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Writing contests, make money writing, hottest topics, top 10 hot topics to pitch to editors at health magazines.

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Health magazines focus on human health and fitness with an emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle. These magazines usually target individuals who want to prevent lifestyle diseases and medical conditions or who already have them but want to live a healthier lifestyle. The demographics target people with self-health awareness, usually over the age of 18 across both genders.

Some of the popular magazines within this niche include Natural Health Magazine , Prevention Magazine , Self Magazine , Men’s Health Magazine , and  Remedy Life , etc.

Articles in demand for health magazines

Articles focus on disease prevention lifestyles; this includes exercise, good nutrition, and food supplements, anti-aging practices among others. The articles consist mostly of how-to articles and interviews; for example, “How to lose weight after pregnancy,” “How to remain wrinkle free,” and “how-to” recipes offering dietary advice.

Pitching your articles to the editor

When writing your health-related article, you need to read a few copies of the magazine. If you frequently read the magazine or you subscribe to it, study the back issues. If you are a new writer to the magazine, visit its website and peruse the website’s editorial content. Many health magazines will have full articles online from previous print issues.

You will want to e-mail the editor for writer’s guidelines if you cannot find them online. Different magazines have different editorial guidelines—for example, an article for a health magazine must be factual and supported with research; the article must help the reader in some way; and the article must be timely and written for the readership. You will need to educate yourself about specific departments, features, columns or interviews which welcome freelance writers.

A common myth in writing for health magazines is that you need some type of medical background. Sure, you will see many bylines with a Ph.D., DrPH, or LPN next them. You do not need a medical background, but you do need relevant experience and expertise in writing about health-related issues. You must know your audience. Health prevention magazines come in two classes: mainstream and trade. Retired Baby Boomers who are dealing with degenerative diseases read mainstream magazines.

Common pay rates for articles

Health magazines and disease-prevention magazines do not pay freelance writers the same rates. Nonetheless, the variation is usually very small and negligible. Most magazines pay approximately $1 per word, but this can vary. You will encounter magazines that pay per published article—for example, $500 per 2500 word published article. The pay rate for freelance articles usually reflects the kind of advertisers on the page that the magazine attracts.

10 hot topics in demand

Health magazines publish articles relating to people’s health and lifestyles. You will find new developments in health every day. Just go to Google.com’s News section and type in “health lifestyle” to see what topics are being published. Here are 10 topics in demand right now.

1. Fitness and exercise

Apparently, one way to stay healthy and fit is to exercise; hence you can write plenty of articles on fitness and exercise. You can write about the relationship between appetite and exercise; 10 ways to burn calories; fitness tips for pregnant women; and the benefits of using yoga in your exercise regimen.

2. Food and diet tips

This is the most popular section of a health magazine because articles aim at preventing illnesses with good diets and high quality food. Consider writing on “how to count the calories in a meal,” “healthy snacking,” “weight loss meal plans,” and “cancer fighting meal plans.”

3. Style and beauty

People love to look and feel good naturally . Offering readers tips on how to look beautiful effortlessly always attracts good readership. Consider “10 quick make up tips,” ” trending hairstyles,” “colors to flatter your figure,” and “nail maintenance regimen for long and healthy nails.”

4. Beauty and hair makeovers

Despite that these magazines address issues with health and disease prevention, they also address beauty and hair problems because they are a part of a healthy lifestyle. You can write on “10 hairdo makeovers,” “top five age defying myths,” “how to keep your make up fresh all day,” and “how to smooth the skin texture.”

5. Body and mind healing

Editors want effective and simple ways to improve an individual’s emotions, whether they are good or bad. Recently published articles included “spiritual escape through meditation,” “relationships between your health and yoga,” “how to attain your sexual healing,” and “paranormal energy healing practices.”

6. Green living

Society places a lot of emphasis on “green living” and taking care of the environment. This “going green” karma trickles down to people’s health. A few article ideas are: “how to cut back on home wastage,” “how to cool the home naturally,” “steps to smarter gardening,” and “every homeowners guide to a greener home.”

7. Male grooming

Editors buy a lot of articles on the subject of beauty and grooming for women. Men’s grooming is a bit different from women’s grooming. Here are some article suggestions: “5 steps to clean and smooth your face,” “your key to health and wealth is in looking good,” “tools and tips for taming the hair,” and “5 colognes a man should have.”

