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The oh-so-chummy world of Times Radio

Launched some two months ago, Times Radio’s thrust was to be unambiguously genial – an answer to Radio 4’s exhausted political scab-picking. 

By Antonia Quirke

times radio review

What constitutes “conviviality” in a station? Launched some two months ago, Times Radio’s thrust was to be unambiguously genial – an answer to Radio 4’s exhausted political scab-picking. The opener was a cordial interview with the Prime Minister – natch. Johnson managed to become PM on the very back of benefiting from the whole idea of “civil discourse”. Let’s have a game of whiff-whaff, or tennis! This is civility as a political tool, when really politics is all about thoroughly defanging interactions.

Since then, the IQ of the station has been settling. There are the endless reminders that you are listening to Times Radio; media conglomerate thrillerish jingle music; and some amusingly eggy trailers for upcoming features. (“Lemn Sissay talks about using his writing as an escape!”)

On the breakfast show, Aasmah Mir and Stig Abell turn to each other TV-ishly to confab on a point, firmly underlining their allyship – something outlawed on Radio 4’s Today, whose rolling roster of two presenters delivers random and sometimes ill-fitting combinations, like a demented fruit machine. (Will it be Nick Robinson with Mishal Husain? Can I cope?)

The other day, looking through tweets, Mir and Abell solemnly reassured each other that suggesting worrying about the number of migrants now landing in Kent was “not racist”. Heads were sadly (but convivially) shaken. “Goodness me!” exclaimed Mir, another morning, when sympathising with an interviewee in decimated Beirut. I’m not sure the phrase was exactly appropriate. (On Today, on 12 August, after interviewing a weeping Neville Lawrence about the now “inactive” investigation into the murder of his son, Katya Adler signed off, “Thank you for your time, and sorry for your pain.” That was exquisitely done.)

Subscriber of the week: Julian Randall

Subscriber of the week: Julian Randall

The Weigh Up explores life after anorexia

The Weigh Up explores life after anorexia

From Roald Dahl to Ian Fleming, censorship is good for the book trade

From Roald Dahl to Ian Fleming, censorship is good for the book trade

But I’ve yet to hear a presenter anywhere deal with a line dropping out as well as John Pienaar on his afternoon Times show, managing to precis what the suddenly missing person had been booked to say, while the producer fished them back up. Slick. And always with that extra sliver of conviviality – making everything that little bit simpler. The world pared back. Cleaner. For winners. Is it wrong to find it… foreboding?

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times radio review

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No deliver this week so I’ve had…

No deliver this week so I’ve had purchases a Radio Times from a shop. This happens every few months. They are hopeless

Date of experience : February 16, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Have watched death in paradise since….

Have watched Death in Paradise since the first series - great mixture of fun and knowing one of the four main guest artists would be the killer. Great mix of the regular cast light hearted and uplifting in winter months. However latest series quite miserable and serious. Not the usual fun banter between the inspector and his team. Has it turned woke as the last 2 episodes focused on non white guest stars for all the story plots. The beauty of this programme was the lovely island setting- the idiosyncrasies of the inspector from the UK - the brilliance of the local team in Saint Marie plus the eclectic mixture of locals and tourists bringing together a good murder plot without taking itself too seriously. Dont recognise most of cast apart from Ralf, Selwyn and police team as well as Catherine. Loved seeing guest stars from the UK. Have they now got a new director who is breaking something thats not broken. Horrible new theme tune with words which is not needed. We the viewers made this series successful for the past 11 years so don't change the format

Date of experience : February 03, 2023

Over charge

I received renewal subscription letter plus £27 60 from last 6 months I phoned them to cancel and give me a refund. They said they would do it for £64.00 i accepted the lower amount then checked my bank account they took the full £81.60 from my account I cancelled they said they would refund me in about 3 days. I cancelled and am wating for refund.

Date of experience : December 09, 2022

They didn't process the refund for my…

They didn't process the refund for my subscription after I cancelled. I applied to take out their special offer 12 issues for £1 and a manager told me I could do this as I haven't had this offer for more than a year. Then they emailed me to cancel my application. I rang again and asked to speak to a manager but they refused to put me through. Their customer service department used to be good and in England but now it's in South Africa and appalling.

Date of experience : January 05, 2023

Absolutely shocking customer service

Absolutely shocking customer service. They failed to take a payment and tried to blame it on me. The first advisor I spoke to ‘Linda James’ when I asked for legal documentation of my direct debit couldn’t answer my request so proceeded to go silent! They failed to uphold their obligation to provide, and then tried to blame it on me. My advice to anyone considering a subscription with these, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!! Shocking customer service

Date of experience : November 14, 2022

I requested a refund from RT on 19th…

I requested a refund from RT on 19th October and was told 3-5 days. It’s £47 and I still don’t have it. I rang on 26th October and again today 4th November and was told they would request it again and another 3-5 days. The payment took me overdrawn and I am still paying OD fees. They take it in seconds but try getting it back! I won’t subscribe again. Jane Gibson

Date of experience : October 19, 2022

What a dreadful “improvement” Ok I’m a…

What a dreadful “improvement” Ok I’m a long time subscriber and used to it’s layout, but why oh why change the layout of of the sports pages? I now find it so much more difficult to browse them. And what is the point of putting the film and film reviews, which I note have been reduced, in the middle of the of the general reviews? This “improvement” will most definitely encourage me to investigate alternative sources

Date of experience : October 16, 2022

I've bought the Radio Times for many years and am disappointed with the change…

I've bought the Radio Times for many years as I prefer it to all the other TV listings. When this week's copy arrived, I opened it I was welcomed to my "new and improved Radio Times"! It might be new, but it's not improved. The general layout looks cheap and tacky and just like many other magazines today. I understand that this is probably about attracting a younger reader, but what about loyal readers who liked it the way it was?

