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Objective Tests for the Certificate in Business Accounting and Professional Qualification are available on-demand, all year round. Professional Qualification Case Study exams are available four times a year.

What to expect 

Certificate in Business Accounting exams are 120 minutes long. BA1, BA2 and BA3 will each contain 60 objective test questions, while BA4 will contain 85 objective test questions.

Objective Tests are available on demand and computer marked, so as soon as you have completed your Objective Test you will receive a provisional exam result of either ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ at the Pearson VUE assessment centre. This result will then be ratified in your MyCIMA account within 48 hours.

There are two types of computer-based exams in the Professional Qualification:

View key dates to help you plan your studies. Find out more

You can schedule all Certificate in Business Accounting and Professional Qualification exams online and over the phone. Find out more

We are continuing to offer online CIMA exams and in many countries you can now schedule at test centres. You now have more choice than ever.

Student FAQs

Case Study exams:  Pre-seen material 

As part of the Case Study exams, you are expected to have prior knowledge and understanding of the pre-seen material. The pre-seen is at the core of every case study and it's essential that you fully understand the scenario to be successful in the exam.

The pre-seen material is available to download via the Study Hub. You will need your MY CIMA details to log in. 

Study Planner

Have a look at this short video and find out what to expect when you go to take your exam.

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  Pearson VUE is a business of Pearson plc

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cima case study results timetable

CIMA Exam Dates – Plan for Your 2023 Exams!

There are four opportunities a year when you can sit case study exams – february, may, august and november..

cima case study results timetable

Planning and preparation are crucial when it comes to passing your CIMA exams. Therefore, it’s essential to know the exam timetable and critical deadlines you can work towards.

CIMA Subscription

Remember your annual CIMA subscription needs to be renewed every year on January 1st . You can find out more and pay on CIMA’s website.

Certificate in Business Accounting Exams

On-demand computer-based assessments are available to sit all year round.

Professional Qualification Exams

Computer-based assessments can be taken on demand throughout the year.

CIMA Case Study Exam Timetable 2023

There are four opportunities a year when you can sit case study exams – February, May, August, and November . Exams will be available for three days, from Wednesday to Friday, within each window.

February 2023 CIMA Exam Dates




May 2023 CIMA Exam Dates

August 2023 CIMA Exam Dates

November 2023 CIMA Exam Dates

Bookmark these dates to ensure you’re always prepared for your CIMA exams! Read About Target Costing

cima case study results timetable

Financial Ratios – A Tool for Meaningful Comparisons

cima case study results timetable

Everything You Need to Know About Accounting Standards

cima case study results timetable

What Is Scaled Scoring for CIMA OT Exams?

cima case study results timetable

CIMA Exams: New Resources to Pass OT & Case Study

cima case study results timetable

CIMA Classroom vs. Online Learning: Which is Better for You?

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CIMA Exam Dates: W hen (and how) should you take your next exam?

CIMA Exam Dates

Hugo Newman

PhD; Enterprise and Case Study Specialist

cima case study results timetable

It's always a good idea to plan ahead as early as possible, and especially so when studying for a challenging professional qualification like CIMA. However, the official CIMA exam dates can be a little tricky to find and navigate.

So we have created a simple guide for you here, where you can browse all the important CIMA exam dates and details over the coming 12 months.

A few provisional points before we get to the exam dates themselves:

cima case study results timetable

1. CIMA Exam Dates 2022/2023

Below you can find a simple table with the exam dates for each window over the next 12 months or so. These are the dates when you can actually sit the exams. If you need to locate an official CIMA exam centre, you can find more information here.

Note that these date ranges are inclusive. So for example, it says "10-12 November", that means you can sit the exam on the 10th, on the 11th, or on the 12th.

Typically the dates fall on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. But be sure to double-check, taking into account your local time-zone and how this might affect you.

cima case study results timetable

2. Pre-seen Release Dates

Several weeks before each Case Study exam takes place, CIMA releases the pre-seen document to students. The pre-seen is the document that introduces you to the company and industry that is the focus of the case study. It includes lots of important information that you will be expected to use on the day of your exam to help write your answers.