8. Sex and love

This subject is applicable to both men and women because both sexes always want to learn how to attract love and have a better sex life. You can write on “how to get the man or woman you desire to have,” “top 10 pillow talk utterances,” “how to have great sex every time,” and “five secrets to being a happier couple.”

9. A guide to cancer

Cancer is a big issue across the globe. The good news is that many types of cancer can be prevented or magaged by living a better lifestyle. Topics can include “myths about breast cancer,” “how exercising can boost your cancer recovery,” “10 ways to prevent cancer,” and “how to incorporate a cancer fighting diet into your family meals.”

10. Managing lifestyle diseases

Lifestyle diseases affect many people across the country and the world; however, they are easy to manage with a few tips. You can write about “how to outsmart diabetes,” “5-blood sugar fighting exercises,” “how to make healthier food choices,” and “how to have a good night’s sleep each night.”

You can find writer’s guidelines to health-related magazines by using our Writer’s Guidelines Database .

Reader Interactions

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Health writing by Michelle Traub, MA, RDN

Health Article Writing

Health Article Writing

The average writer faces a steep learning curve before they even begin to write a health-related piece. The health and wellness arena requires the ability to quickly decipher which information is medically accurate and scientifically sound.

The Dietitian Writer Advantage

As a Dietitian Writer my expertise enables me to approach nutrition or medical topics already knowing the science and understanding the research and consumer concerns behind the issue. In addition, as a Registered Dietitian , my title, and my experience lend credibility to my health writing.

Magazine Health Writing

Prior to ever even querying a magazine, I had contributed over 15 print articles to well-known consumer magazines. In the very competitive arena of health publications, editors actually sought my writing expertise after reading my writing samples . They have continued working with me because I exceed expectations with every article I write. In writing magazine articles I:

Because I myself am an avid reader of consumer health magazines, I fully understand what works. I really enjoy writing consumer health articles and that enthusiasm is always evident in my articles.

Online Health Articles

I have written over 100 online health articles, along with health blog posts and health e-newsletters. What sets me apart from many other health writers is my ability to write and design specifically for the web. I provide health articles that are easily integrated into your web content or e-mail campaigns. They can be:

Contact Me to plan a health article for your magazine, website or e-mail newsletter.

Write Your Revolution

10 Places That Will Pay You to Write About Health

by Sarah | Jobs Library | 39 comments

article writing on health

If you love to practice yoga, always have to accompany your relatives to the doctor’s office because you understand medical jargon, or regularly frequent health food stores, this is the dream writing job list for you.

Below you’ll find writing jobs that pay in health niches such as mental health, diabetes, holistic nutrition and everything else in between:

Anxiety Foundation

Yoga Basics

Vibrant Life

The Health Journal

Spirituality & Health

Common Ground

Diabetes Self-Management

Whole Life Times

Got another health website that pays you to write? Add it to the list by leaving a comment below:



Help with funds in this corona pandemic staying home has developed a negative impact when it comes to financial matters

Akram jan

People became lazy by staying at home for longer period of time. https://diseases.one

Alicia Reid

I am a dementia educator. I am the CEO/ Owner of Serenity Alzheimers & Dementia Training


Hi please contact us, we are looking for course writers in all areas of health. We pay well.


I am up for this

Dr shama Nosheen

Hey Lisa! I hope you’re doing great. I see that you’re looking for health and medical writers for your website.

I’m Dr.Shama Nosheen, expert health and medical writer with 2+ years of experience. I’ve completed hundreds of projects on Fiverr as well as off site on Linkdin. Moreover, I’m level 2 seller on Fiverr.

I ensure: ✅Authentic content ✅SEO optimized ✅Scientifically accurate ✅Grammarly premium checked ✅ Plagiarism free ✅ Cross checked with pubmed/ncbi and medscape I provide services in following areas: Mental health/psychology Women health CBD, hemp, and Cannabis COVID-19 Nutrition Diseases, prevention, treatment Health supplements Medical sciences and much more.

