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How to Write an Event Report

Last Updated: October 22, 2022

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Maybe you need to write an event report or essay to determine whether an event was successful by comparing its results against its objectives. It’s an important way that people or companies who’ve held events can determine whether they should make changes. There are ways you can ensure your event report is more successful. This matters if you're thinking of holding another event!

Event Report Help

how to write an event report

Organizing Your Event Report

Image titled Write an Event Report Step 1

Image titled Write an Event Report Step 2

Image titled Write an Event Report Step 3

Putting the Right Content in Your Report

Image titled Write an Event Report Step 4

Image titled Write an Event Report Step 5

Image titled Write an Event Report Step 6

Image titled Write an Event Report Step 7

Image titled Write an Event Report Step 8

Image titled Write an Event Report Step 9

Image titled Write an Event Report Step 10

Finalizing Your Event Report

Image titled Write an Event Report Step 11

Image titled Write an Event Report Step 12

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how to write an event report

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About This Article

To write an event report, start by writing a 1-2 page executive summary, which is an introduction that provides a concise version of your more detailed report. Then, explain the who, what, where, when, and why of the event in the body of your report. You'll also want to include a statement about the event’s objectives, as well as information about any relevant advertising, media exposure, or financial information. You can also use charts and graphs to convey information in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way. To learn how to best match your event report style and format to your audience, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No

Did this article help you?

how to write an event report

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Examples of Report Writing on an Event

An event report is written to check whether an event you organized was successful and meet its objectives or not. By writing a report about an event, you can not only determine the results of that event but also decide what changes you should make to reach success. In a report, a person describes a brief record of the event that took place.

Rules to writing a report

The following points are important to write a report of an event:

Below are two examples of report writing in an event:

Example 1: Report Writing Example of Annual Sports ceremony at high school

Reported by Mathew, the staff reporter

September 4, Josef High School

The annuals sports ceremony is organized like a festival in Josef High School. The school authority organized this ceremony. They chose a big ground as a venue. The school has many potential students who were good at sports. The mayor of the city was there as the chief guest. The students were so excited.  A team was organized to manage the whole ceremony. Some Volunteers also started to set up the ground and scoreboard.

In sports ceremonies, there are different activities as sports performed by the students. First, an opening ceremony took place as a cultural function. A fantastic stage was prepared for award distribution, speeches, and cultural function. After the cultural function, the names of the participants and games were announced.

The school principal delivered a speech about the heritage of sports day in their school. After that, a singing competition started. It was an interesting activity.

Now the turn was athletic games such as high jump, long jump, table tennis, and 500 meters racing.  In the end, volleyball, basketball, and football matches were played. All participants were very enthusiastic.

At the end of the ceremony, the principal announced the names of the winners. The mayor of the city was the chief guest of the ceremony. He distributed prizes to the winners. A memorable day came to an end, and the participants returned home with great joy.

This was an amazing and enjoyable sports ceremony. These types of activities keep the students active, encouraged, and confident.

Example 2: Report Writing Example of A science fair

As reported by Steve Jobs,

December 12, 2020

Last year, an event was organized as a science fair in our school. The students and the teachers both participated in that fair that was held in the main hall of our school. The aim to organize such a fair was just to give knowledge to the students and develop their interest to research further other than they learned from books. Secondly, it aimed to show the progress of the field of science in our country.

There were many items displayed at the fair. They were made by the students with the help and guidance of their teachers. All items and models were fascinating. There was a steam engine, space rocket, different charts, skeleton, microscope, and many other wonderful models. The students were excited and confident while telling about their items. People from outside enjoyed that fair most. They encouraged the students and teachers.

In the end, the school principal delivered a speech and encouraged the students to organize such events every year.

That was an amazing and informative fair for students as well as people who came from outside. These types of fairs are a source to increase knowledge and interest in the field of science.

More examples of report writing

More 50+ Examples of Report Writing [Exercise with Solution]

how to write an event report

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Social Tables

Next, use these persuasive elements to make your event report findings even more impactful: 

Add infographics and charts that support your evaluation to create the best event report. .

Use free tools such as Canva and SmartDraw to create visual representations of data points readers care about most. 

Choose event report formatting based on the intended audience. 

Order your sections according to your readers’ top goals. For example, if the event report mainly for a sponsor interested in boosting social media engagement, skip the evaluation from other sponsors and lead with marketing analytics to prove ROI. 

Embed relevant photos, videos, and audio clips to support the text. 