Date of experience : October 04, 2022

Ordered a radio twice as first radio…

Ordered a radio twice as first radio from their shop did not arrive they say they sent another one out 79.99 not cheat it’s been over a month now and still nothings arrived, shocking never ordering again and it stills not arrived .mr D. Mounsey

Date of experience : October 31, 2022

Why does web pages doing that?

I am not talking about design or good looking website. I am gonna say how they are using google ads on the bad way(as an user for me). whatever you search, you will find exactly the same title on that web page and click it(hoping to reach your data), and you will find a tones of picture and mixed text going down and try to find what do you looking for for example; ..... relese date. God knows where is it. I hope one day, some Governments try to find out kind of web police or something and stop these all and leave some clear information to us about what do we looking for.

Date of experience : October 01, 2022

Absolutely useless

Absolutely useless. I mush have had 5 undelivered Radio Times' Cannot contact A PERSON!!! WHAT IS GOING ON. Don't quote covid at me. I can order a microwave and have it delivered the next day. Last week's and this week's had to be purchased as well as others missing this year. Exasperated!!!

Date of experience : September 08, 2022

Radio Times - juk

I am sometimes surprised that it works, mostly it doesn't. Some reviewers are blaming the BBC, but the BBC sold Radio Times years ago as a cost cutting measure to Immediate Media. Maybe Immediate Media should go into a different bussines, like road sweeping or something, because they sure are rubbish at on-line publishing.

Date of experience : May 26, 2022

I have been very patient

I have been very patient I hoped the online Radio Times would eventually see sense and re-vert to the old version which was well laid out and had what I wanted in a TV guide, I was wrong. They still have not sorted this so called up-grade out and I will wait no more for them to see the error of their ways. I have now got my listings from TV guide and am very pleased. Many, many people are doing the same

Date of experience : March 26, 2022

Upgrade is AWFUL!

The new upgrade to the listings page is dreadful. To name a few things: 1) Each time you open the page your channel selections have gone back to ALL and you have to click 'reset'. What is the point! 2) The previous version allowed you to hover over a programme and a pop-up gave you brief details with the option of more. 3) The font/colour/general image of the page is bland and unattractive... Not a fan! Please change it back.

Problem with non delivery of Radio Times

I take the Radio Times on subscription. The magazine for week beginning 19th March 2022 has not been received by myself nor my neighbour in WA15 postcode area. Copies are on the supermarket shelves though. It is now Wednesday 23rd and the post has been delivered but the copy for wb 26th March not been received yet either although there are x2 days to go this week. Subscription extended by 1 week so far after complaint. The service is not good enough!

Date of experience : March 23, 2022

Why oh why!

They have completely naused up the website today. All my favourite Freeview channels now disappeared, and have been replaced by row upon row of Sky/subscription channels. Programme details no longer available by hovering on a slot. A total backward step. Please give us the option to set the old format. If not, this looks a decent alternative : tvguide.co.uk

Date of experience : March 09, 2022

They clearly have a vacancy…

They clearly have a vacancy for web designers as this latest 'upgrade' is just an embarrassment. The user interface for the TV Guide has lost a lot of the key features that made it useful but, at its most fundamental level, it simply does not work. When revisiting the site it does not reuse your previously saved settings, so you have to log out and back in again for them to work. Its pathetic! Their developers should be ashamed of themselves

Date of experience : March 12, 2022

A Poor Effort - A Decent Website Ruined

Who was responsible for changing the Radiotimes.com website? Used it for the first time and can't understand why it's been made more inconvenient to use. I now need to click on a programme to get more information, instead of just hovering over the programme title. Then I can't go back to the view of programmes without having to click a back or forward arrow. The website is so clunky and is very amateurish with numerous faults. A poor effort, why wasn't it tested before release?

Date of experience : April 05, 2022

Awful new site

Awful new site! Absence of information on hover over a program listing is a pain - clicking on the program is clunky and slower. If I then click on read more, it goes to popular channels rather than Freeview (which is what I would normally have selected). It seems to me that the site feels and looks far inferior to that which it replaced. To me, the overall experience is lousy. I am loathe to criticise the website developers, but who the hell sanctioned this unnecessary downgrade.

New Lives in the Wild

If you want pure escapism from this modern material world,then watch New Lives in the Wild!!!I look forward to this every week to do just that,and to hear why people decide to do this.They say "Everyone has a story"and this is is so true!Ben Fogle shows real empathy and enthusiasm to these wondrous souls.I find watching these people inspiring and thought provoking....to think outside the box and to follow a dream.It sets me up up for the week and I have recommended it to many friends and family.I say "Go for it!!!"

Date of experience : April 01, 2022

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