors create customized reading lists for each student and critique larger volumes of work monthly. So despite the lack of time in physical classrooms, you still receive an extensive amount of support.

Several low-res programs are also now offering a dual-genre degree option for students who want to explore more than one interest. And for those of you who love to travel—many programs provide residencies abroad. You can gather stamps on your passport while participating in intensive workshops in countries such as Spain, Italy, or Slovenia.

So you’re interested. How do you choose which program to go for? I’ve listed some programs below that caught my eye for at least one reason, if not more—whether it be affordability, faculty, or the opportunity for travel or dual-genre studies. Enjoy!

by Julia Mucha

Bard College

Location : Annandale-on-Hudson, New York

Faculty : Renee Gladman, David Levi Strauss, and others.

Annual Tuition : $16,470

Bard’s tuition isn’t the lowest, but it’s worth mentioning this program because over 90% of their students receive at least one type of grant aid (fellowship, scholarship, or both). Their residency is eight weeks and held every summer.

Bennington College

Location : Bennington, Vermont

Faculty : Amy Hempel, Benjamin Anastas, April Bernard, Susan Cheever, David Gates, Major Jackson, Alice Mattison, and others.

Annual Tuition : $19,900

Bennington is consistently ranked as one of the top low-residency programs and has an incredible faculty. They also offer dual-genre degrees. Grants are awarded to exceptional applicants.

Cedar Crest College

Location : Allentown, Pennsylvania

Faculty : Keija Parssinen, Alison Wellford, Robert Antoni Dinaw Mengestu, and others.

Annual Tuition : 12,150 plus $2,750 for each residency (which includes accommodations and activity expenses).

This program offers dual-genre studies. The three required residencies, which are fifteen days each, are held each summer in Europe. Location rotates between Barcelona, Dublin, and Vienna, so you actually won’t be spending much if any time at their home campus.

Institute of American Indian Arts

Location : Sante Fe, New Mexico

Faculty : Jon Davis, Sherman Alexie, Melissa Febos, Pam Houston, Lidia Yuknavitch, Santee Frazier, and others.

Annual Tuition : $12,000

While this program is open to everyone, it does maintain a Native American and First Nations emphasis. They boast an incredible faculty and astoundingly low tuition.

Lesley University

Location : Cambridge, Massachusetts

Faculty : Tony Eprile, Laurie Foos, Rachel Kadish, Hester Kaplan, Michael Lowenthal, and others.

Annual Tuition : $24,000

Lesley offers several merit scholarships that cover up to $15,000 of the total cost. They also highlight interdisciplinary studies, and students gain experience in teaching, publishing, literary non-profits, and community writing groups. Another plus? Each summer they offer a ten-day residency in Wales.

Lindenwood University

Location : St. Charles, Missouri

Faculty : Tony D’Souza, Wm. Anthony Connolly, Zachary Tyler Vickers, Nicole McInnes, Kali VanBaale, and others.

Annual Tuition : $10,872

This school offers a half-tuition waiver to students who are at least sixty years old. Primary and secondary education teachers also receive a discounted tuition. You can meet for the residency either at their campus or choose to complete the program fully online.

University of New Orleans

Location : New Orleans, Louisiana

Faculty : Fredrick Barton, Barb Johnson, Joanna Leake, and others.

Annual Tuition: $12,500

This program offers a residency in Europe each summer for one month. In the past, residencies have taken place in Ireland, Scotland, and Italy. The University of New Orleans has consistently been ranked as one of the most affordable schools in the country.

Sewanee School of Letters

Location : Sewanee, Tennessee

Faculty : Jamie Quatro, Michael Griffith, John Ernest, Nickole Brown, and others.

Annual Tuition : $5,707

This program has an interesting model—you take a combination of writing workshops and classes in literary criticism and history. The residencies are held each summer, and the degree takes four to five summer sessions to complete. Since the program is spread out over four to five years, the tuition is remarkably affordable.

Pacific University

Location : Portland, Oregon

Faculty : Chris Abani, Steve Amick, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Claire Davis, Dorianne Laux, and others.

Annual Tuition : $17,646

This prestigious school offers two Pearl Scholarships worth $7,500 to students entering their MFA program. Partial, merit-based scholarships are available as well.

Vermont College of Fine Arts

Location : Montpelier, Vermont

Faculty : Trinie Dalton, Matthew Dickman, Abby Frucht, Connie May Fowler, and others.

For those of you who love to travel, VCFA offers residencies abroad in Slovenia and Puerto Rico. Dual-genre and translation studies are also available. There are multiple scholarship options available to help offset the tuition.

Warren Wilson College

Location : Asheville, North Carolina

Faculty : Andrea Barrett, Robert Boswell, Karen Brennan, Liam Callanan, Christopher Castellani, and others.

Annual Tuition : $17,350

As one of the older and more prestigious programs on this list, tuition is higher. However, multiple scholarships and grants available that can cover up to fifty percent of tuition. All financial aid is based on need.

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best low residency mfa creative writing programs

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best low residency mfa creative writing programs

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A guide to graduate programs in creative writing.

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best low residency mfa creative writing programs

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Five Top Low-Residency M.F.A. Programs Antioch University Bennington College Pacific University Vermont College Warren Wilson College

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Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing

A Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing should be more than just a writing workshop. It should prepare you for your post-degree career while giving you the space to grow and develop your own unique writing voice. Drexel University’s two-year, low-residency MFA in Creative Writing is designed with the university’s commitment to experiential and career-focused education in mind. Online workshops, reading tutorials, and one-on-one packet exchanges with notable published writers will help you deepen your understanding of your craft, while residencies and professional development will prepare you with the skills and connections you need to succeed after completing your creative writing degree.

