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What Is a Case Study?

When you’re performing research as part of your job or for a school assignment, you’ll probably come across case studies that help you to learn more about the topic at hand. But what is a case study and why are they helpful? Read on to learn all about case studies.

Deep Dive into a Topic

At face value, a case study is a deep dive into a topic. Case studies can be found in many fields, particularly across the social sciences and medicine. When you conduct a case study, you create a body of research based on an inquiry and related data from analysis of a group, individual or controlled research environment.

As a researcher, you can benefit from the analysis of case studies similar to inquiries you’re currently studying. Researchers often rely on case studies to answer questions that basic information and standard diagnostics cannot address.

Study a Pattern

One of the main objectives of a case study is to find a pattern that answers whatever the initial inquiry seeks to find. This might be a question about why college students are prone to certain eating habits or what mental health problems afflict house fire survivors. The researcher then collects data, either through observation or data research, and starts connecting the dots to find underlying behaviors or impacts of the sample group’s behavior.

Gather Evidence

During the study period, the researcher gathers evidence to back the observed patterns and future claims that’ll be derived from the data. Since case studies are usually presented in the professional environment, it’s not enough to simply have a theory and observational notes to back up a claim. Instead, the researcher must provide evidence to support the body of study and the resulting conclusions.

Present Findings

As the study progresses, the researcher develops a solid case to present to peers or a governing body. Case study presentation is important because it legitimizes the body of research and opens the findings to a broader analysis that may end up drawing a conclusion that’s more true to the data than what one or two researchers might establish. The presentation might be formal or casual, depending on the case study itself.

Draw Conclusions

Once the body of research is established, it’s time to draw conclusions from the case study. As with all social sciences studies, conclusions from one researcher shouldn’t necessarily be taken as gospel, but they’re helpful for advancing the body of knowledge in a given field. For that purpose, they’re an invaluable way of gathering new material and presenting ideas that others in the field can learn from and expand upon.


novo nordisk case study interview

Cover image for Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk

Company Overview

Novo Nordisk Business Analyst Interview Questions

Updated Mar 6, 2023

Interviews at Novo Nordisk

Interviews for top jobs at novo nordisk.

Feb 6, 2023

Novo Nordisk

Business Analyst Interview

Anonymous Interview Candidate in New Delhi

I applied in-person.   I interviewed at Novo Nordisk (New Delhi) in Jan 2022

Very neat and clear round. Management is well focused and transparent to communicate then and there. They have total of 5 rounds which took almost 1 month for the process completion

Apr 21, 2022

Anonymous Employee in Copenhagen, Capital Region

I applied online.   The process took 4 weeks.   I interviewed at Novo Nordisk (Copenhagen, Capital Region) in Aug 2021

Two interviews: 1. Interview with manager and an employees. We talked about the position, the company, and how i could fit in. 2. Interview with manager and HR partner. I had to take two form of tests before the interview. During the interview we discussed the results.

What people are saying about Novo Nordisk

novo nordisk case study interview

Life Sciences Consulting

Can anyone share general insights (e.g., culture, comp, types of projects) on Novo Nordisk Consulting? (Internal consulting arm of NN)

novo nordisk case study interview

Pharma and Biotech

Director of Pharmacy

Anyone here work @ Novo Nordisk? I have a sales interview tomorrow morning for diabetes care specialist

novo nordisk case study interview

Pharma and Health Advertising

If anyone needs referral for Novo Nordisk hit me up

novo nordisk case study interview

Bip Consulting

average salary for a data engineer or data scientist in copenhagen? at companies like novo nordisk or anyway not consulting

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Mar 17, 2021

Anonymous Interview Candidate in Bangalore

I applied through an employee referral.   The process took 5 weeks.   I interviewed at Novo Nordisk (Bangalore) in Feb 2021

I got a call from recruiter about the position. Later on after a brief discussion about my profile they have scheduled rhe first round. Technical round: It went for 1hr, mostly the round was about Alteryx and Tableau. It went well and after 2 days I received the call from recruiter for manager round with 1 senior manager and 2 Stakeholders. Manager/Stakeholder: It was a 30 mins round. Mostly on strength,weaknesses,where I see my self in novo. Mostly on the personality check. After the round they told me there will be final round with HR after 3-4 working days. The HR round never happened. After following with the recruiter for multiple days. Nothing came, every time I called the recruiter about my candidature, they neither said no nor yes. It was my first interview after long time and somewhere I wanted to join. But the way recruiter treated me I didn't like at all.

