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Why Choose Our Autobiography Writers?

Our name says it all; we are experts in writing all types of books. Here’s what you can expect from our autobiography and memoir writing service:

Autobiographies make for great reading. If you have achieved much in life, or lived through extraordinary times, our autobiography writing service can help you share your story with the world. Our expert autobiography writers have helped countless remarkable individuals immortalize their life and work on paper. They can help you achieve the same.

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Over the years, we have written numerous autobiographies, memoirs, and family histories of people from different walks of life. Here are some of the books that we created for our clients:

Our Portfolio

You check out more of our work on Our Portfolio page.

How it works.

Our process is very simple. Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned the process to make it effortless for all our customers. Our memoir writing process includes the following steps:

There will be a series of telephonic interviews that starts with specific questions about your life and ideas that you may have regarding your biography. This will help the writer prepare the outline for your book. Once you approve the outline, we may call you back to discuss specifics about your life in detail and will help you recall memories from different phases of life that we’ll include in the book. To reduce back and forth conversations, we record conversations so that the writer can re-listen them as and when needed.

Proofreading and editing, each memoir is written by an expert, in-house writer. furthermore, to make sure the content we deliver is error free, one of our senior editors proofreads and edits every draft of the book before it is delivered to you. to make your memoir memorable, we’ll ask you to provide pictures we can include in the book. this is done during the project because we format and design the book on the go. we are obsessed with delivering superior quality content., writing, feedback & revisions, in most projects, the writing and interviewing processes continues in unison. using the information provided during each interview, we create a draft and send it to you for review. this practice continues throughout the book writing process so that you can review and provide feedback on the drafts. it also lets you stay updated about the progress of your project., ready to share delivery, once the book is completed and approved by you, we convert it into your preferred format. whether you want it in form of an ebook, in print, or both, we can fulfill your requirements. printed copies are delivered right to your doorstep. ultimately, we want to create a biography that you would want to share with the world. let us know how you’d like to share it and we’ll deliver it in the right format., contact us today to convert your memories into a captivating tale call at 877-740-4797 or start a live chat, turn your story into an heirloom with our professional autobiography writers.

We all have stories that are worth telling – don’t let them go untold. Getting a biography written is the best way to share the stories of your life and to pass on your wisdom to future generations.

We help you recollect all the greatest adventures and seemingly insignificant moments that somehow influenced your life and personality. One of our experienced biography writers then creates an interesting and inspiring narrative of your life that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren.

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Frequently asked questions, q: why should you get an autobiography written, q: how much do you charge for writing an autobiography, q: what if i want to make changes in the book do you have a revision policy, q: how long will you take to write my biography, q: i want to add photographs in my autobiography. is that possible, q: how do you conduct interviews for writing my life story, q: how can i reach you if i want to know about the progress of my project.

Hire Autobiography Writers

Do you possess a story that you believe deserves to be told to everyone? Have you performed nearly unimaginable feats in your career? Have you ever encountered such priceless lessons that might potentially alter someone else’s entire life? Hire autobiography writers to tell your story to the world.

Autobiography Writing

Autobiographies are private and personal. At Ghostbookwriters, we not only guarantee immaculate wordsmithing but also sympathetic, friendly, and dependable listeners who are aware of the doors to knock in order to uncover the hidden gem that will perfectly embellish the crown of your autobiography. Your life will be portrayed as the epic narrative of a mythology in which you are the main character!

We have successfully caught the thoughts and tones of every one of our clients. We select a ghostwriter for an autobiography from our staff for each assignment who flawlessly personifies the client’s persona, voice, and character. Make friends and quickly reserve a time slot for your memoirs!

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Autobiography writer for hire

The stories in autobiographies are private and intimate. Our strategy begins with forging a cordial, warm relationship with the client. When on call with you for hours, our project managers will be just as enthusiastic as you are and will continue to be genuinely interested in you and your story. The author working on your autobiography is researching these calls.

Our writers create an outline for your story using a variety of resources such as customized software, sticky notes, mind maps, pinboards, and other things to make it seem as plausible as a work of fiction while still being true as rain.

We only move forward when you are completely satisfied with the overview and, similarly, with the drafts of every single chapter that have been submitted to you for review. Once our client is completely satisfied, the manuscript is sent to a different set of eyes for editing and proofreading. Following that, the book is formatted according to publishing standards and made market-ready.

The difficulties of publishing and marketing your autobiography are also handled by us. The last step is to just sit back, unwind, and start receiving royalties into your account.

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The Procedure We Use For Autobiography Writing

Order details.

By completing a short form to reserve your position, you will be greeted right away by one of our friendly project managers who will listen to everything you have to say about your autobiography before start writing the autobiography.

Editing & Proofreading

Along with writing, we also revise the draft. Once the manuscript is complete, our editors read it carefully, reread it, and if there is any changing required our expert writer fix it before moving to the next step.

Research & Outline Draft

We pick an expert autobiography writer who is closely matches your tone and style. The author carefully considers the notes and material offered before creating the book's outline. Before the writing begins, this outline is submitted to you for approval.

Design, typesetting, and formatting

After the client's approval of the final text, we format it in accordance with publishing standards, give it a professional appearance by adding cover designs and graphical elements.

First Chapter Approval

The writing begins after establishing an appropriate theme for your story while starting with your origin, background, and culture. The book is continued in accordance with the concept and previously authorized outline if the author is happy with the first chapter.

Publishing & Promotion

After the final text has been authorized for publication, we publish your book in the format you've chosen and carry out a great marketing strategy and promotion plan to promote the book in the market.

"What Our Clients Say"

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Brian Fernandez

"My rambling made sense thanks to your very imaginative and perceptive work! The additional information and the manner my characters were portrayed were wonderful. The author provided timely responses and kindly accommodated any last-minute changes. I appreciate your support. I'm grateful. 100% endorsed."

Jennifer Hudson

"I don't often give recommendations, but this one is for the ghostwriter I hired. Everything went smoothly, from choosing the author to submitting my manuscript for publication. I admired his continued interest in and care for my narrative. I appreciate you giving the story a personal touch. Very prompt in responding to any queries."

Harry Floyd

"The greatest place to find a book ghost writer is on this website! I thought the procedure of hiring a book ghostwriter would take a while, but to my surprise, they finished my book quickly. The job is excellent! It seemed as though the author could read my thinking, wonderful. They created my website as well. I'm grateful."


Book Writing Online

></center></p><h2>Autobiography Writing Services To Achieve Your Goal</h2><p>Whether you want to help with writing an autobiography for academic or career purposes, or you need to complete an assignment for an upcoming class, hiring autobiography book writing services can be a great way to complete your goal. Autobiographies are often the most personal and difficult writing assignments to complete. Thankfully, Book Writing online services can help you complete your autobiography. Read on to learn more about the various options available.</p><p><center><img style=

Book Writing Online: Life Story Writing Services

If you’d like to share your story with others, and you are wondering about How to Find Someone to Write My Story, Book writing online life story writing service is a great option. Our team of professional writers and editors includes award-winning journalists with a background in journalism and public relations.  Our journalists are known to be enthusiastic life story writers and worked with many individuals, taught How to Find Someone to Write My Story in writing classes and edited manuscripts for clients.

Write My story

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How it works

If you are not completely satisfied with anything, we do a thorough revision and try to deliver completely according to your expectations.

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Give us a call or sign up with our services to share your project details.

Once the outline is approved, our ghostwriters begin to formulate an initial draft which is sent to you for approval.

Autobiography Writing Services

Exceptional autobiography book writing services.

Exceptional autobiography book Life Story Writing Services uses the best resources and research to turn your life story into a compelling work of fiction. This type of writing gives readers a vivid and powerful experience of the author’s life. There are several ways to collect your memories for help with writing a Leading Auto-Biography Writing Services . Diaries, journals, photographs, videos, and family stories can all help the author remember certain events from his or her life. How to Find Someone to Write My Story? Book Writing Online is here at your service.

Online Autobiography Writing Services

You should choose a professional author who has experience in the genre. The cost of help with writing an autobiography book will depend on the amount of detail you need and the skill of the writer. However, if you have a lot of money to spend, you can look for cheaper writers in India. Exceptional autobiography book writing services can help you realize your dream. You should also ask about the process of help with writing an autobiography book.

Custom Autobiography Writing Services

If you are looking for a Leading Auto-Biography Writing Services, you have come to the right place. This company specializes in providing high-quality writing and professional editing to clients worldwide. Autobiography Book Writing Services offer exclusive discounts, up to 20%, and free unlimited revisions. We offer multiple revisions until the work is perfect, and we always include an expert proofreader before we deliver your work. Autobiography Book Writing Services also include 24/7 customer support and professional recommendations from top experts in the field.

Help with writing a Leading Auto-Biography Writing Services is meant to portray an important event or challenge in a person’s life. They may also entertain readers and provide valuable insight into a person’s life and background. While writing an autobiography, a self-aware writer will reflect on the most memorable moments in his or her life and include them in the narrative. In addition, he or she may include significant experiences that shaped his or her identity.

A Leading Auto-Biography Writing Services tells a person’s life in chronological order and is written from a third-person perspective. It addresses the author’s family background, key events, achievements, and turning points. It should be as detailed as possible to convey the author’s life story compellingly. While a Leading Auto-Biography Writing Services can be a lengthy document, it is a very important one. A professional biography writing service can help you complete your work quickly and effectively.

Book Writing Online Helps Writing An Autobiography

Autobiographies can be written in the first or third person, with the second person using “you” or the third person using “he or she.” While you’re the author of your autobiography, the other three people in the piece will act as observers and are unlikely to spot spelling or grammar mistakes. However, as the final author, you will have the final say. If possible, set the work aside for a couple of weeks before rereading it with fresh eyes.

Professional  Autobiography Ghostwriting Services  is an important and fulfilling project that can change your perspective on life. It can also help you process life’s experiences. When written well, Professional  Autobiography Ghostwriting Services  can be an amazing way to look back on your past and make it meaningful to future generations. You don’t have to be an expert author to Hire someone to  Write my Autobiography For Me.  Write a compelling  ghostwriting  autobiography. You can begin with a few short autobiographical essays to piece together your life’s story.  You don’t need to  Find a Ghostwriter for Hire to Write my Autobiography for me when you have Book writing online.

When writing an autobiography, it’s important to remember all the periods of your life, from childhood to adulthood. Even long-forgotten events and people can be recalled with new meaning. Taking family photos and talking to your family will help you recall significant events and entertaining stories. You can also look through old diaries, reports, and emails and use these to spark remembrances. You can also ask your family members to share their favorite stories and memories so you can use them in the autobiography.

When platform help writing an autobiography, remember that you’re not just listing the best moments in your life. Your Leading Auto-Biography Writing Services should also include the bad ones. Creating contrast between the good times and the bad ones helps build tension and emotion. The reader will be engaged with the book marketing services if he or she feels that tension is building in the story. Imagine a rubber band whose tension gets tighter and looser.

Experience To Write Your Autobiography

If you’re planning to write your do my Autobiography , you’ll probably want to consider hiring an experienced ghostwriter. Ghost Writer To Write Your Autobiography specializes in transforming your life story into a compelling do my Autobiography or biography. Their experience and professionalism will ensure that your readers are taken on a journey of discovery. Whether you need a professional to help with the entire process or you’re just unsure where to begin, ghostwriters can help.

When working with a professional ghostwriter, you’ll find that they’re familiar with the writing process and have the skills necessary to capture the most significant moments and experiences.  Custom Autobiography Writing Services involves a thorough account of your life experiences, written from a first-person perspective. A biographer must be well-versed with all the necessary facts and have experience in crafting an accurate narrative. Additionally, the content of the book should be focused on personal achievements.

Ghost Writer To Write Your Autobiography can help you flesh out your main point and organize material. They can also provide guidance on which decisions are the best for the book. Ghost Writer To Write Your Autobiography can provide you with references, as well as examples of previous work. If you’re unsure of the writer’s writing style, ask to read a sample of his or her work. The samples will give you an idea of the type of communication you’ll get from the ghostwriter.

Professional Autobiography Writing Service Online

You can hire a professional autobiography writing service online if you don’t have time to write it on your own. There are many benefits of hiring a professional service for your biography. For one thing, you can expect them to give you the best quality work. You can expect a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as unlimited revisions and changes. A professional autobiography writing service online will listen to your feedback and will take all of these into consideration when crafting the final product.

Another advantage of hiring a professional autobiography writing service online is that it will help you to avoid writing errors. Your do my Autobiography must be easy to read. It must be clear, concise, and full of meaning. Moreover, it must be interesting for readers to read. The last thing you want is for the readers to feel like they’re reading a boring book. Custom Autobiography Writing Services will provide you with the necessary tools to make your memoir an interesting read.

Writer To The Rescue has a reputation for quality work. The owner of this writing service personally works on each bio. Their turnaround time is also quick, and they give their clients multiple revisions, which is great for busy people. However, they don’t give specifics about their prices and turnaround time, so you’ll have to contact them directly to find out. Joan Koehne, the owner of Writer To The Rescue, has 10 years of experience as a professional writer.

Life Story Writing Services

If you’re working on a book offline or in the office, you can use Google Docs to complete your project. This cloud-based Celebrity Autobiography Writing Services tool lets you write anywhere and anytime while maintaining a revision history. The software also offers collaborative editing capabilities. Moreover, you can view the history of your work and see how many edits and revisions have been made. While Google Docs isn’t a perfect platform for autobiographies, it is an excellent choice if you’re Celebrity Autobiography Writing Services, short stories, articles, or notes. find a ghostwriter for an autobiography

Find a talented Writer for Hire to Write Autobiography

If you’ve ever dreamed of help writing an autobiography, you’re not alone. A lot of people dream of becoming a celebrity, but if you lack the time or expertise to do it, you may want to consider hiring a ghostwriter for hire. Autobiographies are a great way to tell your life story and to share your insights and values with a wider audience. You can use a professional ghostwriter to write your book or collaborate with a talented writer.

A ghostwriter for hire will be a professional who has written several books and is experienced in your industry. You’ll pay a premium for their services, but they’re well worth it – because these people are so experienced that their rates are higher than average. Before hiring a ghostwriter, make sure to research each one’s background and expertise and ask for samples of their work. If you’re looking for help writing an autobiography ghostwriter in your local area, Google is a good place to start.

When hiring a Ghost Writer To Write Your Autobiography make sure you know the timeline and the method of communication. Some writers are willing to work with you on the concept but are sure to know if you’re comfortable working with someone who can take a lot longer. Remember, ghostwriters take time to write a great book, so don’t expect them to complete your book in less than 90 days. You can pay them by the word or page count, but you should be sure to consider the amount of time you’re willing to spend on your book.

When hiring a ghostwriter, it’s important to make sure that you feel comfortable with them. A reputable ghostwriter for hire will have a standard contract detailing their expectations. If you’re unsure, ask a lawyer to review the contract and make sure it’s clear. Make sure to negotiate the terms and make sure you’re not signing a contract that’s unfair to you or Ghost Writer To Write Your Autobiography.

Custom AutoBiography Writing Services

If you are planning to write an autobiography, get Custom Autobiography Writing Services . Hiring a professional writing service is the best way to avoid the hassles. Biography writing is a very important document and it is vital to hire a company that has expertise in this field. They can help you with every aspect of your project, from selecting the right writer to editing and polishing it. Here are some advantages of hiring a professional autobiography writing service online. You don’t need to Find a Ghostwriter for Hire to Write my Autobiography for me when you have Book writing online .

A professional memoir writer will organize the information you have compiled in your life and create an engaging narrative. While you’re too busy to write your own story, the professional will pull important parts from you and write them for you. Memoir ghostwriters will also organize your life story. People have many experiences in their lives. Some of them may have experienced heartache, abuse, or great deeds. An expert ghostwriter will know how to organize them into a compelling story.

Biography ghostwriters are paid on a work-for-hire basis and are paid by the client as the work progresses. In some cases, they may receive royalties from their clients if their clients’ works are published under their names. Whether your client is an accomplished author or a celebrity, they can generate royalties. Some services even allow their ghostwriters to get royalties from the sales of their books. find a ghostwriter for an autobiography

The purpose of an help writing an autobiography is often to depict a significant event or challenge in the author’s life. In other cases, they may entertain, educate, or help others understand your background. But, in most cases, help writing an autobiography should be an exploration of the author’s life. Therefore, the most successful autobiography Life Story Writing Services are the ones that do the job for their clients. They also have experts hire someone to Write my Autobiography For Me writers who can ensure the content of the autobiography is unique and engaging. Find a Ghostwriter for Hire to Write my Autobiography for me.

Find the Best Writers To Write Your Autobiography

Many people joke about writing their autobiography, but few do. While they may have plenty of stories to tell, most lack the Celebrity Autobiography Writing Services skills, creativity, and time to complete the project themselves. This is when they seek the help of a professional writer or find a ghostwriter for an autobiography . An Autobiography Ghostwriter For Hire has experience writing memoirs and is likely to be able to deliver quality work for a fee. After all, you are paying them for their expertise and experience!

The best autobiographies have a central conflict, a compelling protagonist, and a cast of interesting characters. The characters can be anything from animals, celebrities, or cities. If you feel you can’t find someone to Write my Autobiography For Me about these people, then you should consider Celebrity Autobiography Writing Services about an offbeat character. Once you’ve chosen your cast, you can begin polishing the story to make it sing.  Find a ghostwriter for an autobiography. You can also choose an Autobiography Ghostwriter For Hire to help you with the editing.

When choosing an Autobiography Ghostwriter For Hire , be sure to ask for a sample of their work. If a ghostwriter doesn’t have experience in Custom Autobiography Writing Services , likely, they don’t write memoirs. You may find that your Professional Autobiography Ghostwriting Services isn’t that interesting. And if you have a good Autobiography Ghostwriter For Hire , he or she will be able to do a better job than you ever could. Find a ghostwriter for an autobiography.

Besides the do my Autobiography Ghostwriter For Hire , you can also seek the help of a professional bio writing service. When choosing a Hire someone to Write my Autobiography For Me writer has in mind the message you want to convey through your memoir. You can also write characters to help make your Professional Autobiography Ghostwriting Services more interesting to read. Otherwise, they can dilute your message. There’s a fine line between a compelling autobiography and one that is boring or dreary.