Usually, you can find the pre-seen document available for download on CIMA's website on the official pre-seen release date (listed below). You can find the most recent pre-seen available for download here.

cima case study results timetable

3. Exam Entry Closing Dates

As mentioned above, this is one that students often forget, or forget to check ahead of time! Be sure to register as early as you can.

Of course, it's important to bear in mind that you cannot register for your Case Study exam until you have officially passed all of the corresponding Objective Test exams at that level (this doesn't necessarily apply to all students, as some students may have been granted exemptions from certain Objective Test exams, e.g. Gateway students for the MCS).

If you are sitting all of the Objective Test exams for that level, you need to factor this into your planning. "Can I realistically have all my Objective Test exams passed by the closing date for the Case Study exam?". An important question to consider!

cima case study results timetable

4. Dates when Exam Results are Released

Important to know the exam results dates, if only to ensure that you time set aside to distract yourself from the nerves/excitement/anticipation in the preceding hours!

Students often ask "but at what time does CIMA release the exam results!?" I'm afraid to say that this one is a bit unpredictable! Sometimes it's literally within seconds of the clock striking midnight (UK time) on the date in question. Other times, students need to wait until later in the morning or even early afternoon to get their results.

That's ultimately at CIMA's discretion, and unfortunately VIVA has no inside knowledge on that particular aspect of CIMA! (... although we're certain we have plenty of insight on others!).

You will typically find your CIMA exam results on your CIMA account, on the CIMA website. So make sure you have your log in credentials ready to go, and your finger hovering over the refresh button...

cima case study results timetable

5. Exam booked? Where to start studying

Now this is going to sound biased, but... VIVA is the place to start! But we say it with good reason. VIVA is an award-winning tuition provider , a certified CIMA learning partner, and a pioneer in terms of delivering premium online learning at a fraction of the cost of traditional institutions.

But don't worry, we're not trying to just sell, sell, sell! You can start learning for your Case Study exam entirely for free , immediately.

We have 2 hours of free pre-seen analysis for every case study exam/window. You can find these free lectures on our YouTube channel here.

We also have tonnes of useful free exam guides and articles in our Knowledge Centre . For example, this extensive guide on how to write a Case Study exam answer here.

If you're impressed by this and want to really nail your exam, then you can explore our award-winning online courses here.

We hope you found this guide useful. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message in our chatbox to the bottom right of your screen (or email us at [email protected]).

A huge good luck from the entire VIVA team!

Pass faster. Pay less.

cima case study results timetable

CIMA Courses

Study for your CIMA Objective Test and Case Study exams with the most extensive, award-winning study resources including video lectures, course notes, mock exams, and more.

cima case study results timetable

ACCA Courses

Coming soon in 2022: save thousands on ACCA tuition with VIVA's All Access ACCA pass, granting you access to all ACCA subject courses, including video lectures, practice questions, live Q&As, and more.

Start Learning for Free with Award-winning CIMA Tutors

cima case study results timetable

Related articles

cima case study results timetable

This article discusses relevant costs. Relevant costs are costs that are relevant to short term decisions, or one-off decisions, and we'll be looking at some of the key features of relevant costs. We will also discuss non-relevant costs.

cima case study results timetable

In this interview, CIMA prizewinner Murat Sayin discusses how he worked through the entire CIMA professional syllabus in just 1.5 years with VIVA Founder Thomas Newman.

cima case study results timetable

In this guide, we’ll explore the most recently released public data on CIMA exam pass rates.

Case study results - time released?

cima case study results timetable

Hi fellow CIMA peeps,

What time does the case study results get released? Is it midnight? Wondering whether to stay up late or wake up early.

' src=

Its just before 2am now and they are still not up for this case study

Does anyone else have experience of them coming out at midnight? I think mine have always just come through on email in the morning and taken a while in the portal but if they'll be there at midnight I will stay up refreshing the page haha! Don't have the patience to wait til morning!

Hi.. I woke up around 1.30am and they was there.. so I’m guessing it is midnight. Good luck!