Mar 6, 2023

Anonymous Employee

I applied online.   I interviewed at Novo Nordisk in Jan 2021

There are only two rounds 1. Technical rounds 2. Technical and manager rounds Mostly they will ask from your experience only They will assess your project and communication skilled , technical skills

May 24, 2021

Anonymous Employee in Bangalore

I applied through an employee referral.   The process took 3 weeks.   I interviewed at Novo Nordisk (Bangalore) in Dec 2020

Very well organized and we'll communicated interview process. There were 3 rounds, first technical coding round, then managerial and final round was the HR round. Each round was set about 1 week apart.

May 31, 2019

I applied online.   I interviewed at Novo Nordisk (Bangalore) in May 2019

JD and Interview Questions was totally irrelevant. 1st Round - Telephonic 2nd Round - Managerial Round 3rd Round - Director I was interviewed for regular Business Analyst (Requirement gathering , PBI Writing, Requirement Management etc ) Got rejected at Director round since his expectation wasn't a regular BA and his expectation for BA position was more on System Manager. Suggestion: Make the JD or title of the JD more appropriate.

Feb 21, 2019

I applied through a staffing agency.   I interviewed at Novo Nordisk (Bangalore) in Jan 2019

I was interviewed a month before. Everything was fine but after hr interview they told me to wait for the result they will get back through mail. I kept waiting nothing came

Apr 15, 2018

Anonymous Interview Candidate

I applied through an employee referral.   I interviewed at Novo Nordisk

There were few rounds for the interview process. One-on-one with the manager and HR, followed by technical skills test, followed by a panel interview by Global team. The questions were very easy and mostly focused on my past work experience and my comfort level with the job profile.

Dec 4, 2017

Anonymous Employee in Bagsværd

I applied online.   The process took 4 weeks.   I interviewed at Novo Nordisk (Bagsværd) in Oct 2017

I applied online. The process took 4+ weeks. I interviewed at Novo Nordisk, Denmark. Interview took place with hiring manager and HR recruiter. 2nd interview, review of skill tests. 3rd interview with potential colleague. Last interview welcomed by hiring manager, but interview with VP alone.

Jul 9, 2017

I applied online.   I interviewed at Novo Nordisk (Bangalore) in Jun 2017

Total 4 rounds written test, technical round, director round, Stockholder round for each round they will take 1 week time. Total 4 rounds written test, technical round, director round, Stockholder round for each round they will take 1 week time.

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Still studying but eager to kickstart your career? Join Novo Nordisk’s case competition and use it as a shortcut to a life-changing career. 

Show your talent and bring your ideas to life at Novo Nordisk’s annual case competition ‘Innovation in Action’. It is a 1-day workshop for Master’s students from all academic backgrounds. In small groups of students with a variety of backgrounds, you and your group will work together to find an innovative solution to a real business challenge Novo Nordisk is facing. Ultimately, you will present your idea to a jury panel of senior managers and specialists from Novo Nordisk, a patient and an academic professor.

Available positions are advertised on the  Jobs section . Here you can sign up to our job agent and receive an email when a position matching your criteria becomes available.

Applicants must be enrolled in a Master’s program and have a valid student ID.  All academic backgrounds, specialisations, nationalities and universities are accepted.

The online application portal opens in September/October.


Interested candidates will have the opportunity to speak with Novo Nordisk representatives to discuss career aspirations, gain insight into the organization and ask questions. Come find us at one of the many events we attend throughout the year!

Alex Desamour, Novo Nordisk US


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Interview Questions


Novo Nordisk

based on 626 Reviews

Novo Nordisk is one of the leading global healthcare company, founded in 1923 and headquartered in Denmark. Their purpose is to drive change to defeat... read more

novo nordisk case study interview

38 interviews found

Posted on 6 Jan 2023

Novo Nordisk Interview Rounds and Process

One-on-one Round

There were 5 rounds in my interview. The first round was Resume Shortlist, followed by One-on-one round. After the second round, there was Aptitude Test round, followed by fourth One-on-one round. The process ended with fifth and final HR round.