Cordially check my portfolio, I’d love to work with you. Link to portfolio: https://linktr.ee/drshamanosheen

I’m available to discuss more about joining your team. Hoping to hear from you soon. Excited to work with you.

Regards Dr. Shama


Hello please I am a expert in health niche,interested

Dr Khyati Chheda

Hi ,i m a homoeopathic doctor and a medical writer . Do let me know if you want writers for any health articles.

Dr Mamo zewude

I’m Dr Mamo zewude a medical doctor and health related writer


Hello, I’m a content writer in the STEM and Alternative medicine niches. I would like to have my work published by you.


Hi Lisa who do i contact?

AJ Zenthoefer

I am a master’s level, 30 year RN with writing experience as a patient and family advocate

Dabby Nnaji

Hy I can render my service

Hi Lisa – please contact [email protected] I have much to offer thanks in advance

Muhammed Jasim Abdul Jalal

Hi, i am interested in writing medical contents

Atika Maisam

Need to get in touch. I am a Certified Health Coach from Primal Institute

Peter Ucheobi

I am Peter Ucheobi. I can write articles on Mental health and other health related areas. I want to write for you and get paid.

fondjo samin cedrick armand

Evening please i’m a young student who use to write health articles and i need to submit it to your site and know how i can get the pay… Please i’m waiting for your answer… thank.. [email protected] +917411219247 WhatsApp: +919731159510

Michael Alvin

Yes please i like to know if the offer is still on

Trina Esparza

Hi there Lisa. My name is Trina, I was wondering how I could get in contact with you to ask more questions about this.

Ribaha Mariyam

Hi I am a writer


I am an experienced writer

Sirisha Reddy

Thank you so much for the worthy information provided. I would like to suggest an addition to this list. Better humans is a medium publication that pays 500$ for an accepted article. Brain spirit soul

Hello, we are looking for health professionals to write content for courses. We pay up to $300 for a single article. If you are interested please contact us

Varun Prabha

Hello…I would like to join.

May I have your contact details…

Dr Shama Nosheen

I’m available to discuss more about joining your team. Hoping to hear from you soon. Excited to work with you. Cordially share your email.


I would love to join your team. I have written several informational articles and blogs for medical students and professionals as a ghostwriter. Attaching one of my published article for reference.


Let me know if I can be of any help.

Regards, Dr. Nazish Sid


I understand you are looking for health professionals to write content for your courses. I’m a certified health and wellness coach and I would love to assist in creating beautiful, informative, and easy-to-read articles.

If you’re still on the lookout for writers, connect with me on LinkedIn (link below), and I’d be happy to chat about your project.


Best, Nonkululeko

Mfonobong Sunday Otong

Hi Lisa, am a nurse/midwife, writer on health related issues. Would love to get acquainted with you and post articles for courses. Would love to hear from you


Hi im a pharmacist and interested in writing on course content


Hello Lisa, I’m interested in the gig. How do we connect

I am interested

Dr.Muhammed Jasim Abdul Jalal MBBS, DNB(Family Medicine), MNAMS, MRCGP(UK), MRCP(UK) EULAR Certification in Rheumatology

Sylvia Steward

Hi, I’m a Alternate Medicine B.S.c degree holder; currently I’ve returned to higher learning to obtain my Master’s in Public Health with Concentration in Nutrition (6 mo. left in program). I have a nack for research and writing. I’d be more than glad to write in either of these subjects. Thank you


Hello Mr/Mam,

I Hope So You Are Fine.

I Am Looking Buying Blog Post On Your Website. https://writeyourrevolution.com/10-places-that-will-pay-you-to-write-about-health/

Can You Publish My Article With Do-Follow Link?

What Is The Best Price To Publish A Blog Post?

Do You Have More Webite For Blog POsting?

Which Country Traffic Your Website?

I AM Waiting For Your Positive Response


Hi! I’m a medical student. I am proficient in English and have beginner’s experience in writing. I’m interested in writing health and medicine-related articles.

Surrinder Singh

Hi, I’m Dr Surrinder Paul Singh, and I am a medical and health writer interested in writing on various health topics, particularly on maintaining one’s health during a pandemic and mental health (which had skyrocketed) due to other adverse worldwide events. My website is below, and I hope to hear from you if you’re interested in us working together. Cheers.