Choose Book Writing Online for your Autobiography

Why Should You Use Book Writing Online For Your Autobiography? Do my Autobiography is the story of your life. It should reflect the lessons you have learned, your hopes and desires, and any events or people you met along the way. Your readers will connect with you as you change through the years. Otherwise, your story will lose its meaning. Choose the service that will best suit your needs and your budget. Here are a few tips to help you hire someone to Write my Autobiography For Me or write an interesting ghostwriting autobiography.  You don’t need to Find a Ghostwriter for Hire to Write my Autobiography for me when you have Book writing online.

An Autobiography Ghostwriting Services usually includes important moments in a person’s life. It should include events or people who influenced your life in a significant way. Be sure to obtain permission first, especially if you are Celebrity Autobiography Writing Services about a real person. If you are writing about a fictional person, you can use fictitious names with story writing services . Also, avoid including any details that might offend real people. Rather, consult with those who were affected by the events in your life to make sure they are factually correct.

One of the most challenging parts of writing a ghostwriting autobiography is knowing where to start. The most difficult part is getting started! If you have the right software, defining chapters will be a lot easier. Depending on the style of your ghostwriting autobiography, you may choose to organize the book by themes or locations. It is important to remember that autobiographies should contain a central idea. This central idea is called a thesis statement and should be something that will make your readers connect with you.

Why Book Writing Online is The Best Service?

Why Book Writing Online is the best ghostwriting autobiography writing service? A biography is meant to inspire and inform the audience. It has immense value and is a great way to tell stories and gain insight into someone’s life. Unfortunately, many Write my Autobiography For Me writers don’t have the time or expertise to write their autobiographies. Whether you’re a successful businessman, famous artist, or otherwise, the task can seem daunting. Fortunately, there are several ways to get the job done right.  You don’t need to Find a Ghostwriter for Hire someone to Write my Autobiography for me when you have Book writing online.


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Very ingenious and insightful work. I love each and every word of it. Loved the extra added details and the way my characters were brought to life was just completely astonishing. I completely trust the services of Book Writing Online and recommend them all to you guys.

Jordan C. Brubaker

Ellipse 3

Michael Cruz

David B. Lawley

David B. Lawley

Hire Professional Writers To Write Your Autobiography

An autobiography is the real-life story of someone written by oneself. Several political leaders and famous persons wrote their biography to show the world how they hustled and achieved what they are today. Political leaders generally write their autobiographies to address some conflicted issues and show an insight into what is happening inside the party and government, the main focus of the autobiography is to tell people what they don’t know and to inspire and motivate them by telling them your life story and how many times you have failed before reaching that spot. Writing an autobiography is not an easy task, because although you know what happens in your life and what stories you want to share with the readers there are many chances that you mess up things during the writing and you can’t write an interesting autobiography that will keep users engaged. 

Several companies and agencies are providing autobiography writing services but they don’t have professional writers and this will affect the quality of your autobiography because those writers have no expertise in writing professional autobiographies and they can mess up things for you. Writing an autobiography is not an easy task and not everyone can do it professionally, if your autobiography is not professionally written and it is not interesting enough to keep the readers engaged then it will not be remembered for a long time. Many people look for autobiography writing services and write my autobiography for me and look for an authentic and genuine agency that can provide them with the best autobiography writing service. 

If you are one of those people searching for autobiography writing services then we are here to help you, here at, we have a team of professional writers who have worked with different top individuals in the past and those individuals are satisfied with our services. We have expert writers who are qualified and they have expertise in writing autobiographies, they can provide the best services to you and make sure that your autobiography is interesting and they write it in a way that will keep readers engaged till the end. If you want to buy services from us then contact us and place your order today, our writers follow different steps to complete your autobiography and make sure that you are satisfied with our services, some of the steps that our writers follow are listed below. 

Fill Out the Form

The first step is to fill out the form, all of your basic information like name, email address, contact number, service you want to buy, topic, and payment method all of this information goes into that form and that will help us determine what type of services you want and then we assign you, writers, according to your needs and requirements. Many people search for autobiography writing services and write my autobiography for me and look for an authentic and genuine company from where you can hire writers who can provide you with the best autobiography writing service. 

If you are one of those people searching for autobiography writing services then we are here to help you, here at, we have a team of professional writers who have worked with different top companies in the past, and those companies are satisfied with our services. We have expert writers who have expertise in writing autobiographies and they make sure that you are satisfied with our services. If you want to buy help from us then contact us and place your order and fill out the form, after that we will assign the best writers to you according to your needs and requirements. Our writers will contact you and gather some initial details like what type of services you want and what goals and objectives you want to achieve through your autobiography. Once our writers gathered all the initial details they will move on to the next step. 

Creating An Outline

The next step is to create an outline, the outline consists of all the chapters, headings, and subheadings that are going to be added to the autobiography. Several companies and agencies that are providing autobiography writing services don’t think that creating an outline is an important step which is why they skip this step and move on, skipping this step results in forgetting the details and sequence of the events in the autobiography and that will result Badly and people might not like your autobiography due to the way it is written. Many people search for an autobiography writing service and write my autobiography for me and look for an authentic and genuine company that can provide them with the best autobiography writing services. 

If you are one of those people then we are here to help you, here at, we have a team of professional writers who have worked with different top individuals in the past and those individuals are satisfied with our services. We have expert writers who have expertise in writing autobiographies and they can write interesting and engaging autobiographies for you that can keep readers engaged and make sure that readers like your autobiography. Once you have filled out the form we will assign the best writers to you according to your needs and requirements, our writers will contact you and understand what type of services you want and what are your requirements. Based on the gathered information our writers will create an outline and show it to you for approval, if you approved the outline then we move on to the next step. But if you think that something is missing or needs to be changed in the outline then you can discuss that with our writers and they will make the necessary changes in the outline and make sure that you are satisfied with our services. 

Conduct Meetings And Gather Detailed Information

Once the outline is created and approved we move on to the next step. The next step is to arrange meetings and gather detailed information from customers to start writing their autobiographies. Many people search for an autobiography writing service and write my autobiography for me and look for an authentic and genuine writing company from where they can hire a professional autobiography writer who can help them with their autobiography and provide them with the best services. 

If you are one of those people then we are here to help you, here at, we have a team of professional writers who have worked with top individuals in the past and those individuals are satisfied with our services. We have expert writers who have expertise in writing autobiographies and they know how to write interesting and genuine autobiographies from scratch, our writers will provide you with the best services and make sure that you are satisfied with the services and that you are happy with the results. Once your order is placed and our writers created an outline after that our writers conduct several meetings with you in which they want to know about you in-depth. Our writers created questionnaires and ask you those questions and then note down your answers, this way they are clearing their minds and gathering information. They keep conducting meetings until they are satisfied that all the information is gathered and they are ready to move on to the next step. 

First Chapter Approval

The main thing, main pillar of every book is its first chapter, if the first chapter of your book is not interesting and it is unable to develop an interest in readers then there are high chances that readers don’t continue with your book. Several agencies and companies are providing book writing services but they don’t give importance to the first chapter and add boring details and information in the first chapter due to which readers don’t find anything interesting and are unable to build interest in the book. If you are buying services from novice writers then they don’t know the importance of the first chapter and they might mess up things for you. Many people search for an autobiography service and autobiography writer online and look for an authentic and genuine autobiography ghostwriting agency from where they can hire a professional writer who will provide them with the best services. 

If you are one of those people then we are here to help you, here at, we have a team of professional writers who have worked with different top individuals in the past and those individuals are satisfied with our services. We have expert writers who know how to write the best and most attractive autobiographies and they can provide the best services to our customers. Our writers are professionals and they know that the first impression is the last, they know the importance of the first chapter which is why they pay special attention to the first chapter and make sure that it is attractive and engaging enough to keep the readers stuck to the book. When you contact us and place your order we assign you the best writers and then our writers create an outline for your book and conduct meetings and interviews to gather all the information that is needed. Once our writers gather all the information, based on the gathered information, our writers start writing your book and take their time before writing the first chapter. When the first chapter is completed our writers show it to you for approval, if you are satisfied with the service and you think that the chapter is perfect then we move on to the next step, but if you think that something is missing or needs to be added then you can discuss that with our writers and they make the necessary changes in the chapter. 

Keep In Contact  

We keep our customers involved in every process and keep them informed about what is happening and in what phase their book is. Several agencies and companies that are providing services don’t keep their customers attached which is why they face issues at the last when customer review the autobiography and they have to keep changing things because they don’t ask from customers before. Many people search for an autobiography service and autobiography writer online and look for an authentic and genuine autobiography ghostwriting agency from where they can hire a professional writer who can help them with their autobiography and provide them with the best services. 

If you are one of those people then we are here to help you, here at, we have a team of professional writers who have worked with different top individuals in the past and those individuals are satisfied with our services. We have expert writers who know how to provide the best services to our customers and they are qualified autobiography writers. We believe in providing nothing but the best to our customers and we make sure that our customers are satisfied with our services and that they are happy with the results. We keep in contact with our customers and we keep them informed about the processes and keep asking for their feedback so we can improve their autobiography. After the first chapter is completed we move on to the next chapters and keep sending our customers drafts for reviews and feedback. If our customers keep approving the draft then we keep writing the next chapters, if our customers show some concern then we make the necessary changes in the chapter and make sure that our customers are satisfied with our services. Once the whole book is completed, we send it to our customers for one final review and wait for their response, if they think that something is missing or needs to be changed then we make changes accordingly. Once our customers are satisfied with the book and they approved it we move on to the next step. 

Editing and Proofreading  

After the drafts are completed and approved by our customers we move on to the next step, this is the most crucial step because if you skip this step then there are chances that your book might have some errors left at the end. Several companies and agencies that are providing services are not giving importance to this step and it results in errors and mistakes in the books. Many people search for an autobiography service and autobiography writer online and look for an authentic and genuine autobiography ghostwriting agency from where they can hire professional writers who will help them with their autobiography and provide them with the best services. 

If you are one of those people then we are here to help you, here at, we have a team of professional writers who have worked with different top individuals in the past and those individuals are satisfied with our services. We have expert writers who know how to write the most interesting and genuine autobiography that will keep readers engaged and make them stuck with the book till the last. Once your book is completed and you have approved it we send it to our team of professional proofreaders who will proofread your book and make sure that no errors or mistakes are left in the book and that the book is attractive and engaging. Our proofreaders are experts and they know how to proofread the book, they take their time and make sure that your book is flawless and ready for the next step. 

Cover Page Design

Apart from writing services, we also provide designing services for your cover pages. Designing an attractive and engaging cover page is not everyone’s cup of tea and you have to be professional and creative to design an attractive cover page that will attract readers and make them curious to read your book. The first impression is the last and the first impression of your book is its cover page which will tell about your book and make people buy it. Several companies and agencies are providing services but they don’t have professional designers and their cover pages are not per expectations when readers don’t find your book cover attractive the first impression of the book is bad and readers will not buy your book. Many people search for an autobiography service and autobiography writer online and look for an authentic and genuine autobiography ghostwriting agency from where they can hire professional writers and designers who can help them with their writing and cover design. 

If you are one of those people then we are here to here help you, here at, we have a team of professional cover page designers who have worked with different companies and individuals in the past and those companies and individuals are satisfied with our services. We have expert designers who have expertise in designing cover pages and they can provide you with the best services. So, if you are looking for someone who can design your cover then contact us and place your order today and we will assign the best designers to you. Our designers will design the best and most attractive covers for your book and make sure that your cover page attracts the readers and make them curious about your book and manipulate them to buy your book. 

Why Choose

Several companies and agencies are providing services but we are the best among them. We claim to be the best because we have a customer rating of 4.0/5 on Trustpilot and we already have hundreds of satisfied customers. We have a team of professional writers who are experts in writing autobiographies and they can provide you with the best services and make sure that you are satisfied with our services. Apart from our professional writers we also provide top-notch services to our customers that make us the best among our competitors. Some of the services that we provide to our customers are listed below. 

Affordable Prices  

Budget is a problem for almost everyone and not all of them can afford costly services. Several agencies and companies that are providing services are providing them at very costly prices and most people are not able to afford them. Many people search for an autobiography service and autobiography writer online and look for an authentic and genuine autobiography ghostwriting agency from where they can hire professional writers who can provide them with the best services. 

If you are one of those people then we are here to help you, here at, we have a team of professional writers who have worked with different individuals in the past and those individuals are satisfied with our services. We have expert writers who know how to write the best autobiography for you. We care for our customers which is why we provide our services at affordable rates possible, we make sure that our services are cheap and that everyone can afford them easily. If you are new to our website and this is your first order then we provide a 20% discount to you on your first order. 

Professional Writers 

Buying services from professional writers is very important because if you buy services from someone who is a novice then there are chances that they might ruin your book. After all, writing an autobiography is not an easy task and not everyone can do it effectively. Several agencies and companies are providing services but they have inexperienced writers which makes them unauthentic. If you are looking for an authentic and genuine company then contact us and place your order today and we will assign the best writers to you according to your needs and requirements. Our writers are professionals and they have worked with different top companies and individuals in the past and those companies and individuals are satisfied with our services. Our writers are experts and they know how to write an attractive and engaging autobiography that will keep the readers engaged and make them stuck with the book till the end. Our writers are qualified and they have expertise in writing autobiographies, they can provide the best and most genuine services to you, we believe in delivering nothing but the best to our customers and our goal is that every customer is satisfied with our services and gets what they want. 

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Many agencies and companies are providing an autobiography writing service but we claim to be the best because we have a customer rating of 4.0/5 on Trustpilot and we have hundreds of satisfied customers. We believe in providing nothing but the best to our customers and we do everything to make sure that our customers are satisfied. We have a team of professional autobiography writers who are qualified and they can provide the best services to you. We provide our services at affordable prices and make sure that everyone can afford our services. We provide customer satisfaction and we respect the privacy of our customers and we make sure that your ideas and personal information are safe with us. Our professional and expert writers make sure that your autobiography is written professionally and attracts and engages as many readers as possible. Contact us and place your order today. 

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Autobiographies are personal and intimate stories. The first step in our process is developing a warm, friendly connection with the client. Our project managers will match your enthusiasm and stay actively interested through hours on call with you, taking in all the little details of various aspects of your story.

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These calls are studied by the writer who’s dedicated to your autobiography.

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We do not proceed unless you’re absolutely content with the outline, and similarly with the draft of every single chapter sent to you for approval. Once 100% satisfaction of our client is ensured, the manuscript is sent to a fresh pair of eyes for editing and proofreading, after which the book is formatted to publishing standards and made market-ready.

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Rosalie is the most versatile writer you will ever see. She is young, but exceptionally gifted with words and has a magical instinct that is reflected in her work. Her multifaceted profile showcases prized work in songwriting, rap and hip-hop, speeches, scripts, fanfics, short stories, flash fiction, and even comics. What’s surprising is that her flow from rhyming extends into the biographies and memoirs that she is always so eager to work on. Rosalie’s words are almost always trending in the media, and we feel proud to know that it was one of our own who wrote that.

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If there’s anyone who can make a person see with closed eyes, it’s our wizard, Weber. He is an expert in drawing detailed pictures in the heads of his readers and animate them with nothing but words on a page. His descriptions are extraordinarily visual, with a unique ability to change complete scenarios, all within a single sentence. Weber’s words that drop like hammers have earned him a celestial reputation amongst our clients so he stays booked in advance. Through our forum, hire him today to reserve an exclusive spot on his writing schedule.

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Order details.

Reserve your spot by filling a simple brief form, and be instantly welcomed by one of our cordial project managers. They will take in all the information you have to share about your autobiography.

Research & Outline Draft

A ghost writer for autobiography category is selected from the team who best fits your tone and style. The writer thoroughly studies the provided notes and information, and crafts the book’s outline. This outline is sent to you for approval before the writing of the manuscript begins.

First Chapter Approval

The writer then begins writing the book starting with your origin, background, and culture, and sets a suitable theme for your story. If the author is satisfied with the first chapter, the book is continued according to the theme and previously approved outline.

Editing & Proofreading

We edit the draft in tandem with the writing process. Once written, our editors peruse the whole draft multiple times for a critical review, proofreading and corrections.

Formatting, Typesetting & Designing

Once you approve the entire final manuscript, we begin to make it look like a book. The book is formatted to publishing standards and given a professional look and tasteful flavor with fonts, graphical details and cover designs.

Publishing & Promotion

After the book’s final form has been approved for publishing, we publish your autobiography and execute a custom marketing and promotional strategy.

Find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions

What is an autobiography.

What is an autobiography? An autobiography is a person’s life story written by themselves. It is different from a biography which is a person’s life story written by someone else. The difference lies more in the perspective from which the story is told rather than who is writing it. An individual can hire a ghost writer and still have an autobiography drawn up, because they’re still the author of their book. The employed ghost writer for autobiography is only writing it for them. The book is still written in first-person perspective, using information and details from the subject’s own account.

How to write an autobiography?

An autobiography is a non-fiction category, and like all other non-fiction works, it requires research and a substantial amount of data on subject matter. Start by collecting all the memories of your life. This may include diaries, journals, pictures, videos, stories from friends and family to help you remember events, etc.

Using the collection of memories and data, craft an outline for your book. Keep in mind that writing an autobiography is not the same as writing a diary. Your autobiography is a book in every sense and still has to be engaging enough so that people actually end up reading it. Look at your story’s outline from a stranger’s perspective and ask yourself if it’s worth reading if you had no prior emotional connection with the subject.

Following the outline, start writing the first chapter, which would normally be your origin and background. Do not fret about writing the whole book at once. Look at each chapter as an essay or memoir of that phase and focus on just that.

Leave editing and proofreading for the end, or better yet, seek assistance from a professional autobiography writer. They can help you fine-tune your autobiography to perfection. If you can’t handle all that, it’s time you told yourself, “maybe I should just hire a ghostwriter for my autobiography.” Fortunately, you’re at the right place to make that happen.

What type of writing is an autobiography?

Autobiography lies naturally under non-fiction writing, because it is an account of real events and true stories. Therefore it also follows the patterns that non-fiction writing usually follows.

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I rarely write reviews but this goes to the ghostwriter I hired. The process, from the selection of the writer to the final submission of my book, went smooth. I` loved how he stayed engaged and concerned about my story. Thank you for giving an interpersonal touch to the story. Very quick to answer all queries. I am very satisfied with the quality of much. Way to go.


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15 best autobiographies everyone should read at least once.