I applied via Walk-in and was interviewed before Jan 2022.

Resume Shortlist Round

Aptitude Test Round

Online exam for aptitude test,its need patience while giving exam

Novo Nordisk Interview Preparation

Useful Resources


Posted on 13 Apr 2022

There were 4 rounds in my interview. The first round was Aptitude Test, followed by Behaviour round. The third round was Technical, followed by final One-on-one round.

I applied via Job Fair and was interviewed in Jun 2022.

It was basic techincal questions mostly 25 questions , it was easy.

Behaviour Round

Technical Round

Top skills recommended for Novo Nordisk Drug Safety Associate interview

In aptitute test there are 25 que and this is realated to PV. I remember some que like ICSR, SUSAR long form, ICSR valid criteria, AE and ARD situational que, one numeric que on GVP model and on guideline some easy que, on GCP regarding consent form one que. 2 paragraph que which is bit diff you have read thoughly and give. Its 30 min round and 25 que.


Novo Nordisk interview questions for popular designations

Posted on 28 Sep 2022

There were 2 rounds in my interview. The process started with Resume Shortlist round and ended with Technical as the second and final round.

I applied via Referral and was interviewed in Aug 2022.

Top skills recommended for Novo Nordisk Associate Business Analyst interview


Posted on 12 Apr 2022

There were 5 rounds in my interview. The first round was Assignment, followed by One-on-one round. After the second round, there was One-on-one round, followed by fourth One-on-one round. The process ended with fifth and final HR round.

Assignment Round

Tableau Developer I was given an assignment where I had to build dashboard with final story within 1 hour

Top skills recommended for Novo Nordisk Data Analyst interview


Posted on 13 Dec 2020

Medical writer internship Interview Questions

I applied via campus placement at Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute, Chennai and was interviewed in Nov 2020.


Read all Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute, Chennai placement interview questions

Jobs at Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk

Not Disclosed

Posted on 25 Feb 2022

There were 5 rounds in my interview. The first round was Resume Shortlist, followed by Technical round. After the second round, there was Technical round, followed by fourth One-on-one round. The process ended with fifth and final HR round.

I applied via Referral and was interviewed in Sep 2021.

Top skills recommended for Novo Nordisk Advisor interview


Posted on 14 Apr 2022

There were 2 rounds in my interview. The process started with Aptitude Test round and ended with One-on-one as the second and final round.

I applied via LinkedIn and was interviewed in Mar 2022.

It was 3 section test, each 14-18 mins with 14-18 questions that too very difficult to solve. The terrible aptitude test I have ever seen in my life.

Top skills recommended for Novo Nordisk Clinical Research Associate interview


Posted on 13 May 2021

I applied via and was interviewed in Apr 2021.

Top skills recommended for Novo Nordisk Business Analyst interview


Posted on 12 Oct 2020

I applied via Company Website and was interviewed in Apr 2020.


Posted on 28 Jun 2022

There were 3 rounds in my interview. The first round was One-on-one, followed by Case Study round. The final round was One-on-one.

Case Study Round

Costing and effort estimation

Top skills recommended for Novo Nordisk Senior Project Associate interview


Novo Nordisk Interview FAQs

Some of the top questions asked at the Novo Nordisk interview -

The most common HR questions asked in Novo Nordisk interview are -

Novo Nordisk Interviews By Designations

Interview Questions for Popular Designations

People are getting interviews through

Interview questions from similar companies.

Hetero Drugs

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Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute, Chennai

Novo Nordisk Reviews and Ratings

based on 626 reviews

Rating in categories

Skill development

Work-Life balance

Salary & Benefits

Job Security

Company culture

Promotions / Appraisal

Work Satisfaction

They do offsites for employees and take them to good resorts and some time team dinner to 5 star resturant....