Results are released just after midnight. I naturally fell asleep at 10pm and woke up at 12:20am to find them on myCIMA. The email itself came through around 9am in the morning. All the best for tonight!!

Thank you!!!! :D

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CIMA Exam dates. Objective and Case study exams

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is a world-renowned professional body that offers the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation. To become a CGMA, candidates must pass all three CIMA Professional Qualification exams. In this blog post, we will list down the exam dates for all the three levels so that you can plan ahead.

There are a few differences in the options depending on what type of exam you're booking. 

Booking your CIMA objective test exam

For your objective test exams, you can book them on any date that suits you. You can take these anywhere from the beginning of January, all-inclusive, until November 30th each year!

Booking your case study exams

CIMA Exams are held four times a year. You will need to schedule your exams as per the table given below for Year 2023.

The exam windows take place in February, May, August, and November, with three possible dates per window.

CIMA Exam dates

Cima february 2023 case study exams, cima may 2023 case study exams, cima august 2023 case study exams, cima november 2023 case study exams.

If you cannot sit for an exam during one of the scheduled testing windows, you may be eligible to sit for an exception. Exception settings are offered on a case-by-case basis and require approval from CIMA. To request an exception sitting, log into mycima.cimaglobal.com and submit a Sitting Request form no later than 14 days before your desired exam date.  

 If you have questions about scheduling your next CIMA exam, please contact Member Services at +44 (0) 20 8849 2251 or [email protected] 

Closing comments

Registering for and scheduling your CIMA exams is a simple process. You can register for your Operational level exams as soon as you complete your CIMA registration. For the Management and Strategic levels, you must first complete the required work experience before you can sit for the exams. 

Once you have met the work experience requirements, you can schedule your exam date by logging into mycima.cimaglobal.com. Bookmark this blog to refer to the CIMA Exam dates.

Earning your CGMA designation will give you the skills and knowledge to be a successful management accountant. The CIMA exams are not easy, but with proper preparation, you can definitely pass them. Use our exam dates as a guide in planning your study schedule. Additionally, make sure to sign up for a CIMA online training course or get CIMA approved books to help you ace the exams. Good luck!

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You’ll need to get registered with CIMA before you can sit the exams. Head to the  CIMA website  to get started.

Check out our  all about CIMA page  page for more information on starting your CIMA joruney.

Objective tests: Available on demand held throughout the year

Case Study: Held four times a year

Read our blog for the CIMA Exam timetable

Eduyush is an authorised reseller for CIMA materials

Eduyush offers the following


BPP CIMA online courses


CIMA Exam Dates

cima case study results timetable

CIMA Exam Dates & Registration Process

If you want to be at the top of the curve in the accounting profession, you should pursue CIMA Pursue CIMA The CIMA qualification is a globally recognized credential offered by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in UK to individuals interested in pursuing a career in the specialized field of management accountancy. read more . CIMA is one of the best, globally recognized courses to take you to your next level.

As you’re reading this article, it’s assumed that you’re already convinced why you should pursue CIMA. Thus, here we will show you how you can take the step forward to making your dream come true.

In this article, first, we will talk about the registration process in detail. Then, we will go ahead and talk about the CIMA exam windows and dates so that you can schedule your exam.

Jump right in. Because if you read this guide about CIMA registration and exam dates, you don’t need to read another article about the same!

cima case study results timetable

You are free to use this image on your website, templates, etc., Please provide us with an attribution link How to Provide Attribution? Article Link to be Hyperlinked For eg: Source: CIMA Exam Dates (wallstreetmojo.com)

How to register for CIMA?

Cima exam registration – 4 step process, cima objective test, cima – case study exams.

If you want to study CIMA, you need to go through many details. But don’t worry; we will get you covered. In the following paragraphs, we will show you how to go for CIMA registration step by step.

First: Go to the page

The first step is really to go to – CIMA

CIMA Exam 2020 Registration

source: CIMA

On this page, you will be able to get information on finding your best entry route, how to search for course providers if you want to take tuitions, a nd which exam centers you can attend for your qualification.