' src=

Autobiographies of famous people might be more of a self-help book than a simple account of someone’s life. There are times in our lives when we lose our focus and  feel overwhelmed in life . Getting inspired by real-life stories from some of the best autobiographies can really motivate us.

Reading about other people’s diverse viewpoints and life experiences can provide us with a better perspective towards life and widen our horizon.

“Autobiography is a wound where the blood of history does not dry.” [1]

And this is right. The life lessons from these autobiographies can always inspire us to think and live differently.

15 Best Autobiographies You Need to Read

Here’re some of the best autobiographies for your perusal.

1. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin

Understand Benjamin Franklin's past even if you did not live it.

Through Writing, Franklin creates a place where his memories can live on in perpetuity, separate from his physical body, as part of collective memory.

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is an intentional attempt to rewrite his past in a way that readers – including his son and American society – will understand, even if they did not fully live it.

Franklin’s lifelong pursuit of self-improvement began at a young age. Franklin’s desire for perfection led him to devise a plan to achieve it in just 13 weeks by eliminating bad habits and acquiring the 13 virtues he considered most important.

In addition, he laid out a day in which each necessary task was given the appropriate amount of time.

2. Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela

A Long Walk to Freedom : The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela

Mandela’s struggles and feats make his autobiography one of the most inspiring ones of all time.

An excerpt from Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’s Autobiography, Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom , depicts the battle for black liberation in South Africa. It is one of the best autobiographies if you are looking for inspiration.

First Black President Nelson Mandela was sworn into office on May 10, 1994, ending more than three centuries of white dominance in South Africa. In the country’s first democratic elections, his party took 252 of the 400 seats up for grabs.

The opening ceremony was held in the Union Buildings amphitheater in Pretoria, which was attended by many dignitaries and political personalities from numerous countries.

Affirming his country’s invulnerability to such oppression, Mandela greeted the assembled dignitaries with a polite bow during his speech.

As the country’s first black president, he founded democracy and vowed that no one would be discriminated against, regardless of race, color, creed, or ethnicity.

That the government will treat everyone equally and with respect was a promise he made many times again. Mandela’s struggles and feats make his account one of the most inspiring autobiographies of all time.

3. The Story of My Experiments with Truth by Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas K. Gandhi, Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with Truth

Freedom fighter and activist Mohandas Gandhi led India to independence after a long and arduous struggle.

In his book “ An Autobiography: My Life and My Experiences with the Truth ,” he recounts his experiences fighting against English colonialism and spreading his philosophy, known as “Satyagraha.”.

It is, indeed one of the most popular autobiographies through the course of education in India and many countries.

Most people can’t claim Gandhi’s level of moral and ethical commitment. Despite this, he tells us of his own mistakes and how he has grown because of them.

However, these quotations illustrate Gandhi’s devotion to doing what he believes is good, from honesty to vegetarianism, from keeping commitments to self-denial. Morality is the foundation of his worldview, including the experiments that guide his daily activities.

One can even say that in the entire list this one is one of the good autobiographies that will guide you throughout your lives.

4. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

During World War II, Anne Frank was a teenage Jewish girl who wrote a diary while her family hid from the Nazis. The Diary of a Young Girl is one of the best autobiographies of all time.

She and seven others stayed in Amsterdam’s “Secret Annex” for two years before being captured and deported to German concentration camps. In 1945, Anne died in the Bergen-Belsen detention camp.

Frank’s father was the last survivor of the family. He decided to publish Anne’s diary, which details her thoughts, feelings, and observations while hiding.

It has been a best-seller worldwide and a staple of Holocaust teaching programs for decades. Her legacy is honored by several humanitarian groups, and hers is one of the best autobiographies, read in several languages by people all around the world.

5. Chronicles, Vol 1 by Bob Dylan

Chronicles: Volume One

Bob Dylan began his incredible musical career when he landed in New York City in the early 1960s. Dylan’s own words present an intimate glimpse of Dylan’s motives, difficulties, and astonishing creativity in Chronicles, Vol 1.

On the surface, Dylan’s memoir comprises of three chapters on his childhood and youth, which are surrounded by two chapters about

Dylan’s experiences while working on two completely unappreciated albums. The literary aspect of this work is what first grabs the reader’s attention.

So it was wise to arrange the two chapters focusing on an older, more broken self between the three chapters on an artist who is still striving to find his voice, so the dreams witnessed in the latter can be seen refracted, half-lit, but are still present.

The book’s title is also relevant, as this is a work that deals a lot with debts.

6. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

The poem compares the features of a caged bird and a free bird, with a focus on the caged bird. The poem opens by describing the freedom of the free bird, which can fly wherever and whenever it wants because there are no other birds to compete with.

As a metaphor for a white person, the free bird follows the tide of air movement. In the sun’s orange light, it appears to be dipping its wings. It appears to be seizing the entire sky as it soars into the air.

Angelou also published one of the most inspiring autobiographies called I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings . As the title of her whole backstory, it is clear that this title meant a lot to Angelou.

This is what she talked about in her autobiography. She talked about how hard it was to be a black author and poet. She thought that people didn’t hear her because of her skin color.

She thought that, in some ways, she was still being enslaved. People in Angelou’s time were free, but there were still many rules in society that made many black people not feel independent.

7. The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X

The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley

The Autobiography of Malcolm X talks a lot about Malcolm’s experiences with racism, and “perception” is used a lot. Malcolm says that people thought of black people in a bad way when he was growing up.

There, Malcolm says that black and white people would not be able to live together in peace because of the idea of perception, which is the main reason he wants to keep them apart.

Malcolm also talks about religion in this book. Malcolm was a big fan of Islam, and he talks about religion in this text. He says Islam is better because it doesn’t support racism.

He says that “America needs to understand Islam because this is the only religion that removes race from its society.” Indeed deserving to be added to the group of truly readable and good autobiographies.

8. Agatha Christie: An Autobiography by Agatha Christie

Autobiography, An

Unless it’s a sleazy tell-all, you’d better skip the details and get straight to the dirt; the best autobiographies of all time strike a balance between the charming and the indulgent.

Agatha Christie’s Autobiography isn’t a sleazy tell-all (a Dame wouldn’t say such things anyhow), but she does it with enough charm and humor to make it worthwhile.

It wasn’t published until 1977, a year after Agatha Christie’s demise at 85 years old when she penned her autobiography.

Christie is one of the world’s best-known mystery writers, yet the author remained a mystery for many fans of Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple.

Christie was a private person who rarely spoke to the media, never did interviews, and even disappeared for some time. Despite this, she had a long and successful career as a writer.

Christie fans finally had a chance to discover more about their favorite mystery author thanks to the release of one of the most inspiring autobiographies.

9. Open: An Autobiography by Andre Agassi

Open: An Autobiography

Although some may disagree that Andre Agassi was the greatest tennis player of all time, it is clear the Las Vegas native was the most successful at attracting attention. The tome is one of the best autobiographies for sports fanatics all over the globe.

He first appeared on the pro tour in the 1980s, wearing a flamboyant outfit sponsored by Nike. It included stone-washed denim, skintight compression shorts called “Hot Lava,” and dark sunglasses that looked like they belonged on a roulette wheel at midnight.

Many were fooled by the granite consistency of Agassi’s game

Tennis star Andre Agassi is widely regarded as one of the greatest players.

Andre’s father, who was emotionally and physically abusive, was a driving force in Andre’s early development as a gymnast.

In the book Open: An Autobiography by Andre Agassi , Tennis star Andre won his first grand slam at the tender age of twenty-two, which details his sporting career and personal connections with Barbara Streisand and Brook Shields.

Andre Agassi College Prep Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada, was founded due to his philanthropic endeavors, as detailed in his autobiography.

10. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Rarely has a book about writing been so simplistic, useful, and illuminating as this one has been.

Author Stephen King’s childhood and early focus on writing to tell stories are recounted in On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft ‘s first chapter in one of his top autobiographies.

Readers will gain a new and often hilarious perspective on the development of a writer from the author’s vivid memories of his formative years in high school-college and the years leading up to his debut novel, Carrie.

Next, King discusses the essential tools of the writer’s profession, including how to use them to their full potential and keep them handy at all times.

Readers are taken on a journey through a wide range of topics, from plotting and character development to work habits and rejection, by the author.

It is a poignant tale of how King’s intense drive to write propelled him to recovery and brought him back to his life, which was serialized in the New Yorker to great acclaim.

11. A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway

A Moveable Feast: The Restored Edition

A Movable Feast  is one of Ernest Hemingway’s best-known works of fiction. Mary Hemingway, the author’s widow, published the memoir after her husband’s death in the 1950s, based on entries from Hemingway’s diaries from the 1920s.

The writer and his little son, Jack, lived in Paris during this time with his first wife, Hadley.

When Ernest Hemingway was a young American writer in Paris (1921–26), with his first wife Hadley Richardson, he wrote a collection of anecdotes called A Moveable Feast.

Hemingway worked as a journalist while pursuing his dream of becoming a full-time novelist in a modest apartment on Paris’s artsy Left Bank.

Several of the artists and authors mentioned in the sketches were also American ex-pats living in Paris at Hemingway’s writings. Drawing from various perspectives, the sketches show the progression of events rather than following a strict timeline.

12. Autobiography of Mark Twain by Mark Twain

Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol. 1

Famous American author Mark Twain shares his life story with young readers in one of his best autobiographies of all time. The Autobiography of Mark Twain , as well as insights into the mind of an author and the United States when it was young and hopeful.

The period covered by Mark Twain’s Autobiography ranges from 1835 to 1910, which is a significant one in the history of the US.

Twain’s wit and insight give readers a unique perspective on the Civil War, slavery and race relations, the settlement of the American West, globe travel in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and major literary and historical works.

Twain was widely recognized as a brilliant storyteller throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and readers eagerly awaited his memoirs.

13. I Am Ozzy by Ozzy Osbourne

I Am Ozzy

Through the pages of one of his popular autobiographies, the world gets to meet Ozzy Osbourne. For the first time, Ozzy reveals the details of his life to the public. After filming a TV show, he’s now released an entire book about his family’s privacy invasion. Take a tour through the life of Ozzy Osbourne.

He recalls everything from his childhood to the present day throughout his life. I Am Ozzy is Ozzy’s way of telling you about the things that have shaped him into who he is now and the things that have made him laugh. As a result, Ozzy divided his book into two parts.

“Starting Over” is what he calls the second section of the book. But he makes an intriguing choice in how to divide up a book and name the parts. He has chapters inside each portion.” At the outset of his autobiography, he says that no one expected him to write it, yet he did.

From his working-class childhood, his decision to leave the factory job for music, how his band was formed, why he is notorious for biting off bats and fowl heads, drug and alcohol problems, near-death encounters with STDs, and the realities of becoming a grandfather.

14. Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

Mein Kampf

Adolf Hitler wrote the Mein Kampf book, which translates to “My Struggle” in English. One volume was published in 1925, followed by another in the following year. It is one of the most popular autobiographies in the world.

Being one of the best autobiographies to read, the book explains Hitler’s political theory, including his views on the state, politics, and race.

In the early 1930s, Hitler amassed a small fortune thanks to the popularity of his book, Main Kampf.

After Hitler became chancellor, the book was made required reading for most Germans, and it served as a means of spreading Nazi ideology and principles throughout the country.

For instance, the book was provided to newlywed couples by the German government as a marriage gift during Hitler’s leadership in Germany.

Additionally, it was made available to all German troops serving in the field throughout World War II. Mein Kampf had sold more than 10 million copies in Germany by the end of World War II and translated them into 11 languages.

As a picture of fascism and Nazism in Germany at the time, it is still relevant today.

15. Dreams from my Father by Barack Obama

Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance

Among other things, Barack Obama was an author before he became a politician. Dreams from My Father  is a refreshing and insightful depiction of a young man pondering the big concerns of identity and belonging.

It was an emotional journey for Obama, born to an African-American father and an American mother. When his mother’s family relocated from Kansas to Hawaii, he followed in their footsteps and grew up in Indonesia.

When he finally gets to Kenya, he faces the painful truth of his father’s death and finally makes peace with his father’s two estates.

Final Thoughts

Biographies and autobiographies can improve your life by allowing you to reading others’ words and apply their knowledge and experience to your own life.

Just let these best autobiographies mentor you. You will be able to learn valuable life lessons without having to experience the same things as these famous people.

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How To Boost Energy And Peak Performance


The gift of a lifetime of memories.

Make a beautiful book of your life to be treasured for generations. as simple as replying to an email..


You’ve likely heard the term, ‘writer’s block’ and you may have even found yourself staring at a blank page willing ideas onto the paper.

Many of us want to document our life stories for our loved ones, but are daunted with the prospect. Our web-based autobiography creator makes it easy.


You can share your amazing stories and adventures with your grandchildren’s children. We help you document the details so your contributions are honored and remembered.


We’ve made it easy. A guided interview provides a conversational atmosphere, and you can reminisce while we build your autobiography.

Give as a gift

Show someone special that you care about preserving their memories and stories for future generations.

We believe in the value of being connected to our roots. Our mission is to preserve memories and strengthen family legacies. By capturing our loved ones’ histories and stories, we share vibrant memories that can serve as cultural threads for future generations to continue weaving.

autobiography book writer

Transform your memories into vivid stories

StoryPRO is an easy-to-use computer-based tool that helps create a book of your life.

We help you step-by-step as you bring your memories to life.

Your knowledge and life history are precious gifts that may influence your future great-great-grandchildren.

Family is about love.

You can share memories of hard work and determination, your favorite recipe, or finally get the chance to tell funny stories that may embarrass your favorite relatives!

Guided Interview Process

We strive to make you feel as though you’re chatting with a friend. The questions serve as a starting point for you to jump into your memories.

A Simple Program

If you can use the Internet, you can use StoryPRO. We want you to feel comfortable. Our program is designed for everyone to enjoy.

Author Adjust

We take your comments and create a book for you to edit.

No blank pages to overcome! Save time and memories.

Easily add photos to your autobiography.

Print Ready

We offer several print options:

Safe and Secure

Your stories are safe with us. We use state-of-the art security to protect you, and you are the only one that can see and edit your information

Email Reminder Option

If you like, we will email you memory-prompts periodically. Just reply to that email question and we’ll add it to your book!  Fast and easy.

Beautiful Hard Cover Book

With StoryPRO, you can share your treasured memories in a beautiful hard cover book that can be passed on for generations.


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Welcome👋 Happy to see you here.

Did you know that AI can help you create content 10x faster? We are Europe`s most popular AI content suite.

Are you struggling to write your next book? Maybe you’ve been thinking about hiring a ghostwriter, but you’re not sure if it’s worth the money. Well, we have good news for you: the new technology of AI book writing can do the job for you! Writing is an art form – and the future of writing is in the hands of artificial intelligence. We’ll show you how the AI book writer will change book writing and books in the future!

What is an AI book writer?

In the future, more and more books will be written by machines. These so-called AI book writers use artificial intelligence to create exciting and entertaining stories.

An AI book writer is a computer program that is capable of writing a novel or other form of book. The technology takes a set of input data, such as a collection of articles, and produces a book-length output. Even though an AI book writer is not a human being, it can still produce a book that is indistinguishable from one written by a human author. In fact, the AI book writer may even be able to produce a better book than a human author, since it is not limited by the same cognitive biases and limitations.

There are already  several AI book writers in existence , and they are getting better all the time. So far, they have mostly been used to generate non-fiction books, but there is no reason why they could not be used to write novels or other types of fiction.  Some are simply able to write a novel using a template. Others are already capable of creating a novel themselves from scratch.

However, most AI book writers use a combination of both approaches. Some of the most advanced AI book writers are able to write a novel in a way that looks into the soul of the readers. This type of AI book writer is able to understand the thoughts and emotions of readers and incorporate them into their stories. This type of AI book writers are especially useful for creating thrillers, horror stories and romance novels.

What are the benefits of an AI book writer?

If you’re a writer, you know that the hardest part of the job is often just getting started. Once you have a first draft, it’s much easier to go back and revise, but getting that first draft can be daunting. Additionally, coming up with new ideas and keeping your tone and writing consistent throughout the story can also be a challenging task. This is where an AI tool can definitely be a huge help.

So if you’re struggling to get started on your next book, or are struggling with creativity and quality control, consider using an AI tool like a, AI content generator ir AI writer. It could be just the boost you need to get the job done.

How does an AI book generator work?

If you’re like most people, you probably think that writing a book is a daunting task. After all, it takes a lot of time and effort to come up with a coherent plot, develop characters, and create believable dialogue. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some sort of automated system that could handle all of that for you? Well, as it turns out, there is such a thing – it’s called an AI book generator. And while it may not be able to produce a bestseller on its own, it can definitely help you get the ball rolling.

So how does an AI book generator work? Basically, you feed it a bunch of text – anything from another book, a news article, or even just a random story you made up. The artificial intelligence then analyzes this text and looks for patterns. It uses these patterns to generate its own text, which hopefully will be somewhat similar to the input text. Of course, the results are never going to be perfect. However, with a little bit of tweaking, you can usually get the AI to produce something that’s at least passable. And who knows – with enough time and effort, you might even be able to create a masterpiece.

We will show you an example of AI writer technology in action. The neuroflash content generator is capable of producing  over 80 different types of texts  and can also be used to generate longer forms of content. First of all, if you want to start writing a book you need a creative idea for the story. You can use neuroflash to generate original ideas by simply selecting which genre the book is supposed to be and what target audience you want to reach with it:

Following your chosen book idea, neuroflash then allows you to start writing a story from scratch. Again all you need to do is choose specific markers for your story like the content, the target audience and the desired genre:

Finally, if you’re experiencing writer’s block or don’t know how to formulate the next sentence or paragraph, you can simply let neuroflash continue the text for you: 

Additionally, you can choose a tonality of your story, to make sure that the text conveys they correct message and emotions:

Finally, if you don’t like the wording of certain sentences or paragraphs, you can make use of the rewrite function to change passages of the text without destroying their meaning: 

So now that you’ve witnessed what an AI writer can do, why don’t you try it out yourself and check out the  free neuroflash content generator ? 

What are possible drawbacks of being an AI book writer?

