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Hydraulic system

Bhavesh Solanki

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Hydraulic  systems

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presentation hydraulic system

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Application of hydraulic, components of hydraulic system, troubleshooting of hydraulic system.


presentation hydraulic system

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presentation hydraulic system

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presentation hydraulic system

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presentation hydraulic system

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presentation hydraulic system

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presentation hydraulic system

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Introduction to hydraulics

Published by Eugenia Todd Modified over 4 years ago

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Presentation on theme: "Introduction to hydraulics"— Presentation transcript:

Introduction to hydraulics

Brake System Fundamentals

presentation hydraulic system

Unit 3 Review.

presentation hydraulic system


presentation hydraulic system

Hydraulic Power basics.

presentation hydraulic system

Fluid Power Systems Mill Creek High School Power and Energy.

presentation hydraulic system

Fluid Power Introduction

presentation hydraulic system

Measuring Pressure: More Practice. Pascal’s Principle: Student Success Criteria I can state Pascal's principle, explain its applications in.

presentation hydraulic system

Basic Hydraulics and Pneumatics

presentation hydraulic system

In this presentation you will: identify applications of hydraulics

presentation hydraulic system

Introduction to Basic Hydraulics

presentation hydraulic system

 Using Hydraulic Systems. NEXT GENERATION / COMMON CORE STANDARDS ADDRESSED! CCSS.ELA Literacy RST Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis.

presentation hydraulic system

ME8843 The George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering ME 8843 Advanced Mechatronics Instructor: Professor Charles Ume Introduction to Hydraulic.

presentation hydraulic system


presentation hydraulic system

Intro to Fluid Power Topics What is fluid power? Where is it used?

presentation hydraulic system

Chapter 12 Fluid Power. Objectives Upon completing this chapter, you should be able to: –Discuss some fluid power fundamentals –Explain psi, psig, psia,

presentation hydraulic system


presentation hydraulic system

Chapter 10 Fluid Power Systems.

presentation hydraulic system

Fluids. Flow Take shape of container Liquids or gases Exert pressure Pressure = force / area Fluids

presentation hydraulic system

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission

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presentation hydraulic system

Hydraulics. Hydraulics. hy·drau·lics study of fluids:  the study of water or other fluids at rest or in motion, especially with respect to engineering applications. Objectives. Behavior of liquids & theory of operation Basic hydraulic system components


Presentation Transcript

Hydraulics • hy·drau·licsstudy of fluids:  the study of water or other fluids at rest or in motion, especially with respect to engineering applications

Objectives • Behavior of liquids & theory of operation • Basic hydraulic system components • Advantages & disadvantages of hydraulics • Project

Introduction/Uses • Hydraulics used in many applications: • Steering/control systems (rudder, planes) • Deck machinery (anchor windlass, capstans, winches) • Masts & antennae on submarines • Weapons systems (loading & launching) • Other: elevators, presses

Hydraulic Theory • Hydraulics • Covers the physical behavior of liquids in motion • Pressurized oil used to gain mechanical advantage and perform work • Important Properties • Shapelessness • Incompressibility • Transmission of Force

Important Properties • “Shapelessness” • Liquids have no neutral form • Conform to shape of container • Easily transferred through piping from one location to another • Incompressibility • Liquids are essentially incompressible • Once force is removed, liquid returns to original volume (no permanent distortion) • Transmission of Force • Force is transmitted equally & undiminished in every direction -> vessel filled with pressure

Hydraulic Theory • Pascal’s Law • Magnitude of force transferred is in direct proportion to the surface area (F = P*A) • Pressure = Force/Area • Liquid properties enable large objects (rudder, planes, etc) to be moved smoothly

Hydraulic Mechanical Advantage

Basic Hydraulic System • Hydraulic Fluid • Usually oil (2190 TEP) • Pressure Source • Hydraulic pump (A-end of system) • Pressure user • Hydraulic motor (B-end of system) • Piping system (w/ valves, tanks, etc) • Get fluid from A-end to B-end

Hydraulic Pump (A-End) • Pumps can be positive displacement or centrifugal • Waterbury pump • Variable-stroke piston pump • Tilting box can tilt fwd/aft while pump rotates • Angle of tilting box determines capacity and direction of oil flow

Hydraulic Pump (A-End) • Variable-stroke piston pump • Tilting box can tilt fwd/aft while pump rotates • Angle of tilting box determines capacity and dir. of flow

Cylinder/Motor (B-end) • Piston/cylinder used if desired motion is linear • Hydraulic pressure moves piston & ram • Load is connected to ram (rudder, planes, masts, periscopes) Cylinder Piston RAM Seal Hydraulic Fluid Supply/Return Ports

Cylinder/Motor (B-end) • Motor used if desired motion is rotary • Essentially a variable-stroke pump in reverse • Used for capstan, anchor windlass, etc

Piping System • Has to withstand excessive pressure • Valves, filters, & HX’s all necessary • Accumulators • Holds system under pressure (w/out contin. pump) • Provides hydraulics when pump off/lost • Compensates for leakage/makeup volume • Types: piston, bladder, & direct contact

Accumulator Types • Piston • Most common • Bladder • Gun mounts • Steering systems • Direct contact • Least common

Advantages • Convenient power transfer • Few moving parts • Low losses over long distances • Little wear • Flexibility • Distribute force in multiple directions • Safe and reliable for many uses • Can be stored under pressure for long periods • Variable speed control • Quick response (linear and rotary)

Disadvantages • Requires positive confinement (to give shape) • Fire/explosive hazard if leaks or ruptures • Filtration critical - must be free of debris • Manpower intensive to clean up

Hydraulics Hydraulics Video Hydraulic Circuit

Project • Research different applications of a hydraulic system. • Take that system image place it in word. Write a description on how the system flows and functions. • Find dimension for that system and recreate it in pro-engineering. • You’ll need part, files assembly files, rending, and animation of the system working.

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presentation hydraulic system

basics of hydraulics

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Hydraulic Presentation

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presentation hydraulic system

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presentation hydraulic system


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