Choose your route

The best part of the CIMA exam is that anyone can study it. The only requirement is that your English and Maths should be strong.

You would agree that if you’re a graduate, you’re more advanced than someone who’s just leaving school. So why is it important to choose the route! Because you need to know what options and exams you can take to get to CIMA certification directly.

Go to this page – Choose your route.

CIMA Exam 2020 Entry Route

And then you will have four options –

In each section, you have different options. Just click on the option that seems most relevant to you and follow the instructions mentioned there.

Is that you can study CIMA part-time or full-time.

Course provider

If you think that it’s better to take tuition classes rather than study on your own, CIMA got you covered. You can easily get access to their course provider.

First, go to – Colleges that teach CIMA and then read three levels of schemes they offer. After reading it in full, you can fill up the form below and search for your nearest course providers.

Have a look at the page below –

Course Provider

course: CIMA

CIMA Exam centers

Before the registration process, this is the last thing you should check. You need to know which exam centers you can attend as per your qualification.

It is also very structured, and you don’t need to go through any hassle to check the exam center.

Just go to – Pearson Vue.

Then in the box, write down your address or where you live as of now. Finally, check whether there’s any nearest CIMA exam center then you can go.

If you didn’t check the above page yet, have a look at the page below to understand what you need to do –

Exam center

Additional details

You’re already done with checking your entry routes, course provider, and exam center. Now it’s time to register. To make the process of registration easier, few things you need to keep with you while registering. Here are they –

Finally, for your information, if you are from the UK, you can pay online via debit or credit card; but if you’re from the outside UK, you can pay online or by post.

There are exactly four steps in the CIMA Registration process.

In this section, we’ll take you through each step.

1 st Step: Start

First, go to – Student Registration

On this page, all you need to do is select your entry route from the options. You can write a promotion code down in the given box if you’ve got a promotion code.

If you’ve doubts about what route entry to choose, it’s best to go for a standard route .

CIMA Exam 2020 Student Registration

Once you’re done with this, press “continue” to go to the next step.

2 nd Step: My Details

After pressing “Continue,” you will be coming to the following page –

CIMA Exam 2020 Student Registration 1

You have two options here. First, if you don’t have MY CIMA account, get started by writing your email id on the left hand. Or else, if you’re already registered with CIMA, fill up the email/contact ID and password on the right-hand side.

If you don’t have the MY CIMA account, after providing with email id, you need to fill up some more details –

Creating MY CIMA account

Once you fill this up, there’s another form that you need to fill up. Have a look –

Home Address

Once you fill this up, you will be asked to press “Complete My Details.”

3 rd Step: Registration

Once you press “Complete My Details,” you will be carried to this page –


You’ll be asked how you want to study (via which medium) on this page. There’re a total of 5 options –

If you don’t yet know which option to choose, simply select “Not yet decided” and then “Continue.”

Then you will be asked to fill terms and conditions and agree to CIMA terms. Before you tick and “Continue,” make sure you read the whole document carefully.

Terms & Conditions

Final Step: Payment

The final step is simple. Once you’re done with registration, choose how to pay, and your registration process will be complete.

As you already know that you need to appear for two tests. First, you need to clear an objective test, and then you can sit for case study exams. In this section, we will detail the CIMA exam dates in 2022.

So we will go one by one.

First, let’s talk about the objective test, and then we will articulate details about the case study exams.

But before that, just have a look at the overall picture so that you can get what we’re talking about later on.

Overall picture of CIMA exam

Objective tests would be of 90 minutes for each subject within each level. You can take the objective test any time throughout the year, as these are on-demand tests. It is important to know how you will schedule your CIMA exam.

CIMA 2020 Objective Exam

In the case of case study exams, you have four windows throughout the year. You can take case study exams in February, May, August, and November.

Within each exam window, you’ll be able to sit for five days – from Tuesday to Saturday.

Let’s have a look at the exam dates of 2022 in detail. Although February & May windows are already gone, still you’ll get an idea about the next year –

February 2022

August 2022,  november 2022, how to schedule your cima exam.