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Recent Posts

Shawn Radcliffe

A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Captivating Health Articles

by Shawn Radcliffe | Jun 30, 2020 | Writing | 0 comments

writing articles about health starts with a great idea

Writing articles about health that are worthy of sharing isn’t easy. The information must not only be accurate, but the article should also be interesting enough to capture and hold your readers’ attention. While there are a lot of steps that go into creating content, every health article starts with a great idea. Here are concrete steps you can take to develop those ideas more easily.

Writing Articles Starts with a Great Idea

Finding great ideas for health articles takes time. You could rush through this step and write about whatever comes to mind first. But the payoff will be much larger if you find an idea that you really connect with. And chances are, if you care deeply about it, your audience will too.

To come up with ideas, you have only to look around you. Here are three ways to find inspiration:

Follow the research. According to the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers, researchers collectively publish about 2.5 million scientific papers each year. If you write articles about certain health topics, I recommend signing up for email alerts from the journals that you read most often. You can also use Google Scholar to set up alerts for specific topics. Reviewing these regularly can help you keep up-to-date on the research, and also generate ideas for new health articles.

Look for trends. Watch the world around you for interesting trends, such as a rise in uninsured Americans, a spike in coronavirus cases, or a recent drop in cancer-related deaths. These trends may show up as published studies, news reports, posts on social media, or conversations at scientific meetings. Sometimes it requires you to put together information from multiple sources, such as COVID-19 hospitalizations and medical bankruptcy filings.

Listen to people’s stories. One of the skills that I’ve learned as a health and science journalist is listening to other people. And not just when I am interviewing them, but whenever they are talking. This is a great way to learn what health topics people are interested in, what questions they have about what’s going on in the world, and most of all, how they are impacted by those events.

Focus Your Idea Before Writing

Once you have an idea for a health article that piques your interest, you need to focus the idea. Otherwise, you risk having the idea wander all over the place. If you are a freelance writer, a lack of focus can turn a great idea into a lousy pitch, which means you’ll probably never get to write about it at all. Here are some things to keep in mind when focusing your idea:

Scope. There’s a big difference between a topic and an idea. “COVID-19” and “depression” are both topics. But unless you are writing articles for an encyclopedia, they are too broad to work for a health article.

Try focusing your topic to something more specific, such as: “Depression among Americans on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Or even more focused: “Lack of telemedicine support during COVID-19 leaves Americans with depression with nowhere to turn for help.”

Format. You might hesitate to decide what shape your story will take until you’ve started writing it, but format can have a big impact on how you focus your idea. Are you writing a brief news story, an in-depth feature article, or a profile of a researcher studying a specific treatment?

Even if you start with the same topic, you will probably generate different ideas for each of these formats, possibly multiple ones for each.

Audience. Think about the people who will be reading your health article. You may not know exactly who they are, but you probably have a sense of what they’re like — general readers, scientists, science nerds, business owners. You can get even more fine-grained than that.

Each of those groups will have different interests and goals for reading your health articles. What questions might they have about the topic? What information are they seeking? What will they do with that information? The answers to these questions can help you focus your idea.

Publication. Likewise, the publication you are writing a health article for also matters. Some publications only want the facts about a new scientific paper. Others are more interested in the scientists who made the discovery. The topic may be the same, but the idea that fits each of those publications could be very different.

Tips for Perfecting Your Idea

Fully developing your idea is essential because it guides all of your research and writing. Imagine what it would be like if you tried to drive across the country without having a clear idea of where you were going. You would definitely get somewhere, but it might take you a long time to reach that destination. And if you are a freelance writer, you are probably already short on time . Here are three tips to help you perfect your idea:

Writing articles about health becomes easier the more you do it. As you get better at finding ideas, you might be tempted to dive right in and start writing as soon as inspiration strikes. However, make sure you fully focus your idea before sitting down to write. This will not only save you time researching and writing, but you will find yourself writing articles that really connect with your audience.

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article writing on health

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meditation class

Health Writer Hub

Health Writer Hub

Medical Writing Courses & Certification

9 award-winning health articles every health writer should read

Analysing articles written by award-winning writers, recognised for their superior storytelling abilities, can help you enhance your health writing skills.

