Free platform to manage your digital notes.

Factualnote is a mature tool to annotate web pages and files., start a discussion,rate the information and review it..

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FactualNote is a Tool that will turn your Data into Digital Notes


Web Annotation tool

FactualNote (FN) is a modern Web Annotation and Knowledge Management system. Make your personalized note cards online by marking specific contents in Web pages, videos, images, and other documents into a tiny URL, which can be shared among the individuals or closed groups through various FN social media integrations. Features like offline notes, collaborative editing, point based comments, multi-language support, highlight text, notes analytics about readers, connected lines, arrows, etc makes the knowledge sharing and grooming more easier.

Our Google chrome extension is the easiest way to capture entire webpage screen or record a screencast video of the entire screen, applications, and browser tabs, convert them into your personal notes. FactualNote enriches the digital note taking capabilities in a modern way.

FactualNote is a mature tool to annotate webpage and files. It combines the functionalities of video annotation tool, text annotation tool, and online annotation tool.


Knowledge sharing

FactualNote is an effective interface for knowledge sharing. All the information that is read by the users on the web evaporates after some time. The time invested in reading is also wasted. The same amount of time can be saved for each individual who is in need of exact information.

FN establishes a linear chain of links using its algorithm that will lead the end user to a pool of knowledge on the similar subject. More users working on the same article will 'collaboratively' tag the content. It analyzes the semantics of the collaborative tagging and the respective content behind to avoid information overload. By doing the semantic analysis, we also enhance the user experience and user participation.

FN enables the user to store the information in the same way it was read thus making the information retrieval much easier for the user involved and for other parallel users at the same time.


Everything you ever wanted in a Digital notes Platform

FactualNote enables you to create knowledge by annotating the text that you read.Creating is an art...

Sharing is caring. Knowledge sharing is one of the key ideas behind FactualNote. By the sharing the...

FactualNote allows you manage the notes in an effiecient way so that retrieval is effective and easy...

Measuring what kind of notes are in your collections saves you a great deal of time and money...

FactualNote allows you make a collage of the notes and send it as a PDF or in any format that you wish...

FactualNote enables Searching information inside your notes blazingly fast. FactualNote uses a refined...


Chrome plugin, android (beta).

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Your Smart Digital Workplace

Helping your team take documents from first draft to final sign off. Smarter document collaboration that’s designed for the Digital Workplace.

Watch the video to see how we help.

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CREATE a document and start collaborating in seconds

Draft documents directly in Annotate and collaborate throughout the authoring process. Paste text from an existing document and Annotate will create a link to the original source, making fact checking a breeze.

Sign Up Learn more

SHARE your documents securely

No need to share documents using insecure email attachments or file sharing services. Invite everyone involved in your discussion or project to collaborate in Annotate. Bring together the right team without worrying about keeping track of different versions. You decide who has permission to view and edit, so confidential information stays protected.

DISCUSS and collaborate, in context

Instead of disjointed discussions in chat apps and email threads, get your team talking within the document itself. Whether you’ve got something to say about specific sections, paragraphs, sentences or even words, use Annotate to chat in real time, mark up documents and add notes, and assign changes to the right team members.

REVIEW documents anytime, anywhere on any device

As employees spend more time away from their desk, or even away from the office, Annotate lets your team bring the right tools and documents with them on their mobile or laptop. Securely view and edit all types of documents, without having to download any files.

VERIFY that everything’s in order, and you’re ready to go

Use Annotate to check that your facts are accurate, your plans are in order, and that you have approval you need to take the next step. Workflows let you assign tasks to specific team members and track their progress, so everyone knows what they need to do to take your document from first draft to final sign off.

Our Platform

With access to a full suite of collaboration tools in one platform, your organization can reduce information silos and improve compliance and security.

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We work with all kinds of companies to help them collaborate, including: Financial Services, Professional Services, Marketing and Entertainment, Technology, Government and the Public Sector, Education and Non-Profit.

