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Writers House represents writers of fiction and non-fiction, for both adult and juvenile books as well as illustrators. Our agents work with literary and commercial fiction, women's fiction, science fiction/fantasy, narrative non-fiction, history, memoirs, biographies, psychology, science, parenting, cookbooks, how-to, self-help, business, finance, young adult and juvenile fiction/non-fiction and picture books. We are interested in and work with authors at all stages of their career. Please e-mail us a query letter, which includes your credentials, an explanation of what makes your book unique and special, and a synopsis. Some agents within our agency have different requirements. Please consult their individual Publisher's Marketplace (PM) profile for details. We respond to all queries, generally within six to eight weeks.

We receive hundreds of submissions a month, all of which receive careful consideration. This takes time, so we encourage your patience. If we request your manuscript, we prefer that you send it to us on an exclusive basis.

Please do not query two agents within our agency simultaneously; however, if the first agent you submit to should pass on your project, please feel free to resubmit to another agent here.

We do not represent original screenplays.

writers house case study

Most of our agents prefer e-mail queries, but if you'd prefer to mail your query, send it to the appropriate address below. If you are submitting by mail please include a self-addressed-stamped-envelope for our reply. 

All queries may be addressed to individual agent at:

Writers House 120 Broadway, 22nd floor New York, NY 10271

If you wish to submit to Steve Malk in our San Diego office, queries may be addressed to:

Writers House 7660 Fay Avenue, #338H La Jolla, CA 92037

Writing Resource Center

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College of Arts and Sciences

Department of english, writers house creates community.

writers house case study

Writers House puts writing on the map at Case Western Reserve University. Our historic building (Bellflower Hall, 11427 Bellflower Avenue) is both a gathering place for writers and a catalyst for our thriving culture of writing. Writers House embraces all forms of writing, reading, and creative expression; it supports a diverse and inclusive community of writers on campus and in our regional community.

Creating Community

writers house case study

Writers House hosts workshops, readings, lectures, and symposia, often in collaboration with Cleveland-area literary arts organizations. Events such as the November Nonfiction and February Fiction conferences bring writers from across the region together to share and develop their craft. An annual Anisfield-Wolf Seminar, sponsored equally by the Cleveland Humanities Collaborative, the Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards, Writers House, and Cuyahoga Community College, is an opportunity for faculty participants to discuss race, pedagogy, and educational outreach. The Edward S. and Melinda Sadar Lecture is a public showcase of research and scholarship about writing, publishing, and intellectual property. The Arts and Sciences Dissertation Seminar supports humanities and social sciences graduate students in their research, writing, and explorations of the questions and methods of humanistic scholarship. The Arnaud Gelb Journalism Awards and Internship Grants recognize outstanding student journalists and support undergraduates as they gain valuable experience in media organizations across the country.

New Gutenberg Annex

writers house case study

The New Gutenberg Annex, located within Writers House, is a moveable type print lab and book arts workshop. In this hands-on space, students and faculty experience the art and craft of letterpress printing, while they explore the technologies that turn words and ideas into physical objects. The New Gutenberg Annex pays homage to Bits Press, founded in 1974 by CWRU Professor of English Robert Wallace (1966-1999), which specialized in letterpress editions of short poetry (bits), short fiction (pieces), and, eventually a poetry series aimed at a general audience (Light Year). Bits Press published chapbooks and works by Mary Oliver, John Updike, Bruce Bennett, and X.J. Kennedy, among others.

Writing Program

The Writing Program supports all CWRU students as they develop sophisticated communicative strategies and articulate their messages clearly, passionately, and persuasively. In addition to providing pedagogical leadership for the undergraduate writing curriculum at CWRU, the Writing Program coordinates the Celebration of Student Writing & Research, an opportunity for first- and second-year undergraduates to present their writing and research to the CWRU community. We also recognize excellent student writers and outstanding faculty through our annual Writing and Teaching Awards.

writers house case study

The Writing Resource Center (WRC) provides support for writers across the university. We offer in-house programming, such as general campus workshops and student/faculty writing groups, and we conduct classroom visits and writing-oriented programs across campus. At the WRC, undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff receive individualized instruction and resources that support their academic, personal, and professional writing.

What’s New at Writers House?

• “Ben’s Writing Room,” dedicated in April 2016, honors Jessica Melton Perry (CLC ’59) – affectionately known as “Ben” – who was a faculty member in Western Reserve University’s School of Library Science from 1961-1970.

writers house case study

• Digital projection and videoconferencing capabilities were added to the Writers House seminar and classroom spaces in 2017 and 2018. • Printing furniture and a refurbished Craftsman Superior metal press was added to the New Gutenberg Annex in 2018. • Generous annual and endowment gifts to Writers House and the Writing Resource Center continue to support workshops, building repairs, equipment and furniture purchases, and other programming. • For more information, please visit our website (, email us ([email protected]), or call (216-368-2355).

Content strategy

– 9 min read

Writing a case study? Approach it like a bestselling author.

Jamie Wallace

Jamie Wallace

Case study

Let’s be honest. Most case studies are excruciatingly boring. And in the world of content, boring is a death sentence. 

Part of the issue is the default problem/solution/results formula. While this approach roughly mirrors the classic three-act story, marketers rarely use it to tell an actual narrative. Instead, most case studies focus too much on the company and not enough on the customer. Rather than telling an actual story that a reader can step into and experience, a lot of case studies turn into over-simplified and self-serving promotional pieces that readers see through immediately. 

Case study writers who want to do better can benefit a lot from learning more about how to craft a truly engaging story — one that’s designed to hold the reader’s interest and evoke a very specific meaning. 

As a New York Times bestselling author and bona fide story expert, Lani Diane Rich knows more than a little about story craft. In fact, she just published a new book on the topic. Based on her popular and comprehensive podcast of the same name, How Story Works , “an elegant guide to the craft of storytelling,” is an intentionally slim volume that boils Lani’s substantial expertise down to its essence. It’s a quick read, but one you’ll return to again and again as its wisdom starts to sink in. 

Lani’s primary audience may be creative writers like novelists and screenwriters, but her frameworks can be just as valuable for marketing writers . We’re not saying that using Lani’s techniques will turn your next case study into an Oscar-worthy blockbuster, but we do believe they can level up your case study game so your customer stories are more engaging and more effective. 

Three steps to reverse engineer an effective case study

One of the most helpful things Lani does in her work is to define her terms. It’s a running joke with her sometime co-host, researcher Dr. Kelly Jones. But understanding the difference between different story elements is no laughing matter. 

In How Story Works , Lani breaks down some key terms that often cause confusion, especially in the marketing world:

The trick to creating a story that works is understanding how to weave all these elements together.