LAST UPDATED February 10, 2023 | FIRST PUBLISHED January 27, 2016 | BY Michelle Guillemard

Reading award-winning articles can help you become a better writer – here’s how.

As writers, we read widely in order to improve our craft. While it’s important to read a variety of writing styles, formats, publications and subject matters – and not just health topics  – following writers who have had their work commended is a great way to improve.

Analysing articles written by award-winning writers, recognised for their superior storytelling abilities, meticulous medical research and ability to marry a unique perspective with excellent communication skills, gives you a benchmark of quality.

Whether you want to improve your storytelling technique, sentence structure, patient education materials , topic ideas or communication for a lay audience , striving to produce content of a similar standard to industry-recognised authors will enable you to develop your writing skills and techniques.

While many of the award-winning health articles listed below are long-form features , which may not be the style of writing you specialise in, you can still learn a lot from them. For example:

Every year, hundreds of competitions and awards around the world celebrate excellence in health and medical writing. The publications, associations and companies awarding health, medical and scientific articles include universities, medical journals , research institutions, industry associations and health professional associations.

Familiarising yourself with the judging criteria is important as it helps you to understand the specific reasons why the article won. Some judges may be looking at the quality and breadth of research, while others might consider the writer’s storytelling ability, natural writing style and original topic.

Read the award-winning articles

Here are nine award-winning health articles, mostly long-form features, which have won prestigious writing awards in the past couple of years.

Guns & Suicide – The Hidden Toll

Light-bulb Moments for a Nonprofit

In the Wake of a Typhoon, a Surprising Discovery: Part One

health article pitching guide

The Utilization and Impact of Core Needle Biopsy Diagnosis on Breast Cancer Outcomes in British Columbia

The Wages of Health

Imaging Foreign Bodies

How to Curb Comfort Eating

Want to learn more about health writing?

article writing on health

Introduction to Health Writing Course

Enhance your health writing skills.

Learn how to write health news, feature articles, web content and blogs.

Enter your email for a free course outline!

You'll also join 20,000+ others who receive our regular emails. Opt out at any time. View our Terms and Privacy Policy .

One of a Kind: What Do You Do if Your Child Has a Condition That Is New to Science?

A ‘Smart’ Way to Spot Schizophrenia Signs

article writing on health

About Michelle Guillemard

Michelle Guillemard is the founder of Health Writer Hub, the Past President of the Australasian Medical Writers Association and a freelance medical writer . Blogging about health & medical writing since 2012, Michelle teaches health writing courses and communication workshops to students and corporations around the world. Michelle is passionate about creating better health outcomes and changing lives through effective health communication. Connect with her on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook .

New to health writing?

Our Breaking Into Health Writing course is the perfect starting point for beginner health writers. You'll explore career options, essential skills, writing styles, in-demand niches, networking, marketing and payment options. After you complete this course, you'll be ready to plan your career transition.

Friend's Email Address

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Healthcare & Wellness Writing Trends with Stats

Word Count:  1386  

In this article

An increasing number of people are thinking about their health, for one reason or another. It may be concerned about a condition they are living with. It may be them trying to take a more active role in their own health after seeing the struggles of others. It may be about the costs of healthcare, depending on where you live.

This is part of the reason while health and wellness writing is a burgeoning niche, even though people seem to have a narrow view of it. Some think it is the domain of self-proclaimed experts and bloggers online, and indeed, this sector is growing. But what if I told you that the average patient, the highest paid doctors, and everyone in between were reliant on written content as much as they are science? Here’s how it all plays out.

Over the past few years, health writing and wellness have become increasingly important for businesses of all sizes. With consumers becoming more conscious of their health and well-being, it is essential for companies to stay up to date with the latest trends in this space. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what the health landscape might look like this year. 

Healthcare Trends in 2023

When I put content and science in comparison to each other, I mean just that: in comparison. They work alongside each other, without one superseding the other. Let’s frame this statement by setting the stage for what people think of when they talk about health.

The Growing Role of Technology 

In the next few years, technology will continue to play an ever-increasing role in both health writing and wellness. In particular, artificial intelligence (AI) will be used to help manage customer data and personalize engagement experiences. For instance, AI can be used to help detect customer needs and make product recommendations based on those needs. 

article writing on health

Additionally, AI can also be used to create personalized content that is tailored specifically for each customer. This could include everything from personalized exercise plans to diet recommendations that are tailored for each individual’s lifestyle and preferences. 