Book writers are based on artificial intelligence and can have some disadvantages. For one, while artificial intelligence can imitate certain writing styles, it can’t really understand them. This can lead to a strange or unnatural writing style. Therefore, the quality of the books may not be as high as when they are written by human authors

Second, AI book writers may have difficulty presenting more complex topics correctly. They are also more prone to making mistakes because they are not able to understand the context of a book like a human author.

All of this can ultimately lead to the book not selling as well as it could have. In addition, AI book writers are often more expensive than human authors. This means that publishers profit less when they publish a book by an AI book writer.

What are application examples for an AI book writer?

AI book writers can be used in many different processes of writing. For example:

Also, as far as the different types and genres of books are concerned, an AI book writers are versatile.

AI book writer & the future?

What might the future of writing look like if AI book writers become the norm? This is an exciting question and there are many different possibilities that can be imagined. One of the most interesting scenarios is that AI book writers might be able to write personalized books for their readers.

This would be possible by artificial intelligence analyzing the reader’s preferences and reading behavior and then writing a book tailored to the reader’s exact needs. It is interesting to consider whether AI book writers will be able to exceed the expectations of their readers and whether they will be able to push the limits of human imagination.

So far, AI book writers have not yet been able to establish themselves, but there are some examples that show they are quite capable of producing good texts. In 2019, for example, the first book written by a computer  was published by the scientific publisher Springer Nature.

The future of writing is in the hands of AI book writers. These new types of writers are able to write text that mimics the style and voice of a human author. This ability will lead to more and more people relying on an AI book writer to tell their stories.

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Your Life Story in Our Words

Are you looking for someone to pen your life story for you? We know how consuming writing can be. Hence, we offer you our efficient and expert autobiography writing services. An autobiography is an individual tale about personal hardships, pleasant experiences, and powerful life lessons narrated and written in first-person POV. Our expert autobiography writers are the best in business. They have authored 200+ autobiographical e-books that became the stars of countless bookshelves. Our comprehensive offers include outlining a draft for you, writing, editing, proofreading, and finally publishing it . Then our marketing team sweeps in for publicity of your book. We tell your story in complete confidence and with such storytelling prowess that keeps the reader sticking to your book until the last page.


Our Published Autobiography Books

Discover the creative expertise and productive skills of American Book Writers. These autobiographies are an example of our sincere and diligent work ethic. Moreover, our novelistic way of penning autobiographies and flawless book covers embodies perfection. Moreover, our writing and aesthetics can produce an excellent work of art for you.


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We will take notes of what story you want us to write. After a thorough interview, we will extract important information from it. This note-keeping will help us provide your autobiography with intricate details.


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There often comes a time when you asked yourself if I need help with writing an autobiography. You might have encountered thousands of videos, lectures and articles suggesting detailed and complex procedures. Well, with a busy schedule like yours, who has time for that? No need to worry now, our ghostwriters are here to assist you in writing an autobiography of your desire. They will make sure that your story conforms to the standards of standard autobiography writing. Our professionals are equipped with all necessary technicalities associated with eBook writing, editing and publishing. This all is done by keeping you updated with timely changes and revisions to the flow of the story. Nonetheless, we are the most economical writers you can find in the arena. However, it does not mean that the quality of your book writing is compromised. We know how to deliver promptly and satisfy your concerns.

You can now hire our autobiography writers by signing up on our website. You can share a short introduction to your ebook with us via email or call. Your perceptions will help us see through the story.

Our ebook-oriented questionnaire is designed to understand your expectations. This form will help our ghostwriters in forming a specific tone and theme for your ebook and enhances our collaboration.

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We scaffold your ideas in the shape of an effective outline. Our writers provide you with a spotless layout that plans the chapter-division and synchronizes the structure of your autobiography ebook.

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The first chapter of the book is the heart of any manuscript. For your satisfaction, we ensure to arrange a coordination call so that you can have all the essential elements required in your eBook.

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We ensure that the content in our writing aligns with the instructions specified by you. Moreover, we move forward only when the chapter is approved by you. 

Timely Delivery

The final stage of the process deals with the delivery of your eBook. However, you get the final revision here of your autobiography before we put an end to the process of writing. 


Autobiography Ghostwriter

Bring your personal story to life and create an inspirational book.

Autobiography writing services, ghostwriting, editing, and publishing a memoir/autobiography book that has the potential to impact lives

Our memoir and autobiography book writing service includes

autobiography book writer

Expert writers

Ghostwriters with proven years of experience in the niche are assigned the task of building the narrative and turning it into an engaging story along with their teams.

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End-to-end Service

Planning to get an autobiography or memoir book ghostwritten by our ghostwriters? We can help you conceptualize, outline, write, edit, publish and even market the book for you. Easy-peasy.

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Editor’s support

An expert editing team will be assigned to your memoir/autobiography book to provide an independent assessment of the book’s content. We also recommend services to ensure all the facts about your life are accurate and then further develop them into a fascinating book.

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The idea and subject matter of your book is unique; hence we connect you to a ghostwriting team that not only understands your life story but can also work closely to capture the essence of your life in your own unique way.

autobiography book writer

Publishing support

Self-publishing a book has never been easier. We can do it for you. Your book will hit online stores and your target audience.


Our ghostwriting package for autobiography and memoir books includes

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Do you want to tell a story about your inspirational life and change peoples’ perspectives?

Until this point, your ghost book writing journey is like most others; however, you may require more products that can help your ghostwritten book generate more profit, reach a wider audience, and help create an impact on your target reader. Those are as follow:

autobiography book writer

Audio Books

Autobiography/memoir books are all about sharing your personal life – the ups and downs, the good and bad – with your readers. Creating audiobooks that can literally talk to the listeners can create an impact your audience in a much better way that mere reading may not. Why make people with busy lives miss out on the interesting and unique lifestory that your ghostwritten book wants to put forth?

autobiography book writer

Video books/ Video Trailers

Books that are supported by soothing visuals or helpful videos can help the audience understand a person’s life and relate to it in a better manner. Moreover, it can touch people’s heart in a way that you can’t even imagine. Do you want your autobiography/memoir book to just be another book that is forgotten in the pages of history? Your idea can be created into a small video that your clients may purchase via a subscription or as a part of your ghostwritten eBook and audio/ video book package

Hear what our clients say about our expert services.

Our clients have ranked us 4.7 on average from 38,309 ratings.

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A glimpse into our ghostwriting projects

U.S. Ghostwriting are all set to provide you with a more than satisfied customer experience. Among all things books, we have published numerous pieces of our clients that include journals, cookbooks, memoirs, and beautifully conjured fiction. We aim to produce content that is timeless.

autobiography book writer

Author’s: Mathew Wayne

autobiography book writer

Author: Andrew J. Kalaven

autobiography book writer

Author: Rosie Daykin

autobiography book writer

The idea of HIM

Author: Carla Muse

autobiography book writer

Communication - A Phenomenon

Author: Lisa P Whitle

autobiography book writer

In Search of the Absolute Truth

autobiography book writer

The Coffin World of My Closet

Author: Rufus Brown

autobiography book writer

The Eleventh Hour: Fight against America

Author: Cassandra Collin

autobiography book writer

A life with in

Author: Paulella Palmer

autobiography book writer

Author: Roseanne Cosme

autobiography book writer

Author: Karla Ballard

autobiography book writer

Numbness and Tingling

Author: Rebecca Boronski

autobiography book writer

Understanding Mental Toughness

Author: Edmond Mbiaka

autobiography book writer


Author: Kate Barkley

autobiography book writer

Thinking Beyond

Author: Will A. Lee

autobiography book writer

Look for explanations, not excuses

Author: Chris Daigle

autobiography book writer

Seductive love: Infidels and love birds

Author: David C. Chang

autobiography book writer

The Religion of Lust

Author: Wesley Williams

autobiography book writer

Unfathomable Love

Author: Tiffany Blair Harrison

autobiography book writer

Cooker’s War on Boogers

Author: Sarah M. Forden

autobiography book writer

Amanda and Alena go on an Adventure

Author: Marta Kristen

A bit too sweet

Author: Jamie Davidson

Author: Andrew J Kalaven

A Serial Killer Explanation

Author: Victor Holt

Capsule Reality

Author: Mathew Wayne


Kill with a shot.

Author: Suzanne Bailey

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"Aaaaah….." He woke up with a thud. He saw on both his sides. He was in a small room with bunkers. The paint on the walls was scraped, and the room was dimly lit. There was no one in the room. He was all by himself. He looked at the ceiling and began to examine it. He was in a room and not a camp. He got up from the bed and began to examine the bulbs… they were actually bulbs and not gas lamps.

"Phew…" he let out a sigh of relief. They say this happens when a person is suffering from an acute stress disorder. This is common in the contemporary world, and it has been common in the past as well. Psychological shocks are common among people who have witnessed terrible and traumatic situations in their lives. Not only teenagers of any time, but it is common among war veterans, soldiers, and army combat doctors.

As the 20th century witnessed the end of World War II, when America bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki as its signatory move; it was evident that the bombing didn’t only have physical effects on the people of the land, but it also retained its psychological effects.

Psychologists in the 1950s reported that teenagers who were relatively young when the bombing occurred showed signs of the effects it had caused. Not only this, the victims and witnesses also showed neurotic symptoms of general fatigue, dissociation, and feeling immobile. Whilst the trauma continued; these people became a victim of autonomic nerve imbalance. On account of the devastations that the atomic bombing caused, they would occasionally feel a sense of chill or burning through their veins; known as palpation.

In the calm of the night, whilst deep in his sleep, Joseph was abruptly awakened out of his slumber. His eyes opened wide and stared into the abyss of darkness ahead, as he gasped for air. He sat upon his bed and looked around to see what was going on. In his head, he kept hearing his mother's voice, like a ghost who would silently haunt his existence; her voice was always there with him. Ever since she had died and moved on, Joseph was under the impression that she was still there, not in reality, but in some sort of supernatural way like one would see in the movies. During the eerie hours of the night, a breeze blew in from the window, and Joseph began to shiver on the spot. Gazing out of the window, the rustling of decaying leaves coupled with the snapping of twigs riddled the air with an almost horror-movie like vibe. He slid out of bed, locked the window shut, and waddled over to the kitchen to get a glass of water. It was still the early days of autumn, so little remnants of the summer still showed up here and there and were sometimes accompanied by a peculiar rise in temperature.

Joseph stood in the kitchen, glass in hand, sinking into a trance of thought before snapping out of it and returning back to his bed. He cranked up the AC and pulled the covers over his head. Underneath the sheets, he wept as he began to miss his mother, as she had passed away three years before, after struggling with diabetes for much of her adult life. The condition had riddled her with pain, and doctors' visits started to become more frequent as her end drew near. Joseph always stood by his mother's side to make sure she was as comfortable as possible. He did everything that he thought and believed would be enough to support her, but in his head, he always wondered if he had done enough. Did she get what she was entitled to; did she leave anything out when caring for her? These questions were always swarming around his head, and he wondered if they were true. A direct result of this wondering was that she now always lived in his head, not like some sort of disease, but as a part of who he was. It is for this reason that he always felt as if she was right there with him, even if it was just in spirit.

The next day, Joseph decided to dress better than usual for work. He pulled out a powder blue shirt, dark blue dress pants, and a dark blue blazer. He added to this a red tie and silver cufflinks, he felt he looked like a man ready to make a difference. He did not always dress this way and would often barely dress appropriately for the occasion. However, the nature of his work forced him to dress in a way that he wasn't comfortable with, but because his job brought in the money, he had no choice. He walked out of the door, locking it behind him. He walked to the bus stop and waited for his daily commute. Standing next to him was a mother and her baby in his cart. While Joseph was scrolling through his emails, he felt as if someone was looking at him, he looked around, and everyone seemed to be minding their own business. When he looked down, the little baby was staring at him with his eyes and mouth wide open. Glistening against the morning sun, the baby's eyes stared at him lovingly, which made Joseph smile from ear to ear.

Ear-splitting noise and the terrifying sensation of being thrown out of bed woke Camelia to a world in flames. Her first thought was that it must be an earthquake, but as her eyes flew open and she looked around, she knew something else must have happened. The shaking walls and thick smoke flooding the room through her open door told her there was a fire nearby. She saw the flickering hues of red and orange that danced upon the door and froze in fear.

A ragged breath introduced thick smoke into her lungs, and she began to cough. The cough felt as if it nearly tore her lungs apart and finally motivated her to get on her feet. Her mind screamed at her to find an escape route out of the burning home. She looked towards the door, but even from a few feet away, she could feel the heat of the inferno. As she looked out into the rest of her home, she saw nothing but flickering orange and red mixed with rolling waves of black and gray. The wood from the house was being consumed by the flames, and she didn’t have long left to escape.

The sound of something crashing outside of her bedroom echoed throughout the house, distracting her for a second and enhancing her fear. It sounded like the world was coming down around her.

She remained stunned, frozen with disbelief, when flames rolled rapidly into her room through the open door, engulfing the walls with blazing scarlet. Again, her brain reminded her that she was running out of time. The house was built on wooden pillars, and if the fire weakened them enough, the house would collapse and bring the whole roof down on her.

Glancing behind her, she realized that the window was the only escape she had. The previous occupant of the house had painted the bedroom, including the window, and had managed to seal it shut. She’d meant to fix that problem since she’d moved in but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. She’d have to break the glass to get through. It would be simple enough to break the glass, but she had another problem to deal with. The window was almost seven feet off the ground. It wasn’t the biggest drop, but right below the window was a small border of stones that ran along the house’s outer boundary. If she didn’t jump far enough, she would end up landing on them, and that could mean broken bones.

I'm awaken by my phone ringing. It’s an unknown number that flashes across my screen. I hit the silent button, laying my head back on my pillow, and fall asleep.

I am sitting on the couch watching tv, while my dad is in the kitchen frying fish from a great weekend at the cabin. He comes into view as the sun is shining through the dining room window before it's time for supper.

"Dad, do you need any help with dinner?" I call out to him. He doesn't reply to me. I call out to him once again, and there is no response from him. He doesn't even turn to look at me. He's just standing there staring out from the window. Beams of light shine on him as the sun is setting. I leave the couch and walk towards him.

As I approach him and place my hand on his shoulder, I softly say, "Dad?" He vanishes, and there are dust particles where he was standing. They are floating around through the air in the beam of sunlight.

I spring awake in a panic. I’m dripping with sweat and start to cry. It is the first time I have dreamt about my dad since he passed away. I am confused as to why he will not look at me in my dream nor answer me. I swear the dream felt so real. It was like he was there staring out of the window.

I walk to the bathroom while collecting myself from that bizarre dream. The light at the top of my phone is blinking. I swipe the screen to unlock it. I see that I have a missed call from Jason and an unknown number. There are three text messages from Jason, as well as a few messages from coworkers, and Troy.

In the previous chapter, we spoke about effective communication. In this chapter, we will go into detail about what that actually entails. Whenever you communicate with anyone, you will realize the other person is continuously missing your point for one reason alone. That reason is unclear communication. This is a phenomenon that’s very prevalent in parent and child communication, especially grown-up children. Effective communication requires clarity. You need to make sure your child completely understands and doesn’t get the wrong meaning. Grown-up children are quite sensitive and can easily be influenced by others. Teenagers are more vulnerable in the category of grown-up children. It’s kind of a time of self-discovery for especially teenagers.

Let’s talk about teenagers here first. When they enter middle and high school, later on, they start seeing themselves going through a lot of changes. Their hormones are active, resulting in physical and even emotional changes within them. They’ll face a whole myriad of issues that would include relationships with the opposite sex, crushes, confidence issues, and peer pressure, and other such issues. At these times, teenagers are also quite impressionable. They will face their first romances, heartbreaks, and breakups, and that could lead to a lot of negative behavior and depression. These are times when your teenager will want to look up to you. You should be his first point of contact when it comes to any of these issues instead of getting advice from others. Any such negative experiences can push them towards drugs and other substance abuse. You need to guide them effectively, which means clear communication. When there is clear communication, then the teenager will understand you much better and apply your suggestions and recommendations better. This also goes back to what we discussed in the first chapter. This is the time you can talk about your own days as a teenager and relate to their issues that way. You can adapt the strategies of your time to today if need be, but it needs to be explained properly.

When it comes to clear communication, it needs to be done both ways. Clear communication would require you, as a parent, to listen to your child properly. You can perhaps, as a therapist, take notes when your child is speaking to you about his or her issues at school. Let’s say your teenager comes to you and is discussing a recent breakup with you. He or she is extremely heartbroken and upset. He or she feels rejected and depressed. He or she even feels that the world is caving in on them, or it’s the end of the world. You need to let them vent to you completely.

Once they have done venting, you should respond to them with the utmost clarity. Be their support and lend them an ear. Embrace them if need be so they know you are there for them and feel their pain. If you have to cry with them, then do that too, so they know you both are on the same page. You need to remind them gently throughout the conversation that it’s not the end of the world, and things will get better. You can help them in two ways. You can try to explain to them clearly if there is a way to mend fences with their former significant other. Or, you can help them provide closure so they can focus on their future relationships properly with a fresh start. Empathy here is very important because you need to be the first person they come to when they have a breakup. You should guide them properly through the healing period. You should be very sensitive as they will have mood swings. This is also a time where you should be giving a lot more of your free time to your teenager. You need to make sure that if there is anything she or he is concerned about, he or she could just turn to you. What I mean to say here is that you need to put yourself in their shoes so that effective and clear communication could take place between you and them.

Do your best shoes have an FBI file?

Y’all ever heard of the time some wacko put a bomb in his shoes and tried to blow up a plane? Pretty famous news story, I tell you. Ever since then, the TSA’s turned into one of those creepy guys in your social media DMs asking for feet pics. Now, if you ask me, the TSA’s always been kinda scummy; all those body scanners and body checks; can’t a woman get some privacy in this world? But this? This was preposterous, asking us to strip off our shoes and reveal our bare feet? OUR NAKED BARE FEET? I could not believe the world would ever be okay with that, but here we are now, slaves to our shoe-stripping overlords.

Now, being the chatterbox that I am, I had a good job in sales. Funny how just a little convincing and some sweet talk has dollars raining down on you. I was so good at ripping people off of their money that they even gave me an award. Outside of the office, they’d probably put you in jail for that, but it’s not even close to the weirdest thing you can go to jail for, as you’ll find out soon enough. So, I’m traveling to Saint Thomas with my co-workers for the award trip and bless the airport security’s souls for making the process smooth. On the other hand, damn the airline, the pilot strolled off to get a donut, and we landed too late to catch the connecting flight. To top it off, I had to throw down money on a hotel room and wait for the next flight. The room smelled of death and cigarettes like a zombie coming out of the grave to hit that one last puff.