Early on, Lani starts to explain the connections between these terms by emphasizing the importance of the word “recounted” in her definition of story. She says, 

“A story isn’t the event or series of events themselves; a story is the recounting of those events. This is incredibly important; because in order for a story to be a story, it has to be told, and in being told, it will be edited. Random events throughout a day are just events until someone edits out the unimportant details and recounts the story with a specific meaning in mind, thus creating a narrative.”

So, how can you apply these ideas to writing a kick-ass case study? You can start with the end in mind, and then reverse engineer your way back to crafting the actual story.

Step 1: Identify the MEANING you’re trying to convey

Like any other piece of marketing content, a case study is meant to deliver a specific message. What’s the point you’re trying to make with a particular customer story? Is it something about the efficacy of your solution, the collaborative skills of your team, your ability to innovate, your team’s speed? What’s the one thing you want a reader to take away from the case study? 

Step 2: Collect and inventory the series of events that might go into the STORY you are trying to tell

As Lani points out, a story is an edited recounting of events — a selective retelling of what happened. The events and other details related to a customer project are like individual ingredients that you can use to create different dishes depending on which ones you select and how you mix them. Use your case study intake to collect as much information as you can. You will sort it all out later.

Step 3: Apply STORYTELLING skills to combine select STORY elements into a well-shaped NARRATIVE that illuminates the MEANING you want to convey. 

One of the most powerful storytelling skills any writer has is knowing which events and details to use, and which to leave out. Review the story elements you have in the context of the meaning you’re trying to convey, and identify which details serve your narrative. It’s almost like building a legal case — all the pieces have to fit together to prove your point in an engaging and convincing manner. Applying structure and focus is what shapes a series of seemingly random events and details into an effective narrative.

Pro-tip: Sometimes, after going through Step 2, you’ll have to revisit Step 1. When it turns out that the events don’t align with the intended meaning, it’s best to adjust the meaning rather than trying to twist the events to tell a story that just isn’t there. 

Key storytelling skill: how case study writers can use the SEE Change framework

Lani’s “SEE Change” framework is a helpful tool for building narrative structure. It provides a story-based lens through which to view a case study:

Start the conflict

Stories run on conflict. Without it, readers quickly lose interest. In fiction, we’re used to looking for the “good guy” (protagonist) and the “bad guy” (antagonist) in a story. In a business case study, your protagonist is your customer. The antagonist is the challenge they have to overcome. This might be a clunky legacy system that is slowing down their sales team, an aggressive competitor, an unexpected shift in user needs, a pandemic that wreaks havoc on business as usual. 

Lani explains that the most effective conflicts are ones in which the antagonist and protagonist have goals that are mutually exclusive. In other words, if either wins, the other loses. For example, if your conflict is based on growing market share, there’s only one winner—your customer or a competitor. They can’t both claim the same market share, so their goals are mutually exclusive. 

It’s also important to understand the “why” behind the conflict. While companies are not people, they are made up of people and they serve people. Weaving in what motivates a customer to engage in a particular conflict makes it easier for readers to connect with the story, and even see themselves in a similar story of their own. 

Escalate the conflict

Very few projects go off without a single hitch. Sometimes, the urge is to gloss over any hiccups to try and make everything look super easy. This is a missed opportunity. Don’t hide the speed bumps. They are what make your story more realistic and more relatable. They also help heighten the tension and encourage readers to pull for your customer to succeed, despite the odds. Did you hit a wall with timing or budget? Did you run into technical difficulties? Was there a leadership change at the organization, or an emerging technology that changed the game mid-project? Think about additional challenges as more opportunities to show your strengths. 

End the conflict

In fiction, story resolutions are about finding a new equilibrium, a new—and hopefully improved—status quo. Ending the conflict in a case study is all about showing the results of your labors. How did you resolve the original conflict? To bring things full circle, it’s helpful to revisit the original conflict and goals to show, clearly, how your protagonist measured up.

Change the world 

Finally, a story is given meaning when you show how the events of the story have changed the world. In fiction, there’s a trick for identifying what any story or novel or screenplay is about, you look at the ending. The ending reveals the intended message. 

But it’s not enough to simply show how the world has changed, you also want to show why the world changed. People care about the why. The why speaks to what motivates us, what drives us to do the things we do. The why is the mission or vision that we relate to. As Lani puts it, “The why is the reason why story is the most powerful force on earth, I’m not even joking with you.”

Case studies developed with story craft are better case studies

In the close of How Story Works , Lani offers this bit of inspiring perspective:

In a quote commonly attributed to Plato, but for which I cannot find a proper citation, “Those who tell the stories rule society.” And it makes sense; if humans are desperately and constantly in search of meaning, if we are perpetually on the hunt for the why, then the person who provides that meaning, who gives us the why … well, that person is running the whole game. 

Your next case study probably won’t change the world at large, but it just might change someone’s world if it’s a well-constructed narrative that helps the reader find the meaning they’re searching for. Using story craft and storytelling skills well will help you elevate that meaning so it’s easier for readers to find. 

And — who knows? — looking at case studies through a story lens might help inspire you as well.

--> “A wide screen just makes a bad film twice as bad.” -->

May Habib CEO,

Here’s what else you should know about Ascending.

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How to quickly prototype a game-changing content ops strategy

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How to quickly prototype a game-changing content ops strategy

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Katherine Duh

writers house case study

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Trello’s brand refresh post – Atlassian

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writers house case study

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Plain language best practices that will make your content anything but plain

Ashley Coolman

Ashley Coolman

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Campus Spotlight: Writers House

Love to express yourself through poetry? Interested in crafting a short story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats? No matter your preferred style of writing, you can explore and build your skills as a writer as part of the Writers House community at Case Western Reserve University. 

The Writers House, located in Bellflower Hall, provides support and programming that falls outside the scope of the typical academic and scholarly writing that’s expected at a higher education institution. Through events and other activities, students, faculty and staff can explore more creative writing—fiction, poetry, memoir—and journalism, all surrounded by a community of writers both from across the university and the broader Cleveland community. 

Workshops give members of the Writers House the chance to dig into their own work, receive tips and advice, and respond to writing prompts. Meanwhile, other events allow students, faculty and staff the opportunity to hear from seasoned writers.

The Writers House is also home to the New Gutenberg Annex , a moveable print type lab and book arts workshop. According to the facility’s website, the workshop allows members to experience the art of letterpress printing, thereby witnessing the technology that turns words and ideas into physical objects.

The Writers House is led by Director Mary Grimm, associate professor of English, and supported by an advisory committee of faculty members and graduate students.