Abbott Healthcare

Abbott Healthcare

Hetero Drugs

Hetero Drugs


novo nordisk case study interview

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novo nordisk case study interview

Cheat Sheet , a regular series, gives you first-hand accounts from real managers, hiring for top jobs, of their recruitment and screening process. This week: If you're fluent in FDA jargon, you might be a fit for Danish pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk. See all the cheat sheets here.

novo nordisk case study interview

First Round:

 10-20 candidates

Two 30-minute phone interviews, one with a recruiter and one with the hiring manager, to assess the candidate’s experience and communication skills. It’s a plus if this person has experience working in a large company.

novo nordisk case study interview

Second Round:

 4-5 candidates

A half-day of in-person interviews with four to five people who work in regulatory affairs, plus the hiring manager and some human resource folk. Interviewers ask such questions as, “Describe a time when you faced controversy and demonstrated leadership in getting the project to fruition.” The goal is to get to know applicant’s management style.

Third Round:

 1-2 candidates

More in-person interviews with the heads of the regulatory affairs, legal, and marketing departments and another brief meeting with the hiring manager.

novo nordisk case study interview

Interviewers have a short discussion to share feedback. The hiring manager makes the final decision, based on how well the interview panel felt they could interact with the candidate. “If the marketing person tells me the candidate is a nice person but can’t give a straight answer, I weigh that in.”

novo nordisk case study interview

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Novo Nordisk Tests

Novo Nordisk Tests

Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care.

Careers at Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk’s 90 years of innovation in diabetes care has given them experience and capabilities that allow them to work towards helping people defeat other serious chronic conditions: haemophilia, growth disorders and obesity.

Novo Nordisk Application Process

Online application, online tests, telephone interview, assessment centre, novo nordisk aptitude tests, novo numerical reasoning tests.

The Novo Nordisk numerical reasoning test comprises of a number of questions, usually 20, to be answered in an allotted time. Generally you are given one minute per question. They relate to graphs, percentages and tables whereby you will be asked to analyse data and choose from a set of multiple choice answers. This is designed to measure your numerical abilities.

Novo Verbal Reasoning Tests

This test comprises of a number of questions to be answered in a set time. During the Novo Nordisk verbal reasoning test you will be presented with a series of paragraphs which you will be required to read and then answer questions. Your options will be True, False or Cannot Tell. This test will be assessing your analytical skills.

Novo Case Study

You’ll be given a written case study exercise where you will be given materials to read briefly prior to writing up a report. This will be to assess your written communication skills. You’ll be expected to analyse the data and information given and then produce a written analysis and present your findings. There will then be a time for questions from the assessor so you will also be assessed on your presentation skills.

Novo Personality Tests

You will be asked to sit a personality test which will include a number of words and statements which you will have to rate in terms of how important you feel each are. This test is designed to see what type of person you are and how you will fit into the organisation.

novo nordisk case study interview

I’ve practiced hundreds of numerical questions and still have plenty more to try.

Novo Group Exercise

The group exercise demonstrates how you work and perform in a team. The group will be presented with information, including a number of issues and you will need to produce solutions. Ensure to find a balance between speaking up and making your point but without dominating the group. You must show the assessor that you can work well in any situation, especially within a team as that is something that will be expected of you at the company.

Novo Presentations

You will be expected to give a short presentation on a subject provided. You will be given time to prepare and will be allowed to take prompts in with you. This will be assessing your public speaking and presenting skills as well as how you perform under pressure during questions following your presentation.

Practice Aptitude Tests is not associated with Novo Nordisk. We provide preparation services for Novo Nordisk psychometric tests. Our tests are not designed to be identical to any style, employer or industry. Visit to find out more.

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Christian Rungsted Andersson


October 10, 2021

Too much data work

Too much 'digging out the data' and rounding numbers off, which may create noise obscuring the real understanding of the task.

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novo nordisk case study interview

Prepare for Novo Nordisk Aptitude Tests & Interview

If you are trying to become   a n employee   a t Novo Nordisk , you will prob a bly h a ve to t a ke   a   test specific a lly designed for the job like Predictive Learning Index, Hogan tests or others.   JobTestPrep   h a s cre a ted prep a r a tion p a cks  to help you ace your Novo Nordisk application process.  T a ke timed pr a ctice tests, tr a ck your scores,   a nd ensure your success.  