Again, tailor the report to your intended audience and the event type. If you hosted a booth at a trade show, include photos of your booth set-up and any relevant video or audio clips you shared with attendees who stopped by.  

Discover 5 tools you need to create the best event report

Discover must-have event report tools that fill in data gaps, provide vital KPI information, and boost your overall presentation. 

1. Use flexible registration software to track sales and social media engagement. 

Leading event registration software solutions automatically capture and translate data into printable reports. And you can do searches across Facebook, LinkedIn , and Twitter to see all the chatter about your event. Add these to the back of your event report to further prove your event ROI. 

2. Compare registration numbers versus actual event check-ins with Social Tables to create the best event report. 

Get Cvent’s handy event check-in app to track attendance. Also, add in any event diagrams you made with Social Tables to illustrate your strategic layouts and evaluate their effectiveness. 

3. Utilize survey templates and tools to capture quotable feedback from attendees, volunteers, sponsors, and speakers.

Cvent online survey software offers customizable surveys. Take advantage of their many post-event templates and user-friendly features such as simple email list uploads or analytics tracking. 

4. Proof-read your event report for errors and tone with Grammarly.

Use Grammarly’s tone detector to strike a balance between professional and friendly within your event report.  

5. Take advantage of a Net Promoter Score calculator. 

Breakdown attendee survey data with an NPS calculator that illustrates trends, uncovers key fan demographics, and helps you contextualize why attendees thought your event was great. 

Try the easiest event planning tools

How to show real roi in your event report.

Empower key event stakeholders with concrete statistics that prove their investments were worthwhile.  

1. Compare pre- and post-event social media engagement rates. 

Look at follows, profile visits, and post interactions. Track hashtags, event contest entries, and location or venue tags over the course of your event. Create a word cloud to determine what phrases attendees associate with your event online. 

2. Use attendee polling to rate their satisfaction and create the best event report. 

Create polls for the overall event or ask about specific event elements such as keynotes speakers or agenda tracks. Also, get feedback on your event report recommendations by instantly polling attendees to see if they agree with the suggestions. 

3. Breakdown movement tracking to find event hot spots and rate booth or attraction popularity. 

Use sensing technology or reports from your venue to gain insight into foot traffic at the event. For tradeshow and convention booths, pay special attention to the number of people who passed your booth versus the number who stopped to participate. Also, keep an eye out for the average amount of time each visitor spent at your display, how many of those leads converted, and the total overall impressions at the event. 

4. Analyze event app behavior to show what’s most important to attendees. 

See which parts of your event app had the most visitors, lowest bounce rates, and the highest average time on page to gain valuable insight. For example, if your event app offers networking, evaluate how many messages are sent across the platform or how many profile clicks lead to further engagement. 

5. Add up sales leads obtained through in-person and online event activities. 

Gather numbers from your email list and website registration data to see how many attendees or visitors converted to leads. Work together with your sales department to figure out how you’ll track additional post-event leads. Include this data in report addendums or follow-ups with key event partners to further promote the long term benefits of the event itself. 

6. Calculate event profitability using a tried and true formula. 

Subtract the total cost of the event from the total sales revenue earned during and immediately after. Divide that number by the total cost of the event then multiply it by 100 to see what percentage of your original investment was earned back. A full 100% indicates that you have doubled the original event investment while 50% means you at least broke even.  

How do you write a report after an exhibition?

To write a report after an exhibition, all you need to do is add additional data points that are specific to trade show booths. Include the following in your exhibition event report to provide a convincing argument for why you should (or shouldn’t) attend again next year: 

Note how much perceived or real foot traffic they had, what designs and decor they used, what size their booth was, what audiences you share, and what activities or swag they offered. Compare and contrast your trade show booths to get even more ideas for the next iteration. 

Impress clients and bosses with the best event report ever  

You now know the simple step by step process of writing an event report. You also know what tools you need, how to prove event ROI and the best ways to tailor your report to exhibitions.

Next up: create even better event reports with some tips on harnessing big data . Then, include some of these post-event evaluation questions to get the best possible feedback.

Bring amazing events to life, no stress

how to write an event report


Virtual Event Builder

how to write an event report


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Table of Contents

How to Write a Post-Event Report to Get Actionable Insights

Anna Tomakh

how to write an event report

How to write a report for an event? Creating a post-event report template is an essential part of any event you organize. This is because reporting on an event gives you and your client valuable ins ight as to how effective the event actually was.

Furthermore, such event reports help you plan more effectively in the future. Since an event report involves a lot of data regarding the number of attendees, the expenses, the revenue, and other similar information, collecting all the data in one place can reveal some very interesting trends and allow you to make even better decisions in the future.