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Annotate Text Work For Free with DocHub and make the most of your documents

Service screenshot

Annotate Text Work For Free with the swift ease

Form edit decoration

Contrary to popular belief, working on documents online can be trouble-free. Sure, some file formats might seem too hard with which to work. But if you have the right solution, like DocHub, it's easy to edit any file with minimum effort. DocHub is your go-to solution for tasks as simple as the ability to Annotate Text Work For Free a single document or something as intimidating as processing a huge stack of complex paperwork.

Below, you can find six simple steps to get you started and Annotate Text Work For Free with DocHub:

When considering a tool for online file editing, there are many options on the market. Yet, not all of them are robust enough to accommodate the needs of individuals requiring minimum editing functionality or small businesses that look for more extensive set of tools that enable them to collaborate within their document-based workflow. DocHub is a multi-purpose service that makes managing paperwork online more streamlined and easier. Sign up for DocHub now!

PDF editing simplified with DocHub

Drive efficiency with the dochub add-on for google workspace, how to annotate text work for free.

I can do anything I can docHub any girl I cant do what I want I can do what I want to be hi guys Im Catie a video from school habits calm todays video is about how to annotate your text while youre reading and if at any point during this video you like what you see please give it a thumbs up or better yet click subscribe below now I always forget on what time of the screen of this imitating a book or an article is a fundamental school habit that youll want to develop as early as possible sometimes you might be required to annotate text it might actually get a homework rate for doing so depending on your teacher but even if annotating isnt a requirement its a great skill to have it just might be the key and youve been missing in your reading life the process true though so first things first annotating means taking notes on the text either in a book or an article or something similar so to annotate means to take notes now you might be wondering why the heck youd want to annotat

video background

Related features

Got questions, what is annotation app, how do i annotate a pdf in windows for free, how do you annotate text online, is there a website that annotates for you, how can i annotate for free, is there an app that lets you highlight text, what is the best free pdf annotator, is annotate free, how do you do annotations on google chrome, see why our customers choose dochub.

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Edit and sign PDF for free

Related searches, try more pdf tools.

Sumnotes Logo

noun \ˈsʌmnəʊts\

An online PDF and Kindle annotation management tool that saves you hours of gruesome work. Have your PDF and Kindle annotations available for you to download in various formats in a matter of seconds.

Annotate anywhere, Sumnotes has got your back

We summarize annotations from your PDFs, Kindle books and Instapaper articles. Save yourself a headache of searching for a tool to annotate and extract annotations from your books or PDF material. Sumnotes is the only simple, yet robust solution to extract annotations from PDF books, lecture notes or research papers, helping you to focus on what matters to you.

PDF documents

Highlights and Notes made in PDF documents

Amazon Kindle

Highlights made on a Kindle device or Kindle Online Reader

Highlights made via


With one click, import and synchronize annotations made across various platforms. With our batch import capability, importing your entire library is a breeze. We support PDF documents annotated in any official PDF software, including Adobe products and Preview on Macs. We also excited to announce that we support Kindle highlights!


Consolidation is only a beginning. Now it's time to take control over your annotations with features like search, tagging and editing. Use our library of predefined tags or come up with your own, to categorize your highlights. Edit the text, or change the color of your highlights to give them more context.

Once your knowledge is organized to your taste using different tags and colours, create powerful summaries and export into your favoirite formats. Extracted annotations can be easily exported to DOC (Microsoft Word), TXT, XSL ( Microsoft Excel). One could Email or Evernote said highlights too. No conversion, no extra steps, just a single click to export into your favorite format.

Take Out

Highlight your PDFs with Sumnotes

No need for bulky and costly software anymore. Annotate your documents right here, for free. Latest version of modern browser be it Firefox, Safari or Chrome is the only thing you need in order to use the Sumnotes. Unlike other tools out there, Sumnotes is entirely in cloud, it does not require any type of installation at all.

Use different colours to highlight important parts

Create sticky notes for additional context

Be colorful

Use different colors for more context


Your browser is the only software you need

Security & Compatibility

Your data is protected behind layers of encryption and modern standards of best security practices.