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Verbal reasoning test preparation.

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Mathematical Test

33 practice tests to prepare for pre-employment math exams

Typing Test Practice

Realistic typing test simulations

Premium Preparation

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WorkKeys Assessment Tests

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About Novo Nordisk PrepPacks™

The Novo Nordisk application process is rigorous, but with extensive practice, you can improve your chances of being selected to work there. Start preparing yourself now for your upcoming Novo Nordisk aptitude tests and interviews with JobTestPrep.

Novo Nordisk Application Process

Whether you are applying for Novo Nordisk Internship, Novo Nordisk Graduate Program or other Novo Nordisk career position, there are a few steps in Novo Nordisk application process you need to prepare for.

Novo Nordisk Aptitude Tests

Novo Nordisk assessment tests are a challenging part of Novo Nordisk hiring process. Novo tests may differ depending on the position, country, and state. Some of the tests are cognitive like the PI cognitive assessment, some are behavioral like the Hogan Personality Assessments  (HDS, HPI, and MVPI). Some are intended especially for managers like leadership tests. 

If you are required to take an online assessment JobTestPrep can help you prepare. Select the correct JobTestPrep pack you need to pass the tests. Below are explanations of the relevant tests.

Novo Nordisk Hogan Tests

Hogan assessments allow your employer to assess your personality in the workplace. The following assessments predict your potential performance based on your strengths, weaknesses, values and problem-solving skills. Additionally, these assessments measure your personality characteristics, a risk of career derailment, core values, and cognitive style. Hogan tests include HPI, HDS, MVPI, HBRI, and judgment tests.

Novo Nordisk PI LI Tests

The Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PI Learning Indicator), formerly known as Professional Learning Indicator (PLI), is a 12-minute test comprised of 50 questions. The purpose of the PI LI assessment is to measure your cognitive ability or your capacity to learn and adapt to the workplace.

Novo Nordisk Leadership Test

Many leadership test assessments have been developed in answer to the organizational need to measure each candidate’s core competencies that are essential for success as a leader. The aim of the leadership skills assessment battery is to discern the applicant who is able and willing to fill the leadership role.

Novo Nordisk Industry Test Preparation

Outperform other applicants using JobTestPrep’s all-inclusive pre-employment PrepPacks™. Access dozens of practice tests, score reports, study guides, and more 24/7 – Initiate your own success story by signing up today!

Novo Nordisk Interview Process

In order to put your best foot forward during the interview process read here some Novo Nordisk Interview Tips. It is essential that you research the expectations for the position which you have applied for and the types of questions you will likely be asked. An interview will generally cover questions regarding your availability, work experience, salary expectations, your knowledge of the position being offered (responsibilities, duties, etc.), why you would like to work for Novo Nordisk and so forth. Answering these questions confidently and effectively will undoubtedly boost your odds of being offered the position in the end. 

Novo Nordisk Interview Questions

Need to ace the Novo Nordisk Interview Questions? Read some examples of questions below. 

How Long Does Novo Nordisk Hiring Process Take?

The hiring process depends on the number of tasks you have to fulfil. Typically, there are hundreds, if not thousands of candidates applying for the same job. While most of them are filtered out through the use of online tests, that still leaves many who have to go through face to face assessments and interviews. We can make some generalizations though. Online tests and automatic application screening typically take no more than a week. However, you will only know if you have got through to the next stage of the application process once the job posting has been closed. The company will normally take some time to come up with a shortlist of candidates who should attend interviews. We can, therefore, say that the entire process can take up to six months.

What should I do to Prepare for my Interview with Novo Nordisk?

Learn about Novo Nordisk and your desired position from its website and additional official sources, such as LinkedIn, blogs, and press releases. Show enthusiasm and genuine interest in what the company does. Focus on the key competencies that you are being tested on, and practice with our unique preparation pack to get familiar with common interview questions and to gain important knowledge and tips.

Hacking The Case Interview

If you’re interviewing for a life sciences consulting firm, expect to be given several case interviews, or case study interviews, during your interview process.