Drexel University is closely monitoring external events and will post updates if changes should occur to the MFA in Creative Writing’s in-person residencies or teaching assistantships. The Drexel MFA course of study is fully adaptable to remote-learning.

Scholarship and Teaching Assistantship Opportunities

Learn more about scholarship and teaching assistantship opportunities .

What is an MFA in Creative Writing?

Designed for aspiring writers, an MFA in Creative Writing empowers you to enhance your creativity, while sharing and developing your work within a supportive academic community. Through workshops, residencies, and literary courses, you'll receive feedback from your peers and professors, gain insight about the world of professional writing, and work toward creating a publishable product.

What Is a Low-Residency MFA In Creative Writing?

There are three different types of MFA in Creative Writing programs: a traditional MFA, a low-residency MFA, and an online MFA. A traditional MFA takes two to three years and is completed entirely in person. Because of the rigorous schedule and, in some cases, teaching obligations, it can be extremely difficult to complete a traditional MFA and continue to work full-time.

A low-residency MFA lets students complete much of their coursework online, allowing them to attend the program remotely. Unlike an online MFA, which is completed entirely online, a low-residency MFA requires students to attend a few in-person residencies throughout the program. This gives you flexibility in completing your coursework while still benefiting from the workshop and networking experiences of a traditional MFA.

MFA in Creative Writing Program Features

Residencies for Creative Writing MFA Students

Throughout the MFA degree program, you’ll participate in three required in-person residencies where you’ll meet with authors of distinction, professors, and classmates for workshops, craft talks, and community building.

The Inaugural Residency Students convene in early October for a five-day orientation and intensive craft residency. You’ll meet with mentors and develop a customized plan for your own course of study. Past visiting authors included critically acclaimed novelists Lisa Wingate, Jamie Ford, Chris Bohjalian, Madeline Miller, and Jason Mott .

The Professional Residency A distinctive factor of the Drexel MFA is the designated professional residency. This 3-day residency is designed to forge professional ties and gain real-world perspective on the publishing industry.

You'll convene in New York during spring break of the first year to meet with publishers, agents, and editors. Visiting authors Ann Garvin and Brenda Copeland will provide unparalleled education on the business side of publishing for emerging authors. This education includes active discussions on the current publishing landscape, instruction on pitching, synopsis, and query writing, and creating a plan for making your publishing dreams come true. Ann and Brenda will also provide intimate access to agents and editors in a low-pressure environment.

The Graduation Residency The culminating residency takes place on Drexel’s campus. It consists of writing workshops, individual craft meetings with mentors, career modules, and a celebration of students’ thesis work. Award-winning author Crystal Wilkinson will be this year’s visiting author.

Residency fees, lodging, and transportation are not included in the price of tuition. All prices are subject to change.

2023 Residency Guest Authors

Previous residency guest authors, archived mfa in creative writing webinar.

What Our Creative Writing Gradaute Students Say

best low residency mfa creative writing programs

Lexi Reader "[The low-residency program] is nice because it allows me to still work full-time while I am receiving my education. But there is still in person communication which allows for connections to be made with teachers and staff." Read more .

Discover more MFA Spotlights

How to Get Your Book Published

Ann Garvin, PhD, is the USA Today Bestselling author of I Like You Just Fine When You're Not Around, The Dog Year, and On Maggie's Watch. View the video below for advice from Ann on how to get your book published.

Drexel's 10,000 Hours Podcast: Nomi Eve

They say to write what you know. That’s why Nomi Eve, a writer and the director of Drexel’s creative writing MFA, places her Jewish heritage at the center of her novels. Here, she talks about the process of writing historical fiction, and what she hopes her students get out of their MFA.

This program only admits new students in the fall term.

Related Program

Drexel University offers a variety of Graduate Minors that can be added to any master's degree program. State restrictions may apply to some programs.

This program is organized into four 10-week quarters per year (as opposed to the traditional two semester system) which means you can take more courses in a shorter time period. One semester credit is equivalent to 1.5 quarter credits.

Up to 15 credits can be transferred into the program (all transferred credits must be approved by Drexel). 

The curriculum and course descriptions for this program can be found in the Drexel University Course Catalog .

**This program is not accepting Screenwriting applications at this time, pending programmatic review.**

Admissions Criteria

Required Documents

With multiple ways to submit documents, Drexel makes it easy to complete your application. Learn more by visiting our Completing Your Application Guide .

An in-person or virtual interview will be requested once all materials are received.

The tuition rate for the academic year 2022-2023 is $671 per credit. (A 50% tuition savings off Drexel's regular tuition rate of $1342 per credit)

A scholarship opportunity is also available for writers with marginalized backgrounds or experiences. Please visit the overview page for more information.

Program Faculty

Professional development/publishing specialists, creative writing/disability arts consultant, academic calendar.

2022-2023 Academic Year

Classes Begin

Classes End

Exams Begin

September 19, 2022

December 3, 2022

December 5, 2022

December 10, 2022

Winter 2023

January 9, 2023

March 18, 2023

March 20, 2023

March 25, 2023

Spring 2023

April 3, 2023

June 10, 2023

June 12, 2023

June 17, 2023

Summer 2023

June 26, 2023

September 2, 2023

September 4, 2023

September 9, 2023

Apply for admission to Drexel University

By starting or resuming an application to Drexel University, I accept that I may be contacted by phone, e-mail, direct mail, and text message.

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