We support all modern browsers and all modern devices. We are also currently developing a mobile/tablet application with a ton of cool features in it. Stay tuned!


Focus on what matters

Start saving your most precious resource on the planet - Time.

Annotating Notes - Websites Edition

Annotate With Ease

Try a free tool that does all you need without the bloat. Made for Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome and your web browser.

Take a screenshot and mark it up

How It Works

With Markup Hero you can immediately share your images / PDFs and add annotations in your web browser for free. It's simple to learn and easy to use.

🖥️️ Upload An Image / PDF

Start by uploading an image or PDF . Instantly add markup, share a link, or copy the image.

✏️ Markup Your Image / PDF

Effortlessly add text, shapes, drawings, and images to enhance and communicate your message.

🔗 Share Your Markup

Quickly share a link; or simply copy the markup to your clipboard and paste it into email, SMS, Slack or hundreds of other programs.

📒️ View Your History

Conveniently view all your screenshots and markups in one place, as well as see any markups that have been shared with you. Edit markups and duplicate as needed.

Customer Feedback

Markup Hero is great for managers, educators, and creators alike.

"Markup Hero is part of my daily workflow. I keep track of all my markups with the history feature and can easily make edits to my annotations on the fly."

- Product Manager @ Audiojoy

"Wow the tool is quite useful! How it immediately uploads and opens in the browser is fantastic! It allows me to quickly share feedback on marketing materials."

- Marketing Manager @ Your Army

"We are constantly sending screenshots, images and PDFs in Slack and Gmail. I love how my team can respond with their own annotations in Markup Hero."

- Support Lead @ Lulu & Georgia

5 Best Tools to Annotate and Highlight Web Pages for Research and Study

These free tools let you annotate or highlight any part of a web page to share it with others or use as reference for your research.

When you share a link with someone, the relevant part is just a tiny snippet or two. Use these free tools to annotate or highlight the important part to draw attention to it.

All the apps in the article have a highlight marker (often with different colors) and a way to write sticky notes or comments anywhere on the page. Both features are excellent when you want to add notes for research and study, whether for your personal needs or friends. Beyond that, a few small features make each tool better for different needs.

1. Diigo (Chrome, Bookmarklet, Android, iOS): Annotations, Highlights, Comments on Any Web Page

Diigo is one of the oldest and most popular online annotation tools. Of course, it has changed a lot over the years, but it is a simple and reliable app to add highlights and comments to any web page at its core.

Available as a Chrome extension or a bookmarklet for other browsers, Diigo is intuitive to use. Select any text on any article, and you can highlight it in one of four colors. You can also add a small note to the highlight or a floating note anywhere on the page. You can also share notes with collaborators, and you can change their colors too. As Diigo says in its help section, you might want to mentally assign a specific purpose to each color, thus keeping your highlights organized for your eyes.

All annotations on a page can be seen quickly through the extension shortcut. You can also view and organize annotations in the web dashboard for Diigo. You can create groups in Diigo and share annotations and highlights with them and as PDFs.

Diigo is also a bookmark app, saving each page and its annotations to your account and syncing it across devices. On phones, Diigo is available as a standalone browser with many of the same features.

Download: Diigo for Chrome | Bookmarklet (Free)

Download: Diigo Browser for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Smort (Web): Annotate and Edit Articles to Share With Friends

Most annotation apps will only let you add highlights, sticky notes, and comments to the article. Smort enables you to change the article contents itself, remove entire paragraphs or images, add text, etc. And you don't need to install anything to do this either.

When you want to share any article, add "" before the URL and press Enter to open it in the Smort editor. Here, you can edit the article as you see fit, with a simple Markdown editor to change text and text formatting. Smort also supports highlights of four different colors, so you can add a note at the top of the article about what each color means. There are handy Undo and Redo buttons at the top if you make any mistakes.