A case interview is a special type of interview that nearly every single consulting firm uses, including life sciences consulting firms. Firms that use case interviews include: Clearview Healthcare Partners, Putnam Associates, IQVIA, ZS Associates, Simon Kutcher, and Health Advances.

Case interviews simulate the consulting job by placing you in a hypothetical business situation in which you are asked to solve a challenging problem. These interviews typically last between 30 to 45 minutes and you’ll be working closely with your interviewer towards developing a recommendation or answer to the business problem.

Case study interviews are so widely used by life sciences consulting firms because they assess many of the qualities needed to become successful consultants. With just a 30- to 45-minute exercise, an interviewer can gauge your analytical capabilities, business acumen, communication skills, and cultural fit with the firm.

If you have an upcoming case interview at a life sciences consulting firm, we have you covered. In this article, we’ll cover in detail:  

Essential Life Sciences Industry Knowledge You Should Know

The life sciences industry covers all of the businesses, organizations, and research institutions that are dedicated to protecting and improving human and animal life. There are various types of companies included in life sciences:

The life sciences industry is exciting in that it constantly sees significant changes and technological advancements every few years. Below are a few trends that you should be familiar with. They are summarized from two sources, Straits Research and Deloitte .

Artificial intelligence in biopharma : AI-driven tools is now leveraged at all phases of drug research and development. AI-driven software can assist in planning possible synthesis pathways in chemicals to obtain compounds of interest. AI is also leveraged in research areas such as phenotypic drug discovery programs to analyze data through advanced screening approaches.

Revolutionizing supply chains : There has been extensive remodeling of supply chains for strategic products, such as drug, medical equipment, diagnostics, food, and chemicals led by the national regulatory activities in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Automation and modernization : The majority of big pharma companies have been established through different mergers and acquisitions and have adopted portfolios of IT applications in different phases of modernization. Top companies are standardizing business processes, measuring manufacturing, focusing on visibility, and leveraging the right software. They are using industrial automation to overlook processes and drive business value.

Big data : Digitalization in the life sciences industry has resulted in the generation of huge volumes of data, which have to be stored and analyzed accurately to realize their full potential. Many big data techniques can transform unused data into valuable insights.

Blockchain and wearables : Wearable technology is altering the world and has paved the way for many people to monitor health, including sleeping patterns and overall fitness. Blockchain has helped wearable devices and mobile applications connect to a patient hub with all health records, allowing doctors to access a new level of visibility in real-time.

Outsourcing : Pharmaceutical companies are starting to outsource research programs to academic and private contract research organizations (CROs) to stay ahead of the competition in the world of rapidly growing knowledge and advanced technologies. Companies are choosing to outsource certain research and development activities such as clinical trials, efficacy tests in animal models, and assay development.

Telemedicine : Progress in telemedicine is one of the biggest sources of substantial change in the healthcare ecosystem. It is improving the quality of diagnosis and treatment by allowing patients to get proper access to healthcare professionals.

The 6 Steps to Solve Any Life Sciences Case Interview

There are typically six steps to solving life sciences consulting case interviews.

1. Understand the case

Your life sciences case interview will begin with the interviewer giving you the case background information. While the interviewer is speaking, make sure that you are taking meticulous notes on the most important pieces of information. Focus on understanding the context of the situation and the objective of the case.

Don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions if you do not understand something. You may want to summarize the case background information back to the interviewer to confirm your understanding of the case.

The most important part of this step is to verify the objective of the case. Not answering the right business question is the quickest way to fail a case interview.

2. Structure the problem

The next step is to develop a framework to help you solve the case. A framework is a tool that helps you structure and break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable components. Another way to think about frameworks is brainstorming different ideas and organizing them into different categories.

Before you start developing your framework, it is completely acceptable to ask the interviewer for a few minutes so that you can collect your thoughts and think about the problem.

Once you have identified the major issues or areas that you need to explore, walk the interviewer through your framework. They may ask a few questions or provide some feedback.

3. Kick off the case

Once you have finished presenting your framework, you’ll start diving into different areas of your framework to begin solving the case. How this process will start depends on whether the case interview is candidate-led or interviewer-led.

