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First Edition

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Java's Crypt

The Lost Mini Wiki

Rusted Icon Designs

Vampire: The Masquerade Decals, Glassware, Badges, etc.

Shield Games

list of vtm books printable

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Complete Your Quest

Role Playing Games

Board games, miniature games, historical minis, magic & ccgs, dice & supplies.

They stalk in the shadows, moving gracefully and unseen among their prey. They are the blood-drinking fiends of whispered legends - Kindred, Cainites, the Damned. Above all, they are vampires. Their eternal struggle, waged since the nights of Jericho and Babylon, plays itself out among the skyscrapers and nightclubs of the modern world. But the vampires' grand Masquerade is imperiled, and the night of Gehenna draws ever closer.

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Blood Magic - Secrets of Thaumaturgy

By: White Wolf

Stock #: WWP2106

Product Line: Vampire - The Masquerade - Core Books & Sourcebooks

Book of the Kindred

Stock #: WWP11695

Caine's Chosen - The Black Hand

Stock #: WWP2428

CD Reference Guide and Character Generator

Stock #: WWP5720

CD Reference Guide and Storyteller's Assistant

Stock #: WWP5706

Children of the Inquisition

Stock #: WWP2250

Children of the Night

Stock #: WWP2023

MSRP $14.95

Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand (1st Printing)

Stock #: WWP2006

MSRP $18.00

Encyclopaedia Vampirica

Stock #: WWP2440

Gilded Cage

Stock #: WWP2420

Kindred Most Wanted, The

Stock #: WWP2230

Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom

Stock #: WWP2441

Lair of the Hidden

Stock #: WWP2430

Product Line: Time of Judgment

Midnight Siege

Stock #: WWP2422

MSRP $17.95

Sins of the Blood

Stock #: WWP2421

State of Grace

Stock #: WWP2427

Storytellers Handbook (3rd Edition)

Stock #: WWP2304

MSRP $29.95

Storytellers Handbook, The

Stock #: WWP2222

Storytellers Screen (2nd Edition) - Screen Only!

Stock #: WWP2003-SCR

Storytellers Screen w/Contacts and Victims (2nd Edition)

Stock #: WWP2003

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