Smort auto-generates a table of contents for each article to make navigation easier. As the editor, you can also switch between four different font types and a dark or light mode for easier reading. Once you've finished editing, click the Share button to generate a unique link that lasts for seven days from creation. After that, if you make further edits, you'll need to regenerate a new link and reshare.

3. Spade (Chrome): Privately Annotate and Highlight Web Pages

Spade is an excellent free tool to aid your research for essays and papers while keeping it private. It's a Chrome browser extension with annotation and highlighting abilities and a few other neat tricks like citations and machine-learning analysis.

Once you install the extension, Spade appears as a little button in one of the four corners of every web page (customizable by you). Click the button to expand a toolbar that has an annotation pen to draw or scribble anywhere and a highlight marker. You can control the point size for each and choose from seven different colors. Spade also lets you form a text box anywhere on the page to write notes and has a simple eraser to take it all away. All these highlights are shared and synced to your Spade web account so that you can access them anywhere.

In our tests, sharing a page made in Spade didn't show the annotations or highlights to the recipient. Nonetheless, you can export any annotated page as a PDF file with all notes intact.

Apart from these annotation features, Spade includes a built-in citation tool for research papers that automatically cites pages in leading journals. It also uses machine learning to rate a web page's credibility and summarizes large text into precis.

Download: Spade for Chrome (Free)

4. (Web, Chrome): Collaborative Annotations and Highlights on the Web

If you're working with a study group or a team on a research project that needs to share links with annotations, Hypothesis is as good as it gets. This Chrome extension is much lighter than others and focuses on the ability to collaborate. Plus, it's ad-free and has no hidden costs or restrictions.

All users will need to sign up for a Hypothesis account before installing the extension. Then, create a private group if you wish to keep your shares confidential with your friends, or use the default Public tab let anyone see the annotations.

On any web page, you can select text to turn it into a highlight or an annotation (i.e., highlight with a note). Each of these shows up in your Hypothesis sidebar in chronological order for that page. Collaborators can add comments and reply to each annotation individually. You can also add a note on any page which appears in the Notes section.

The Hypothesis web dashboard makes it easy to search through all your highlights and notes. Along with a full-text search, you can add advanced operators (like username, group name, URL, or tag) to find what you're looking for quickly.

Download: Hypothesis for Chrome (Free)

5. LINER (Browsers, Mobile): Best Cross-Platform Highlight Tool, Also for YouTube

Liner is one of the best online annotation apps and has been for years, especially with its recent updates. Its broad support for different platforms makes it the go-to choice if you're switching between phones, tablets, and computers but need one place to collect all your highlights.

Once you create an account and log in, you can select any text to highlight it. You can also add a comment to any highlight and share this with friends and collaborators. The free basic account only lets you work with one color for the highlighter and limits you to 15 highlights per page. For more colors and unlimited highlights, you need the Premium package.

Liner also works with YouTube, which makes it stand apart. You can highlight any part of a YouTube video, much like highlighting text on a web page. This worked well for us on browsers but not on mobiles.

The app has a few other features worth checking out, like how it shows the most popular highlights by other users on any page. And the dashboard can distinguish between text and video highlights.

Download: Liner for Android | iOS (Free)

Download: Liner for Chrome | Edge | Safari | Whale (Free)

Use Colors as Your Own Organizing System

Whichever annotation tool you use, there's a nifty hack suggested by multiple users and app blogs. Since most of them let you use different colors for highlighting or annotation, use these colors for your own tagging or organizing system.

For example, when you highlight text in yellow, it means "worth reading," but when you highlight it in red, it means "use as-is in the research paper." Do that for all the colors. No one other than you needs to know what each color signifies, but as long as you are consistent with how you use them, it'll give you a useful system.

Top 15 Website Annotation Tools in 2023

Software reviews.

annotate article for me

In this post, we’ll go over 15 website annotation tools, their best use cases, and how to use them to their maximum efficiency.

It’s inevitable.

At every stage of a website development project, you’ll have to brace yourself for yet another round of feedback:

Color-coded Google Docs, spreadsheets, poorly annotated screenshots—it’s a mess.