Want to learn how you can get started as a member? Visit the Writers House website to learn more.

writers house case study

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Case study writing faq, are your writers experienced in case study writing, can i choose the citation style, how soon will my case study be finished, high-quality case study writing service.

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writers house case study

writers house case study

Accessibility links

Case Study Houses: The creation of the modern ‘dream home’

Case study houses

Stahl House

Arts and Architecture would sponsor commissions for architects to build low-cost, experimental model homes in anticipation of the US housing boom post-World War Two, and would document the design and progress of these creations. Entenza championed all things modern – visual art, music and design – and, through the magazine, had the right contacts to attract the architecture world’s brightest talents. After years of forced hiatus on construction during wartime and the Great Depression, the experiment was conceived to create opportunities for up-and-coming architects, anticipating the inevitable needs for new housing as millions of soldiers returned home. Undoubtedly the most iconic example of the Case Studies is the Stahl House. Cantilevered off the Hollywood hillside, the glass box floats dramatically 200 feet above Sunset Boulevard, with breath-taking panoramic views of Los Angeles’ city sprawl. Its L-shaped plan, hovering flat roof, and walls of plate glass on three sides organised around a swimming pool, made Case Study House no. 22 a stunning spectacle. With its dramatic staging of two glamourous women chatting in cocktail dresses above the twinkling lights of Los Angeles, architectural photographer Julius Shulman’s black-and-white masterpiece perfectly captured the nation’s aspirational mood of the time. The elegance of the image, the most successful residential property photo of all time, elevated the structure to a mid-Century icon that redefined the idea of a dream home. (Credit: Julius Shulman/J. Paul Getty Trust)

Stahl House

Nobody famous ever lived in this house; it was owned by Buck and Carlotta Stahl, average, blue-collar parents who just wanted a beautiful view from every room in the house. Architect Pierre Koenig spoke to LA Magazine in 2001 about constructing on the difficult hillside site in 1959 for the couple: “Nobody could build on it. I was trying to solve a problem. The client had champagne tastes and a beer budget.” Several other architects had turned down the Stahl project, but Koenig was ambitious and had mastered applying industrial materials to residential properties, especially glass, steel and concrete. His previous contribution, Case Study House no. 21 in West Hollywood, included steel-frame and decking features. (Credit: Julius Shulman/J. Paul Getty Trust)

Bailey House

Bailey House

In documenting the progress of the Case Study Houses, the magazine hoped to encourage public debate around modernism and aimed to inspire the use of new models of building with materials and technology developed during the war years. In order to be a part of the project and to feature in the magazine, manufacturers and suppliers would often donate or provide top-of-the-line materials and equipment at bottom-tier prices. (Credit: Julius Shulman/J. Paul Getty Trust)

Bailey House

Almost two decades before Entenza's inaugural announcement in the magazine, an association of artists, architects, designers and industrialists showcased Europe's innovative housing ideas to a bewildered public at the Die Wohnung exhibition. "It's important to consider the Case Study House program not as an isolated phenomenon but as an episode in a wider architectural history," wrote Elizabeth Smith in 2009 for Taschen's retrospective coffee-table book, The Complete CSH Program. "Among the best-known European precedents for the programme are the 1927 Weissenhofsiedlung in Stuttgart, a housing exhibition developed under the aegis of the German Werkbund and masterminded by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, to which such architects as J.J.P. Oud, Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, Mart Stam, and Mies himself contributed designs for technologically constructed minimal housing erected as demonstration projects that continue to be inhabited today." (Credit: Julius Shulman/J. Paul Getty Trust)

Bass House

According to the criteria for the prototype homes, the architects chosen by Entenza were to design “using, as far as is practical, many war-born techniques and materials best suited to the expression of man’s life in the modern world.” Qualifying plans were to be “capable of duplication and not an individual performance.” Most of the architects taking part in the project seemed to disregard that last part of the rules, but the architects behind the Bass House, which incorporated a leaning giant pine tree acting as umbrella over the property, were keenly interested in the possibilities of wood construction through mass production and prefabricated elements. Relying on wood rather than steel in this instance marked a departure from previous Case Study Houses. (Credit: Julius Shulman/J. Paul Getty Trust)

Entenza House

Entenza House

In the early days of the Case Studies, several designs remained as paper plans as they didn’t have real clients or a site to build on. To keep momentum going, Entenza himself joined the project with a home designed for him by Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen. (Credit: Julius Shulman/J. Paul Getty Trust)

Eames House

Eames House

Prolific husband-and-wife designers Charles and Ray Eames became clients of their own Case Study House, designed in 1945 but not completed until four years later. Some houses were greatly altered from original designs, owing to material shortages in the early post-war years. In the Eames House, the couple modified their plans during the construction stage to maximise space and create a final design of two double-height pavilions – one as a residence and one for a workshop. (Credit: Julius Shulman/J. Paul Getty Trust)

Frank House

Frank House

Set on a canal in Long Beach, Case Study House no. 25 was another double-height structure built for Edward Frank, a modern furnishings supplier. The building is entered through a 17-ft-high door, via a path of stepping stones over water. Along with modular design, inexpensive industrial materials and experimental layouts, this building’s relaxed indoor-outdoor quality is a recurring characteristic of the Case Studies. (Credit: Julius Shulman/J. Paul Getty Trust)

House no. 28

House no. 28

The combination of California’s mild climate and the popularity of using large plate glass walls or sliding doors, gave the houses a distinctive style that often blurred the lines between nature outside and family living areas inside. (Credit: Julius Shulman/J. Paul Getty Trust)

Triad House seen from House A

Triad House seen from House A

By the time the programme ended with the magazine’s closure in 1966, few, if any homes had honoured the functional criterion of being replicable, and some plans would remain on paper. However, Case Study House no. 23, known as the Triad, ventured towards multiple housing with three structures designed in relationship with each other. This was developed as a pilot for a much larger area, but was never built. Although its execution ultimately fell far from achieving all that the project initially strived for, the Case Studies idea conceived in Arts and Architecture’s dowdy Los Angeles office in the 1940s succeeded in producing some of the most spectacular residential architecture in the US. They would not only be admired by photographers and designers for decades to come, but still to this day have a pronounced influence on architects internationally and at home, all aiming to create the modern way of living. Case Study Houses by Elizabeth A.T. Smith, part of the Taschen’s Basic Art Series 2.0 and the full retrospective Case Study Houses: The Complete CSH Program are both available from []( (Credit: Julius Shulman/J. Paul Getty Trust)

writers house case study

The Write Life


writers house case study


writers house case study


How to Make a Living Writing Case Studies and White Papers

by Alexander Lewis | Apr 23, 2021

Notebook open in front of a laptop

What are the most lucrative freelance writing niches?