If the case interview is a candidate-led case, you’ll be expected to propose what area of your framework to start investigating. So, propose an area and provide a reason for why you want to start with that area. There is generally no right or wrong area of your framework to pick first.

If the case interview is interviewer-led, the interviewer will tell you what area of the framework to start in or directly give you a question to answer.

4. Solve quantitative problems

Life sciences case interviews may have some quantitative aspect to them. For example, you may be asked to calculate a certain profitability or financial metric. You could also be asked to estimate the size of a particular market or to estimate a particular figure.

The key to solving quantitative problems is to lay out a structure or approach upfront with the interviewer before doing any math calculations. If you lay out and present your structure to solve the quantitative problem and the interviewer approves of it, the rest of the problem is just simple execution of math.

5. Answer qualitative questions

Life sciences case interviews may also have qualitative aspects to them. You may be asked to brainstorm a list of potential ideas. You could also be asked to provide your opinion on a business issue or situation.

The key to answering qualitative questions is to structure your answer. When brainstorming a list of ideas, develop a structure to help you neatly categorize all of your ideas. When giving your opinion on a business issue or situation, provide a summary of your stance or position and then enumerate the reasons that support it.

6. Deliver a recommendation

In the last step of a life sciences case interview, you’ll present your recommendation and provide the major reasons that support it. You do not need to recap everything that you have done in the case, so focus on only summarizing the facts that are most important.

It is also good practice to include potential next steps that you would take if you had more time or data. These can be areas of your framework that you did not have time to explore or lingering questions that you do not have great answers for.

Life Sciences Consulting Case Interview Examples

Below are eight life sciences consulting case studies that you can use to practice your case interview skills. We highly recommend working through at least a few of these before your actual interviews.

Below, we have step-by-step videos showcasing how we would solve the McKinsey pharmaceutical case and the BCG drug pricing case listed above. The McKinsey case is an interviewer-led case while the BCG case is a candidate-led case. Together, these videos will give you an idea of what to expect in both styles of case interview formats.

We strongly recommend watching these two videos.

Life Sciences Consulting Case Interview Tips

Tip #1: Start preparing early

Mastering case interviews takes time. Many of the skills and techniques needed to solve case interviews can’t be learned in just a day or in a week. Ideally, start preparing for your case interviews at least a month or two in advance to give yourself enough time to learn and practice.

Tip #2: Practice with a case partner

Practicing case interviews with a partner is the best way to simulate a real case interview. There are many aspects of case interviews that you won’t be able to work on if you are doing mock cases by yourself. Casing with a partner lets you practice your communication, presentation, and collaboration skills.

Tip #3: Keep a list of feedback from each case

You should keep a journal or log of all of the different pieces of feedback you get from your case interview partner during practice. This way, you’ll be able to identify trends and prioritize what improvement areas to focus on. For example, if you consistently receive feedback in each practice case that you need to structure your answers, that should be your top area to focus on.

Tip #4: Focus on improving one thing at a time

After doing some practice case interviews, you’ll likely have a long list of feedback and improvement areas. Try to focus on improving one thing at a time. Before each practice case, decide on the one thing that you really want to focus on and nail. This will be much more effective than trying to improve everything at once.

Tip #5: Use a hypothesis-driven approach

During the case interview, you should have a hypothesis of what the answer to the case is. A hypothesis is simply an educated guess based on the knowledge that you have. As you analyze data and gather more information, make sure to be constantly changing and refining your hypothesis.

There are two benefits to using a hypothesis to drive the direction of the case. One, it ensures that you are focusing on relevant areas that will help you solve or answer the case. Two, by the time the interviewer asks you for a recommendation, you will already have a refined hypothesis on what the answer or solution to the case should be.

Tip #6: Be 80/20

You have limited time during a case interview to solve the case. Therefore, you won’t be able to cover all of the different areas in your framework and get answers to every single question that you have. Therefore, focus on the most important issues and use the 80/20 principle.

The 80/20 principle states that 80% of the outcome comes from 20% of your effort. During a case interview, focus on the most important questions or areas that will have the biggest impact or effect on developing your answer or recommendation.

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