The never-ending back-and-forth between all stakeholders will turn any sane project manager crazy.

What if you could directly annotate and markup a website instead?

With the right annotation tools, you can:

But which one should you choose?

Because there are dozens of options out there, it’s not always obvious what the right decision is.

Let’s have a look!

15 Best Website Annotation Tools

Here are the best website annotation and markup tools in 2023.


annotate article for me

Add comments, annotations, and markups straight on your website. makes it easy for your team and clients to take web page screenshots and annotate them.

In one click, both technical QA and non-technical stakeholders can share their feedback and report bugs.

With its on-page annotations and deep integrations with project management tools, is perfect for client feedback and QA testing.

Website annotations and markups

annotate article for me

Because lives as a widget (or a Chrome extension) on your website, it’s easy to capture web pages and annotate them.

Simply install the snippet code or the browser extension, and annotate away.

The tool comes with its own suite of gadgets:

There are two best use cases for

We set out to make it as simple as possible:

2-way integrations

annotate article for me

The best part about is our deep 2-way integrations with the most popular project management tools (Jira, Trello, GitHub, Asana…).

Whenever your reporters submit the form, an issue will automatically be created in Jira/Trello/GitHub/Linear.

That’s right: you don’t need to spend hours triaging your inbox anymore .

This also means your developers don’t need to adopt a new tool. They can stay right where they are and do what they do best.

Whenever a task is marked as “Done” in your PM tool, that same task will also be “Resolved” in

All stakeholders can also have an overview of all reports and their status in the dashboard.

And if you need to discuss a specific issue at length, you can do that on the feedback page.

All comments and attachments are, of course, synced back with your PM tool.

Deep bug reporting

annotate article for me

When you ask your clients (and other non-technical stakeholders) to markup or annotate your website, important information is bound to be lost:

This creates and endless back-and-forth between developer, project manager, and reporter.

And a bunch of headaches, too!

So with the plugin, the following information is automatically attached with every report:

Session replay

Customizable feedback forms

annotate article for me

QA testing can involve a wide range of reporters, from your own team members to clients or end-users.

Because of this, lets you use two different feedback forms:

Both are 100% customizable. This allows your team to be as detailed as they want while simplifying everything for your client or end-user.

annotate article for me

As a developer, when you receive bug reports from your clients, your first action is to try and reproduce that scenario.

But even with all the technical data in the report—you sometime still fail to understand what’s going on.

If only you could see exactly what happened on the reporter’s side when the bug occurred…

Well—'s toolkit includes session replay for that reason.

Straight from your PM tool, simply click the “Watch replay” link.

You’ll then be able to watch the last 30 seconds (or more) before the report was submitted.

Check out session replay in action:

Ready to give it a go? Sign up for a free trial here —no credit card required.

Pricing: $39/mo.

2. Filestage

annotate article for me

Comment and annotate on any file.

With Filestage , teams can upload any type of file (spreadsheets, images, website design mockups, videos…) and annotate them.

It’s a collaboration tool that allows you to get through approval faster in just a few steps:

Pricing: Filestage starts at $19/user/mo.

3. NoteLedge

annotate article for me

Note taking, highlights, and markups on the go.

NoteLedge is a mobile-first app for designers, marketers, and other creatives.

From your phone or on your laptop:

The app has a free version. It is limited in features but perfect for note-taking on the go.

Pricing: Free plan, with upgrades from $2.49/mo.

annotate article for me

All-in-one workspace for non-technical stakeholders.

Nimbus simplifies your workflow with a full-on shared workspace for your team and clients.

The tool offers a complete white-label portal:

Pricing: Starts at $6/user/mo.

5. Monosnap

annotate article for me

Fast screenshots and uploads for startups, designers, and freelancers.

Love to work fast? You might love Monosnap , too.

The app is simple:

Because it is so straightforward, Monosnap is perfect for any use case you can think of:

Monosnap also comes as a Chrome extension!

