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writing skill rubric

Writing Rubrics

Samples of Basic, Expository, and Narrative Rubrics

Rubric Basics

How to score a rubric, basic writing rubric, narrative writing rubric, expository writing rubric.

An easy way to evaluate student writing is to create a rubric . A rubric is a scoring guide that helps teachers evaluate student performance as well as a student product or project. A writing rubric allows you, as a teacher, to help students improve their writing skills by determining what areas they need help in.

To get started in creating a rubric, you must:

To learn how to turn a four-point rubric into a letter grade, use the basic writing rubric below as an example. The four-point rubric uses four potential points the student can earn for each area, such as 1) strong, 2) developing, 3) emerging, and 4) beginning. To turn your rubric score into a letter grade, divide the points earned by the points possible.

Example: The student earns 18 out of 20 points. 18/20 = 90 percent; 90 percent = A

Suggested Point Scale :

88-100 = A 75-87 = B 62-74 = C 50-61 = D 0-50 = F

writing skill rubric

writing skill rubric

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Writing Effective Rubrics


Writing an effective rubric can be challenging but taking the time to create one shows the students what is required to achieve a good grade on an assignment is important. This quick guide will provide some tips on how to develop an effective rubric. It will also provide some resources that you might want to use when writing a rubric. Writing an effective rubric does not have to be a solidarity task. It is sometimes done best when working with another faculty in your discipline.

Types of Rubrics:

The Parts of a Rubric:

Rubrics are composed of four basic parts (Hawaii, 2012). In its simplest form, the rubric includes:

How to Develop a Rubric:

Best Practices for Developing a Rubric:

Rubric Resources:

Designing Scoring Rubrics for Your Classroom

Additional Resources

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