Common guesses might be website copy, direct response or celebrity ghostwriting . But time for money, I’d bet longform content at least belongs in the top three. 

By longform content, I’m specifically talking about white papers and case studies. 

In digital marketing parlance, these are considered “bottom of funnel” resources. That means businesses use these pieces of content to provide additional information to people who are on the brink of making a purchase. 

Your case study or white paper is often the last thing someone reads before choosing whether to click away… or pull out their credit card. 

As you can imagine, many B2B (business-to-business) companies take these resources very seriously. And they’ll pay a good writer handsomely to create B2B writing resources that improve their sales. 

After working as a marketing manager for two years, I decided to strike out on my own as a freelance copywriter. And in the past five years, I’ve helped dozens of startups and established tech companies with their B2B copy, with a special focus on white papers and case studies. I’ve learned that if you’re a strong writer with some storytelling chops, you can quietly earn an awesome living just producing these two deliverables.

What is a white paper?

A white paper is a report that informs the reader about a technical subject. There are many use cases for a white paper. But most of the white papers I’ve written fit loosely into one of two categories: product breakdown or industry overview.

A product breakdown is exactly what it sounds like. Typically these involve explaining how a product works, describing what problems it solves and naming all of the key features and functions. For example, most cryptocurrencies include a white paper to describe the unique makeup of their blockchain technology. 

An industry overview has slightly more variation. Businesses use these to discuss trends, introduce readers to their industry or list common challenges faced by people or businesses in that space. 

For example, not long ago I wrote a white paper about cybersecurity in healthcare. The resource included an overview of the history of cybersecurity in healthcare, current trends and challenges and several forward-looking statements from the company about the industry. 

How much can you charge writing white papers?

Many copywriters undervalue the skills they bring to the table. To an experienced writer, the ability to write with clarity and simplicity about a complex subject may not exactly feel like a top-tier skill. Not rocket surgery, right?

But to engineers working at an inherently complicated and technical company, clarity and simplicity are the surest path to improved sales. 

Also, white papers are not blog posts. If you’re used to blogging, it may be tempting to look at the word count of a white paper and simply set your rates as if it’s a longer, more technical blog post. But businesses put blog posts and white papers in completely different categories. 

So should you. 

Most freelance writers I know charge less than $1,000 per blog post. 

Meanwhile, the going rate I see for a white paper is between $3,000 and $8,000 — with the most in-demand writers charging into the low five figures. But if you’ve never written a white paper before, it might make sense to charge a lower fee. For reference, I charged about $1,200 for my first.

How to write a white paper

No two white papers are exactly alike, but here is a general outline you can borrow. This should serve as a solid foundation for most reports you’ll write:

Word counts vary a lot depending on the subject matter. But I’ve written white papers as short as 2,000 words and as long as 6,000 words. 

But aiming for a word count matters less to me than achieving brevity and clarity.

Secret ingredient: Get new information

You don’t want someone to finish reading your white paper just to shrug and say, “I guess I could have just Googled this information.” 

The foundation of a good white paper is sharing stories, stats and insights that the reader can’t find anywhere else. 

How do you gather that information? Primary sources.

Start with your client. Encourage them to let you use relevant internal data, conduct a survey, or connect you with experts you can interview in the field. 

Introducing a few new industry stats and stories can make your white paper a lot more powerful. 

What is a case study?

A case study is the highest form of social proof. 

It’s the ultimate we’ve-solved-your-problem-before signal to future clients.

Unlike other forms of social proof — like a logo bar or testimonial, which offer very limited context or information — a good case study tells a clear story: The client had a problem, and here’s how the company solved it.

Case studies are usually that simple. I believe the best ones aren’t flashy or over the top. They offer the reader a clear story of trial and triumph, with the purpose of highlighting the unique capabilities of the company. 

Strategic case studies tend to showcase one of a business’s core offerings in action. In other words, they center around a time when their product or service did exactly what it was made to do. 

How much can I charge writing case studies?

You won’t command the same size fee writing case studies as you do writing white papers. But the good news is, case studies are a lot less work. 

In my experience (and from what I’ve seen many copywriters charge), you can reasonably earn between $800 and $1,800 per case study. Unlike a whitepaper, which might take you multiple weeks to research and write, case studies can be written in just a handful of hours. 

In fact, on many occasions I’ve started and finished a case study in just one day — and that includes interviewing the customer (which I’ll discuss in a moment).

How to write a case study

The best case studies tend to have the same simple formula:

I like to include quotes from the customer throughout the case study. Wherever possible, let them tell the story for you. Which brings me to the secret ingredient behind the best case studies…

Secret ingredient: Get on the phone with customers

The key to creating an irresistible case study is getting on the phone with your client’s customers. Case studies are stories of shared success. If you gather all your information from the company you’re working for, you’re only capturing one side of the story. 

Fill in the gaps by setting up a customer interview or two. First, this will impress the company who hired you to produce the case study. It will also make your final case study a lot more powerful, because through these calls you’ll uncover quotes and customer language that you never would have captured by only talking to the brand who hired you.

How to find white paper and case study clients 

Here are three approaches for finding white paper and case study clients.

1. LinkedIn search engine

People trust their network to recommend reliable resources. When someone doesn’t know where to find a good writer, they’ll often make a post on LinkedIn. They hope someone in their network offers a strong recommendation.

When these LinkedIn posts are public, you can search them — even if the person who wrote the post isn’t in your immediate network.

Simply go to the LinkedIn search bar, type a phrase you might expect someone to use when looking for a writer (example: “looking for a case study writer”), and click search. 

Now, organize the results by “Posts” and then sort them by “Latest” (as opposed to “Relevancy”). This will ensure you only see the latest requests.

Then, send the person a kind LinkedIn message or email. 

2. Cold email

Yes, you’ll receive a lot of rejections by emailing complete strangers. Cold outreach is a numbers game. But there are tactics to improve your odds.

My favorite suggestion is to start local. People tend to feel most comfortable working with service providers with whom they share something in common. Geography can serve as that shared something.

You’re looking for niche B2B companies, which can seem challenging at first. After all, these companies aren’t advertising on local radio stations or sending you Facebook ads. The brands I’m talking about are quietly successful, industrial companies that you had no idea existed — let alone that they are headquartered in your city. 

So how do you find them?

First, check places like the Inc. 5000 (which tracks the fastest-growing US companies) or Fortune 500 (which tracks the largest US companies) lists. You can sort these lists by city and industry and there are new versions published every year. 