Pricing: Just $3/user/mo.

annotate article for me

Video feedback, annotations, and version control.

While not a website tool per se, Wipster is too awesome not to be included.

Plus, more often than not, video is part of website design, too.

Wipster makes it easy to share video feedback with:

Pricing: From $19.95/user/mo.

7. Markup Hero

annotate article for me

Multi-page annotations.

Markup Hero is an advanced highlighting and markup software for project managers and teachers.

The tool offers every annotation feature you can think of:

Markup Hero also lets you annotate pages side-by-side. Plus, you can save every piece of feedback with the built-in collections.

Pricing: Free as long as you don’t need to upload your screenshots.

annotate article for me

Search and organize feedback with highlights, markups, and annotations.

Though not your typical feedback tool, Memex makes our list as a Google Chrome extension.

This extension is easy to use for anyone in your team and allows you to:

Memex also doubles as a productivity tool—highlight important articles, and read them again later!

Pricing: Free

annotate article for me

Async teamwork with annotations.

Snagit by Techsmith is a screen capture and recording software.

Say goodbye to long, complicated how-to-docs. Instead, create step-by-step instructions with annotated images and videos.

Your team will love the visual explanations, and Snagit comes with a handful of features to help you:

Pricing: One-time $75 license.

10. Page Marker

annotate article for me

Markup and highlight websites with an extension.

Page Marker does one thing, but does it well.

The tool comes as a Chrome extension and allows you to quickly draw over a webpage and take a screenshot.

While it may lack in features, if you’re just looking to annotate a website, this is the way.

It also comes with its own set of shortcuts for those who need to highlight pages at a fast pace:

Pricing: Free.

11. GoVisually

annotate article for me

Client portal for design feedback.

GoVisually is a proofing solution for design teams and web agencies.

Want to get rid of e-mail? Us, too. GoVisually’s client portal allows your team to centralize all feedback and helps:

Share your projects easily with one link, and keep track of comments more easily.

Pricing: Starts at $20/mo.

12. Zoho Annotator

annotate article for me

Website annotations for QA and client feedback.

Zoho Annotator joins our list as yet another Chrome extension.

This QA tool allows you to:

You can also blur sensitive information. And the extension comes with the usual list of annotation tools: arrows, comments, drawings… you name it.

13. PDF Annotator

annotate article for me

Advanced PDF annotations.

Next up on our list is PDF Annotator .

This free tool lives up to its name with a plethora of advanced PDF annotations:

This makes PDF Annotator a great tool to give feedback on website design ideas or early mockups via PDF documents.

annotate article for me

On-page collaboration with shareable annotations link.

Another website markup tool is Spade .

This free extension puts a toolbar on every website. This allows you to annotate them with:

Annotations are then saved to the cloud and organized in folders on the Spade website.

You can also share those with teammates!


annotate article for me

Annotate text on any web page and organize your group notes. is a great tool for students looking to better organize their web research:

With a bit of creativity, it can also be used as a website feedback tool!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a website annotation tool.

Website annotation tools let you annotate, highlight, or mark up any webpage.

They typically come with a set of drawing tools like arrows, rectangles, ovals, and others to make it easy to get your point across.

How do you annotate a website? (+ Example)

Pick one of the tools on our list, and start annotating.

A good annotation should convey as much information as possible, in as little time as possible:

annotate article for me

How to choose a website annotation tool?

This is going to depend on your use case and how often you expect to have to annotate a website.

What are some common use cases for an annotation tool?

Web annotation tools have several purposes:

Whenever you need to get your point across visually is a good use case for a website annotation tool.

And there it is: our list of the best 15 website annotation tools for 2023.

These cover a large range of use cases, and you should be able to find a fit for you there!

Did we miss one? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

annotate article for me

Continue reading

8 voice of the customer (voc) templates & examples, 21 best chrome extensions for web developers in 2023, how to create jira issues from email [step-by-step guide], what is, who is for, how easy is it to set up, will slow down my website, do clients need an account to send feedback, how much does it cost, get started now.


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