Another way that technology will continue to shape the health landscape is through wearables. Wearables such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and even clothing are becoming increasingly popular among consumers as they make it easier than ever before to track fitness goals and monitor one’s overall wellbeing.

As a result, companies should consider how they can leverage wearables in order to engage customers in a more meaningful way. 

For example, businesses could use wearable technology data to create personalized workout plans or diet plans for customers based on their individual needs and goals. 

The Rise of Mental Health Awareness  

Mental health awareness has become an increasingly pressing issue over the past few years, with more people recognizing its importance as well as its potential impact on one’s physical wellbeing. As a result, businesses should consider ways that they can help support mental health awareness initiatives within their organization. 

article writing on health

This could include offering mental health resources such as online counseling services or providing employees with access to mental health professionals who can offer guidance and support when needed. 

Additionally, organizations should also strive to foster an inclusive workplace culture where employee mental health is taken seriously and there is no stigma attached to seeking help when needed.

A Desire for Autonomy

People trust their doctors on an individual level, but not the healthcare system overall. This was the root of the natural products revolution , which has exploded in the last 10 years. Expo West , the largest trade show in the industry, recently took place earlier this month, with a grand total of 85,000 attendees, the biggest yet.  

What does this mean for the content landscape? Well, there are more individuals out there looking for information for their health, as well as a large set of new businesses that need written content.

Health Through Food

It’s become more evident that we are what we eat, so to speak. Part of the natural products revolution came with more demand for transparency from food makers, both in terms of organic products and other categories like gluten-free, ethically sourced, etc. 

This means that the health industry is spilling over into the food industry. You can see similar trends in other industries as well, like the prevalence of yoga and sports nutrition to non-athletes.

A Growing Elderly Population 

Other trends may ebb and flow as knowledge and other factors change, but chances are that this isn’t going anywhere. Stats show that the amount of people over 65 in the U.S. will over double in the coming decades, in 2023 there are over 56 million adults in America alone.

The Canadian census showed that over 861,000 people aged 85 and older were counted in 2021. Over the next 25 years (by 2046), the population aged 85 and older could triple to almost 2.5 million people. 

How Does Content Help the Health Industry?

This is all well and good, but you may be curious how content plays into this. Well, if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? The major core of the health trends here are people being more active about pursuing information relevant to their health.  However, this information does little good if you need to be a doctor or dietitian to get it.

article writing on health

Let’s illustrate this by going outside of health, to another niche with similar concerns. 

As CEO of TGEInk, A.Tana Kantor covers green energy, technology advances, and progressive finance topics for a business audience. To convert traditional businesspeople into forward-thinking evangelists, she has to do a lot of breaking down complex topics. Here’s how she makes it happen:

“We always focus on why anyone should care about this story, product, or service. We then tell the whole story, however long it takes, making that story compelling through editing, design and graphics. We then tailor that story for the medium in which it appears, the audience of that medium, and the attention span of that audience.”

Depending on what facet of the health industry you are in, a lot of this may hold true. Whether you’re a doctor filling out a blog on their website, a supplement company writing email copies for customers, or selling medical equipment to hospitals, written content is an essential part of communications. 9 times out of 10, you need to explain a concept as well as what sets your product or service above the alternatives for that concept.

This also applies internally as well. If you run any sort of medical-centered business, you need a plan to communicate with potential investors. What is the medium for you to do this? Writing, of course. This is the real core of health & wellness writing: explaining health concepts for the betterment of your business.

Of course, this is easier said than done. There’s a reason the greatest scientists and experts in their fields don’t make the best teachers—communication is hard! This same issue carries over to the written word.

This is where a good health writing service can make the difference. However, this is only the first step. Many of the central principles of a good health business—any healthy business—can only be espoused through writing. If you need written content to communicate your health services or products to the world, make sure you have skilled professionals in your corner.

Let Article-Writing.co do the work for you

All in all, it’s clear that the future of health writing & wellness looks very promising indeed! By staying up-to-date with new technologies such as AI & wearables while also paying attention to important issues such as mental health awareness, businesses will be able to position themselves ahead of their competitors in the years ahead. It’ll certainly be interesting seeing how these trends evolve over time!