If you want to schedule your CIMA exam online, theirs is exactly four steps to consider –

You can also schedule your CIMA exam via phone. You can call at +44 (0)20 8849 2251, and the CIMA team will take your details and transfer you to Pearson VUE that will schedule your exam and take your payment (unless you choose to pay later).


Once you’re done scheduling your CIMA exam, you’ll get a confirmation email from Pearson VUE that your schedule is confirmed.

Rescheduling your exam

If, in any case, you feel the need to reschedule your exam, here are the time limits –

If you read it through, you will know everything about CIMA’s registration process and exam dates. All you need to do is keep this guide handy and keep referring back whenever you require it.

Before you take the plunge, think through how CIMA would add value to your long-term career goals and whether you would like to do CIMA to advance your career or not. Once you’re certain, go ahead and register yourself with CIMA. We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Well can you tell what the difference between CIMA and CFA is? Are they both same and different? I am lil bit confused in both of this certifications.

Thanks for your note. Well, actually you must not be confused because CIMA and CFA are not at all related qualification and they both signify different domain of study. But NO they are not completely different but if you talk about focus, perspective and subject emphasis they are quite different from each other. If you want to know more about the CIMA and CFA differentiation’s you can read this blog here.

Thanks for this useful information. If you could also tell me how to take the CIMA Exam Qualification in a best way, Please share me some study material if you have related to CIMA Exam Qualification

: Welcome. Yes I do have a comprehensive guide which will definitely help you to take the CIMA Qualification Exam in the best way possible. To read this blog you can go to this link

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CIMA Exam Results

Interested to know your CIMA Exam Results? Then you’re at the right place. We have a great load of information on how and when to get your results. You can also find out where to get study materials and tips. Take deep breaths, exam results don’t have to be so intimidating. 

CIMA Exam Results 2020 Timetable

Exams are tough but waiting for your results can be even worse. Luckily your CIMA Exam Results timetable for 2020 has already been released. So even though you have to wait, this results timetable can give you some peace of mind. 

A student studying hard at their table with a cup of coffee so they can have good CIMA Exam Results

What is the Pass Mark for CIMA

Knowing what to work towards makes studying easier and less stressful. It also gives you the opportunity to set a goal and work towards it. In this section you will find out what mark you should strive to achieve. 

Objective Tests : Your results will be given to you as a scaled score ranging from 0 to 150. You will need 70% for each of your tests. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to figure out your pass mark with any simple formula. Instead you should focus on studying hard. 

Case Study Test : The pass mark for your case study test is marked on a scale score of 0 to 150. You will need to receive at least an 80. With that you will also need to achieve a score of “moderate” or “strong” to ensure that you aren’t weak in a particular area. 

How do I Check my Exam Results

Your exam results are sent to you so you don’t have to run around looking for them. On the day that your results are released, you will receive an email. This is a notification to say that your results are available on your MYCIMA portal. If you have any trouble accessing your portal, simply contact your student advisor. 

How Hard are CIMA Exams?

All exams are tough but it’s not impossible to pass. So even though you won’t know how difficult your exam will be, you will know what your pass requirements are. This will help you with both your objective tests and your case study test. 

Objective Tests 

Your objective tests are computerized. Therefore, you will receive your test results 48 hours after you have completed it. You’ll receive an email stating that your exam results are available on your MYCIMA portal. Your results will state “pass” or “fall”. If you would like a breakdown on your objective test results, here is a video created by CIMA explaining your objective exam results . 

Case Study 

Your case study exams are harder. Case study exams are marked by professional graders. You will wait approximately 5 weeks after the test window to receive your results. When you receive your results you will see “strong”, “moderate” or “fail”for each of your 5 competencies.

A student sitting on a bench with her laptop waiting for her CIMA Exam Results

What Happens if I Fail? 

Don’t worry, if you fail your exam you can redo them. In fact, there isn’t any time limit on how many times you can redo a course. You can study for as long as you like and try, try and try again. Failing a course doesn’t mean you’re a failure, it means you didn’t understand the course work at that time. So grab your second chance with both hands. 