I also like to check local websites that report on companies in my target industry. For example, in Austin, Texas there are websites like Built In , Silicon Hill News , and AustinInno . Sometimes they’ll publish extensive roundup posts featuring the exact companies I’m talking about. 

All I have to do is scroll.

3. Attend niche industry events

Yes, I know we’re in a pandemic. 

I wouldn’t include this suggestion unless I thought it was the best client acquisition tactic on this list. (Which it is. ) 

For now, you can use this same approach in webinars and Zoom events. But once things are safe and back to normal, I want you to start attending in-person events. 

I’m not talking about flashy tech conferences with renowned speakers from Uber and Google. I want you to frequent the ultra-niche industry conferences in your city (or the nearest city to you). 

If you’re new to B2B, many of the talks and panels will be presented by people from companies you’ve never heard of. That’s your advantage — because your competition doesn’t know about them either. 

Almost every single one of these companies know they need white papers and case studies. Many of them want help. They just have a hard time finding writers who can communicate their complex solutions clearly. 

Show up to these events and just start introducing yourself to people. Meet some of the speakers. Chat with fellow attendees. As soon as you start mentioning that you write white papers and case studies, people will request your business card.

Make sure you collect their cards too. Then, follow up with everyone after the conference: 

“Hi Sarah,  I’m the writer you met at [Niche tech conference] last weekend. It was great meeting you! I wanted to follow up on that white paper idea you told me about…”

Rinse, repeat.

The best part: Competition is irrelevant

I often tell new and aspiring freelancers that there are way more businesses in need of good writers than there are competent writers available to help them. 

Sure, it doesn’t feel that way when you’re looking for gigs on Upwork or other job boards. But the key is to look for work in places where competition is irrelevant or nonexistent. 

Think about it: What business doesn’t need regular blogs, case studies, social media posts or emails? If you only have one takeaway from this article, remember that clear writing is foundational to marketing and sales. And every business needs more customers.

If you can connect your writing to real business outcomes, and you learn to find clients in unconventional places, then I believe you’ll uncover more work than you know what to do with.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

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writers house case study


writers house case study


writers house case study


Previous Post

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Hand holding out money

Even better, they pay nicely — typically in the range of $1,000 to $1,500 for about a day’s worth of work.

Yes, a lot of freelancers shy away from case studies,thinking they’re too dry, too technical or that not that many companies actually do them.

What’s the truth?

Let’s sort fact from fiction by looking at seven myths about case study writing.

Myth #1: They’re boring and dry.

Truth: For many, the term “case study” conjures thoughts of business school or med-school textbooks. These academic case studies are for educational purposes and typically not known for being particularly compelling.

However, customer case studies, or success stories, are used for marketing and sales and persuade an audience to take an action. It’s a chance to weave a tale with highs, lows and quotes that capture the emotion of those you interview.

The upside for writers: It can get old, constantly writing promise-filled marketing copy of what the product or service WILL do for the customer.

Customer success stories demonstrate that a solution or company actually delivers on its marketing promises. You interview real subjects about their goals and challenges, learn how they solved their challenges and how things are better as a result. And unlike other marketing writing, the featured customer and story are always different. It’s never boring .

Myth #2: It’s a small niche. Not that many companies do them.

Truth: Just try a Google search for “customer success stories.” VMware, SAS, HP, Microsoft, and Red Hat all come up with links to their case studies. And that’s just the first page of results. When you click further, you find hundreds of companies of all sizes and types that also create customer stories.

The upside: Increasingly, more organizations are bringing customer stories into their marketing mix, making it a growing area for freelance copywriters. To find clients, look beyond the big names for small and mid-tier companies that sell higher-priced products and services, and need to demonstrate how they bring value to their customers.

Myth #3: You have to write about technology

Truth: You don’t have to be an engineer to write customer case studies. Tech companies may have been some of the first to embrace customer case studies as a sales and marketing tool, but they’ve now become more mainstream with non-tech companies.

The upside: Even if you write for tech companies, you usually write about the benefits, not the back-end code. But if you aren’t interested in writing about technology, look for organizations that need to demonstrate the impact and competitive differentiators of their higher-end solutions. Think business consulting and professional services firms. Even nonprofits are excellent targets, though they typically have smaller budgets.

Myth #4: Once clients have a few case studies they don’t really need more

Truth: Companies that embrace customer case studies as part of their marketing do them consistently. They’re always adding new customers and products, updating their offerings, expanding into new markets. And with more places than ever before to publish and share those stories (blogs, Facebook, e-zines), they’re always looking for fresh stories to tell their audiences.

The upside: Customer case studies can be a cash cow. I’ve created case studies for one client for the past 12 years. The client realizes the value new customer stories bring to its sales force, website, media pitches, social media channels, events, and email marketing. Educate clients about the many ways they can use customer stories.

Myth #5: Case studies are a hassle because they require customer approval

Truth: OK, that’s sort of true . But it’s more the exception than the rule. Customer case studies are one of the only types of marketing collateral that require more steps because you’re involving the customer. Rather than just collecting background from internal contacts, you interview the customer and get their signoff on the final piece — extending the average time to complete them. Usually, you can have them wrapped up in 4-6 weeks.

The upside: Case studies are a process, giving you, as the writer, the opportunity to take on more of a project management role. You set up the interview and manage the process through customer edits and approvals. As a project manager, you can charge more. Clients love that you take it from start to finish. And to avoid major delays in getting paid, always invoice your client after you’ve delivered the first written draft, rather than when the featured customer approves the story. After all, your pay is not contingent on customer approval, but on what you deliver.

Myth #6: I’ll have to travel a lot

Truth: No, case studies are the perfect phone projects! Out of more than 700 case studies, I’ve conducted fewer than five interviews in person. And the only reason for those was my proximity to the customers being featured. I probably just wanted to get out of the house! Most of the time, I’m in one place, my client in a different geography, and their customer in a third place.

The upside: You don’t have to limit your client base to organizations that are local to you. I’ve got clients across the U.S., and in Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands. Proactively reach out to organizations that already create case studies, or would be good fits for them, and introduce yourself, or send something of value — an article that talks about case studies.

Myth #7: Companies are going to video these days

Truth: Video is hot, but most people still prefer written collateral. Many of my clients have started creating customer videos, but they also create written versions. They understand that people like to consume content in different formats.

The upside: Recent surveys indicate a 2-1 preference of written case studies to video. Video is a chance to showcase some strong sound bites and the story at a glance, but written is where you can weave in the detail behind the success. Plus, quality video is a lot more expensive.

Also, companies can use video and written stories in tandem. Both help with search engine traffic, but written stories provide the opportunity for more key words, helping organic search. Let clients know that you can spin out a written story from a customer video or that a written story can help lay the groundwork for a great customer video shoot.