We are an experienced company with a writing team that has been the antithesis of each of these mistakes.

It isn’t easy to find talented, reliable writers that do extensive research and provide the best content, but by avoiding the mistakes above, we’ve done it!

Outsource your blog writing needs to us and you’ll get access to our skilled team of writers and editors, all without you having to go through the rigorous hiring process.

About Author

article writing on health

David is the Founder and Director of article-writing.co, the fastest-growing content creation agency in North America. He has transformed companies by offering high-quality content that has impacted their SEO ranking, revitalized websites with engaging and industry-relevant blogs and website copy, and championed successful email campaign copy.

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Ten Tips for Writing Reliable and Engaging Health Articles

September 14, 2017 • Ethics and Quality , Recent • by Heini Maksimainen

Health journalism

Conflicting messages in health articles, such as the two above which appeared in the same newspaper, can confuse readers

On the 16th of March, 2017, The Daily Express, a British tabloid newspaper, published a provocative headline: Eating cheese could increase the risk of this deadly cancer . Only a day later, The Sun, another UK tabloid, ran a competing cheese story: “Eating lots of cheese helps you lose weight – and doesn’t hurt your heart.”

Health journalism has a bad reputation. One day, something helps you lose weight, the next, it could make you fat. If you believe the headlines, nearly everything gives you cancer.

Luckily, there’s another way of reporting on health issues. My research paper Improving the Quality of Health Journalism: When Reliability Meets Engagement explains how to ensure health journalism is responsible and credible, while creating stories that are widely read and shared on social media.

The study is based mainly on in-depth interviews with eleven UK and US-based journalists and experts, specialising in health and science journalism. The research was conducted between October 2016 and April 2017.

Five ways to create better health stories:

1. Use research as a primary source of evidence, not as a primary source of news. Offering an endless flow of new study results gives a superficial sense of newness but doesn’t make your reader smarter. Instead of covering new study results, find your own topics and put them in the context of evidence.

2. If you end up reporting a single study, scrutinise its quality. Put the paper in the context of previous research and use independent experts. Explain the possible caveats and limitations of the study.

3. Be transparent. Link to the original sources and explain any possible affiliations of the interviewees.

4. Be aware of the risk of false balance. The world is full of conspiracy theorists whose claims can’t be compared to the views of an experienced expert. When you hear opposing parties, don’t only report their arguments, explain the evidence behind them.

5. If you are dealing with a complex topic, take your time to write a long article. Place the topic in the context of the evidence and wider societal discussion. People do read long stories online but there’s one requirement: they must be engaging.

Five ways to make your reports more engaging:

1. If you can, find an angle that readers can easily relate to. Focus on people and put their experiences in context with the evidence. Remember, that people love good stories. If your story is long, rely on the principles of narrative journalism: find a main character and build a dramatic structure.

2. Use people’s sharing motivations to your benefit. People share stories on social media to help others, look smart, express their identity and share their awe, joy and anger.

3. If you are writing about a particularly difficult medical issue, such as antibiotic resistance or obesity, consider possible solutions to the problem. Offering a spark of hope can make your reader feel more empowered.

4. Attract your audience’s attention on social media by using interesting headlines, an appealing image and a catchy intro. Remove possible obstacles like slow-loading photos or multimedia that require extra clicks.

5. Be yourself. If your media and topic allow, use humour and personal voice. This will help you connect with your reader as an individual, not as the distant representative of a news organisation.

Research questions:

The research is based on 11 semi-structured interviews with old and new media journalists and other experts. The interviews covered the whole journalistic process from choosing the topic to finishing the presentation. 

Question 1: What practices can journalists use to ensure the reliability and accuracy of health information? Question 2: What practices can journalists use to enhance audience engagement with health journalism? Question 3. How are these ideas put into practice in new and legacy media?

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1. Article Writing on: Health is Wealth

Health is wealth.

The age-old popular saying, ‘Health is Wealth’ is a one-line treasure indeed. Health does not mean the absence of physical troubles only but refers to a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Even Mahatma Gandhi said, “It is health which is real wealth and not pieces of gold or silver.”