Now I’ll tell you; when you’ve had to spend money on a trip that was supposed to be free, broke up with your boyfriend who’s now a million miles away on some god-forsaken planet called Australia, and woken up smelling like you’ve engaged in adultery with a druggie zombie, you won’t be in the best of moods. The worst part was that I cried all night thinking about my now ex-man, closed my eyes for barely a minute, and then it was 5 in the morning. To other people, that might not matter, but I really am not a 5 a.m. person.

I strutted down to check-in wearing jeans and my pride and joy; red patent leather silver studded Stuart Weitzman sandals. These babies had the chunkiest heel you’d ever see in a sandal. I stepped up to the counter as a buff check-in agent scanned me from top to bottom. Damn, I thought; this girl was towering over me like The Hulk; I wouldn’t want those hands anywhere near me. Now She-Hulk here eyed my Weitzman sandals with what I could only describe as immense lust. I met her eyes with a stare that clearly said, “No bitch, mine!” As if she had read my mind, she ordered me to take them off. No uh. Nope. No way was she ever put her filthy hands on these babies. But I looked back up at her, towering above me, a poster child for some steroid company, and decided against taking my chances.

“Lies and secrets, Tessa, they are like cancer in the soul. They eat away what is good and leave only destruction behind.” ― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince

The evening news was wall-to-wall war and conflict. It was 1968, and the Vietnam War Tet Offensive was in full view to American families at dinner as every frame after bloody TV frame of the carnage for history passed with each second. America was on fire with students protesting the war and race riots in every major city. For me, a highly sensitive 12-year-old boy, it was virtually impossible to escape the horrors on and off the screen. It was self-evident, I suppose that no one escaped the horrors happening across America. My mom and dad were concerned that I was “too sensitive” and were always imploring me to stop being so touchy-feely. If it wasn’t my laugh that threw my dad into a tailspin, it was being too perceptive and reactive, which made the tailspin whirl faster. In the coming years, they would try everything to break me of this unmanly, overly perceptive behavior as well.

During the chaos, I attended Middle School at Newark Academy, one of the oldest prep schools in America. It was also recognized as one of the best preparatory schools in the country. The school’s Mascot, the “Minute Man,” was adopted during its founding, as many of the boys and teachers were enlisted as “minute men” in Washington’s Revolutionary Army. I was the second person in my family to attend NA, as my father also attended the Academy when he was my age. Now, what are the chances that a father and son would have the same 8th grade, math teacher? A zillion to one? Whatever the odds, Mrs. Catherin Lynham taught us both, and she and my dad were good old friends. To add some sparkle to the friendship, my father was a member of the Schools Board of Trustees. I imagined that that had to be the reason I was ‘elected’ as the 8th Grade class president, despite not running for class president. What a weird surprise, I thought. Oddly, no one in the class was upset at the outcome. I supposed Mrs. Lynham’s friendship with my dad was so strong that she must have added several of her own votes to ensure my election and thereby make one happy friend and father. While that was suspicious enough, even more weird was I never passed one of Mrs. Lynham’s math tests. After geometry, when I hit Algebra, I hit the wall. Not to worry, Walter, your class president.

I liked being president as I liked all my classmates, and they liked me too. I was a popular kid and, while not a math student, smart in every other respect. My “sensitivity” underscored my ability to perceive finer points in my studies. It also gave me a strong ability to understand others and to empathize with my classmates. I credit my sensitivity to my popularity, and as time would tell, I went on to successfully run and win in two legitimate elections for class president of my freshman and sophomore year.

I advanced in school and developed a love of the humanities, philosophy, history, and the arts, and participated in school plays and sang in the school glee club. I also participated in sports and was part of the Cross-Country, Fencing, and Tennis teams. I was a good runner and an exceptionally good tennis player, but my dad was disappointed that I didn’t play football or basketball, you know, more manly sports. That may be the reason he never attended any of my sporting events. Fencing was for sissy’s, I suppose. But above all of my extracurricular activities, there was one thing I loved doing more than anything: playing the piano.

As the world can see, America is being stripped of the power she once possessed and is blinded by multiple tactics of the following: The removal of the World Health Organization, the Iranian Arms policies, Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), and a suffering economy. The American dictator, Donald J. Trump, has contributed to these injustices the most. He lacks leadership attributes, acts recklessly, and controls America like a Mob boss instead of leading it like a President. Trump has deprived American citizens of their basic rights and has used code words to incite, activate and cause divisiveness among his followers and citizens who are not a part of his ideology of Make America Great Again (MAGA). Other racist antics, remarks, code words, and phrases of incitement used by Trump include “vicious thugs,” and “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” (what do you have to lose? Referring to black people). Trump has divided this country and shows no empathy for Blacks. He plans to implement the Anti-fascist (ANTIFA) Bill (categorizing the far-left peaceful protesters as terrorists), an excuse against those who would exercise their freedom to protest for their rights, which differs from his support for the Boogaloo boys and their extremist ideologies[A1] . Every time Trump publicly mentions or Tweets MAGA, he is sending a subtle message to his followers. America is on the brink of a civil war between Trump supporters, white supremacists, and ANTIFA’s political movement. A war that is on the people of color. His tweets subtly indicate violence, and they indirectly cause damage and hostility amongst Americans. He then justifies these uprisings against the marginalized community by putting the onus on the governors for not doing their jobs efficiently and failing to restore order. It is about time to keep your eyes and ears open and understand Trump’s message loud and clear. Trump is seizing America’s civil liberties, one policy at a time, both nationally and internationally. For example, international trade and security, relations with foreign nations, interactions for organizations and corporations, and system citizens of the United States. Trump has disrupted foreign policies, to name a few – Nuclear Arms Treaty, International Arms Treaty, and the Open Skies Treaty Withdrawal. This disruption has affected the stability, transparency, and has adversely affected the security of allies and of the United States. Trump did all he could to win a second term Presidency, and even though he didn’t win, he still managed to gain a lot of votes.

His most recent disruptions were to dismantle the postal system. This would affect the mail-in of absentee voting ballots and reject further funding to the postal system. If the post office is not funded, the absentee ballots cannot be mailed out to their full potential. He stated that he would not lose the 2020 presidential elections to Joe Biden (former Vice President of former President Barack H. Obama). Apparently, Trump did all he could to interfere with a fair election, like a partisan. His fear of losing the second term presidency was obvious.

During the 2016 election, rumor has it that Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President meddled with the U.S. votes. That’s how Trump was able to win the rigged 2016 elections, and he is labeled as an illegitimate President of the United States of America. Our foreign allies and the world looks at America with sorrow and disbelief. Our Nation is strong and does not have a place for a dictator like Trump.

I finally arrived at Miami Airport, and it was just how I had imagined. Feeling a combination of joy and excitement, I was ready to take my initial steps towards a brighter future. Whether did I know that a storm had nearly just begun?

Life had started out quite good for me. I remember being a good student, with a good family of my mother, my father, and two brothers. Up until I was sixteen, life was good and mundane. I was athletic and took part in sports activities in high school. It's strange how once an incident can flip everything around in just a matter of time. Life can be good at one moment and not so much at the next. To my disappointment, I experienced this at quite a young age.

One day "we need to add where you and your friend were standing, like did you just get done with something or were you waiting for someone? Basically, how should we start the story? The story continues from the information we have available.

The guys promised my girlfriend and me to take us home. It was a gloomy winter night. We had no such thoughts of suspicion at the time, mostly because there was no evidence to the contrary. These guys were part of the crowd who we used to hang out with at the time at the local coffee shop after school. That is why there was never any suspicion that the situation could go wrong; my girlfriend and I had seen them around often. After a while, the driver pulled over at a forest in the city. His friend told my girlfriend that he would like to talk to her, and they got out of the car. The driver got out and sat next to me in the car. (He was very friendly, and he was not a bad-looking guy either but definitely had some brain damage. He spoke a little weird, I thought, and I think the other guy was the one in control, and the whole thing was his idea. He was fat and looked genuinely evil. When I saw that they were not going in the direction of our home, I was just hoping that we would survive to get out of the situation with little to no damage. But I started to get scared when the only thing I saw was the forest and fog surrounding us. I had the feeling that this wasn't good at all. When he locked the door, I was scared and just wanted to get it over with. They opened the glovebox on the way and had a gun on them; these guys were both very big. So, I thought that the best way to ensure the least possible damage was to say nothing. I noticed that he locked the doors and started to pull his pants down. He pushed my head on himself and forced me until he had an orgasm. He opened the locks after, while I was in a complete and utter shock. I got out of the car and told my friend that we needed to leave.

I still remember it as clearly, as if it were yesterday. Maybe because of the scar it left behind. Back when my mother was washing clothes under the pomegranate tree, I was playing alone nearby my mother as usual. I had just taken a bath and wore a soft, off-white dress with a square embroidered collar. I felt so pretty. However, I was hungry, and the avocado trees in the backyard had only green avocados. I kept looking at the fruit trees to see if something was ripe to eat. The fruit was rare in the house and luxury to eat because grandma Elsa sold the fruit as soon as it ripened. However, it seemed to be my lucky day, as I discovered a pomegranate hiding at the top of the tree, up high. Excited, I told my mother to cut it for me. She refused, saying, “The other children will see you and will want some too.” I added, “But if you cut it for me, I will not let anybody see it. I will go to the end of the yard and hide until I finish it. Besides, there are no children around.” I convinced her. She brought a tall stick to pick the pomegranate. As she tapped on it, it fell down.

At that very moment, all the cousins were coming in, running, from the street. They had been playing, and they saw the fruit falling down. My mother picked the fruit and began to open it. She then gave everyone a piece and gave me a little “leftover” piece. My blood boiled as she gave away the pieces to the other kids, and by the time she gave me the last bit, I had thrown it down on the ground and said firmly, “I don’t want it. I wanted it all. I saw it first! It was mine!”

Getting too old to stand on one's own two feet

Today starts like every other Monday morning. At 6:25 AM, Dr. Naomi Leostein grabs her lunch bag from the fridge and then places it next to the laptop in her handbag. She then blindly reaches for her plaid winter coat before rushing out of the front door. However, this morning provided a little surprise. Four-year-old Nate jumps out from behind the coat rack and shouts, "You found me, Safta." Safta is the Hebrew name for grandma. She was not expecting him to be there at all. She thought that he was still sleeping. Naomi likes it when Nate and his two-year-old sister, Leah, call her Safta. The name "Safta" paints a picture of a youthful grandmother who is loaded with enough energy to keep up with the pace of active grandkids. She is young at heart, mind, body, and soul.

"You scared me. I didn't know that you were hiding there!" Naomi says to her grandson. Little Nate then shrieks with glee. Dr. Naomi says to him, "I will play with you and your sister Leah later. I need to leave for work right now." Naomi asks him, "Do you know if Saba left for work yet?" Saba is the Hebrew name for grandpa. When Naomi asks him about Saba, she is referring to her husband, Ethan. Ethan and Naomi have been married for over 30 years. Little Nate and Leah are the children of their eldest child Shayna. Shayna has been married to a young man named Michael for almost six years now, and they have been living in apartments for most of that time. However, Shayna and Michael have recently purchased their first house. It is located in Fresh Meadows, New York, and this is quite exciting for Naomi and Ethan. Fresh Meadows is located near to them. The name "Fresh Meadows" is a bit deceiving. At the time the colonists settled in Fresh Meadows centuries earlier, it was suffused with meadows fed by freshwater springs. However, by the 1960s, apartment complexes and post-war tract housing would eventually dominate the landscape. The physical presence of fresh meadows is a bit of a rarity now. Shayna and Michael have just bought a cozy, 1200 square foot, three-bedroom house in the Fresh Meadows neighborhood. Despite its small size, it is certainly spacious enough for Shayna, Michael, and their two kids. It has the added advantage of being less than 1.5 miles from Naomi and Ethan's home, which is located in Jamaica Estates, Queens.

In addition to their daughter Shayna, Dr. Naomi and Dr. Ethan have two other children who are also now grown adults: Rachel and Adam. Their second daughter, Rachel, is currently engaged to a young man named Dov Heisner. They are planning to get married in the spring at the Crest Hollow Country Club located in Woodbury, New York. This is also where Naomi and Ethan's wedding took place, thirty-plus years earlier. Their son Adam currently lives in Washington, DC. He has a steady girlfriend named Laurie Spreck. Naomi and Ethan greatly miss the everyday hustle and bustle of having their children around them. However, they are happy that Shayna, Michael, and their grandkids are temporarily staying with them while renovations are being completed on Shayna and Michael's new home. After several weeks of construction, the workmen are almost done with the renovation. As soon as the asbestos dust, caused by the removal of the old kitchen floor, is cleared away, they will be ready to move into the new house. Naomi is not eager to see her grandkids, little Nate and Sarah, leave her home. She so much enjoys having them around.

“The strength of your mind determines the quality of your life.”

To talk about mental toughness, we need to understand what that means. In the book “Developing Mental Toughness” by Peter Clough and Doug Strycharczyk, it is defined as “the personality trait which determines in large part how people deal effectively with the challenges, stressors, and pressures… irrespective of circumstances.” A lot of times, how effective we are at tackling life’s problems is determined by our mental toughness, or in other words, the strength of mind.

The same book states that “according to the 4 Cs model, the overall mental toughness is a product of four pillars:

If you’re mentally strong, then you can take on any problem that comes your way or deal with tragedies that would happen to you or your loved ones. When you look at a challenge, you turn those moments into opportunities. When it comes to confidence, you need to know that in your heart and mind, you can take on whatever comes your way. You are very sure of yourself. Commitment means you don’t back down from what you set to do, you stick to your guns, and you will complete the tasks you set out to do. Control means that your destiny is in your hand. You are in charge of your life, and you are secure of yourself. These four traits are very important to have. You need to have these four traits inside you to be mentally tough. It’s extremely important to understand the opening quote of this chapter. The strength of the mind does determine the quality of life. If you’re not mentally strong, you can’t make decisions period. It’s not about making just 31decisions; it’s about making the strong and right decisions.

Your quality of life does get affected as you can slowly slip into depression and self-destruction. You are easily overcome by peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse. If you don’t want to go down that path, you need to develop mental toughness.

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” – Ralph Ellison

We all want to have confidence and surety with the things that we do in our day-to-day lives. When one talks about being self-aware, what does it mean? To be self-aware or to strive to attain self-awareness is to be able to understand and acknowledge the different things that go on in our heads.

Self-awareness can be as simple as seeing how you feel when you are around friends. While you are supposedly there to unwind and relax, there can be a million things on your mind that have you both consciously and subconsciously troubled. The setting is that of a BBQ with your closest buddies, and you huddled around the grill. The smell of beef cooking and the sound of a beer bottle opening can be everywhere. There is a wholesome and positive vibe going around. While you are laughing and evidently having a good time inside your head, it is a completely different story. There are insecurities that you are battling, worries that are wearing you down, problems that seemingly have no solution in sight. These things take a toll on you inside. Knowing that, acknowledging that, and understanding that is self-awareness.

However, it is sometimes more complex than this as well. There are times when self-awareness is far more complex than all of this. Have you ever had a lot to do, i.e., work, school, assignments, obligations, which you know are important, but for some reason, you just cannot gather the energy to get up and get the work done? You lay in bed, staring into the abyss with the burden of your thoughts weighing down on you. It could be finals week in college with all of these deadlines coming at you, yet nothing is seemingly affecting you, or it is affecting you so much that you've raised a white flag and admitted defeat. This leads you to feel as if you are stuck and have nowhere to go. The impending thoughts of having to get all of this stuff done make you feel even worse than you already do. Realizing and knowing that this is something that is affecting you is self-awareness.

When I turned 22 years old, I felt like my life needed a restart. We live in an era where movie franchises are constantly rebooted, so why can't we restart our lives. Movie studios look at those franchises and see where they went wrong, and by starting fresh, they can make a good movie that can spin off into sequels and beyond. Why can't we do the same with our own lives? We can also do a self-analysis and see what is wrong or right in our life and then see how we can improve things. Sometimes, we all even require a fresh start. We can take the good and improve on it while starting out fresh. So, on my 22nd birthday, I made a clear and concise decision to restart my life. What was important for me to analyze was the negativity in my life that was bringing me down. The negativity consisted of my ego, materialism (greed), jealousy, fear, worry, care, insecurity, and all other negative emotions that I had been feeling. Once I removed all these emotions from my life and personality, I felt like a rebooted movie franchise too. I felt like a new man. It felt like I was born again. Most people use the "born again" phrase for a religious reawakening or a spiritual reawakening, but I am using this phrase for a more personal reawakening that perhaps encompasses all that and more. These things are important because what we realize is that we are the ones who bring ourselves down. Having a fresh start in life is great, but we need to analyze what is not needed in this fresh start. You have to feel like a baby. You have to learn to discover new things as you've never done them before. You look at similar experiences in a new way. Your mindset and outlook in life have to be different and a whole lot more positive. It is important to think positively. It is important to know that now you will make a difference in your life and, in turn, others around you. To be honest, our insecurities are our greatest enemy, and almost all times, they create differences between ourselves and our loved ones, or rather those that matter to us. Once we get rid of those and other negative emotions, we feel renewed and refreshed. Our insecurities and fears will get us down and block us from moving ahead, and it's important we realize that we are bigger and better than that. We can't let them slow us down in the pursuit of our own immaterial happiness.

I wanted to think beyond my ego, insecurities, and other negative emotions. I felt it was important to rise above all this negativity to become a newer person. I also realized a few things. Most importantly, I was able to see the world and my own self a lot more closely than ever before and perform a much better self-analysis. I was able to humble myself and break free of all the mental and emotional shackles that had chained me forever. These negative emotions I speak of are like colored lenses. When we have, for example, ego, we look at everything in life through those colored lenses. We look at the world and form opinions and interpretations of everything inside it through those lenses. It forms our worldview, and that can, unfortunately, be an unclear worldview. The worst thing we do is that every action and interaction we do in the world is derived from that worldview. We impact not just us but those around us with our actions and interactions. Even worse is the life decisions we make based on this worldview we have developed for ourselves. Those decisions become disasters and have long-standing consequences that impact us all our lives. We have to live with the choices we make, and a bad decision can't be reversed in the same way a good decision can't be. A few long-term consequences are bad relationships and life failures. You feel uneasy, and not at peace at all with yourselves. You feel unhappy, and you increase and attract more negativity. Once it goes downhill, it keeps going downhill, leading to depression. That's not the state anyone of us wants to be in at all. Being in a state of depression is one of the lowest lows we can put ourselves in. We become super negative, and those negative emotions I have mentioned above increase ten-fold. When we reach this state where we've simply almost given up on life, we can do two things.