Could writing customer case studies be the right niche for you? Let’s discuss in the comments.

Casey Hibbard is the author of Stories That Sell: Turn Satisfied Customers into Your Most Powerful Sales and Marketing Asset. For more information about creating case studies, check out her Stories that Sell blog, or sign up for the upcoming, no-cost Webinar, “ The 6 Traits of Case Studies That Compel and Sell. “

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Does the thought of making good money writing positive, 2-page stories sound attractive?

Then customer case studies may be the perfect addition to your copywriting services. 

An On-Demand Course on All the Ins and Outs of Crafting Customer Case Studies

7 hours of instruction, plus handouts and online forum support  when anytime you’re ready to start, case studies… a major opportunity for writers.

Every week, I have to turn away work. When businesses reach out to me for help with customer case studies, I usually have to refer them to other writers. 

I simply can’t take on all the work that comes my way. 

The fact is, businesses need these customer stories more than ever… but they can’t always find writers adequately skilled in interviewing, writing and managing case studies.

It’s not that hard, but it is a specific skill that you need to understand and develop. 

But before we get too far into this, let me back up a second.

What are Case Studies, Anyway?

A customer case study is simply a story of a happy customer’s experience. It details why the customer chose the solution, how the customer uses it, and the benefits the customer sees.

Think of it as a customer testimonial on steroids. 

Businesses use these positive stories in their sales, marketing and PR. 

In the age of Amazon and TripAdvisor reviews, people are accustomed to relying on the experiences of others to help make decisions.

And case studies provide that essential credibility, education and validation to give buyers peace of mind in choosing a vendor. 

For organizations, there’s perhaps no better way to communicate value to their audience than the account of a happy customer.

Case studies, on average, run about two pages. They look and read very much like a feature story, describing the journey and experience of a happy customer and featuring powerful customer quotes. 

Never a Better Time

I’m Casey Hibbard and I’ve been writing customer case studies for 20 years. In that time, I’ve produced more than 1,000 for all types of organizations.

writers house case study

I’m also the author of the first book on creating and managing customer case studies, Stories That Sell: Turn Satisfied Customers into Your Most Powerful Sales & Marketing Asset . 

I’ve found no other form of writing as rewarding. 

After all, I get to interview my clients’ happy customers and then write a positive story about their experiences.

And best of all, I earn $1,000 to $1,500 for each one. And more for longer, more in-depth case studies.

Case studies are unlike any other form of marketing collateral. It’s a compelling, true story without all the promotional fluff you might find in other marketing copy.

And it’s fun and rewarding to capture these positive stories for my clients. But I can’t help all the businesses out there.

Quite simply, the market needs more SKILLED case study writers.

To do this kind of work, you have to…

None of this is tough. It’s just a matter of having the skills and confidence to do it.

Instruction from a Leading Case Study Specialist

In my flagship program, The Case Study Writer’s Mad Skills Crash Course , learn from-the-trenches tips from me. I’ll walk you through the exact steps that I take to prepare for case studies, interview subjects, write compelling stories, manage the process and engage with designers. And I’ll show you how to find these types of clients.

“My client was very pleased with the case study I delivered. I owe that to your first-rate course (Mad Skills) and your excellent book. I have been referencing those resources constantly, for everything from how to format the draft document to how to manage the process. I am very grateful that you created those outstanding resources and made them available. I am delighted to be able to add case studies to my repertoire.” – Tracy Hume, Freelance Writer

New Tips and Skills Every Class

Curious what the course covers? I introduce new, vital skills each week:

Mad Skill #1: Know Your Stuff

Mad Skill #2: Interview Like a Pro

Mad Skill #3: Capture Measurable Results

“The Case Study Mad Skills Crash Course is the blueprint for writing case studies. It’s a concise, no-fluff approach for freelancers and staff writers who want to hone their skills and stay competitive. Learn everything you need to write revenue-generating case studies and get support and feedback along the way. One of the best business investments I’ve made!” – Sandra Jean-Louis, Freelance Copywriter

Mad Skill #4: Write a Story that Sells

Mad Skill #5: Craft Killer Headlines, Subheads, Sidebars and Quotes

Mad Skill #6: Find and Land Case Study Clients

Mad Skill #7: Be the Go-To Writer for Clients

“Casey’s course was essential in providing me with the skills, content, and confidence to approach clients. She’s generous with her knowledge and a nice person, too! I would highly recommend the course.” – LJ Anderson, Freelance Writer

More Confidently Go After Well-Paying Case Study Projects

Get the mad skills to add case studies to your “menu” of copywriting services and you can…

What’s Included?

As a recap, the course includes…

“I’ve spent a small fortune taking copywriting courses from the biggest names in the field. So I know what’s out there. Casey Hibbard’s course The Case Study Copywriter’s Mad Skills Crash Course is hands down one of the all-time-best courses I’ve ever taken. And in terms of value it’s hands down the best. Hibbard truly over delivers.” – Dave Monroe, Certified Content Marketer & Guerilla Marketing Coach

The Details

The typical case study project will easily pay back the cost of the course by 3-4x or more!

Well Beyond Just a Writing Course

Case studies simply aren’t like your average brochure or web copy. They involve a multi-step process with your clients’ happiest customers.

Other case study programs often focus mostly on writing case studies and NOT the full process.

Mad Skills includes the complete process from finding clients to getting started with step 1 on your first project and walking you through to the end. I guide you through the exact process I use every day with my own clients.

If you have any questions at all, please email me at [email protected]

>> SIGN UP NOW << (See the buttons ABOVE left!!)

Ready to start learning? Choose your option at the top left of this page.

Satisfaction Guarantee

You have nothing to lose. If you decide the program is not for you, let me know within 30 days of purchase and I’ll refund you in full.

Case study training from Casey Hibbard teachers writers how to write case studies

All the best,

Casey Hibbard

P.S. – Again, this is no risk. If you give the course a fair chance, and find it’s not for you, then I will refund your money if you cancel within 30 days.

P.P.S. – Remember, the typical case study project will easily pay back the cost of the course by 3-4x – or more!


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How to Write a Case Study with Examples By John Wood for AWAI

How to Write a Case Study

The 9-step formula detailed below will teach you how to write a winning business case study. And we’ll walk through the process using real case study examples. You'll find all the information you need to write a polished case study that will generate leads and help close sales.

When you can write an effective case study, you’re creating a powerful sales tool for your business or client. That’s because a case study is a compelling, real-world, “before and after” story that shows how a customer solved a problem by using a company’s product or service.

The customer (not the company’s sales team) is the credible source telling a story that’s relevant and valuable to the prospect.