Get access to advanced real-time and post-event analytics. Generate insightful reports and more. Try Gevme for free

Reasons w hy you need to write a post-event report

A post-conference report is an important summary of the whole event that pulls out the most relevant post-event statistics and data on any key goals or recommendations for your f uture events. That’s why it’s essential to write an event report after the event concludes

Preparing to write a post event report

Writing an excellent post-event wrap-up report demands careful preparation. If you want to write a successfu l post-event wrap-up report, follow these helpful professional tips:

how to write an event report

Once your post about your event’s success is ready, publish it, making sure to also share some significant figures,  via social media and any other channels you regularly use. Also, you may come up with a good post-event video. Here’s a successful example of the Websummit, when they made a separate post-event video:

Such kind of content is good for sharing on social media and promotion.

What should you include in a post-event report?

All of the event data should be fed into an event report definition. This will demonstrate the value of the event to your business. The following elements are important to include in this repo rt to give senior project stakeholders all the information they need to make final decisions on future event budgets, speakers, formats, floor plans, and so much more.

Executive summary

The official executive summary must be an independent document: an outline of the entire event that spells out the most important insights and discoveries from the rest of the report. It must incorporate the data on any key objectives or proposals for future event organisation.


Defining the objectives as a feature of your planning will make your post-event report less demanding to compose (and your event simpler to run). These objectives must take into consideration a substantial profit return for targets and be stated in your report introduction.

Attendee survey

Research your audience. Your objectives should be measurable, actionable results that will benefit your future events. Use survey apps to provide questionnaires to your attendees.  If the event doesn’t meet the goals, use this tool to discuss how you can ensure that they will be met at future events or revise them for the next time around.

Engage your event audience with live surveys, polls, etc. Try Gevme for free

Audience metrics are an essential data point: collect the total numbers of visitors, sponsors, and exhibitors with their demographics, job titles, and responses. This data will help you tailor future events to your target needs and collect statistics that will be vital to show to your partners in the future.

Program and speakers

This segment of your report will originate from dialogs with representatives, speakers, and exhibitors. Use it to investigate the assessment of your event program and determine whether participants were happy during the event.

Location and venue

It’s critical to audit the area of your event. Not only will it help you choose where to hold future events, but it might also give you some understanding of participant numbers. You also need to survey other pa rts of post-event reporting, including:

Marketing, media, and promotion

You must provide a marketing summary of promotion activities, highlighting both successes and failures. Areas to address in a post-event wrap up report include:


Write down all sponsorship information and results to make post-event report. Items to cover include:

Survey staff resources from your event and give proposals to future events. This will enable you to get expenditure plans ready for the following year’s meetings, conferences, and other events.

Taking photos may not help you with your report writing directly. However, it does let you create a good rapport with the audience. Also, it may be required by your client for administrative purposes.

In addition, it may be used to create profiles in the future for various branding and marketing activities.

Nevertheless, ensure that the event policy allows you to take photos in the first place. Secondly, get permission from the audience before taking their photos. This is because some attendees may prefer not to have their photos taken.

Audio and Video

If possible, it’s always a good idea to tape the entire event or any important sessions in the event. This is because such recordings can be referred to in the future to assess how the event unfolded, and what were the dynamics with regard to how the event was organized.

However, don’t forget to include a little description below a video clip or an audio script in the report. This will help the reader know the significance of the content.

Conclusion and recommendations

This is an opportunity to sum up the post-event report: a concise discourse of what functioned well and where there is space for improvement. To close your post-event report, summarise the key suggestions featured throughout the report. Incorporate suggestions from staff, patrons, speakers, and participants.

Now you kn ow what to include in a post-event report.  Here are the pro tips for how to optimise your post-event reporting:

Helpful tools to write a report

There are various online tools that you can use to write a good report. GEVME , as mentioned earlier, provides some very useful tools that help you categorize your data, analyze the data and navigate through it effectively with the use filters and other inbuilt features.

Good Sample Post-event reports

You can always make use of an event report sample to help you with your report.

Below is an event report template that you may use to get started.

Event report

You can use the table of contents as a guide to help you with the type of information you’ll need to collect and write.

Writing a post-event wrap-up report can be a hefty task. However, it does offer a number of benefits in terms of providing you with key information, based on which you can make critical decisions with regards to your event.

Follow the steps mentioned above, and you will have a perfect report in no time. The events you organize deserve actionable wrap-up reporting – get started for free and learn how to automate your post-event experiences.

how to write an event report

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