We can lift ourselves up by shedding the emotions and going through a restart, or we can choose to end things, and no one wants to go there. Suicidal tendencies are common in people suffering from such massive depression, which is why a restart is essential before reaching that state of mind. What I am explaining to you is a chain of events that negative emotions can create for us. In summary, these simply shape our worldview as they are akin to colored lenses, and we see our life through those lenses. Our decisions shape up our lives, and these decisions are derived from that worldview. The results can be disastrous for us, our loved ones, and everyone around us. We tend to ignore and overlook the impact of our decisions on our loved ones. To be honest, these are the ones that matter more than anyone else in the world. Having said that, every human being matters, but our loved ones feel more impacted by our negative and positive decisions than others.

Most importantly, we can totally lose ourselves in the process. That's when we find ourselves in this never-ending bottomless pit of negativity. It's a vicious cycle that we find ourselves in, and it's not great at all. The worst part is that we can't climb back up, and even when we can, it takes a lot out of us. Clearly, none of us want to be in that position at all. It's the worst of the worst, and to reach that point is only going to lead to self-destruction.

So, for example, when we do find ourselves sinking in the bottomless pit I mentioned above, we would tend to ask ourselves what's going wrong in our lives and what bad decisions I have made. Then we also try to find solutions to the problems posed by the impact of the decisions. There's one extremely fatal error we're making, and that is what we need to figure out. The answer is right in front of us, and it's very simple. We still have our colored lenses on! Even while we're doing our self-analysis, we are still doing it based on the worldview that we have acquired from the colored lenses. That's a huge hindrance for us because we keep looking for the answers inside of us. How could we look for those answers with the ego-tinted lenses that have formed our worldview? It's not fair to us either because we will not be able to judge ourselves accurately with those lenses. It's sad but true, but these are like shackles that have bound us, and we need to break free from them, which leads me to my first step.

"The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it." ― Jordan Belfort

Life has a way of going in one direction at one time and flipping on its head at another time. Our lives can change in the blink of an eye, and there is often not much we can do to avoid it. There are instances when things are going as smoothly as one can dream of, but then without a moment's notice, the tide comes in and washes everything away. Right in front of our eyes, everything that we worked hard for or waited to get was taken, and we are left wondering how it went so wrong. There are always reasons for this happening, whether it is your own fault or the deviousness of someone else. In both cases, you are the one who has to pick the pieces that are left behind. You are the person who has to make a choice where you can either pick up the pieces and start again or sit there in a mess, crying.

Now, I understand that it is never easy to be in a situation like this. You have just lost something that you hold dear to you and must now cope with the loss. Some people tend to succumb to this and begin plunging in a downward spiral. They begin to lash out at the people who might not even be involved in the incident and choose to blame others for their own shortcomings or loss. This is wrong. Laying the blame on others does not do much; it only pollutes a relationship because of unnecessary finger-pointing when the right way to move ahead would be to take a step back. Doing this gives you the ability to assess what has happened, see how far and wide the damage is, and formulate what your next step is. You will be able to get an explanation as to what went wrong and where. This way, you will learn how to do and also how not to do the same thing, which will allow you to build on your past mistakes and failures.

On the other hand, throwing a tantrum about it all will not get you too far. Yes, it is difficult. Yes, it is unfair. But it is also a reality, and we must accept it. The sooner we are able to look past this, the sooner we will be able to climb out of these tough times. In order to change the way that you think, according to my research, I have come up with a few tips and tricks to help with this.

laire Winger was a beautiful woman, or so Ian thought. He was smitten by her eyes. They were a deep shade of green and shone like emeralds in the darkness around them. While she was beautiful, Ian wasn’t one to let the wrong idea in his head. The obvious baby bump hinted to him that she was or had been married but decided not to ask any personal questions in her present state of shock. He decided to wait for her to regain her composure before pressing for more information.

Ian felt sorry for her. The sudden loss of her house and nobody to go to for support would leave anyone distraught, he thought to himself. But he was there, and he knew that he could help her. His mind wandered to the Mansion; a shelter run by his good friend Paul. It would be the perfect refuge for Claire. Although it was quite a long way upstate, things would work out if he could manage to get Claire all the way there. Paul and Catarina always had a room empty no matter what, so a place to stay was guaranteed.

As he considered the prospect, he looked at the watch on his wrist. His shift was almost up, which meant that he could help her out almost immediately. He looked up at Claire and met her green eyes with his.

An ecstatic tale of pursuing sexual realms with a nanny

How many times did they end up in the lounge like this??? Aidan thought to himself. It wasn’t the fact that people having sex was unearthly to him. He just didn’t expect to see that.

*Knock knock*

Aidan just came back to reality. Someone was knocking on his bedroom door. “Come in.” He replied. It was his father, Nicholas.

“Can we talk?” Said, Nicholas. “Should we?” Replied Aidan.

Nicholas sat by Aidan’s side. “Look, I know you didn’t want to see what you saw, but let’s be real, there wasn’t anything bad in that. Was there? I enjoyed it, and Julia enjoyed it. You just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time!”

“Dad…” Mr. Parker interrupted him. “Look! I was never happy with your mom and neither with all those one-night stands! But Julia… she has been a pleasure to be with!”

“And why is that so? If I am may ask!” said Aidan.

“She is… she is sexy, she is best in bed, she….” “Dad!” Aidan cut him. “Is that it to woe away all our worries? Good sex?” Aidan became defensive.

“Well… you’d know when you experience; if you have anything else to say, I’m just a call away.” With this, Mr. Parker left the room.

Aidan had his answers, at least to some extent. One that his father wasn’t going to give a shit about him even at this point in time; second, he had to find someone or something else to let out his anger and his frustration.

I was dancing for money and was also affecting people with my touch. I had not forgotten what the psychic had told me and how my ability to heal people through touch and connection worked. I tried my best to heal and console as many people as I could during that time. I felt a sense of purpose when I did that, and it helped me a lot. I felt happy that I had helped them, and it gave me a good feeling. I was good at what I did and was making good bucks, but the healing aspect was also a significant part of it.

It is imperative to mention here that the Wall Street guy from New York reached out to me once again. I had forgotten him and all about that encounter with him, but as soon as he reached me, all the floodgates of memories started overflowing, and every second of the past encounter was playing in front of my eyes. My previous experience with him had been quite incomplete, to say the least, and had left me guilt-ridden. I had no contact with him, but he managed to reach out to me somehow. I was astonished initially, but he was a resourceful person and found me out easily. He offered me a very lucrative deal, ludicrous at the same time too! He offered me a huge amount of money and wanted me to be his travel companion on his trip to Las Vegas. It was a very substantial amount and could have potentially solved a lot of my financial issues. I informed my mentor about the whole offer and this sudden development. I told her that his interest was not only the tantric session; he wanted more than that. He wanted to be physical with me, and his motives were something that would have wronged my profession had I agreed! My mentor’s reply confused me and also shook me. She told me to act like I was romantically interested in him and should coax money out of him. He was filthy rich, and he had the money. I took the advice, but I questioned her morals after this conversation. I doubted her integrity and the face she had been wearing in front of us. Tantra is about honesty, healing, and love. This was quite the opposite of what she had always been preaching. I was baffled by this, and this confusion is what spurred me on, and I took his offer.

He flew me to Las Vegas in first class, and I had never stepped foot in first class before. The hotels we stayed at were of the highest quality and provided the best services. I was pretending to like him, but I had to admit that I was physically attracted to him. His power and his wealth attracted me, and the whole BDSM factor attracted me a lot as well. He was 50 years old, and he had a son from some other woman. I was momentarily attracted, but I could never see myself settling down with someone like him. I was perhaps still hung up on Conrad, the vision board guy! I went with him to hotel rooms and explored BDSM to such heights that I understood every aspect of it. He even took me on a helicopter ride to see the Grand Canyon, and he was being very generous. To return his generosity, I fucked him, oh I fucked his brains out. It was a steamy session of hardcore sex with bondage and kinky play. He taught me a lot about BDSM, and I learned it quickly. Before long, I was like an expert, and the pleasure was something I had never experienced before. He was a skilled love maker, and he satisfied me every time!

It was around that time when I noticed that I started to develop some feelings for him. This man had treated me like a queen, and I was starting to feel indebted, or perhaps those were genuine feelings of affection; I was a bit confused. I was enchanted by him and could almost picture myself living with him and marrying him. There was surely a connection that was building between us. I was still thinking about Conrad at times and Kundalini yoga at times in a small corner of my mind! I shook my head and decided to live in the moment; I wasn’t with Conrad, I was with him, and I decided to focus my attention and energy on him. Conrad was something from the past, and he was my present. I enjoyed a lot with him, but the trip had to end one day. I went back to LA, but soon after that, he contacted me again and asked me if I was willing to visit Mexico with him! I said yes even before his sentence had finished. He flew me in first-class again and gave me the most lavish lifestyle I had ever imagined. He fixed up bubble baths for me every night and treated me so well. He indulged me in BDSM again, and by this time around, I was trained and raring to go. I enjoyed the days traveling and the nights fucking! It was during these days that he started talking to me about his life and his childhood. He had led a very sad early life, and his childhood was a nightmare. He had been through a lot of traumas, and as he was narrating this to me, he broke down in tears. I had never seen a grown man cry before. I did not know what to do, and I tried to console him. I was flabbergasted when it struck me. It was time for me to excel as a healer and cure him. Destiny had brought him to me, and it was my utmost duty to cure him and heal him. He had told me initially that he had always faced difficulty while expressing himself, but when he was with me, he was expressing himself, and he was letting his emotions show. It was a huge improvement! This was divine intervention. I had a chance to heal him, and I was not going to let this chance go. The more he talked to me and told me about his life, the more compassion I felt for him and more and more affection for him. This was when the confusion ended; Conrad faded in the background and was now murky. As he talked to me, I felt love for him, I felt genuine love for him in my heart, and it warmed me to my core. I wanted to nurture him, I wanted to love him, and I wanted to shower him with my love to make up for the traumas he had faced in his childhood. He had been treating me like a goddess, and I was now ready to return him the blessings!

It’s holiday time, and oh what fun. Fall leaves have fallen, Spring has sprung, and Summer was full of hot beachy sun. But now it’s time for Winter fun.

Winter was Timmy’s favorite time of year. Sledding, snowing, hot cocoa-ing, children’s Christmas lists were growing! Timmy simply could not wait; it was almost time for Winter break.

Timmy loved coming to school. His teacher Mr. Bookman was the coolest of the cool. And Timmy also had many friends, named Sara, Peter, Clark and Fin! His class was great, and they were extra jolly, it was only seven more days until their holiday party.

Though the classroom was decked oh so grand, there were a group of germs who had other plans. While Timmy and his classmates were being smarties, The Booger Gang was ready to ruin the party.

“I’ll make them sneeze!” said Snosie Spittersplat. “It’ll help the Germy Wormys spread this way and that.”

Mr. Coughinhog said “That will be grand! You know that kids hate to wash their hands! A little cough here and a big cough there, the Germy Wormys will be everywhere!”

Mucusmaximus boasted, “They’ll high-five their friends and give big hugs, they’ll share their food, and maybe the juice from their mugs. They’ll wipe their noses with their hands or their sleeves, pick their boogers and leave them places you wouldn’t believe!”

The Booger Gang put their plan into action, and upon their satisfaction, before poor Timmy and his friends could blink their eyes, the kiddos began to drop like flies!

Amanda and Alena are the best of friends. They do everything together: eat, sleep, run, and play in the field.

When Alena can’t see Amanda, she calls out to her friend, and Amanda calls back. The two friends are inseparable.

One day Amanda noticed that the barn door was left open just wide enough for both her and Alena to sneak through. They had to be very quiet because the farmer was fast asleep on a bale of hay.

Amanda being the curious, young, naive horse that she was, slipped past the farmer and out the barn door, down the windy path to explore the rest of the farm.

A wide farm stretched before her eyes; there was so much to see, so much to hear, so much to listen to, and so much to eat.

Alena being like a mother to Amanda, could not let her go out into the world by herself, so she decided to go after her but not before stealing a bite of hay from where the farmer was sleeping. “A little snack for the road,” exclaimed Alena.

Amanda was already halfway down the path when she heard the sound of hooves coming up behind her. Alena finally caught up to Amanda and said, “We shouldn’t be out here. If we get caught, there will be trouble.” Amanda said they wouldn’t be gone long and that it was going to be fun. And it was fun.

Tony, the donkey, ran along the fence line, “Hey girls, where are you going? Shouldn’t you be in the field?”

“We’re going on an adventure,” Amanda and Alena both let out a playful neigh.

Alena and Amanda saw all kinds of different things, from butterflies landing on their noses to bumbling bees landing on all the colorful flowers. It was a picture-perfect summer day.

They even made some new friends along the way. They met Nellie, the Border Collie, who stopped to say a quick hello before going back to herding the sheep into their pen in a perfect line.

Further down the farm, Penny, the barn cat, came running down the grass, “Have you seen Jerry, the house mouse? We are playing hide and seek, and I can’t find him anywhere.” Amanda looked around briefly but saw no sign of Jerry, “I can’t see him anywhere.”

It was then Alena’s turn to look for Jerry. Alena being the older, wiser mare, started to look and sniff around when she spotted the leaf pile the farmer had just collected. She nodded her head towards the pile where Jerry’s tail stuck out of the break in the leaves.

However, one fine day Angelo ends up going to the mall with his mommy and daddy for a quick shopping trip.

That day, surprisingly, the mall had a "sweet day." The mall was full of sweet-themed characters like people in Kit-Kat, Snickers, Mars, and other sweet-based costumes. Suddenly, Angelo got so excited after seeing the entire mall dressed up in his favorite sweet treats. It had been over a month since he had not had a single bar of chocolate. He got so excited and told his mommy and daddy, "Mommy, Daddy, look! There are sweet treats everywhere!" Mommy and Daddy got very stunned. They weren't happy at all. They wanted to leave the mall that very instant. Daddy told Angelo, "Son, you know what the doctor told you. These are bad for you. Let's go to GameStop nearby. I heard there are some new games out for the PlayStation." Angelo was ignoring his mommy and daddy all this time, but he only heard GameStop from his daddy. He then said, "Sure. Let's go to GameStop." Just as they were about to leave the mall, he saw a big and colorful sign that said, "Sweet Mart. This way, please!" Angelo started begging and pleading with his parents to go to the Sweet Mart. He shouted, "Mommy, Daddy, please let me go to the Sweet Mart!" His daddy and mommy said no, but he insisted. He dragged them there. All this time, daddy was saying that GameStop would close, so they should leave now. Angelo didn't care. He wanted to go to the Sweet Mart. Once he got to the Sweet Mart, it was like a dream house for sweet lovers. His mommy and daddy stopped him, but he started screaming. He ran away from them inside the Sweet Mart. It was a huge supermarket size store; all dressed up in chocolate and candies. There were tons of children there with their own mommies and daddies. Angelo had run inside, and his mommy and daddy went after him. They tried looking for him, but he was nowhere to be found. The Sweet Mart was a maze. There were so many kids, and they all looked like Angelo, so his mommy and daddy were very confused. They started shouting his name, but Angelo didn't hear them. They decided to talk to mall security.

When Angelo was inside, he couldn't stop himself from enjoying all the sweet treats on the walls and shelves. It was like a sweet, funhouse. There were chocolate shakes, malt drinks, and hot cocoa. Angelo forgot what the doctor told him and started having a lot of Candy. He forgot that he had a very bad stomach ache the last time in school. All this while, mommy and daddy were speaking with security officers to locate their son.

While Angelo was busy enjoying all his sweet treats, He started feeling a little dizzy. It was the same feeling he had before. Angelo was feeling a little sick. Suddenly, he passed out and was in dreamland. In his dreams, he could see himself enjoying all the sweet treats and snacks. He was loving all of it, and he could hear the doctor and his mommy and daddy, but he still enjoyed them. While he was enjoying himself, he heard a voice from afar!

John had to spend the weekend over his grandparent’s house. He went directly from his school to his grandparent’s place.

After getting back home from school, John entered into his aunt Petunia’s room and took her mobile phone without her permission.

He used his aunt’s phone for about one hour before he went to sleep on her bed

When John woke up in the evening He decided to finish his homework, but couldn’t find his pencil box anywhere He tried to find his box for as long as he could And found out that it was being used by his younger sister Alexis

This made John very upset and he felt uncomfortable He told Alexis that he was worried he had forgotten the box at school because he couldn’t find it And that she should have informed or taken permission from him before taking his pencil box Aunt Petunia was listening to all this from a distance (Illustration: boy explaining to the little girl, while a woman in the 30’s, a redhead, listening to their conversation from the room) When she saw John getting upset at this, she went to him and said, “I gave the box to Alexis so she could finish her work”

At this, John replied that she should have asked before taking his box Aunt Petunia sat down with John and explained to him that he is rightfully upset, and that no one should take his belongings without asking for his permission. She reminded John that neither can he use anyone’s personal belongings without asking for their permission.

“I kill her, and I will be fulfilled…But it never happens…So next woman, I will be fulfilled. But it never happens…So, kill again, I will be fulfilled…But, it never happens…Another girl…Another girl…Another girl…It will go on until I am stopped simply because…I will never be fulfilled! Before the kill, I will be fulfilled, I think I will but by history, I won't…”

- Ted Bundy (Florida State Penitentiary, couple weeks before execution)

A serial killer is typically, by law, a person who kills three or more people. Much of the psychological profile was made from conversations with Ted Bundy. Mental gratification is the usual motive for multiple killings. It does not matter what the FBI's psychological motive is. What does matter is it will never stop. The serial profile varies for different killers, but the real point is that, no matter what reason, the killings will never stop until he is arrested or killed.