Businesses love case studies, because they’re a huge step beyond a simple testimonial. They help give a prospect an understanding of how a customer accomplished their goals by using their product.

In a competitive marketplace, case studies are an effective way for businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

If you’re in business, starting a business, or writing for a business … knowing how to write a case study is a valuable skill that will help you generate a pipeline of leads and close sales. And if you’re a marketer, it’s another profitable skill to have in your marketing arsenal.

What is a Case Study

Let’s look at the specific steps for writing an effective case study, along with a few other tips that will help make your case study a success.

How to write a case study in 9 easy steps

Writing a case study is quite simple, as long as you know the proven formula business writers generally follow. The nine main components of writing a case study are …

A news-like headline — The most effective case study headlines focus on one idea that communicates relevant benefits to your target audience in a compelling way. You don’t need to be clever or adopt a sales tone with your headline. Your goal is to be objective and straightforward. For your headline to have the most impact, you should include tangible figures.

Here are a couple of examples:

The Wilson Group Increases Throughput by 312% Using Mason Douglas

Noble Corporation Helps ABC Medical Increase Production Output by 37% in Six Months

The above examples are focused on one idea only and state the main benefit or result received. You could also tack on how the result was achieved using a “cause and effect” headline format, like this:

The Wilson Group Increases Throughput by 312% by Streamlining Their Assembly Line with Mason Douglas

The cause is the streamlining of the assembly line; the effect is the 312% increase in throughput.

Headline Tips:

Customer background — In this section, you’ll describe the business customer in three to six sentences. This should total 50 to 100 words. Here is some of the customer-related information you may want to include:

It may be difficult to include all seven of these points within the targeted word count. Your mission is to pick the most relevant information based on your target audience and the story you’re telling in your case study.

Two places to look for information about the customer’s company are in the “About Us” section of a recent press release and the “About Us” page of their website. You can also fill in any information missing from your research during the interview with the customer.

The challenges — Here you want to introduce and expand on the main challenges the customer was facing as related to the product or service featured in your case study.

The key here is to create a compelling story. Don’t just list the challenges; go a little deeper into the impact the challenges were having on their overall business.

Explain why it was important to solve them, why and how they were impacting the customer, and to what degree. Do this with two or three key challenges, as long as they tell a specific story related to the solution.

Your goal is to make your reader feel these challenges are too important and too meaningful to be ignored, and that a solution must be found to overcome them. Remember, the prospect is likely facing the same challenges as the customer in your case study, so the more descriptive you are, the better.

The implementation — Next, explain how the product or service was implemented. The key to this section is to paint an accurate picture.

It’s rare for an implementation to go 100% perfectly. So, to boost the authenticity of this section, document how the implementation went — warts and all — and then how the company overcame it. This will make your story more believable and compelling.

The results — This is where you detail how well the product or service solved the customer’s challenges. Focus on results metrics (tables, charts, increases in production, efficiency, revenue, etc.) that are both specific and relevant to the target audience. Tell them what was achieved and how.

Explain why the results are important to the customer and the impact they’ve had, both specific to the department the results were achieved in and the impact on the overall business.

Tip : BE SPECIFIC! Include facts, numbers, and charts. Use tangible and detailed figures. For instance, “increased sales by 17.5%” is much better than just “increased sales.”

If you’ve been wondering how to write a case study, you can’t go wrong with the above formula. It’s been proven to work and is an extremely safe bet.

Case study examples

Case study example #1 — avoxi integrated solutions.

B2C Case Study Example

The first case study example is a business-to-business (B2B) case study showcasing AVOXI Integrated Solutions and their client, Grace Bay Resorts

A News-like headline (#1)

Grace Bay Resorts Cuts Phone Costs by 75-85% while Enhancing Guest Services.

This headline tells the reader what potential benefits they’ll experience, a reduction in costs and an improved guest experience. The writer increases the headline’s impact by making it very specific (75-85% cost reduction).

The subhead, Resort Gains Flexibility, Reliability with AVOXI Integrated Solutions , adds two more benefits and then names the solution.

The Customer Background (#2)

The first paragraph (44 words) gives a quick overview of the company:

With a focus on handmade experiences, Grace Bay Resorts has earned hundreds of awards and accolades since opening in 1993. Their award-winning flagship property Grace Bay Club in Turks & Caicos offers beachfront destinations in three distinct settings: hotel, villas and beachfront villa homes.

It answers three more questions potential buyers have: When they opened, where they are located, and what they offer.

The Challenges (#3)

In the second paragraph, the writer transitions into challenges Grace Bay faced. He starts by stressing how vital effective communication services are to Grace Bay’s results. The challenge is finding a provider who offers the latest technology at an affordable cost:

Grace Bay aims to treat every guest and prospective guest as a VIP. To do so, it relies heavily on its communication solutions to field hundreds of calls every month, and to keep guests connected during their stays. The ability to operate seamlessly during customer calls is essential to the resort’s business model and hands-on reputation.

In the past, the company lacked a contact center solution with modern features such as automated greetings, call recording and call center metrics. And, it paid heavy long-distance costs with a local carrier.

The Journey (#4)

In this case study, the copy describing the journey is short and concise. The IT Manager was sold on the AVOXI solution instantly when he heard about it:

When Leo Lumacang heard about AVOXI cloud solutions, the business case was clear. “When I presented to management that we would save thousands and thousands of dollars by switching to AVOXI, it was an easy sell,” says Lumacang, IT Manager at Grace Bay. “We cut out costs by probably 75-85 percent immediately.”

The Solution (#5)

The majority of the 2 nd page of the case study focuses on the solution including this excerpt that lists the AVOXI solutions that were implemented.

Grace Bay deployed a set of integrated cloud solutions from AVOXI, including a cloud-based phone system, virtual contact center software, a VoIP gateway and international toll-free numbers—all solutions that enhance the guest experience, and reduce costs and management hassles for the resort.

They go on to describe the features of the virtual contact center software and how it was used by the reservation center to improve their service levels.

The Implementation (#6)

The implementation phase of the product or service is a section that is not always documented in case studies. The reason for this is simple. There is nothing notable that came out of the implementation. In this case study, the writer focuses more on what was implemented (the solution) than on how it was implemented.

The Results (#7)

The results are detailed in the last three sections. The AVOXI solution resulted in significant improvements in Grace Bay’s reservation center operations. It also helped improve the guest experience by allowing the resort to provide free international toll-free calls. And finally, they highlight the reliability of the system and the efficiency and effectiveness of AVOXI’s customer support.