What you Should Know for Your CIMA Exam 

Just like any course with any exam, your CIMA exams have guidelines. Following these guidelines ensure that you follow the basic rules of writing an exam. It also ensures that you adhere to the exam ethics and policies written up but the CIMA. 

Get Help Studying for Your Exam 

At Skills Academy we try to give you every resource needed for your exams. We do this because as our student, you need the best. Our study tools and resources will allow you to enter your exam venue with confidence. 

Online Tutors and Study Groups 

By studying with us, you are agreeing to studying via distance learning . This means that you won’t attend any physical classes or study sessions. Instead you will have access to online professional tutors and study groups. Your study groups will consist of students who are studying the same CIMA course as you.

Past Papers 

Our world-class team of student advisors work tirelessly to bring you past exam papers. These papers will help you prepare for your exams. Now you won’t write the exact same paper but past papers have proven to help students understand their exams. 

Lecturers play an important role in your academic success. That’s why we have the best team of lecturers working around the clock. You can contact your lecturers via email or call them. Remember to always contact your lecturers during office hours.  

Other Benefits to Studying With Skills Academy 

Once you have enrolled as one of our students, you will see that we have a variety of benefits waiting for you. These benefits are set in place to help make your studying much more effective and enjoyable. It’s also so you receive a quality education. Read up on our policies and benefits right now. 

You can do all your CIMA courses with us. That’s right, we offer all your CIMA courses right here. You can do them from the comfort of your home and reach us via email or a free phone call.

Start Preparing for Your CIMA Exam With our Help 

Exam preparation is very important and we would like to help you. Contact one of our course experts and have them tell you how you can study, become a professional and be successful all with our help. Let us get you started. 


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  4. CIMA Case study exams May 2016 Key dates

    cima case study results timetable

  5. CIMA Case Study Advice: February 2017

    cima case study results timetable

  6. CIMA Exam Results

    cima case study results timetable


  1. Savage love X jason derulo

  2. CIMA Case Study Feb 2023 Best Practices 7 29 21 mp4


  4. Nanaska Free Introductory Session Strategic Case Study

  5. Frozen Princes Magnetic Far Away Pencil Case With Calculator & More

  6. ExamREVIEW Study Product CIMA Exam Study Package


  1. CIMA

    Case Study exams 2019 syllabus ; 08-10 February 2023 · 8/02/2023 09:00 AM 10/02/2023 05:00 PM Europe/London Exam dates ; 15-17 February 2023 · 15/02/2023 09:00 AM

  2. My CIMA Login

    If you have not yet created an online account, to ensure that you create the

  3. After your exam

    Case Study exams are human-marked. You will receive your results on your MY CIMA account 6-8 weeks after the close of the Case Study window. Check the exam

  4. CIMA

    Objective Tests are available on demand and computer marked, so as soon as you have completed your Objective Test you will receive a provisional exam result of

  5. CIMA Exam Dates

    CIMA Case Study Exam Timetable 2023 ; Exam entry opening – July 27th, 2022; Exam entry closing – January 24th, 2023; Pre-seen material released –

  6. CIMA Exam Dates: Plan your studies with confidence

    These exam windows take place in February, May, August and November and each window consists of three possible exam days. This means that resitting the case

  7. CIMA Exam Dates 2022-2023

    We have 2 hours of free pre-seen analysis for every case study exam/window. You can find these free lectures on our YouTube channel here. We also have tonnes of

  8. Case study results

    Hi fellow CIMA peeps, What time does the case study results get released? Is it midnight? Wondering whether to stay up late or wake up early

  9. CIMA Exam dates. Objective and Case study exams

    CIMA February 2023 Case Study exams ; Operational, Management ; Exam entry open, July 27, 2022, Aug 3, 2022 ; Exam entry closed, Jan 24, 2023, Jan 31, 2023 ; Pre-

  10. CIMA Exam Dates & Registration Process

    In the case of case study exams, you have four windows throughout the year. You can take case study exams in February, May, August, and November. Within each

  11. CIMA Exam Results

    Your case study exams are harder. Case study exams are marked by professional graders. You will wait approximately 5 weeks after the test window