Mick finally got a date with Melissa. He had been in contact with her for years. They knew each other for a long time through different friends, although they went to different high schools. It was the summer before they both went to college. They were going to different associations, but both academic societies were in the same city, so they were excited. Mick knew to keep the date hush-hush; fewer people knew of any relationship, the better. He told her he would make supper for her and they would watch some cd movies afterward, told her over the phone to tell her parents that she was going out with friends, be back whenever she did just that.

Mick looked out of the front window and saw Melissa’s car pull up, he thought. "Her car…have to take care of that later." He watched her walk up to the front door. He looked around as best he could to see anyone watching; he saw no one. His mom went to see her sister this weekend, so she would be gone the whole week. He quickly remembered when his mom and dad got divorced when he was a kid, the loud arguments, dad slapping mom several times. He felt useless for not helping mom, but at the time, he somehow felt it was not his problem. Melissa looked very good as she walked up to the front door, with long blond hair, a white t-shirt, and blue jeans with legs torn off. Awesome.

"Hi Missy," he opened the door for her without her knocking, got her into the house quickly.

"Hey Mick," she came in and put her purse on the coat hangers, and took her shoes off. "Oh, smells good."

“Yeah, I dug the buffet, just had me a French omelet and a strawberry shake, and I still feel hungry…” David responds.

“Your stomach’s full, you idiot, your hunger ain’t,” Ray says; oh well, you got that right, said Ray in a seductive tone, and winked at David.

David laughs and says, “not like that, you ass!” “So, what's the schedule look like?” he asked ray.

His answer was, “well, we have the presentation at two, so we go on as usual. There's a quality analysis case study scheduled, which we will be over with by the time the presentation starts. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, the CEO of Barbs corp. Mr. Mark Doherty!” The crowd applauded. Why wouldn’t they? This was their boss, who they needed to suck up to or else face the repercussions. Anyone who has worked in an office knows how it is and just how important it is for an employee to fake it in front of their boss.

The crowd was a mix of employees. Businessmen, media, government officials, and lawmen all made up the crowd that was in the office. No one was unnecessary, and each person was a cog that worked the machinery of the company so that it could achieve its goal. A crowd had come together to see what the CEO had to say to his employees. People's faces were painted with both curiosities surrounding the future as well as dismay at being made to listen to someone speaking so early in the morning. Most people are ok with it, but for the ones who aren’t, this can be nothing short of torturous.

David and Ray come quickly in between the crowd and manage to get a seat further away from the stage. Ray wasn’t the biggest fan of listening to his CEO ramble on about different things, so he decided to sit at the farthest possible seat in the crowd.

“Ah, I can barely see the man from here,” said David, to which Ray responded: “Who cares? All that food makes me sleepy anyway.” Said Ray as he hunched down the seat.

Mark is seen coming to the stage with a big smile and his hand high above, greeting the crowd and stepping towards the mic. He is in his late 30’s to early ’40s, white, tall, blonde slick black hair, and wore a navy blue three-piece with a white shirt and brown shoes.

It was a cold winter night. The wind was howling. I, Sally Cooper, was lying in my bed. “What is life?” I thought to myself. I was rather sad. For reasons beyond my control, my heart ached.

I had a difficult childhood. Among other things, I was a sensitive child. I couldn’t share my mother with anyone... by anyone, I mean, not even my siblings. She was on a mission to destroy my father since their breakup, and still to this day, don’t have kind words to say, and because she blames me for everything or says I'm not doing right leaves darkness in my heart. I love my mother, but I think she was abused as a child since all of her children were.

I like my stepdad, but there is a lot he doesn't know. He loves my mother a lot, and I respect him for this. However, I still didn’t like sharing mom with anyone. This isn't because of jealousy; this is because she hates the fact that I'm smart and pretty. And tries to control me. She is the most two-faced woman I have ever met and has dark secrets that ever surfaced would shame her. Even this doesn’t bother me anymore.

After all, she was my mother. A part of yearning lingered in my heart. Undiscovered territories of love were yet to be conquered.

Not that, something which gave me enough yearning and affection helped me in sharing my mom with other people around me, but it gave me satisfaction, and it gave me a sense of belonging.

For a moment, that happened too abruptly... I didn’t expect the best thing in my life to come like this. It was dark. I turned off my reading lamp and was about to delve into the world of dreams, where everything was perfectly fine.

Abraham Beaumont was tired of the war in front of him, "Damn Germans," he whispered. He felt as though WW1 would be coming to an end soon. He viewed the bunkers, barbed wire, wounded soldiers, trenches for communication, and food for starving men. The front he perceived, he judged, had enemies 50 yards away, ingested their trenches. He was a French Captain, been in the Ypres Salient for over a year, and it was towards the end of October 1918.

Edgar, a mere private but Captain Beaumont's favorite inferior, crawled up slowly near the captain and gave him a monocular, whispered, "What do you see, Abee?”

"Not much," he whispered back, put the monocular up to his left eye, "I have seen the tops of men's heads moving south in their bunkers. I think they are trying to move heavy stuff, a new canon or chemicals to throw in our face."

"Those fucking bastards," replied Ed, "I would rather be shot than breathe that crap they throw like grenades."

"They are desperate; they are losing this war and this battle. Desperate men would do anything to turn the tide in their favor."

Ed looked at his captain, he knew he was sharp-witted and intelligent when it came to analyzing and scanning the enemy, but his entire time, Ed never saw Abee kill anything. He gave orders; that was pretty much it.

"Abee," said Ed. "We have some more soldiers coming in to end this war, the general and all the upper management think these are the final days for our enemy, we must know to ourselves and them the end will be soon, more backup will let the Germans know that too."

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by Yen Cabag | 10 comments

how to write a biography header image

We’ll just say it: biographies don’t often make the most exciting reads, especially when they’re loaded with fact after fact, and not much insight or narrative.

However, when the writer is passionate and highly knowledgeable about the story they’re telling, a biography can be just as riveting as an action-packed novel.

If you’ve considered writing a biography about the life of someone you admire or whose story interests you, you’ll definitely want to do a thorough job. The steps and information presented below will help ensure that your writing is accurate and well organized.

What Is a Biography? 

A biography is an account of a person’s life that includes facts and anecdotes from that person’s experiences. They can be great resources for studying the lives of fascinating figures, both living and dead.

Most biographies are written to tell the stories of famous or highly influential people, such as politicians, celebrities, athletes, and billionaires.

But biographies can also be written about ordinary people who have made an extraordinary impact on others, even if they are not extremely well-known prior to publication.

A biography may come with the label “authorized” if the subject or their family members gave the author permission to write the story. “Unauthorized” biographies are also frequently published, but without the permission or input of the subject, which may leave the authors subject to legal action.

Difference Between a Biography and an Autobiography

A biography is an account of the life of someone other than the author. An autobiography is an account of the author’s own life. However, the definition may be blurry in cases when a ghostwriter helps someone write his autobiography. 

A ghostwriter is a writer who helps another person in creating a book. This help may come in the form of collaboration, or the ghostwriter might do all the writing themselves. When a person wants to write their autobiography but is not exactly gifted at writing, they may ask a ghostwriter to help create it. 

What Should a Biography Include? 

Biographies usually share more intimate information about their subjects, compared to what is generally included in a feature article. The most interesting things typically included in a biography are: 

How Do You Start Writing a Biography?

When you write a biography, you’re exploring the details of a person’s life, including their thought processes and emotions.

This means that you must be able to write with care and tact. You will also be analyzing the events in your subject’s life and explaining why they do certain things to draw connections between those experiences. 

The length of a biography can vary greatly. It might be very short, and divulge only the basic facts of a person’s life.

However, for most published works, biographies offer a deeper analysis, including many stories and examples that demonstrate the person’s unique character. 

1. Choose your subject.

Ideally, your subject should be someone whose life deeply interests you. Note, however, that this doesn’t mean you have to like the person. Many biographies are written from a critical viewpoint, in which the subject’s flaws and mistakes are analyzed.

Keep in mind that your feelings about the person will affect the way you write, and consequently influence how readers view the work. 

If your subject is still living, you should make every effort to interview them (or at least their representatives). When it comes to writing a biography, a you are writing about someone alive or not, the process remains the same, except for the fact that you can still interview a living person. 

An important part of choosing your subject is obtaining their permission. You need to ask the person whether or not they agree to let you write their biography.

If they agree, it’s all well and good! If they don’t agree and you proceed anyway, you might be subject to legal action should your subject decide to pursue it. 

If the person you choose to write about is dead, you will not need to ask anyone’s permission. 

2. Find out the basic facts about your subject’s life. 

If the person you are writing about is famous, you will likely be able to find certain details online, such as their birthday, family background, and other basic information. The same holds true even if he is not famous but you know him personally. 

Then, you can use news articles or similar sources to help you decide which part of their life interests you the most.

3. Conduct thorough research. 

For research, biographers rely on both primary and secondary sources.

Because a good biography will include stories from the subject’s experiences, be sure to collect personal stories and even anecdotes.

These will surely bring greater credibility to your writing, and make your subject more relatable to your readers. 

How to Write a Biography

Now that you’ve done your research, it’s time to begin writing the biography, starting with a detailed outline to help you organize your idea and information.

4. Write an outline of your biography. 

Once you’ve figured out the direction you want to take with your biography, an outline will help you organize your thoughts and information so you’ll be better prepared to start writing.

Create a bullet point for every main theme that you want to include which may correspond to one chapter. Then write another bullet, indented to the right, for each different sub-topic within the main theme. These will be the different sections inside each chapter. 

You have several options for writing your outline:

5. Start writing your first draft. 

Now that you have all your information collected, start to write your story based on the outline you prepared in step 4. Some writers prefer to write one chapter after another, while others don’t mind jumping around chapters. Experiment and find what works best for you. 

When you start to write, don’t worry too much about editing or fact-checking. At this point, just concentrate on crafting the story in an interesting way that will hook your readers. 

6. Take a break before proofreading and fact checking your first draft. 

You will likely be excited to start editing once you’ve finished your first draft, but you’ll actually be doing yourself a favor by taking a break for at least a few days.

In this way, you’ll be able to return to work with a fresh set of eyes, which will leave you better able to catch errors and see your work from a new perspective.

Once you feel ready, start scanning your work for typos, cut and paste paragraphs you want to transfer, and even eliminate whole passages that don’t seem to play an important role in the story.

This is also the best time to fine-tune and fact check your writing . 

7. Get another perspective.

Once you have smoothed out everything you can in your work, now is the time to get someone else’s feedback.

Whether you intend to publish your biography or not, it’s always a good idea to get feedback from someone who is skilled in writing.

Their comments will not only improve your biography, but also provide valuable tips for improving your writing in the future. 

8. Send a copy to your subject.

Consider sending a copy of your manuscript to the person whose life you wrote about in your book.

The copy may serve as a thank-you gift, but also, if you intend to publish your work, you will need them to approve, as well as fact check, everything you put into the story. 

Publish Your Biography

Congratulations! Now that you’ve finished writing your biography, you should start to work on getting your book published.

Check out our ultimate guide on how to publish a book , which features tips on self-publishing, as well as pitching to traditional or independent publishers.

Did you find this post helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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This really helped my homework.

Angela Guthrie

This was a very informative article. I’m writing a biography about two slaves who escaped from bondage. It is for children between the ages of 8-12. Would I still use this information?

Virginia Ann Schafer

what is the best way to record interviews from your subject? tape? other technical equipment?

Kaelyn Barron

Hi Virginia, it really depends on your preferences. These days there are plenty of recording apps on smart phones that allow you to take high-quality recordings, which you can take easily take anywhere with you or transfer to other devices :)

Divinia R. Jaurigue

I have been thinking to write a biography of a living person who recently became popular due to his unusual talent and gift. I found this article to be a very informative and helpful guide. I hope I can get going one of these days. My big hurdle is how I can interview this person as I don’t have my own office to interview him and he is only around for a few months. By” around” I mean he travels all over the country. Thank you very much for your article. I will appreciate any helpful advice.

Hi Divinia, I’m glad you found the article helpful! You could always conduct phone interviews or video calls :) may not be exactly the same as face to face, but it can get you the information and insights you need :)


Thank you for a very inciteful article. I’m in the process of writing a biography of a former country music superstar who lost everything due to anger issues and alcoholism, only to recover and become a follower of Jesus, then start his own church and ministry. My question is, when an author writes a biography about another person, how do they decide how to share the proceeds of the book? Thank you very much for your time and advice.

Hi Hal, thanks for your comment! I’m not an expert on that, but I’m pretty sure there’s no rule that you have to share any of the proceeds if you write a biography about another person. Now, if you were helping that person to ghostwrite their own autobiography, that would be different, but still settled between the two of you.

Bobby Burns

This article is very useful and well organized. Writing the biography sounds like a fun project to undertake. The late James Baldwin spoke about writers writing something they’ve never written. I’ve published an autobiography and after reading your piece, I feel confident in writing a biography of a person who’s still alive. Thank you for your advice.

Thanks Bobby, we’re so glad you found Yen’s article helpful!

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How to Write the Autobiography of a Book?

' src=

Autobiography of a Book

An enchanting world unlocks every time you flip through the pages of those well-worn but safely kept books. The feel of running one’s fingers over the words, the smell of the pages and the enchanting charm the characters exude make for a dream evening spent in peaceful solitude. Books form an essential part of existence and life without books is unimaginable. Famous Books and authors have the power to create unimaginable worlds and everything in the world is written in their powerful pages. An autobiography of a book serves to talk about a book from the book’s perspective. This helps the reader in looking at the book from a unique point of view which is not biased or stereotyped. Giving an insight to the world of the characters of a book and its existence, writing an autobiography of a book requires infinite assiduity as a reader and a careful understanding of a book’s presence and its importance in the world. Let us learn how to write autobiography of a book in this blog!

What is an Autobiography?

Etymology: Autobiography comes from the Greek, autos meaning self, bios meaning life, and graphein to write.

An autobiography is a biography of a person, which is narrated by themselves. It includes various significant incidents that the narrator might want to include in their study. These stories are extremely close to each narrator and the type of composition can differ, based on each one’s unique style. There are ample examples in literature that can help you understand the various forms and formats of an autobiography.

The term Autobiography was coined by Robert Southey in 1809 to describe the work of a Portuguese poet (Anderson 1, 7; Berryman 71).

The Process of Writing an Autobiography

Writing the autobiography of a book is a process that needs diligence, passion and understanding as a reader and a writer. An autobiography of a book helps its readers give a vivid understanding of a book as seen from the book’s perspective. Writing an autobiography of a book helps people in developing their skills as a critical reader who reads for pleasure yet comprehends the vital concerns the book tries to portray. Writing the autobiography of a book requires constant practice. Given below is a process that you can follow to write an autobiography of a book as magnificent as the book itself: 

Reading the book thoroughly: To be able to write an autobiography of a book that is enthralling, it is important to read the book with utter concentration. While reading, the reader has to pay attention to every nuance of the book and the character representations. Books have a life of their own and this can be discerned by reading it scrupulously. This helps in getting to know the book for its presence and the ideas it seeks to portray.

Comprehending the characters and critical analysis: Reading a book also involves an imperative process in it which is understanding the characters not as an external reader but as a part of the book. This helps in creating a perspective from within which can be used while writing the autobiography of the book. Additionally reading the book critically helps in developing a sense of the subtly represented themes that the book serves to depict. The core of each book has various themes that the readers need to perceive to get a better and holistic understanding of the entire book.

Understanding the value it creates: Each book has critical importance in the world and this can be understood by perceiving the themes it aims to bring to light. While writing an autobiography of a book, appreciating the book’s value in the time it was written and its relevance in the present world helps in creating an autobiography that appraises the book and makes it more engaging for the reader.

Stepping into the book’s shoes: After reading comes to the paramount task of writing the autobiography of a book. Channelizing your inner raconteur, sit down to write but while doing that, it is important to remember to empathize with the book and write its autobiography not as an outside character but with personal involvement. This would involve imagination and a personal attachment to the book which would grow from reading the book and thereby spending time in the figmental presence of its characters. While writing, it is of utmost importance that you feel the emotions and write it with your personal flair. If it has you innate essence in its making, the autobiography of a book would become phenomenal.

Reviewing and Rewriting: Writing is a continuous process which never comes to end but with each level of rewriting it moves a step closer to becoming an epitome of perfection. Writing an autobiography of a book necessitates that the writer rereads every part and works on it with fresh rigour to improvise on parts that require improvement. Repeated editing and rewriting is what will finally result in a creation that would be lauded as a masterpiece and represent the true emotions of a book for the world.

Tips for Writing an Autobiography

Here are a few tips for writing an effective autobiography.

Did You Know? The earliest known autobiography written in English is the Book of Margery Kempe, written in 1438.

List of Questions for Elaboration

Writing an autobiography requires you to use your imagination and create a unique narrative. Try to frame questions for a better comprehension of your story. Here are a few sample questions for writing an autobiography of a book that will help you to understand better.

Autobiography of a Book – Sample

Below is a sample of an autobiography of the book “Pride and Prejudice” by the extraordinary author Jane Austen who mesmerised the world with her outstanding works.

Hey there! I am Pride and Prejudice. I was born much before you were and having seen the world for so long, I realized that my astounding and intriguing life needed to be chronicled so I undertook it upon me to embark on this task. 

In my pages you will meet a world the contemporary society has never seen, a world of glittering ballrooms, breathtaking ladies and stunning gentlemen and a society full of nobility. Exciting, isn’t it? I was written by an exceptional woman at a time when most women were denied even the right to education. She is still revered around the world and so am I, her sensational creation written so ahead of its time!

My life doesn’t end with being on the list of every reading challenge made in the world. It gets more invigorating. Through me, the idea of women being subservient to men was first dispelled as malarkey. I love satire and use it to help this world see how important women are to the functioning of this world, not as a subordinate but as an equal. Now I am part of every literary circle, literally going circles as each hand tries to grab me and make a point using my words. Seriously, what has happened to creativity?

Often I see students toy with my pages but not read them. They are not privy to the large world I hide in myself. They are happier watching the movie than spending time with me. I sit alone on the bookshelf, dusty and forgotten. My wonders remain concealed in my hardcover. I hear the door open and I see a hand moving towards me. Excited, I hope they would reach for me but it diverts to another section of the room. Eh, never mind. Someone will find me soon again and read my tale of a relegated time. Till then I don’t wallow in self pity but wander back to a time when I was valued for my own self. That will happen fast enough again, I hope. After all, people do learn the importance of books in their learning!