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 Good health is the secret of a happy man. Staying healthy for children is vital for proper growth and development of mind and body as they need to focus in class and fully participate in, field-activities. Good health is a cumulative product of many factors. Though birth and illnesses are God-given, the onus of our health, once we arrive into the world safe and sound, depends on us. Fresh air, sunlight, safe drinking water are very important elements for good health.

 Physical exercises are a must. Brisk walks, running, gymming, sports playing, etc., keep us fit physically and also release hormones that keep us happy. When one has a busy schedule and is unable to take out, time for exercises, one can still increase one’s physical movements by using the staircase in place of taking elevators, choosing to walk a short distance in place of using vehicles.

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Article on Health is Wealth

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Would there be someone who has never had a headache, a running nose or a stomach pain at least once in their lifetime? As human beings, we fall sick every now and then, mostly because of dust allergies, consuming outside food, staying out in the cold and so on. Most people do not pay much attention to their health and well-being as much as they care for others. To encourage such people to take care of themselves the way they take care of others, getting them to read an article on health is wealth will do the trick to an extent.

This article will focus on the importance of staying healthy and some common ways to keep yourself healthy.

Checkpoints to Keep Your Health on Track

Health – Why Is It Such a Big Deal?

The health of a human being refers to physical, mental and psychological health. A person’s environment influences and affects his/her health in every way. Usually, people speak and worry about just their physical health, but it is important to maintain both mental and psychological health to keep their body completely healthy.

People often seem to give a lot of importance to working hard to make money and care the least of their health. Not many understand that unless they are healthy enough to move out and use their body for various activities, they would not be able to do anything they want to. It is to create awareness among people that organizations and governments around the world take steps constantly to hold social and online campaigns.

Every person has the right to avail of primary health care, no matter what their economic and social status would be. Staying healthy is the only way to live a satisfying and productive life. In today’s world, where social media, junk food and work take up a huge part of every day of a normal human being, it is easy to find excuses to invest in health or any fitness-related activities. Research has shown an increasing number of people being admitted to hospitals for various illnesses. Now, with the pandemic, it is even more risky if you take things too lightly. It is high time all of us made up our minds to take care of our physical, mental and psychological health if we wish to lead a healthy life. People need to understand that no amount of wealth would do any good if you are not able to be physically and mentally active.

Here are a few ways to stay fit and healthy:

Practising yoga, meditation or a quick workout can give you a kickstart to have an energetic and resourceful day.

Eating the right kind of food will help your effort to stay healthy to a great extent. Try cutting down on packaged and fatty foods and adding more fruits and vegetables to your plate. Having a balanced diet is key to having a healthy body.

You are what you eat. Maintaining an optimum body mass index will keep you energetic. You will not get tired that easily; you will instead remain active throughout the day.

Not many know that drinking water regularly and keeping the body hydrated will help the process of weight loss. Water is essential for various mechanisms of the body. Never give any excuses for not being able to drink enough water. Always carry a water bottle no matter where you go.

One very important way to promote good health is to have a good night’s sleep. Try to go to bed early and wake up early. You will definitely see a positive change in your physical and mental health if you can regulate your sleeping pattern.

Have full body checkups on a regular basis to keep your health in check. This way, even if you find some abnormality in your health, you can get it right as soon as possible. Early diagnosis is always better than not knowing at all.

Stress is one main reason for most of the health problems people face. Stress leads to overeating, oversleeping and depression which would, in turn, alter one’s physical and mental health.

FAQs on Health is Wealth

Why is health wealth.

Good health is the most valuable possession an individual can have in their life. Nothing you work for or earn can be enjoyed unless you stay healthy. Your health can be said to be directly proportional to the amount of wealth you can make.

Why is it important to stay fit?

Staying fit is one of the most important aspects of being able to lead a good life. People always find it difficult to put health first when that is what everyone should actually be doing.

How can we stay healthy?

Having a balanced diet, drinking ample amounts of water, regular exercise, and affordable health care can help you stay healthy and energetic.

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article writing on health

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Kathie Bullard Harris  is a freelance health and wellness writer living in the Southern United States. When she isn’t writing copy, she’s working on her forever-in-progress first novel.

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