A Sidebar with summary points (#8)

In the left column on the second page, the writer adds a brief summary of the case study, listing the four components that make up the solution and three bullet points of the results experienced.

Pull-out quote (#9)

Pull-out quotes are used on pages 1 and 3 and focus on the improvements in service levels, one of the biggest concerns for the customer.

Case Study Example #2 — AWAI

B2C Case Study Example

The second case study example is a business-to-consumer (B2C) case study showcasing American Writers & Artists (AWAI) and one of their customers, Candice Lazar.

Florida Attorney Finds Fulfillment — and Financial Gain — in Copywriting Career Shift.

The headline is straightforward and reads very much like a news headline. The message of a successful career change to copywriting is aimed at prospects who may have similar goals.

The Customer background (#2)

The first few paragraphs give information about the Candice’s background by talking about her experiences and attitude towards risk-taking.

Her main challenge is revealed under the sub-head “A Simple, Self-Starting Business.” She “felt something was missing” in her job as an attorney. According to a recent Gallup study, 51 percent of Americans aren’t engaged in their work and another 16 percent are “actively disengaged,” so it’s an issue many people relate to.

Her journey starts when a former boss tells her he needs copywriting help. She spots a banner from AWAI which gets her thinking that writing might be a good career for her as it’s something she’s always enjoyed.

Candice’s goal is to learn as much about copywriting as she can. The solution is a variety of AWAI products.

Candice first joins the Barefoot Writer Club, she consumes The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. She also takes How to Make Money as a Social Media Marketing Expert and takes part in Joshua Boswell’s How to Launch Your Writer’s Life in a Day .

Under the subhead “Candice’s Niche Switch” it talks about how Candice originally chose small hotels and hotel chains as her copywriting focus. She soon realized that they don’t require a lot of marketing material. Acknowledging a setback or addressing a challenge is important because it adds to the credibility of Candace’s story.

The third page of the case study talks about Candice’s copywriting successes including the growth of her business which has allowed her to cut back to part time hours on her less fulfilling legal work.

There is a sidebar that gives basic information about Candice and the AWAI products that helped her launch her writing career.

Pull-out quotes (#9)

The first page contains a pull-out quote from Candice that focuses on her results … a copywriting business that is more than just a source of income. It's enjoyable and rewarding work.

The “feature article” case study format

Feature Article Case Study Example

The main difference between the traditional case study format and the feature article format is how the case study starts. The traditional format starts out with some basic information about the customer. The feature article format starts out with an interesting, engaging lead that usually talks about the challenge the customer was facing.

Then it goes to the information about the customer, followed by more information about the customer’s challenge.

After that, it follows the same format as outlined above for a traditional case study.

The other difference is that a feature article uses more descriptive subheads to draw the reader in, versus the traditional format’s somewhat straightforward subheads (Customer Background, The Challenges, etc.).

The feature article format works well when you want to make the story engaging right from the start. Plus, it tends to be better suited for people who want to understand the gist of the case study quickly by merely skimming the pages.

Case study success tips

Use this as a handy checklist when writing your next case study.

writers house case study

Ed Gandia , author of Writing Case Studies , says it’s important to keep the “Power of One” top of mind when writing your case study …

Ed Gandia “The plot of a good success story often has multiple themes or ideas. When writing a case study, it’s very tempting to highlight all of them in order to dramatize the story. Doing so, however, can confuse the reader and rob the story of its one key theme. So, stick to one theme — one big idea. Your draft will be much stronger as a result.”

Read Mark Ford’s article, “The Power of One — One Big Idea” for more information about this important copywriting principle.

writers house case study

BONUS: How to promote your case study

A great case study can be the foundation for additional content-marketing opportunities. Try the following clever ways to promote your case study and generate loads of leads for your business:

Tip: Several of the above marketing options also give a business an opportunity to capture a prospect’s email address in exchange for giving them access to the case study.

Want to dive deeper into learning how to write case studies?

If you enjoy writing stories, prefer shorter projects over longer assignments, and love the challenge of taking a straightforward story and finding the “hook” or “angle” that will make it more compelling to bring in business leads and sales … writing case studies might be of interest to you.

Ed’s program, Writing Case Studies , may be the fastest, easiest way to get started writing case studies that will “wow” your clients. Here’s what you’ll discover…

To find out more information about how to become an expert case study writer, click here.

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12 Responses to “How to Write a Case Study with Examples - AWAI’s 9-Step Process”

This is just So Great... I love AWAI. Thank you. But If I submmit a Written Case study today, how long will it take me to get a feedback from AWAI? Thank You.

Guest (Abraham) – over a year ago

This was great! All the information was well presented. I'm sure to use this in the field.

Corance – over a year ago

I want to practice, so I will do one on Barefoot, and others. Can I turn these in for comments?

Musick – over a year ago

Excellent article and how to, what to include and what to expect on writing Case Studies. This is one of my niches and I have several companies in the town I live in that I can approach on the successful implementation of their products to solve problems. Thanks.

Guest (Scott T) – over a year ago

Very well written post. It will be useful to anybody who uses it, as well as myself. Keep doing what you are doing – looking forward to more posts.

Guest (Kunal Vaghasiya) – over a year ago

Thanks a lot! I have read out a number of website but could not get complete information only and only this website is complete how to write a proper blog post.

Guest (Willie Rodger) – over a year ago

I want to learn how to do case studies.

Ola – over a year ago

I greatly appreciated this article on Case Studies. I had to write my first one today. I wasn’t going to tell the client I hadn’t written one before, because I knew exactly where I could go to find out everything I would need to know (AWAI archives and resources!). After reading it I felt confident in producing the project. Thank you for the thorough explanation and examples, as well as the “extras” that will definitely put my piece a cut above in the client’s eyes. So grateful for AWAI. Thank you for your wealth of information and education. It’s all useful and relevant!

Kelli B – over a year ago

The Case Study I have found to develop sharp decision making skills - My former roles as a BRAND MANAGER - WITH UNILEVER all the team members - were MBA's from the best Universities of the U.S. our curiculas of Case Studies - was the building block and Common Denominator to build profitable brands from every division.

AAALLWOOD - 32216 – over a year ago

Great post! I feel like I have a solid foundation to at least get started with writing case studies now. Thank you!

Guest (Jason K) – over a year ago

Awesome post, great information, hoping to do case studies on legal documents. Great start to my career as a copywriter. Can't wait to get started. Thank you!

Writing for A Purpose – over a year ago

John Wood's article is very informative and Ed Gandia's video provided a great example that he deftly broke down for a beginner. I got what I was looking for out of them both!

AWAI always provides the answers to my questions and shows me the way to build my writing skills! Thanks!

the writers block – 3 weeks ago

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