Having lived in the biggest libraries in the world- The Library of Congress, I now narrate my story sitting at the back of a student’s bag. My name is War and Peace written by the great Leo Tolstoy. My ancestors were Russians and started their journey in 1867 while I am a translated version of them and was published in 1870. I am said to be my creator’s best work to date.  I talk about the story and history of five families- the Bezukhovs, the Bolkonskys, the Rostovs, the Kuragins, and the Drubetskoys.

That should be enough information for you to know that I was an internationally praised classic in the world of literature. All my life,  I travelled through many hands.  I would call myself a complicated one owing to the number of times I have been read. Some scribbled the dates and marked the quotes on me, while others read me over 10 times to understand me. I was honoured by many people and frowned upon by a few. I was brought to New York in 1928 by a professor who taught at high schools and wanted to study further. He used to read me minutely, understand each theme and carefully studied the plot. He went on to complete his PhD in Literature and also wrote a report on me. Years later, he gave me to his student and told him to read me as he did. However, not all readers are alike. The student thought I was too hard to understand and left me on his school desk. I was picked up by a peon who cherished me like a lost treasure. He became extremely attached to me and also went to fund his education. He later submitted me to The Library of Congress. 

I stayed there, read by thousands of people who came from different places. I was then again bought by an aspiring writer who reads me now at a speed of a bullet. He has strong ambitions and keeps me close. I wait here in his bag, hearing the clicks on his keyboard as he writes a new book, a better book than me. Hope it is as acclaimed as me, and read by all.

Examples for Practice

Autobiographies of a book can be written in various forms as books could be of different types. Students can use the following examples to practice writing.

This blog is meant to create an idea about how the autobiography of a book is written. It is a task that is baffling for some, gruelling for others and invigorating for most. Writing is a process that involves skills and passion. These skills can be developed by studying them in various classes or as advanced courses. Leverage Edu provides you with a platform to discover the scope of the writing field and the processes to undertake writing as a profession by enrolling in esteemed writing degrees from world-renowned universities. Register today for a free counselling session!

' src=

Team Leverage Edu

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How To Start An Autobiography: The 411 On Writing Yours!

Posted on Mar 9, 2023

by Sarah Rexford

Wondering how to start an autobiography?

Often, individuals who write their life story are doing so not because they’re famous for their writing, but because they’re well known in other respects. 

If you’re here reading this article, this is likely the case for you. Perhaps you are a famous sports player, a celebrity, or well-known for your life story already. Maybe you’re a famous speaker or run a global nonprofit. 

Whatever the case, you want to write your autobiography.

First of all, congratulations! Sharing your life story with the world is an incredible aspiration and will take a lot of work.

The fact that you’re here reading this article shows that you’re dedicated to making this happen, and are ready to take the necessary steps to do so.

It may feel a bit overwhelming to plunge into the writing of your story.

In fact, much of writing an autobiography starts in the preparation stages. Condensing your entire life from birth to present day into one manuscript will take time, dedication, and perseverance.

You’ve come to the right place!

We’ll start right at the beginning with a brief definition, and take you all the way through your preparation stages. By the end of this article you can feel confident to start writing your autobiography .

Sps Dee 24 Hour Challenge Nonfiction

What Is An Autobiography?

When thinking about how to start an autobiography, it’s helpful to first distinguish it from a memoir. Many people think these two book genres are two terms for the same genre that can be used interchangeably, but there is a difference.

An autobiography is the life story of an individual from birth to present day, written by the individual himself. 

While a memoir focuses on specific life events that all point to one underlying theme, an autobiography includes all the major (and even many minor) stories from your life and focuses on you.

The point of an autobiography is to share your story with the world. Whatever your story is, it’s important enough to write an entire book on. Those details, big and small, need to be included.

When planning to write your autobiography it is important to realize that the more vulnerable you can be in your writing, the more your readers will engage with you.

Your autobiography is a book about you, but it does need to focus on the reader first.

When you’re writing your story and feel the urge to skip certain life events that may be a bit difficult to write about, remember, these moments are the ones readers will connect with.

The reader wants to know about your life and not just the successes. Failures are often the most relatable parts of life. The majority of people who have dared to do something great or succeed in a specific way have likely met failure before they met success.

Find someone who is highly successful, and you will likely find someone who has failed many times before.

Readers will be able to empathize with you if you share your stories of failure and show how they contributed to your success later on.

It’s one thing to share your life story and only show the highlight reel. It’s another to go deep into your actual journey and share the difficult aspects as well.

An autobiography encompasses all aspects of your story: The good and the bad, the highs and the lows, the trial and errors, the success and the failures.

If you’re ready and willing to share your story, let’s move on to point two.

How To Start An Autobiography

When deciding how to begin, it’s important to adequately assess your writing capabilities. 

If you are the individual whose story should be written, and you’re capable of writing it in the way it deserves to be told, you can plunge straight into brainstorming.

On the other hand, maybe your story is incredible and you want to be the one to write it, but you have never learned the basics of writing. 

Unless you plan on hiring a ghostwriter to write your story for you , now may be a good time to invest in a writing course to get the basics down.

In writing, voice is extremely important. Since you’re writing your autobiography, it’s crucial that your writing voice be heard loud and clear.

Investing in a writing course can help give you the foundation you need to share your story in a powerful way.

As the saying goes, all writing is rewriting. While investing in a writing course is a tremendous first step in your writing journey, remember that your autobiography will likely go through many drafts before it is complete.

Learning the basics of writing will allow you to share your story in a way readers can easily connect with and understand. The more you think “reader first” the better your autobiography will be. This starts with the writing. 

Steps To Begin Writing Your Autobiography

If you already feel that you’re a competent writer and have the necessary tools to write your story well, you can move on to the planning stages.

1. Brainstorming 

Brainstorming ideas for your book is a fun stage because you don’t need to hold anything back. If you think something is a good idea, you write it down. If you wonder if something might be a good idea, write it down. If you think something is a bad idea, you still write it down. Brainstorming is your chance to get every single idea down on paper so that you can work with it later.

Remember: If you think something is a bad idea, you still write it down.

The particular method you take to brainstorm depends on you and your individual personality. You could use colored markers, sticky notes, a blank notebook, a blank Microsoft Word document, pages strewn all over the floor, a whiteboard . . . you get the point. 

Do what you need to do to get all your ideas in front of you.

2. Outlining

After you’ve done the necessary steps to brainstorm and have collected all your ideas, now you get to decide what to do with them.

In fiction, most writers either write via outlining, via pantsing (writing by the seat of their pants: deciding what to write as they write) or a hybrid of the two. 

When it comes to writing your autobiography, I would encourage you to have at least a brief book outline to work from. The decades that are your life encompass so many highs and lows. It’s important to have a general understanding of what you have to work from and how you want to get it down.

You might start organizing every event of your life chronologically, and then deciding how you want to write about it. 

Maybe you want to start at a certain age, and bounce back in time every other chapter (flashback).

Perhaps you want to layer in your past via backstory: Moments of dialogue, hints, conversations, etc.

Whatever method you choose to take, having a brief outline to work from can be extremely helpful in this process.

3. Drafting 

Now that you have done your brainstorming, your outlining, and it’s time to move on to the writing, you get to begin your first draft.

This is the time to put your brainstorming mindset back on.

Pro Tip: Don’t ever try to edit while you write. Put aside any desire to edit and simply write.

Drafting is simply writing your story and getting the words down on paper with the intention of going back and editing later. If you use your drafting time to edit, your writing will likely move forward extremely slowly. Simply get the words down, get the scenes down, and get the chapters finished, then go back and edit.

As you draft you can follow whichever type of editing schedule is best for you.

Maybe you want to draft a chapter and then edit it. Maybe you want to write one day and edit the next. Maybe you want to draft your entire autobiography and only then go back to make edits.

Whatever method you choose, make sure that when you are working on your draft you are not working on editing.

It can be difficult to turn off your editing mode, but in the long run, it will likely be much more efficient to draft and then edit.

Your autobiography is a work on your entire life story and it deserves to be written well. Edits will come, but as you draft, try to just get everything down.

As You Begin Writing Your Autobiography. . .

Making the decision to write and share your life story is a big step. Now that you know the overall process and how to start an autobiography, which stage will you start at first?

Investing in a writing program?

Or do you plan to jump straight into brainstorming and outlining?

Wherever you are at in writing your story, enjoy the process and remember a few key tips: Think reader first. Yes it’s your autobiography and therefore the book is about you, but ultimately, books are about their readers. Remember to share the difficult parts of your journey as well as the successes. Readers will connect with your story at a much deeper level and be impacted that much more.

Congratulations on making the decision to write your story! 

Take your time as you go through the process, and remember, all writing is rewriting. 

You’ve got this. 

Check out our $7 Book Outline Challenge above! Get your book outline DONE and get on to writing your rough draft!

It’s time to share your story with the world! 

autobiography book writer

Sarah Rexford

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autobiography book writer


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Section 2

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We enable our customers to find a autobiography ghostwriter for an autobiography easily. Our autobiography ghostwriters allow you to tell your story to a larger audience. They do this by telling your story compellingly and engagingly. This helps a reader to relate to your book. You can tell us how to write your biography; this refers to the book's tone and general mood. We can make it seem fun and light or serious and impactful. The story that you want to publish completely relies on what you want to tell your audience. An autobiography book is more than just a book. It is the collection of an entire life's work. We take this fact extremely seriously, which shows in the quality of work that we do. We make sure that we are capturing the true essence of what you have to offer. With our dedication level, you never need to search " how to write my biography " ever. An author biography is best written when it is the spitting image of the storyteller. We make sure that we encapsulate your story's truest essence. We do more than compose your autobiographies. We compose lives.

Ghostwritten book

Our Ghostwriter will take time to get to know you.

Before writing a single word, we will visit your home or office, and spend some days interviewing you and your family. We will know more about your story and discuss your style, timelines, and additional interviewees.

Our Ghostwriters will listen to you.

Your writing team would like to hear what you like to say. They will come to every interview ready to hear you out. They will note each and every detail and make the recordings of every statements that you make without missing a word.

Our ghostwriters won’t disappear.

Ghostwriting should not imply that you are working with a ghostwriter. The process of ghostwriting is a collaboration, and a back and forth effort. We will communicate with you on regular basis, and you will get to know every status update.

Our ghostwriter will keep you updated.

Once all of the data has been collected, our writers will give you all the necessary updates of what is going on with your project and share their work with you to get your approval.

professional writer service

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Is all about you, and we want 100% customer satisfaction. We seek the feedback from you on every minor detail. You will tell us what is working for you and what isn’t, what would you like to change. We revise on your comments.

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Why do you need to write an autobiography book.

An autobiography book is considered to be well written when it portrays a strong message. If you think that your circumstances have enabled you to contribute to others' wellbeing, then go for it. We will provide you a ghostwriter for hire that perfectly suits your needs. We do so by carefully analyzing your story and then selecting a perfect medium to express your story. Autobiography ghostwriters typically have a strong background in a nonfiction-based writing style. This ensures that your story is being told the best way possible. It has no complications and is present in its rawest form.

professional writer service

First person View

Autobiography gives reader the first person view into your life and the person you used to be.

professional writer service

Experiences of their life.

Readers get the better insight of the experiences of your life and how did you deal with them.

professional writer service

Aware the audience.

It makes the readers to learn lesson by reading the stories about your past and to admire your life.

Why you absolutely need professional ghostwriting service?

You can google "Help me write my autobiography," and you will find thousands of articles telling you how to do so. The question may then arise; why do you need to find a professional autobiography ghostwriting service? Do not worry, as we have the perfect answer for you. It may cost significantly less for you to write your own autobiography, but you should always hire a professional if you can. Our ghostwriters will make sure that they do your story justice. They know the technical aspects of writing and ensure that book writing protocols are followed. They do this by extensively asking you your story and deciding what to write. Our ghostwriters have the ability to tell your story the best way possible.

Companies and personalities get the help of the ghostwriters to build brand awareness much quicker and is also quite simple.

When you get the help of the ghost writer for your web content, you will get most time to focus on your main job, instead of spending researching.


All of the Ghostwriters know the importance of marketability and would provide good feedback on the subject that they are writing.

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You probably might be an expert in the in your field, whatever it may be. But do you have the professional experience for ghostwriting.

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Google books icon

Author Interviews

Biography of first lady edith wilson examines the complexities of women and power.

NPR's Steve Inskeep talks to Rebecca Roberts about her biography of first lady Edith Wilson, called Untold Power. After President Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke, she made decisions for him.


With a recording of my mom.


JUDITH INSKEEP: (Playing piano).


Well, that's really nice, Steve. Where was she playing that?

INSKEEP: Oh, well, thank you very much on her behalf. She was at this historic site - the home of Woodrow Wilson, where he lived after his presidency.

MARTÍNEZ: What? How did they allow her to touch the keys?

INSKEEP: It's amazing because there's these do-not-touch signs all over the place, but they let people play the piano, so Judith Inskeep did.

J INSKEEP: (Playing piano).

INSKEEP: And I recalled that when I saw a new biography of Wilson's wife. They met and married while he was president. And then when her husband suffered a stroke, Edith Wilson made presidential decisions for him. The book is called "Untold Power." And I thought, let's meet the author, Rebecca Roberts, at the Wilson House.

REBECCA ROBERTS: Well, good morning.

INSKEEP: Good morning. It's good to see you.

ROBERTS: Likewise.

INSKEEP: And let's also invite over a musician who can play that piano, somebody who knows music from the early 20th century.


INSKEEP: Sadly, my mom had a schedule conflict. So we found Bill Edwards, who's an expert in songs of that time. He sat at that grand piano as biographer Rebecca Roberts showed me around. A portrait of Edith Wilson hangs over the dining room table.

How would you describe her expression as she looks at the painter here - looks at us?

ROBERTS: I think she looks very serene and in control. That's actually what she did not like about this painting.

INSKEEP: She felt she looked more authoritative than a woman should...

BILL EDWARDS: (Playing piano).

INSKEEP: ...One of the complexities of women and power, as Rebecca Boggs Roberts knows. Her grandmother, Lindy Boggs, was a lawmaker. Her mom, Cokie Roberts, was a journalist and longtime observer of lawmakers here on NPR. Rebecca is a writer and veteran broadcaster, as you can hear when she stops talking.

ROBERTS: And she was that person. She was...


INSKEEP: She knows to wait for the grandfather clock to finish ringing. Edith Wilson, whose clock it was, grew up in Virginia. She moved to Washington, D.C., married a wealthy man, then inherited his jewelry store.

ROBERTS: So she's got means, she's got status and she's a childless widow, so she's beholden to no one. She doesn't need a chaperone. She had a level of independence and control over her own money that women just didn't have in the early part of the 20th century. And she loved it.

INSKEEP: So before we go on - Bill, maybe you'll have something, maybe not. We're going to talk a little bit about the courtship here. Do you have anything that seems appropriate for courtship, a little courtship music?

EDWARDS: I most certainly do - a Ray Goetz song from about 1917 called "For Me And My Gal."

INSKEEP: So how does one date when one is president or considering dating a president?

ROBERTS: One writes a lot of letters.

INSKEEP: He wrote steamy letters, proposing within weeks. She said no.

ROBERTS: She had a lot to lose.

INSKEEP: Starting with her independence.

ROBERTS: She would say things like, yeah, yeah, yeah. You want to kiss my eyelids. That's lovely. Can we talk about William Jennings Bryan? Do you think he's going to quit the administration? Who do you think is going to take his place?

INSKEEP: (Laughter) The secretary of state. Wow. OK.

ROBERTS: From the beginning, she...

INSKEEP: She wants to talk about policy.

ROBERTS: And he finally caught on and started flirting by policy analysis and, you know, sent her plenty of documents so she could read up.

EDWARDS: (Playing piano).

INSKEEP: When they finally married, the president sang this song - you great big beautiful doll. And the new first lady became part of a consequential presidency. Her husband promoted progressive reforms and racial segregation. He did little to support women's voting rights. Yet in 1917, he brought the U.S. into World War I, saying the world must be made safe for democracy.

INSKEEP: After the victory, he traveled with his wife to a peace conference in Europe. But when they returned, he wrecked his health in a failed campaign to build support for a new League of Nations to keep the peace.

ROBERTS: He collapsed completely - suffered a massive, massive stroke. His left side was paralyzed.

INSKEEP: Which Edith and the president's aides concealed. They said he was vigorous, alert, getting better all the time.

ROBERTS: She lied to the public, to the press, to the Congress, to the cabinet, to the vice president and to the president himself. He never knew how sick he was. When people needed to get his opinion on something they would write often directly to her. She would write back. She said that she consulted him in what she wrote back. Who knows? She drafted public statements. Cabinet officers began to resign. She was the one who figured out who would replace them.

INSKEEP: No one else is in the room. Does it feel definite to you that she was, in some cases, many cases, most cases, not consulting someone who was conscious and able to really make a decision?

ROBERTS: There is no question in my mind that there are times she could not or would not consult him. Now, did she decide something different than he would have decided? Probably not. She knew his priorities pretty well.

INSKEEP: When they left office, they moved from the White House to this house nearby in Washington, D.C. They installed an elevator for the ex-president who could still barely move. It was the start of Prohibition, which had taken effect over President Wilson's veto. Or maybe Edith Wilson's veto. They stocked the wine cellar anyway.

EDWARDS: (Singing) I've got the blues. I've got the blues. I've got the alcoholic blues.

INSKEEP: Her husband died in this house in 1924. Edith Wilson lived here 37 more years. She promoted his legacy and obscured her role as a kind of acting president.

ROBERTS: She was this independent, brainy, interested and interesting person, and she doesn't give herself credit for that. Or she masks it in this hyperfeminine I'm just standing by my man stuff because she thought maybe that that was the only way people would excuse what she did.

INSKEEP: Her reputation control was minimizing herself rather than inflating herself.

ROBERTS: Isn't that amazing? And so uniquely female.

INSKEEP: I think we just had at the end of the interview right there. I can't think of another thing I want to say. Rebecca Roberts, thanks so much. It's great to see you again.

ROBERTS: Thank you, Steve.

INSKEEP: So we let pianist Bill Edwards have the last word with a song about a lost love called "What'll I Do?" The book by Rebecca Boggs Roberts about First Lady Edith Wilson is called "Untold Power."

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